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The Judgment Group

366 Thompson Creek Mall Unit 191, Stevensville, Maryland, United States, 21666-7508

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The Judgement Group never fails on catching dead beats and bring them to JUSTICE!

The Judgment Group Response time Feb 20, 2020

You've made our day! Thank you for the great review and your continued support. Here's to catching more deadbeats!

This Group is great. I actually never thought I would see any funds collected from this unpaid account. Thank you.

The Judgment Group Response time Feb 20, 2020

You've made our day! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a great review!

The Judgement Group got me my judgement, which I had nearly written off as a lost cause. They were able to find the person and garnish their wages and took care of any and all communication with them. I received my check promptly after their standard wait period to make sure the money is good and would highly recommend their services.

I had an unpaid judgement against a former tenant which I assigned to The Judgement Group. I had given up on collecting the money years ago. Thanks to them I received a check for over $1500.

Amazing! Thought I'd never see a penny...Thanks for a Merry Christmas.

The Judgment Group Response time Nov 26, 2019

You're very welcome and thanks so much for the kind review. The best part of my job is writing checks out to people just like you who never thought they'd see a cent - especially at this time of year. Happy Holidays! Susan

These people are AWESOME!!!! I can understand if you OWE someone, Then you get what you deserve!!
But for those of us who are OWED, and had no recourse of ever getting your money back, then you have come to the right place!! KUDOS, your AWESOME, I LOVE YOU for finally getting me the money that was owed to me for over 5 years. I can now close that chapter and move on.
The process was super easy and the reward was great!
I never had a problem with communication and was always able to get through to talk to someone
I received my money really quick too!
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
God Bless you The Judgment Group!

they are trash!!!! they tried to collect money from me on a court judgement that was already paid over 8 yrs ago. they even filed a writ of garnishment with my employer!!!!! check your facts before you go trying to collect on something that I dont owe. you are breaking the law. had to get my lawyer involved. thank goodness that cleared it up asap!!!! they dont reply to any correspondence and think they cant get away with this *** but they picked the right one today!!!!

The Judgment Group Response time Aug 01, 2019

Ms. your issue should be with the victim in your criminal case who was awarded a restitution judgment against you as she legally stated she'd never been paid and assigned the judgment to us for enforcement in June 2019. It's public record:

Judgment Date: 02/25/2011 Judgment Amount: ***

Defendant: *** (i.e., ***
Plaintiff: *** (***)
Assignee: THE JUDGMENT GROUP (my firm)

Your experience was unfortunate Ms. and while I do appreciate you choosing not to victimize your original victim in this matter again, I don't appreciate you disparaging my firm as we acted quickly to resolve the matter and, at all times, complied with all laws (unlike other parties involved in this matter). To be clear, records in this matter are open for public inspection at the *** including the Assignment of Judgment that documents and clearly proves what I've stated is the truth.

Horrible experience ... very unprofessional spoke with Lana and Julie Both was unable to solve the problem!
Please DONOT do business with this business .
Also rude hung up the phone in my ear ... what horrible experience !!!!

Proof of judgment and or refund of funds garnished 2 years ago without writ of garnishment
Have requested proof of judgment and the case number they are giving in their letter does not match any judgment case in *** City District Court ***. Garnished 2 years ago without a Writ of Garnishment just a letter stating there was a judgment from 2000

Desired Outcome

Refund/and or proof there is a judgment

The Judgment Group Response time Apr 08, 2019

The Judgment Group has been enforcing a Baltimore City District Court judgment #*** against *** for more that a decade. Mr. has been aware of this as we have mailed numerous letters to him and filed wage and bank garnishments during this time. Near the end of 2017 we received wage garnishment payments from his employer Allied Contractors. Mr. claims that he was garnished without a writ of garnishment. Court garnishments are not valid without an executed writ of garnishment. There is a process that must be followed when submitting a writ, including the steps where a District Court Judge approves of then executes the writ. I'm certain this is in his file at the court house, along with information from the original filing on 10/31/2000 which also proves the authenticity of the judgment as well.

