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The Ohio Academy - A Paul Mitchell Partner School

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The following information has been written to you in regards to the above-mentioned Academy. I don't have any interest in writing a letter, however, if it will allow me to move on with my life without any further interferences from them, then this letter is necessary.

When I agreed to pay for my cosmetology class instruction at the Ohio Academy Paul Mitchell, it was based on the fact that I was told that this was a disciplined and structured Academy. I am a 43 year old woman and it is very important to me to be in a school that is disciplined and has structure. I would not sign up if the Ohio Academy Paul Mitchell tolerated disruptive and undisciplined behavior- very simple and straightforward expectations I was assured verbally and in writing, (2011 Future Professional Catalog: pages 3, 11, 12, 15, 16), that the school didn't tolerate such behavior - this turned out to be absolutely false. The disruptive and undisciplined behavior began with the instructors and carried over to the disruptive and undisciplined students. This fact doesn't have any importance to them, however, it is of great importance to me and was a deal breaker for my decision making. I also asked if the school instructed the students about other products other than Paul Mitchell. I was told, "Yes." This was also a lie. They strictly focus on Paul Mitchell products and tools. After I started, they had denied me the permission to allow me to use the better quality, non Paul

Mitchell tools that I had purchased. If they would have been HONEST with me about these VERY important expectations of mine, I would NOT have signed up to start at this school, very simple. They caused their own problems when they lied in order to convince me to enroll. Everyone who decides on a future path and than decides to pay large amounts of money, ($1500+ dollars per month) for an education for that future, has

obviously made a serious decision based on their future plans. I wasted 5 months at this academy that should have been spent at a disciplined and structured Academy..(i.e..not the Ohio Academy Paul Mitchell).

The Product Development classes on Wednesdays,: a) At times, were to announce new Paul Mitchell products that they wanted us to sell, which they made into sales contests. They never described in any detail what the ingredients were in any of these products, except one day when we were told that a new foaming hair product could be eaten, which the Administrator then proceeded to do. I am a very focused reader of ingredients and I

can assure you that NONE of the Paul Mitchell ingredients should EVER be ingested. Another instructor, during the Adaptive Theory class informed the class that sulfates weren't a dangerous ingredient. Sulfates are not only drying to the hair and scalp, there are studies that show that sulfates penetrate the skin and can be carcinogenic - something that the instructor did not mention and did not seem to even have the knowledge of. b) On other Wednesdays, during Product Development, we had guest speakers come in. On 2 separate days, 2

separate men came in to talk to us. They seemed to have read from the same life's script and both told the class the same identical story about a woman who came in to each of their salons to get her hair styled. Both of these men claimed to have given a woman very special attention in the same exact way and both men claimed that both of their women stated to them, after they had completed her style, that she was so grateful to them for their attention because she was contemplating suicide but changed her mind because of them. c) On other Wednesdays, we were told to leave our books behind and go into the Theory/Product Development classroom. During this time, we either had to take out our phones, sit, and call everyone that we knew for the next 3 1/2

hours to ask for money for one of their fundraisers; or, we had to watch a "Live" (prerecorded) full screen video of telephone conversations from [redacted], and others, for 3 1/2 hours, talking about their

fundraisers and asking, once again, for money from the students. I was told about the fundraisers prior to signing up, however, what I didn't know was that my 1500 hour State Board required time would be partially spent, during the time of my documented hours, being forced to sit in a classroom, during my time, to participate in these fundraisers which should be an after school volunteer activity. d) Then there was the mandatory attendance, (during 'Product Development'), applied to the students' State Board required hours, to play dodgeball, an egg toss, and 3 1/2 hours of other ridiculous, immature, unprofessional games. Those who

did not want to play these games ... those who were strictly there to follow the rules and requirements per the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, had these hours go against that student's record. In what classification does

any of this fall under in regards to the very detailed requirements fiom the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology's rules and regulations?


1) Core Class - [redacted]: a) [redacted] allowed her roommate, two male students, and others to constantly disrupt our class and remain in the classroom during Practical instruction and test time. [redacted] sat and talked with them.

b) [redacted] used class time to stand on a chair in the classroom and imitated a foreign accent, not

teaching anything regarding Cosmetology, just babbling for the attention. Also, the school wheeled a ful1 size television set into the Core Class and allowed students from each phase to come in and play the Wii game. [redacted] was very distracted and preoccupied with this activity as I stood and waited for her to check the work on my mannequin's head - I was applying foils, and than I began to do some haircutting.

c) My graduation from Core was interrupted by [redacted]'s imitation of [redacted], and, her

screaming and running around the clinic floor for, what was my understanding, was a radio contest that someone had won. Is this what they meant when they told me that this school was disciplined and structured?

