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The Law Office of Kevin Z. Shine

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Review: they are calling me, my parents, and the owner of the company I work for after I have told them I have to file for banckruptcy and gave them all my lawyers info and I told them to stop calling.Desired Settlement: have them stop harassing me.



My name

is [redacted] and I am the Branch Compliance Officer for the Law Office of

Kevin Z. Shine, PLLC. The following

contains our review and response to Mr. [redacted]s complaint.


client, [redacted] referred Mr. [redacted]s file to us for collections and

possible legal action on July 1, 2014. On

October 14, 2014 our

office filed a summons and complaint against Mr. [redacted]. The case is

pending in Lockport City Court and is index number [redacted].

On October

21, 2014 an outbound call was made to Mr. [redacted]. He informed our

representative that he was filing for protection under Chapter 7 of the United

States Bankruptcy Code. Mr. [redacted]

claimed that he was represented by [redacted]., who has an office

at [redacted] phone number is [redacted].

On October

27, 2014 the Court set a conference for November 20, 2014. In preparation for

that conference, [redacted], an attorney in our office, left a message

for Mr. [redacted] on November 18, 2014.

Mr. [redacted] did not return that call.

Mr. [redacted]

appeared at the November 18 conference on his own behalf. Mrs. [redacted] appeared for our office on

behalf of [redacted]. Mr. [redacted]

informed Mrs. [redacted] and the Court that he did not have an attorney, but claimed that was meeting

with one in the afternoon. The Court adjourned the matter until December 18,

2014. Mrs.

[redacted] again appeared at the December 18, 2014 conference. Mr. [redacted], however, failed to appear for

court. And no attorney appeared on his

behalf. The judge allowed for one

further of appearance prior to issuing a default judgment. This appearance is set for February 5, 2015. On December

22, 2014 our office received a call from a representative of Cornerstone

Federal Credit Union. The representative

claimed that Mr. [redacted] informed [redacted] that Attorney

Darleen [redacted] of our office was representing Mr. [redacted] in his

bankruptcy. We informed them that this

was not true.

On December

23, 2014 upon receipt of this complaint, our Mrs. [redacted] spoke with Mr.

Fraizer. He confirmed that he was not

retained by Mr. [redacted]. Mrs.

[redacted] then emailed Mr. [redacted] and confirmed that he did not represent

Mr. [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] responded: … I have not spoken to Mr. [redacted] in some time. If and when I am

retained I will contact you. While we apologize to Mr.

[redacted] for any inconvenience he feels he was caused, our files, court

documents, and correspondence with Mr. [redacted] demonstrate his claims are

unsubstantiated. If Mr.

[redacted] has retained counsel, he should have his attorneys contact our

office and we will update our records accordingly. Thank you for the opportunity to

respond to this complaint. Should you need any

further information from our company, please feel free to contact me directly. Respectfully, [redacted]



I did speak to [redacted] in court and told her [redacted] did not get back to me and that I was meeting with a new attorney that same day. My attorney now is [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] is still not answering why Kevin Shines offices are breaking the laws of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, buy continually calling my place of employment and also talking to the owner of my employment, also calling my parent’s house and harassing them also, this is a bully tactic which is not legal. I can get phone records to prove all what I am saying. Mr. [redacted] is beating around the bush as to the root of this complaint I wonder how many others this business continues to bully! Thank you, [redacted]



To Whom It May Concern: We appreciate the opportunity

to once again respond to this complaint and clarify our position for the

and Mr. [redacted]. A

review of the contacts shows that our representative did not disclose the

nature of the call to third parties. In other words, our representative did not

inform other people that we were trying to contact Mr. [redacted] in order to

collect a debt and our organizations name was only provided upon request. As for the attorney

information provided by Mr. [redacted], we have updated Mr. [redacted]s

account and have contacted his attorney and confirmed representation. I apologize if Mr. [redacted]

feels he was bullied or harassed, that was not our intent. Our intent was to amicably

resolve this matter. We are always

willing to work with Mr. [redacted]s counsel to resolve this matter. Thank

you for the opportunity to respond to this matter. Respectfully, [redacted] Branch Compliance Officer