This company has been collecting on renter, filed
assignment 09/21/2018 and have been garnishing wages without our permission or paying us.
I had a judgement on a previous renter and I went through a collection agency (***) and they informed me that they were not able to get help me because The Judgement Group was already garnishing her wages. They filed an assignment 09/21/2018.

I see by the court records that they have been garnishing*** wages (filed in November 2018 - should be getting money in late December or January). I am working on getting a copy of the assignment from the court. I have tried to call the Judgement Group on numerous occasions and they do not answer the phone or answer correspondence.

I am in the process of riling a complaint with the department of licensing with the state of MD.

The case no is ***.

Desired Outcome

We want our garnishment money that they are collecting.

The Judgment Group Response time Mar 12, 2019

The Judgment Group acquires most of its accounts through direct mail to the plaintiff on file with court. As is the case with Mr.. He responded to a mailer from us by executing the Assignment of Judgment for judgment case# ***, *** vs ***, then returning it to The Judgment Group for enforcement. On or about September 21, 2018, The Judgment Group filed that form with the District Court of Maryland for Prince George's County. This form gives The Judgment Group the legal right (permission) to exclusively enforce the judgment including but not limited to garnishing Ms. wages. Any payment to Mr. as a result of our enforcement efforts is subject to the terms of a contract agreed to by *** upon submission of executed document(s).

Mr. has stated that he is obtaining a copy of the Assignment of Judgment from the court. I would ask that he share that document upon receipt. If he does not, I will go to the court and gather any copies necessary to this complaint to share with the

Also, can you please confirm with Mr. that he is calling 877-420-8628 as we do not have any messages and I assure you we would have returned his call(s).

Hi I have repeatedly contacted this office in no one has YET to contact me back! I am so irritated by this company the Judgment Group has stolen 5K from my judgment that I legally won myself back in 2009. My case has been open since then in the last interaction I myself had with the courts was in 2012 when I was in the process of locating assets from the defendant Eugene Ringgold! Suddenly I tracked the progress in looked up my case information 2 days ago in noticed that this company is listed as "ASSIGNEE" ON MY CASE AND HAVE BEEN COLLECTING MY JUDGEMENT AGAINST MR. SINCE O2.2017 IN WE ARE NOW IN JULY 2018. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS OFFICE AND I HAVE NEVER GIVN THEM THE AUTHORITY TO ILLEGALLY CHANGE MY NAME ACCORDING TO RECORDS ON MARCH 9, 2017 in place THEMSELVES AS AN ASSIGNEE!!! LIKE WTF! I have called and sent SEVERAL EMAILS OVER TO THIS OFFICE SINCE I FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS BOGUS, FALSIFIED COMPANY OF WHICH NONE OF MY MESSAGES OR INQUIRES HAS BEEN RETURNED! I AM NOW GETTING MY ATTORNEY INVOLVED! Its absolutely ridicolous that I won my OWN judgment back in 2009 in now 9 yrs has passed in this bs bogus company have STOLE FROM ME! I haven't signed any contracts to this company. Have no idea about this firm in seen them listed on my court records! Then they have the audacity to have *** garnishing company involved AND what blew me away is that the fact that they unlawfully changed my name in address on MY CLAIM TO A PO BOX IN STEVENSVILLE, MD WHEN I HAVE NEVER RESIDED IN ANY OTHER PARTS OF MARYLAND EXCEPT BALTIMORE! I've been waiting for 9yrs to collect judgment against the defendant on my case when me myself SADE BROWN IS THE PLAINTIFF WHO SUED BACK THEN FOR A AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT OF WHICH MR. TOTALED MY vehicle NOW THIS BS! unbelievable this place need to be SHUT DOWN

Desired Outcome


Customer Response time Jul 17, 2018

Thank you for the follow up. The company was able to mediate with me in send me my check that I was owed.

