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The Military Club, Inc.

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My Experience with Aces(home)store-(wholesale furniture store) in Havelock,ncOn 9/2/2015 I went to this location to look at furniture and looked at a sectional that [redacted] the "store manager" said he could do for a deal of $777. with tax and delivery fee included came to $969.04. I put $100 down. I also gave him a fair warning that my hallway/entrance way was VERY narrow and they might have trouble getting the furniture in the apartment.He then asked me when I would like it delivered and said same day if possible and he agreed. About 5:30pm two [redacted] gentlemen showed up to deliver the couch the two gentlemen even after I myself gave them fair warning(it was clear the manager DID NOT communicate to his movers that it would be a tight fit) that it was narrow still tried to fit the furniture threw the doorway with no proper moving technique and not even use a blanket to put over the furniture. They then used a rope to tie around the chase and lift it up over my balcony from the ground to bring threw my back door. when all was said and done I had to sign that I had received the furniture but there was no place to mark if there was damage or not so I took the number and called them back to inform them of the damage. Where [redacted] answered the phone (another employee) asked me if I could send pictures of the damage and they would review it the next day. I called when I got off work the next day 9/3/15 to see what could be done to resolve the damages to the sectional They offered me $100 credit, my $100 back & return of the sectional, or agreed to have me come back & take the same couch off the show room floor or select a different couch within the same price range. [redacted] "manager" agreed it would be ok if I came and took a look around or took the last one off the show room on Friday 9/4/15 I arrived about 3:45-4:00 pm with my son to look and see what other options they had and they weren't really offering me anything else other than the same couch on the floor. I then decided I would take that one acknowledging that there was a rip in that couch but would be cheaper for me to fix than the other tears in the couch. The lady [redacted] informed me that those were their "two best movers they had" and that they would come "more prepared" and that [redacted] the manager wanted to supervise the move. [redacted] the "mananger" then came out of the back and proceeded to get very aggravated and angry yelling and being VERY disrespectful to me saying that he "wasn't going to have anymore of his furniture delivered to my house" and that it was his way or no way and "the only thing he would do for me is the $100 credit or a refund and return of the couch" and that" I should call him when I made my decision" and then left abruptly. On 9/8/15 I then decided the way I was treated as a customer was not acceptable even after him apologizing on behalf of his MOVERS MISTAKE even after FULL warning of the situation before contacting that I would call and see if they would like to try and resolve this one last time. So I called them and [redacted] the lady said that his decision was still the same and I told her I was waiting on estimates and would give them a call back. she then proceeded to threaten me and say "I cant hold their furniture hostage" when I Clearly already put money down on it and that "I had until the end of this business day to make a decision" . I've not only been threatened, disrespected, lied to but now I am out of TWO couches because they left my other couch outside in the rain and then came to get it the next day only to see it in pieces on there site, I am out the other couch because I made the adult decision to return the couch & receive my refund.(9/4/15-friday) I do believe I have a [redacted] against them in small claims court they have BOTH been very unprofessional about the whole situation and I will be letting anyone and everyone know not to do business there. I don't care what the circumstances are you as a sales/customer service person should NEVER lose your temper in/on a customer and threaten them.Desired SettlementI would like further action taken on BOTH [redacted] they have NOT taken any adult action to apologize for how ive been treated as a customer and who knows how many other people they have treated like me? im 8 months pregnant and definitely do not need to be stressed or treated the way I was and have been by these two people. He did not make me a happy customer even after I made my decision to take the couch off the floor made it worse I am now very unhappy and unsatisfied. I would like more money back from them for having to endure all of this frustration and now being out of a couch having to sit on the floor because they damaged my other one. I do have pictures of the damage the movers did to the couch.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted], PresidentContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@themilitaryclub.comTo the, This customer came in to the store looking for a new sofa on 9/2/15. She said that she was interested in a sectional but that she did not have much space. [redacted] pointed her in the direction of one of the only small sectionals that we had, it was the only one we carried in fabric/cloth which is what she wanted. The price was originally $1249.99 and [redacted] sold this to her at $777.00. We also only charged her half of the delivery fee, which is normally $100.00 and we charged her $50.00 in an attempt to help her out. We were aware of the narrow hallway but we did not know that the customer would give us permission to go over the balcony. When our delivery men realized that the sectional was not going to fit through the door, the customer gave them permission, three times, to hoist the sofa over the balcony, which by our understanding was done with grace and nothing happened to the sectional during this time. The customer also gave our delivery men permission, also three times, to "chunk" her old sofa off the balcony and leave it in the back by the dumpster. After the men got the sofa into her home, they put the two pieces together and put the pillows/cushions on it, she confirmed