Review: I received calls from relitives that a collector was asking for me to collect a debt I called the agency that is Kevin z Shine but was a Rhode Island phone number to arrange a payment plan and was told my option was to pay 990 dollar's down and then they could set a monthly payment for balance I told him I could not pay that amount in one payment and ask if there was a way to set up a pay of 100 or 200 a month but he ask if I considered taking a loan out to pay this debt why would I want to make another debt even if someone would give me a loan for 1800 I am willing to do monthly payments I have been paying 50 a month every month on this bill now so tripling this payment to 150 I would think should be a sufficient amount to settle this debtDesired Settlement: to have a payment plan within my means to settle this without interest rate increasing debt out of reach I do not dispute some interest should apply but not 28%




I write in reply to your online correspondence dated 9/19/13 regarding our customer, Mr. [redacted], referenced under Compliant ID#[redacted].

Please note that upon receipt of this complaint, I telephoned Mr. [redacted] in an effort to resolve this matter amicably. Mr. [redacted] acknowledged that the primary reason he contact the is because he wanted to be reinstated onto a $50.00 per month repayment plan. I explained to Mr. [redacted] that our Collector followed client procedures when he requested a an initial payment in the amount of $990.00. After some discussion, we successfully reached repayment terms that are satisfactory to both Mr. [redacted] as well as our client, CACH, LLC. With respect to Mr. [redacted]'s inquiry relative to his interest rate, I explained to Mr. [redacted] that interest is no longer accruing on his account as our client does not charge consumers post-charge-off interest.

I furnished Mr. [redacted] with my contact information and I encouraged him to contact me directly if he has a complaint or concern moving forward.

I can tell you with certainty that this complaint has been resolved to the consumer's satisfaction. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and affording us the opportunity to resolve same.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me directly. Thank you.

[redacted], Chief Compliance Officer

The Law Office of Kevin Z. Shine, PLLC



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: I owe on a [redacted] Credit Card $546.98. I received a letter from Kevin Z Shine the other day, and a phone call on Tuesday I believe. I called back this morning to talk to [redacted]. I explained I wanted to check this business out online first.

I offered to start paying on this in November. I was told she could not set anything up for November unless I make a payment in October.

I have been working on paying off my debts for almost 2 years. I was doing a debt settlement which I had to drop out of because I was too expensive per month. Since then I have paid off 4 credit cards and working on the 5th one. I will have the 5 one paid off next month.

In this economy if someone is offering to pay off a credit card this company needs to work with them and not demand immediate payment. Others were able to do this.Desired Settlement: There are various things I would like to see:

Change in store policy about demanding immediate payment in order to pay off a debt.

The settlement she stated she could offer me in writing.

Stop contacting me via the telephone, mail or email only.

I want to pay off this credit card at $100 or more a month starting on Novemeber 22, 2013 until it is paid off. Since they did not want to give me this option when I was willing to set up over the phone with my checking account or debit card, I will be sending in the payments.



October 21,


Review: I received a phone call/voice message on my personal cell from this Law Office in regards to the roommate down the hall in obtaining his contact information. First off, how do they even know we're connected. There's nothing anywhere connecting us. Second, we rent individually from the landlord, so it's not like we're on a lease together. And thirdly, how do they even get my cell phone number. That's not public information either. Seriously, this is insane.Desired Settlement: I really want to know who they got their information about me.



December 4, 2012

Review: I am the Attorney-in-Fact for * & [redacted] who has an outstanding credit card debt with [redacted]. The law office of Kevin Shine are the attorneys for [redacted]. I spoke to a [redacted] from the law firm and tried to setup a small monthly pay -down of this debt because [redacted] is current unemployed and taking care of her 93 year old dad. * works at a low paying job. I explained to [redacted] that given their current situation the *'s could only afford to pay between $75.00-$100.00 per month until their situation improved. At first [redacted] stated they could not accept such a small amount on a $13,000.00 debt but would settle it for $5,000.00 in a lump sum payment. I explained that the *'s did not have $5,000.00 to settle and could only pay a small amount each month. When I called [redacted] a second time he said ok just tell them to send what they could each month. When I asked [redacted] if there were going to be any finances charges assessed each month he say nah, just tell them to send in what they could and it would be applied to their balance. I then asked [redacted] to send me a letter stating that there would be no financ charges added to the bill and that they would accept small monthly payments, he stated he could not send such a letter. By stating first that they could not accept such a small payment and then stating o.k. let them send in whatever they want each month and refusing to put it in writing is a direct violation of * & [redacted]'s consumer rights. By refusing to cooperate in this matter The law office of Kevin Shine and [redacted] have violated * & [redacted]'s consumer rights!Desired Settlement: A small monthly payment plan of $75.00-$100.00 with a letter stating that as long as they made their monthly payments no finance charges would be added to their balance owing and that at no time would the law firm of Kevin Shine excellerate the loan to take out a judgment..