2) Adaptive Theory Class: There were students who came to class completely unprepared, and were then

disruptive for the complete time of the class and had very little regard for anyone else's time, future, or money.

a) As a student sat across from me at the same table that I was sitting at, she began to sing during a test, I told her to shut up, and she laughed, (very self-centered little girl). After I was finished with my test, I turned it in to [redacted] walked out of the classroom, and went to work on the clinic floor, (I was constantly either reading my book, completing my workbook, watching the educational DVDs, or working on one of my mannequin heads, (I had purchased over one dozen of them). Shortly after I began to work, I was interrupted and told to go back into the Theory room because [redacted] wanted to talk to me. It seemed that once again my time was interrupted because the student felt that she was treated unfairly. [redacted] asked me if I maybe could have handled the

situation differently ... No ... I told [redacted] among other things, that the girl should be mature enough to know better and I walked back out of the room.

b) Theory class was interrupted by the instructor. [redacted], more than once. She walked in prior to the end of class to prepare for her haircutting class. however, she was unable to do this in a quiet. professional manner and with her mouth shut. I commented to the Theory instructor, "You have got to be kidding me. She should be able to prepare for her class with her mouth shut." [redacted] than complained about me, stating that my cap-sleeved top was inappropriate because it showed my armpits when I cut the hair on my mannequin's head. I had worn this particular top many many times before.

c) A new instructor started her employment here, who was a prior student, and one day she sat on

the floor during class and whined that she had the cramps. I told her to stand up and deal with it. These are kids teaching kids.

3) Adaptive Haircutting: During [redacted]'s haircutting class, class was interrupted by unprepared, unfocused, and loud students. Students complained that they were unable to listen to music and cut their mannequin's hair at the same time, and, complained that their arms were tired while they cut their mannequin's hair. (Why were they in cosmetology school?) [redacted] also seemed to be unfocused as she spent a lot of time during class wanting to chit chat and joke with the students that she wanted to be friends


4) There are a lot of toys to preoccupy the instructors and the students, which are placed in colorful containers on the desks. With this, came more disruptions. When the instructors played with these toys, many of the students joined in, and vice versa. The disruptive students were never told to leave the class. Sometimes the

instructor sat and waited for these kids to pay attention while the mandated time from the State of Ohio for cosmetology instruction was being disrupted.

5) Adaptive Clinic Floor: a) [redacted], (not [redacted]), would either disappear from the clinic floor or be too busy to pay attention to what was happening on the clinic floor because she wanted to chit chat with her little friends who were students.

b) After asking an instructor a second time to sign me off so that I could begin to work on a client, and after waiting with my client for 15 minutes, I started without her. I was then called into the Director's office for not doing things the way that they wanted me to. I explained to the Director what happened and she understood, however, I was already so fed up.

d) After I had gone in front of all of the students and announced that I had purchased over $100.00 of my own product, a student decided to take my product, without asking my permission, and used it on one of her clients: When I noticed that my product was gone, I looked around the clinic floor and saw it, (it was easy for me to find because, after I purchased it, I had placed my initials on it with dark red nail polish in large bold letters, "GC".). After explaining to this student that it was my product, which I had purchased, that she was using and than also showed her my initials, I also tried to explain the proper procedure of asking permission before using someone else's property and than I walked back to my client. As I was working on my client's hair, (an important learning process), I was told that [redacted] wanted to talk to me. So, once again, my learning time for the Cosmetology State Board required license was being disrupted. As I was talking to [redacted] I reminded her how I had announced that I had purchased my own product which the

Director had given me permission to use up. After my discussion with [redacted] I had walked into the ladies restroom, and was followed in there by this particular student who began to tell me how embarrassed she was. I remained quiet as I listened to her, and then I defended myself by once again attempting to explain that when she sees large initials on anyone's property within the school, that means that she is not to take it. I than walked out of the restroom and began to continue my work on my client who [redacted] (the

instructor), had begun to work on. After I walked out of the restroom, this girl went to [redacted] and stated that I had embarrassed her in the ladies room. As I was continuing to work on my client, I was intermpted again and told that [redacted] wanted to speak to me again. So now, I had to waste more of my time explaining that the girl followed me into the ladies room and started the conversation with me. If she felt

embarrassed, she should have kept her mouth shut and not have started the confrontation.

