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The Officials Choice

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Suddenly the customer service emails aren’t being returned and the phone number( both on the website and the other number on Facebook) comes back as no longer in service.
I ordered about 30$ worth of basketball officials gear on 11/17/17 it is now 12/1/17 and items and not even a return of an email or phone call...nothing.
They charged my card and sent me a receipt but never any shipping confirmation.
This morning I issued a dispute with my bank to have my 30$ returned.
I’ve used theofficialschoice for years and never had an issue until this.
Seems like they packed it up or the company folded...they still take customers money and charge credit/debit cards though...just don’t deliver the product after taking our money.

Review: On 10-28-13 I placed an order with and it was immediately charged to my credit card. I was patient in waiting two weeks for my order and then started contacting the support number and emailing them with no response. I have made no less than 6 phone calls to numerous numbers that I have found online and have had "0" response from them. I want the product that I ordered but am very dis-satisfied in the service and delivery of this product. As I seen online I am not the first that has had this issue with the officials choice. 0Desired Settlement: I want the product that was ordered. In addition I would like an explanation as to why they offer to call or email folks back with answers to their questions and they do not come through.

Review: I placed an online order on Sept 24, 2013. One of the items came in incorrect, it took 2 weeks to get a hold of someone. They finally answered the phone after I left several emails and voice mails. They said ok, we will ship it out immediately. I received the replacement, but it was also incorrect. I have tried calling several times, about once a day. The last communication I heard from them was on Oct 21 stating "Hi[redacted], I'll ship right out the long sleeve in the F size large as you request." After several emails and phone calls I placed to them, this is the response I get. That made me upset, but what made me more upset is the fact I have still not received the item I originally ordered. This is ridiculous. I cannot get a hold of anyone. I have left over 15 voice mails and probably 5 emails with still nothing back in response and still not the correct thing I ordered. I placed another order for the item I wanted just last week on Nov 5 to see if they would read the comments I left since this seemed like the only way to get a hold of someone. Still nothing.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund on both orders I placed as the customer service has been horrible and I still don't have what I ordered. The two order #s are [redacted] (Nov 5 order) and[redacted] (Sept 24 order). I also want an apology by a phone call and an explanation of why their customer service is absent. ###-###-####

Review: I purchased a shirt online in Oct 2013, I have not received the shirt. The website emails do not work, and I have left numerous messages . I later checked and saw numerous complaints about this company and other online information about the poor preformance of this company.Desired Settlement: I woud either like the shirt delivered or my money back.

Review: I ordered some umpire shirts, some with patches sewn on, on Sept 18, 2103.

I was charged for these products ($56.29 - three umpire shirts, pink with patches, light blue and camo), but still have not received them. Getting in touch with anyone at the company seems to take an act of Congress. I have tried to leave voice mail (usually their inbox is full) and through email addresses listed on their site (they all bounce back as undeliverable). I sent them a letter through the post office and received a repsonse form [redacted] saying he was sorry and would call me, but he never did. When I tried to respond to the email [redacted] used to contact be, it bounced back.

I mailed a second letter last week (on or about Dec 2nd) and have nothing yet.Desired Settlement: Ideally, I'd receive my shirts.

In my second letter I said I'd be willing to forget about having anything sewn on and just accept the shirts and patches loose...I'd swallow the cost of sewing just to have the shirts. If they can't send me the shirts, then I'd like my money back.

Review: I place two orders with this company and the price of the shirts were $10.00 per shirt and the shipping was only $5.00. So I placed an order for 5 shirts 4-XL and 1-XXL which came to $55.00 total. When I received my orders they only sent me 4 shirts @ $10.00 and they changed the shipping price to $15.00.

So when I called I talked to the owner [redacted] he wouldn't provided me with his last name. He stated that information wasn't important. He keeping yelling at me asking me if I wanted a free shirt. [redacted] was very rude and keep calling me a lie telling me I didn't order 5 shirts I only order 4 and the shipping price has always been $15.00 which is not correct because these was an Pre-Order. He hung up on me stating he had a project to do and didn't have time to deal with this because his record showed only 4 shirts.

Which isn't correct he just changed the prices to make it come up to $55.00. Then the other order I was charged $87.00 for the same shirts and I only received 4 shirts. So with his order I was charged $15.00 for shipping and I was charged $18.00 per shirt. This order should have been the same of $55.00 and it should have been 5 shirts as well...

When I asked if he was going to refund me the difference and sent me the extra shirts he told me no because he was alreadying sending me a free shirt for the other order which isn't correct because the shirts were paid for it just that he changed the prices.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of $32.00 and I would like the 2 additional shirts which I ordered. Missing one 1-XL and 1-XXL shirt to cover my orders.