I would introduce myself as Kevin Shine, the managing attorney of The Law Office of Kevin Z. Shine, PLLC. I have had the opportunity to read the complaint of [redacted], review the account file of * and [redacted], and speak with the non-attorney collector, [redacted]., who had the interaction in issue with [redacted].

Review: This company has been harrassing family members as faraway as South Carolina by phone to try to get information about me. I do not know what this agency is trying to contact me regarding, but has made my family exteremly unconfortable with the entire situation. I feel if they are intellegent enough to contact a step sister in South Carolina in search of me, why are they unable to find my address to contact me if they were unable to reach by phone. I live only two hours away from their office.Desired Settlement: Stop the harrassing phone calls to my family members and contact me using the information that I contacted them with



I would introduce myself as the managing attorney of The Law Office of Kevin Z. Shine, PLLC. I have now had the opportunity to review the file notes related to this account. This account was placed in our office for collection on August 1, 2012. Initial attempts to reach Ms. [redacted] were unsuccessful. As a result, skip tracing to locate third parties that might be able to provide contact information was initiated. This is alowable under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

A review of the file indicates that Ms. [redacted] did call into our ofice on August 8, 2012. She was then called back several minutes later by the collector working her account. Ms. [redacted] explained her situation and did provide contact infomation. please note these two phone contacts took place on the day after this complain was filed.

Now that there is contact information provided by Ms. [redacted] in the file, there will be no need to make any additional third party calls.

Our office aplogizes for any inconvenience caused Ms. [redacted] by the calls made prior to contact.

Please advise if there are any questions or any additional information is required.

Kevin Shine

716-204-4260, Ext. 101

Review: I received a call this afternoon from a person named [redacted] who stated he was calling on behalf of Attorney Kevin Shine about a legal matter involving my mother. I inquired as to what this may be and he proceeded to state that it was a legal matter and he could not discuss it. When I insisted to know why because my parents live in a different state than I, he told me to call my father's cell phone and that he left a message for him. When I stated I don't know why he would do that because my father is ill, he became very rude and began to raise his voice and said he"didn't care if I gave her the message or not and found it hard to believe that I couldn't get in touch with my mother" I told him that he was very rude and I didn't appreciate him calling my residence about my parents and not explaining what the problem is...he then hung up the phone on me.

I then called back and asked to speak to Atty Shine, at which time I was notified that they didn't think he was in and proceeded to transfer me to [redacted] again, I informed him that I did not wish to speak to him and that I wanted to speak to Attorney Shine. He informed me that he does not speak to people. I asked to be transferred to someone above him and they transferred me to a woman named [redacted] who stated she was his boss. She too was rude when I asked her how they obtained my phone number and to not call my phone anymore regarding matters that DO NOT involve me. She became disrespectful and told me that I SHOULD NOT CALL THEIR OFFICES ANYMORE -(I found this ludicrous!)

The mannerism of these people are extremely unprofessional and if they are calling someone other than the direct person involved they should at LEAST show some courtesy.Desired Settlement: A written apology and an agreement to cease contacting me on issues that do NOT pertain to me!



I would introduce myself as Kevin Shine, the managing attorney of The Law Office of Kevin Z. Shine, PLLC. I have now had an opportunity to review Ms. gree's complaint, speak with the two employees who interacted ewith [redacted] and review the file involved in this matter.

First, I would apologize to [redacted], for any unprofessional communication by my employees, perceived or otherwise. It would appear that the issue which led to the problem communications was the attempt by Mr. Ceriani to obtain location information from [redacted] for her mother. [redacted] appears to have been persistant in wanting to know the purpose of our office's wanting to contact her mother. By law, this is information we are not able to provide. There is some disagreement as to how the call was ended. Regardless, [redacted] did call back into our office and request to speak with me.