Thank You

A judgement is entered in my name only the wrong ***
I received a letter from payroll stating I was going to be garnished,I asked why and she told me to ask the collector so I called the numbers on the form only to be disconnected numbers. Well I finally get ahold of the lady and ask her info on why I was supposedly served she told me to call the court. ( it is her responsibilty to provide me with a Verification of Debt) which she refused to do. So I called the court and they told me to contact her,so a run around game.The Maryland court system is as crooked as this collector. Well since I now live in Kentucky I had to get my daughter who lives there to go get a copy for me.Well just as I thought it is not me. It says the person was served in person well for one the day it says the person was served I was working in Tn and the date of the mediation I was also in TN 450 miles away.To make it even better this collector sends some proof I asume to another *** in Tn whos name was ***. But somehow finds where Im working in Kentucky another 450 miles away. Is there no limit to what these money hungry crooked *** collectors wont do?? So I guess its time for me to make a trip to Maryland and file mine own case against this crooked lyeing cheatingexcuse of a collector. Im not the only case like this the reviews for this company are all alike, Can someone tell me how Maryland allows this legal thievery.What happened to drivers liscenses and social security numbers to prove ones identity

Desired Outcome

I would like to be paid for my time off work and exspenses for me to go to Maryland to resolve this. All she had to do was answer one of the many messages or emails I sent.

The Judgment Group Response time Jul 05, 2018

Immediately upon receiving notice from *** on May 9, 2018, The Judgment Group withdrew the wage garnishment enforcing Judgment #*** which was processed by the Maryland District Court. Note that the court does not allow inclusion or disclosure of the debtor's social security number on enforcement orders filed and processed via Maryland District Court system as the filings are public record and disclosure of the social security number could potentially have privacy implications.
That said, The Judgment Group followed industry requirements as well as company protocol and noticed the judgment debtor of the assignment and enforcement of the judgment via USPS letter on January 31, 2018 and February 12, 2108. No dispute was received regarding the judgment and the mail was not returned.

After 30 days passed, in accordance with federal and state laws as well as accepted industry standard practices, the judgment debtor's name and last known address per Maryland court records was utilized to skip trace and locate the social security number as well as any asset or employment information via TransUnion's online debt collection database â?? to which the company maintains a valid and legal subscription.

On May 9, 2018, *** contacted this office and notified us that he was not the correct judgment debtor for Judgment # ***. The Judgment Group properly resolved the matter by immediately withdrawing the wage garnishment. It is imperative to note that the Complainant, ***, DID NOT have his wages garnished and no funds were ever withheld and paid to this firm (see attached statement).

While we apologize for the inconvenience the Complainant experienced, the issue was properly handled and resolved. Unfortunately, TransUnion's database had incorrect information on the judgment debtor which happens occasionally. In addition, as social security numbers are precluded from public record, unfortunate occurrences such as this happen but it remains the firm's policy to resolve any questions or issues such as this within 24 hours to
preclude any actual garnishment of funds from the wrong individual.

Susan W, CEO

Customer Response time Jul 09, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Because had I not complained every day and those first 5 days when no one would answer the phone and the DID NOT garnish his paycheck is not true. My check was garnished $297 and took a month to get back. I can send copy of pay stub if nescessary

Good Day Ms.,
I tried to reach you by email address but the website email repeatedly bounces back as undeliverable. I have spoken with Julie and so has a representative of mine. Unfortunately, she became rude and disrespectful when I calmly and softly inquired about this encumbrance and requested more details by email. I am not angered or upset by her rudeness. I truly understand that she has a stressful job to do. However, her rudeness is truly unacceptable customer service, stating that I have a first grade education. What Julie does not know is that I am a proud college graduate. That being stated. I am willing to resolve this matter post haste by February 28, 2018. I have sent you an email through you website portal, which I do not know if this reached you since your website email is undeliverable. I will also fax you a letter to try and resolve this encumbrance this week.

Advertising to customers under legal contract of our company
On January 26, 2018 a current customer alerted us to advertising to encourage him to break a legally binding contract with our company. This has been an ongoing problem over the last several years and repeated attempts to contact The Judgment Group have been unsuccessful.