Review: I ordered a shirt from The Official's Choice on September 21, 2013. After nearly four months and numerous emails with explanations that the company needed more time to sew the flag on the sleeve...had to reorder the flags,,,apologize for the delay..."I'll personally call you"..."your order will ship o Oct. 18, 2013"...I sent an email on January 8, 2014 telling the company to cancel the order and refund my money. I then received a shirt in the mail on January 11, 2014 - and it was not the right order as it had no flag sewn on the lower left sleeve as requested.

I have tried to contact the company many times. I am unable to leave a message on the phone number given and emails are not returned. When you follow the directions on the website to email them with concerns, the messages bounce back as undeliverable.

I sent the shirt back on January 17, 2014 and it was received on January 21, 2014. I have not received a refund or any communication from the company.Desired Settlement: The shirt was $26.90 plus shipping/handling $8.97. I spent an additional $4.16 in postal fees to return the shirt. The total is $40.03.

Review: Purchased online 2 shirts that have never been delivered. Purchased 9/4/2013 ([redacted]) and have attempted 5-6 times by email to receive a resolution or at least a response, NOTHING. Called numerous times but their mailbox is always full.Desired Settlement: A refund is requested.

Review: On October 10, 2013, I made order [redacted] from The Official's Choice for $62.51 which included $8.97 "Shipping & Handling". The next day I received an email saying the order had back-ordered items and would "ship via US Postal Service on/about October 18, 2013".

On October 16th I received the email:

"Hi [redacted], Thank you for the order. The sewing place we use in town us having problems with there sewing machines. My estimate is your order will be completed and ready to ship this coming Monday October 21, 2013. Our apology for the problem with this order.

[redacted], Owner"

On November 15th, I email replied asking about my order. The email reply bounced saying "Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. vpopmail".

On Novermber 19, 2013 I received the following email:

"[redacted], Thank you for the order with us here at The Official's Choice, Inc. I wish to express my sincerest apology for the major problem with this order. The reason for the DELAY is the sewing place we use closed UNEXPECTEDLY and didn't inform of the situation. To compound things we've had to RE-ORDER flags as they have all our stock of flags. Working hard to resolve this issue this week and I'll personally call you to voice my personal apology for this UNTIMELY problem. Sure hope you allow us to work this out in your favor.

Respectfully yours,


to which I replied:

"I'm sick of this. My order was supposed to precede my season (and didn't). Please send my stuff immediately or send my money. This is unacceptable and I don't want to accept it.

[redacted] Armstead"

which bounced again.

I haven't heard from them since!Desired Settlement: I'd either like my items or a refund.

And this business should at least be forced to keep their email and phone numbers up-to-date with the contact information on if they're even allowed to continue business.

Review: Company charged my credit card and never shipped the items even though they sent an email that items were shipped on 9/21/2013. Customer service phone number was called 5 times and an answering machine voice mail was full. The customer service e-mail kept coming back as undeliverable..Desired Settlement: Refund charges on credit card or immediate delivery of products.

Review: I made a purchase on their website for $21.40 on 10-23-13. I immediately received 2 order confirmation emails for my purchase. One did state the method of shipment would be US Postal Service, but there was no notice that a shipment was made. I have never received the products. A little over 3 weeks later I attempted to contact the company by phone and left a response. A week later I attempted to call another number located on my credit card statement and on the website. I have emailed 2 different support addresses...still no response.Desired Settlement: I would simply like a refund and to put a warning out to others of poor customer service, or rather no customer service.

Review: I placed an order January 19th and have not received anything as of today February 13th. I called numerous times and emailed the [redacted]), but have yet to receive a response.Desired Settlement: Either deliver my order immediately or refund me $86.97

Review: I placed an order ([redacted]) with this company on 10/12/2013 and they immediately charged my account and sent a confirmation email. I have not received the items and they were time sensitive in nature. I have attempted to call them repeatedly over the last few days, but get a recording and a voicemail box that is full and unable to receive messages. I have also attempted to send several emails to their support address, but the last few have bounced back as undeliverable. I would like to cancel my order but have no way to get a hold of them.Desired Settlement: Since I will be unable to use the items now due to the delayed nature of their shipping, I would like a full refund for my order. This was a purchase I was making on the behalf of a non-profit organization - we needed the "pink" accessories to wear during October. We cannot wear them after that point.

Review: On Oct. 28, 2013 I ordered an officiating shirt from the Official's Choice. I used my debit card to pay for the item in the amount of $35.87. The money was deducted from my account immediately. I received an e-mail (2 actually) outlining my purchase and showing they received the order. I have never received the item nor has the company responded to my phone calls or e-mails. I always get an answering machine and have left numerous messages, I have also sent many e-mails. Thank you.Desired Settlement: If the item is available and they are still in business, I would like to have delivery of the item. If not, I would like a refund of my original $35.87.

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