Both of my employees did not follow our office policy for an individual who wants to speak with the managing attorney. While I was not available at the time of [redacted]'s request, our policy is to take down the information requesting a call back from the attorney. This allows me to speak with any employee involved, look at the file and have an understanding of the issues prior to my making a return call.

In terms of [redacted]'s requested "Desired Settlement" I can state as follows. On behalf of my office we apologize for any unprofesisonal communication or interaction that took place. Additionally, there will be no further contact with [redacted] regarding this matter.

I regret that this incident took place and that it was not handled consistant with our office policy when it escalated. I would be more than willing to speak with [redacted] personally about this situation if she would like.

Respectfully submitted,



I would like for [redacted] to know that in a climate such as this where people have fallen on hard times and circumstances have become unfortunate to some, bullying tactics and insensitivity is not an effective approach. We all never know when our situation will take a turn for the worst and although I understand that he is a collection agent, some degree of respect and sensitivity should be exercised. Thank you in kind.

Review: A representative from the law office contacted me on June 25, 2013 at approximately 10:30 am. He would not initially tell me who he was but stated that he was trying to get a contact number for my sister. I told him I would not give out such personal information without knowing who he was. He was very rude in his reply and stated that he was from Kevin Z Shine Law office and that it would be in my sister's best interest. When I told him that I would not give out her information when I did not know who he was he became irate, He told me that obviously I was not listening because he told me where he was from. I told him that be that as of may, I still did not know who they were, what they wanted, or why they needed her contact info. He stated that he could not give me that information because of the federal law. I told him that I could not help him then and proceeded to ask how he was able to get my information as this is my cell phone. He said that I reported my cell phone number on 3/19/2013. I asked him if he was saying that I gave HIM my cell ohone number on that date and again the attitude insued. He told me that my phone number was public record and that it's pretty easy to get a ohone number. I said if it's that easy, then why can't you get my sister's number. He told me I was being difficult and that I should understand that I would be helping my sister if I gave him the number. I told him I could not and hung up.

I don't know about most people, but when you receive a weird call and they don't automatically reveal themselves and then try to bully you into giving out personal information that is not yours, it seems like a scam. I have never been treated so poorly and the call wasn't even regarding me. I cannot believe you hire employees that speak to people this way unless that is your common practice.Desired Settlement: I would like formal apology and I would like to know how they obtained my cell phone number.



Dear [redacted]:

Thank you for the opportunity to look into this matter and to respond. Our records indicate that our firm did indeed contact Ms. [redacted] on or about 6/25/13 in an attempt to obtain location information for her sister, [redacted]. Please note that it is permissible under law for us to do so. However, this does not preclude our obligation and our firm's policy of treating EVERY customer or anyone else for that matter, with dignity and respect in all interactions. Although the employee that contacted [redacted] denies "bullying" her or otherwise being rude, please note that I was very disappointed that a conversation with a non-customer of ours would feel so offended as to file a complaint. Accordingly, please note that although I cannot give specific details, I want to personally assure both you and Ms. [redacted] that I took the appropriate level of disciplinary action against the employee in question for generating a complaint of this nature. Additionally, the employee received a Coaching Session from me on how to promote and foster a satisfactory customer / non-customer experience on every call. Please extend my sincerest apology to Ms. [redacted] for her unpleasant experience with our firm. Respectfully submitted, [redacted], Chief Compliance Officer The Law Office of Kevin Z. Shine, PLLC



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Regards,[redacted]

Review: Personal information was left on a family members phone. I was unaware that this debt had gone to collection as I was making payments to the original creditor on line which were coming out of my bank personal information was shared,I have received no documentaion with regaurd to this debt.When I called, [redacted] stated that the documentation I requested could be faxed or emailed to me. I requested that it be mailed. she stated they would not do this, I mentioned that it is my legal right to have this documentaion,she again stated she would only email it.She than trasfered me to [redacted] whom sounded as if he was speaking from his cell phone,multiple times he cut in and out of conversation,he stated we were on a recorded line, when I stated that my personal rights had been violated as information regaurding my personal debt was now shared with a family member.He stated they have a right to research and people that may know me in attempts to find me. I guestion this pratice and am also sending complaint through the NY State Attorney general office,I beleive this to be predatory,as I was not contacted at my home number or adress first. [redacted] did state that they will mail me documentaion and apon receiving this I will than contact him directly.They had all my personal information, why would the not use this info first. Harassing and predatory practice period.Desired Settlement: personal info sholud not be shared...