Desired Outcome

Stop soliciting assignments from creditors who have already assigned judgments to our company. Stop assigning judgments to The Judgment Group that are currently assigned to ***.

The Judgment Group Response time Mar 01, 2018

It's clear Mr. is frustrated and I suspect his issue Is rooted In whether or not his firm actually flies each Assignment with the appropriate court and pays the related $10 filing fee. Failure to do so resulls in no public record of the Assignment. In addition, court clerks
enter data in various manners which varies by clerk and county.

The Judgment Group operates in strict compliance with all applicable laws. It's unfortunate Mr. is upset â?? particularly given his firm routinely does to my firm exactly what he's complaining my firm does to his (see attached copy of solicitation form his firm for a judgment
already assigned to my company). Instead of assuming bad intentions or ill will on his part, I choose to see regular solicitations from his firm as a simple administrative or clerical issue stemming from the courts.

Although the attached solicitation letter has no date on it, I've included a copy of the envelope in which it was mailed that shows a December 15, 2017 postmark. Ms., the reality is that court clerks hand type data and docket entries and actions on cases based on their own
methods and established routines â?? which often varies by clerk, court and county. Some clerks change the name of the Plaintiff while others don't. In any case, as you can see from the attached solicitation I received at my company's mailing address (P.O. Box 191, Stevensville, MD
21666), it seems in processing the Assignment for this judgment that my firm filed with the District Court along with the $10 processing fee required by the court, the clerk chose to leave the Plaintiff's name and update the address to reflect my company and then created a new party
to the case, the Assignee, which reflects my company's name and address.

If you have any questions or require further documentation, please let me know. I can be reached directly at toll-free 1-877-420-8628 x*** or
via email me at ***@***.com.
Thank you

Customer Response time Mar 04, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The Judgment Group has chosen to defend their shady advertising practices instead of correcting them. They point to a solicit letter (not Assignment) they received from us addressed to the judgment creditor. Please find attached a copy of the case with no mention at all of the Judgment Groups name or involvement. The address does not count.

They refuse to acknowledge that their shady practices resulted in the four judgments they attempted to assign illegally and the one they did. That resulted in our company having to file a motion with the court to get our assignment back.

The appropriate response would be a change in their advertising practices and an offer to be more careful and stop soliciting judgments from us and our clients that cannot be legally assigned. We believe that the Judgment Groups advertising and business model is giving the Judgment Recovery industry in this area a bad name.

This "hokey" company slapped a wage garnishment on me...Funny thing is I never received ANYTHING from them prior to or even a court date so I could come to the courts and discuss this case. I find it hilarious that these vultures were able to find my jobs address to send a wage garnishment, yet didn't have the resources to check with the MVA to get a proper mailing address. Sending mail to an old address so I wouldn't show up.... What a piece of work this company is. I have contacted a lawyer because had I gone to court I would have been able to negotiate a lower payment and because of this I am now going to be homeless with my kids!!Who can live off of $450 a month with 3 boys??? No one! Don't bother trying to calling because they do not answer!! I can promise that this will be reversed!!

I signed over my right to collect $6500, a 50% fee by The Judgment Group. I called, left 5 messages over the past 10 months and they never responded.
The company scammed to have me sign over the fill right for a Court Judgment of $6500 (with 50% collection fee). The company promised to collect for me of amount owed by court and so far nothing happened.

Desired Outcome

Please contact me with the current status and make sure qualified individuals are handling my case or I will take the company to court for poor and unresponsive service.

The Judgment Group Response

Response attached. Note that we closed out the judgement in our system & assigned the judgement back to Mr. to ***

Sorry for any confusion. No record of your call & no funds recovered. Given your concerns I closed the case here & assigned the judgement back to *** [documentation provided]

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Address: 366 Thompson Creek Mall Unit 191, Stevensville, Maryland, United States, 21666-7508


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