that everything looked good, and our delivery man had her sign our sales invoice stating that she had received her merchandise in good order. She did not mention any of the damages while our men were in her home. When our delivery men left she was happy. By the time our men were on their way back to the store we received a phone call from our customer and she was angry that her new sectional had "rips and tears" in it. [redacted] told her to send photos of the damage and since we were securing for the day we would take a look at them first thing in the morning. After examining the photos, we did not feel that these blemishes were "rips and tears" as the customer called them but we offered to give her $100.00 credit to her account, as she was in-store finance. After apologizing profusely and acknowledging that our delivery men had made a mistake by trying to fit it though the hallway, we told her that should could come back in to the store and pick out something else. She agreed to that and came back on 9/4/15 to look around for something else. She was still interested in a sectional but we did not have any that she liked, in the size or material that she was looking for. [redacted] was waiting on her because [redacted] was busy on the phone with another customer. [redacted] asked her if a Sofa and Loveseat set would work for her since we had run out of options on sectionals. The customer was adamant about not wanting a Sofa and Loveseat so [redacted] offered her the original sectional off the floor again. [redacted] had gone back and forth to [redacted] about what this customer's options were. Her original options were; taking $100.00 credit to her account for the damages that were done to the sofa upon delivery, come to the store and pick out something else of equal price, or we would issue a full refund and we would have our men come pick up the sofa. She picked out another sectional that was out of her price range and would also not fit in her place, she looked at sofa and loveseat sets, and finally went back to the original sectional and Kasey asked her once again if she would want that one with the knowledge that it had an actual tear on the back side. She went on to say that she was curious if it would be cheaper to have the large tear in the back of the floor model repaired or have the few blemishes repaired. The customer was asking if our company does repairs and [redacted] told her no and that we weren't aware of any companies in the area because we sell our good "AS-IS." She said that she was trying to weigh her options about whether she wanted to swap out the sofa for the one on the floor, all the while [redacted] has been apologizing about the circumstances and is going back and forth to [redacted] about what the customer is trying to do. She wandered around the store continuously talking about how this company was unprofessional and how we needed to hire professionals to bring her new sofa to her even after [redacted] had mentioned to her that [redacted] would supervise the next delivery and we would be better prepared for the maneuver that would have to be made to have the other sofa delivered safely. Some more time goes on and everything that [redacted] gives the customer an option to do she goes back to the previous option that she had denied. Finally, [redacted] came to the conclusion that she was a customer that he was never going to be able to make happy because she would not make up her mind about the route she wanted to take and was constantly going back and forth the both [redacted] She used a considerable amount if foul and vulgar language while in the Store. [redacted] made the decision to give her the options of a full refund and pick up of the merchandise or receive a $100.00 to her in-store account and keep the sofa that she already had in possession. The Client could not, nor would not make a decision, so it was decided to give her two options in the hope of some progress in this logjam of a situation. These options were re-iterated to her multiple times. As her frustration grew, she simply stomped out of the Store. The next Day I received this complaint from the This concludes our side of the Story. We fell there can no mitigation to be even attempted here, due to the clients position, attitude, demeanor and behavior. This is not bad, and does not have any need in ending badly. One of her options is simply to cancel the purchase, and she will be made financially whole immediately. She is being offered help, and the right kind, she simply won't take it.SincerelyACES Home StoreXXX-XXX-XXXXConsumer Response I'm honestly not even going to entertain there shinanigans!! I can't even believe half the lies that are in that story !! I wish I would have had them make a copy for me of that delivery notice so I can use as evidence to PROVE there was no where on that paper to sign acknowledging or not if there was or wasn't damage to the delivered goods. All it stated on that paper was for me to sign that I RECIEVED it NOT if there were damages. NOT ONCE did either of the unprofessional guys ask me if it was ok or in good condition after trying to fit it threw my doorway in an unprofessional manner even after fair warning that the manager obviously failed to give them! I had to. That is the reson they RECIEVED the phone call in the first place! Like I said as for me I made a desicion and by that time the so call manager had made his as well which was to be rude, aggressive and ultimately have a very dissatisfied customer with NO furniture 7 months pregnant with kids who now have to sit on the floor ! I will be resolving this issue further with the courts this is and has become rediculous!! I have all the evidence and I'm sure a JUDGE will not deem them "blemishes" they never even came nor offered to come look at the couch in further detail. I'm done and another one of my desicions has been made. I will not wore because I severe an awesome god and I know he will take care of them in his will be done! Both of them were nosey in my PERSONAL business and have done nothing but lied! I will be seeking a lawyer. I hope you as the do something with this so called business and shady lYing people that can't even own up to there wrong doing!

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