Dear Ms. [redacted]:

On 8/1/13 I was asked by one of our non-attorney representatives to take over a complaint call received from our customer, [redacted]. Mrs. [redacted] was angry because our office left a scripted message on her voicemail/answering machine which, in part, discloses that the communication is from a debt collector. The scripted message in question, is commonly referred to in the debt collection industry as the 'Foti message' (see Foti v. NCO). If opting to leave a recorded message for the consumer, debt collectors are required to leave the Foti message on the consumer's answering machine/voicemail. Telephone numbers and other relevant account data is furnished by our client and we have to assume that the data provided is accurate unless presented with information to the contrary. I attempted, to no avail, to explain this to Mrs. [redacted] in our 8/1 telephone conversation. Mrs. [redacted] indicated that she felt that her rights were violated and that she would be filing a complaint against our firm. Secondarily, Mrs. [redacted] repeatedly told me throughout the 8/1 call that she knows her rights and also alleged that we were in violation for not sending her a collection letter/notice. I tried explaining to Mrs. [redacted] that pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a debt collector is required to send the initial demand letter (commonly referred to as the Validation Notice) within five days of the initial communication with the consumer. I confirmed Mrs. [redacted]'s address and advised that her account was placed in our office for collections on 7/31/13 and seeing as though our office established the initial contact with her on 8/1, the FDCPA had in fact, not been violated. Mrs. [redacted] maintained a hostile and argumentative posture throughout the call.

I would also like to address Mrs. [redacted]'s concern relative to the problematic audio quality of our call. Please note that we have a new system that audio-records all calls made and received by our Collectors for compliance and customer experience purposes. Unfortunately, as we work with out the "kinks" with this new technology, we do experience intermittent audio quality that is poor.

Mrs. [redacted] demanded that I send her the Validation Notice and some sort of documentation that confirms the sale of her account to our client. I immediately offered to email both the Validation Notice and the Bill of Sale that documents the sale of her account to our client. Mrs. [redacted] refused to give me her email address and insisted that I mail said documents to her. The call ended with Mrs. [redacted] telling me that she would call me directly as soon as she received the aforementioned documentation. Please note that the aforementioned documentation was mailed to Mrs. [redacted] on 8/2/13.

On 8/12/13 I telephoned Mrs. [redacted] and she acknowledged that she received the Validation Notice & Bill of Sale. However, she stated that she could not pay the entire current balance of $2,020.68 owed to our client, CACH, LLC. Mrs. [redacted] asked if I would work with her and authorize a monthly repayment plan for her at a rate of $150.00. I promptly accepted her offer and I am happy to report that we have resolved the matter to the customer's satisfaction. So long as Mrs. [redacted] makes monthly payments of $150.00 per month to be received on or before the last business day of each month beginning 8/30/13 and ending when the entire balance is paid, there will be no adverse action taken against her.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to this complaint. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


[redacted], Chief Compliance Officer (non-attorney)



Review: I was contacted by a person representing themselves as "Kevin Shine" calling for my sister. I was told that they were on retainer and were attempting to get in touch with her about litigation. After further inquiry, they responded they are a debt collection practice and were attempting to locate my sister. They had my UNPUBLISHED phone number (also on the DO NOT CALL list) as well as another number. As I was unable to confirm their identity, I took their contact information and would provide to my sister directly.

After speaking with my sister, not only have they been in contact with her prior, but the debt they are attempting to collect is being paid through another collections agency. Due to the fact they have already established contact with my sister and I am an uninvolved third party, it was both unethical and illegal for them to contact me in accordance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). I called the number back they provided and asked for a note to be put on her account that since they have already made contact either in writing or via phone, I am not to be contacted again.Desired Settlement: I would like an apology in writing and I request that any communication cease immediately. Any further contact from these offices or their representatives will be noted as harassing and in violation of the FDCPA, and I will pursue a written complaint with the New York State Attorney General's Office.




