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The Lazy Daisy Country Gift Store

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Review: [redacted] The Lazy Daisy Country Store[redacted] This complaint is regarding the consignment of items that were placed in the Lazy Daisy Country Gift Store and accepted for Consignment by [redacted] in August and September of 2012. When these items were placed for consignment we had agreed on the price that these items would sell for. She had told me that if a customer was interested in purchasing my items for less than the agreed price then I would be contacted.In the beginning there were a few items that were sold per agreement so I brought in more items to be consigned that were accepted by [redacted]. We agreed on a retail listing price on these items. I found it odd that every time I came in, she did not have a list of my items or she said that she could not find the list. I had to bring in a list to her every time I came in. And still every time I came in she still needed another list. I also found it odd that my items that I did see on display had nothing to indicate that they belonged to me on the price tag. When questioned, she told me that she had a list for each Consigner.I noticed that some of my items were not on display. One item being a Large Cheetah Picture. I discovered it being used as a wall partition, covered with a blanket between two booths in the bottom level of the store! When I questioned her about this she claimed it was just put there temporarily and she would bring it out and put it on display. The next time I came to The Lazy Daisy Country Gift Store it was on top of a heap of items in a storage section of the store. At that point I decided to attempt to remove items that did not sell or were not displayed as agreed.I requested from [redacted] to pick up my items, which at that time was about 20, and which I left her a list. She told me to come in that Wednesday at 3:00 and she would have my items to be picked up. When I came in, not only was she not there but she only had three of my items to pick up (one being the Hand Crafted Jamaican Vase) and left them with a girl who was working the front desk. The girl knew nothing about the other items but attempted to help me find them. She found the Cheetah picture for me which was still in storage! No other items were found so I picked up the 3 items, Cheetah Picture and said I would come back when [redacted] was there.The next time I came in to see if anything had sold, [redacted] looked in your book and said Your Jamaican Vase sold for $4 which I knew was not true because I had already picked it up. Furthermore it was priced at $24.99! I knew at that time that something definitely was going on that was not above board. Again I bit my tongue and left.On another visit I had asked [redacted] about two cloth beaded picture frames that I had brought to her to consign. We had agreed to price them at $9.95 each. About a week later I came into the store and [redacted] told me they beaded frames had been sold for $4 and she gave me $2 for the sale? Not only was I not contacted to see if a lesser price was OK but I saw my frames in a Venders booth downstairs priced at $9.95 each!!!! I was extremely upset about this but to avoid an argument, I bit my tongue, took the $2 and left. During this whole time I would ask [redacted] about a Green Hand Embroidered pillow (which I consigned in the first batch of things I brought). I didnt see it in the store so I thought it may have sold. Every time I came in the store I asked her about it and she claimed she did not know where it was. Every time I asked her about an item of mine that I did not see displayed and I did not get paid for she would give me the run around.During this entire time I continued to try to be understanding and patient to her. I wanted to avoid any argument or conflict at all costs.I had consigned 4 very expensive [redacted] Collector Plates last August that I had NEVER seen on display in her store. They just disappeared! They were retailed at $19.99ea along with the Display Racks that were also agreed to be priced at $19.99ea.When I asked her where the plates were in September of 2012 (because I thought they may have sold) [redacted] told me that they were in storage! She told me that plates sell great around Christmas time and they would all be on display before then. These are not even Christmas Dcor items but I thought she knew what she was doing. Again I gave her the benefit of the doubt.I did see my Gold Collector Plate Display Racks on the store walls last year, not with my Collector Plates on them, but with other things that [redacted] chose to put on them. They did not even have a price tag on them so it looked as though she just took them for her own use.Because of the frustration I was experiencing with her, I decided not to come in the store for awhile and give her a chance to get all of my items displayed and sold. I had not come back into the Lazy Daisy Country Gift Store since October 2012.I came back to the store on May 29th to see if the rest of my items had sold. She said that the only thing that sold was my Green Pillow (it was missing since the prior year). She said it had sold for $4 and gave me $2. It was priced at $14.95 and no one contacted me to approve a lower price. I had others things in the store that were also gone that I had never been paid for. The four Collector Plates, The Window Picture, the wire bathtub, the two plate holders (saw only one in the store the last time I went in). I went back in the store on Monday June 3rd to talk to [redacted] about getting the remaining items out of the store. She was not there so I told the girl at the desk why I was there. She apparently called [redacted] and told me that she said to come in Wednesday June 5th at 3:00. On June 5th I called her in the morning to confirm that she got the messageDesired Settlement: At this point, I only want my 4 Collector Plates returned to me along with my Window Picture and 2/two tier Gold Plate Racks. She told me the last time I was in the Lazy Daisy Country Store that all of those items were still there and had not sold. If [redacted] wants to Pay for items she has taken she can pay the amount that her and I agreed upon(a list was given to her of the agreed retail pricing for my items). I would expect to be paid 50% of the retail listing for each of my items.



Dear Ms. [redacted],

Thank you for your letter regarding the customer complaint that was filed 6/16/2013, ID# [redacted]. I have since spoken with this customer and we have settled this issue. The consignment items that were still here in the store (the picture and one plate rack) are being returned to her along with the requested dollar amount of $[redacted] that covers teh cost of the items that were not able to be returned to her (four plates and plate rack).

I am having these items delivered to her tomorrow, 6/25/2013 and signed for. She has told me that this matter will be settled once this is done.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I need to do, to make sure that this matter has been resolved, and to avoid a negative impact on my Reliability Report.

Thanking you in advance,

Owner, The Lazy Daisy Country Gift Store



I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved. If the company does not perform as promised I can get back to you at: [email protected]

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Address: 4313 Old Hundred Road, Chester, Virginia, United States, 23831


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