In response to this complaint filed with your office by Ms. [redacted] of Stafford, VA, I would like to start by correcting a few inaccuracies in the complaint.

First, all calls to and from our office are recorded. Upon receipt of this complaint, I listened to the telephone call in question between Ms. [redacted] and our office.

Our employee accurately identified himself as calling from "The Law Office of Kevin Shine", not simply "Kevin Shine".

Although our employee was attempting to obtain/verify location information for Ms. [redacted]'s sister, at no point did our employee tell Ms. [redacted] that we were attempting to get in touch with her sister "about litigation". In fact, Ms. [redacted] was the one who implied this by asking our employee if there was a "case number to reference" to which our employee advised that all he could give her pursuant to federal law was his callback information.

Ms. [redacted] also mentioned the Do Not Call List. Our firm is exempt from the Do Not Call List requirements because we are not telemarketers/solicitors.

Secondly, please note that the appropriate steps have been taken to prevent any future calls to Ms. [redacted]. We apologize to Ms. [redacted] for any inconvenience that she may have experienced.

Lastly, should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact me directly. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.


Mike Murphy, Chief Compliance Officer

The Law Office of Kevin Z. Shine, PLLC

Review: I received an initial telephone call on April 3, 2013. On the telephone call the representative indicated who she was ([redacted]) and that this was an attempt to collect a debt. The representative then asked me if I was aware that I was in default with my student loan with Sallie Mae with the outstanding balance being $676.00. I indicated that I was unaware that my loans were in repayment status, because the rest of my student loans were in deferment. She indicated that she could settle the debt that day for $508.00. I indicated that I was unable to pay that today, and was willing to get on a payment arrangement. She then indicated that I could pay $200+ for 3 months. I told her that I could not afford that right now due to me taking care of an ailing family member. At this point, I was told by her that "I don't have any options and I take whatever option she offers me!" I indicated that I was WILLING to pay $100 a month, and she told me that I couldn't do that. I then told her that I don't have $200+ per month to pay her at this time. She then pulled up my credit report and started chastising me like I was her child on my other debt that I had that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the debt she was trying to collect. She then responded "fine, I will just indicate on your account your refusal to pay and send it through! Good luck!" and hung up the phone on me. On April 8, 2013, I received another call. This time it was from a representative named Brandon. I informed him that I spoke with the representative last week and I briefed him on the conversation and the amount I could afford and the options she gave me. He then started over talking me stating "do you know what legal procedures we can take? Do you know once it goes on we can sue you and put a judgment on you and garnish your wages?" I indicated that I was WILLING to make an arrangement, but I could not afford the terms they were offering. He then began shouting at me again and stated "well I will just start the process and you have a good day!" Who are these people that they think they can talk to someone any kind of way? And what powers that be give THEM the right to determine what I can and CANNOT afford??Desired Settlement: I would like a formal apology from the law office of Kevin Shine for his rude and unprofessional representatives. I would also like a payment arrangement established that I could pay the amount of $100 a month. Additionally, I do not want any of the reps contacting me that do not know how to communicate with another ADULT, and think they have a place to reprimand a consumer! If they were more professional, I am most certain that more issues would be resolved with the initial phone call.



April 16, 2013

100 Bryant Woods South

Amherst, NY 14228

RE: Complaint [redacted]


Please be advised that on 4/16/13 I telephoned [redacted] and discussed his complaint. After some discussion and after I apologized to [redacted] for his unpleasant experience with our office, I approved [redacted]'s request to repay his debt to our client, CACH, LLC, at a rate of $100.00 per month. [redacted] agreed to have his initial payment in my office on or before 5/3/13 and on or before the 3rd of each month thereafter until his account is paid-in-full. I offered [redacted] the option of pre-authorizing debits from his checking account (free of charge), however, he declined stating that he would rather mail-in his payments. Accordingly, I provided him with our address ([redacted]). I have also provided [redacted] with my direct contact information and encouraged him to contact me should he have any concerns moving forward. Please note that the employees that last had interaction with [redacted] have been disciplined for contributing to the escalation of this matter. Simply put, [redacted]'s original repayment offer should have been accepted as reasonable.

I appreciate the opportunity afforded to resolve this matter. Based on my pleasant telephone conversation with [redacted], I am confident that this matter has been resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please advise.


[redacted], Compliance Officer


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