e) As I was working in the Dispense Room with one of the other students who was also scheduled to be in there, I tried to maneuver my way around [redacted], (who was not scheduled to be in there), who refused to move even after my constant, "Excuse Me." It was very busy on this particular day and I was placed in charge of mixing color. With this particular responsibility, you are required to save the tabs from every box of a new coloring tube that you use for inventory purposes, however, [redacted], (who had a habit of chasing people down the halls and yelling at them with a complete loss of any understanding of what normal behavior is), threw away the tab after opening a new box for a tube of color so I explained to her that it was important that the tabs be saved. [redacted] then decided to come at me. As I stood in the Dispense Room, my aggravation was beyond the height of the ceiling. I turned, walked out, went onto the clinic floor and began to read. I was than approached and told that the Director wanted to speak to me. I walked up to her office and told her that I had had enough. I told [redacted], (the Director), that I was very strongly thinking about

leaving the school and she replied that it would hurt the school's accreditation and I should not allow the students to get in the way of my work at the school.

6) "Be Nice or Else": They have these ridiculous 'Be Nice Or Else' classes that seem to have been pulled from a first grade handbook. The instructors are also really fond of playing games that don't have anything to do with Cosmetology. At first I participated because I thought that I had to, however, after I saw that they found

every excuse to play these games, I finally decided not to participate and to do my class work, however, that didn't stop them from continuing with this waste of time. For example: a) Guess which celebrity name another student chose, and you then became a part of the Captain's team if that team guessed correctly.

b)When the lights were on, you had to act like a character, and than when the lights were turned off, and someone was killed, the other students who weren't killed, had to guess who the killer was. These characters were chosen from their colorful containers. c) The students went into the parking lot first thing in the

morning to play with hula hoops in order to get motivated. Why can't people be motivated as soon as they walk into the doors in the morning? Schools and Colleges used to be considered to be similar to an actual paying work day and those who attended the schools and colleges were expected to act accordingly. Is this undisciplined behavior now the norm within the schools in this country or just in certain schools? All of this occurred while I was paying for COSMETOLOGY INSTRUCTION IN THE AMOUNT OF OVER $1,500 PER MONTH, and it occurred often. There were times when an instructor would walk into the Core class, tell us to stop working, and to go into the Theory room to play one of these games.

7) One day during "Pow Wow", the Director announced that product was being stolen. Shortly afterwards, she informed me that I was the one who was being accused. Hmm. How is this possible when I was very outspoken, on the clinic floor that I had purchased a large amount of my own product to bring to school to use as my own inventory? Also, why was my time being wasted with these accusations when they have cameras in the school? I told the Director, [redacted], to allow me to go to my car to get my kit, the product that I had purchased, and the receipt for that product which totalled over $100.00. I also offered to show her ALL of my receipts for the non Paul Mitchell tools that I had also purchased, totalling $1,000+. [redacted] agreed to see the receipt for the product. So, as the anger was building inside of me, and I was now even

more pissed off, [redacted] compared my receipt with my product, line by line, and than I also opened my kit, (which I had also purchased additional tools for, and I had purchased a new kit box at [redacted]), and told [redacted] to look through that also, so that I could move on.

If the Ohio Academy Paul Mitchell would have thought more about integrity and less about their pockets, and their accreditation, they would not have misrepresented themselves to me when I toured the school. I would not have signed up, however, I would have respected their name. They are very full of themselves, however, to me

they were 1500 hours of mandated Cosmetology time in order for me to get my Cosmetology license for my future. The deal breaker was that they had to be disciplined and structured. If I return to Cosmetology, I will never use their tools or their products. I would be more than happy to give them back the items from the kit,

(combs that were unable to withstand the heat from a hair dryer, the kit box that became mildewed, the water bottle that broke while I was spraying a mannequin's head, and any and all other things that came with the kit.)

My tests from the Core and Adaptive Theory classes never were below 84%, and my Practical work was the same. I am a focused, disciplined, no nonsense, 'show up, shut up, do what you have to do and go home' type of person. I am front row and center when I have to take notes, I purchased hundreds of dollars worth of over one dozen mannequin heads, non Paul Mitchell quality tools and an abundance of other informational tools for

my education because my future is extremely important to me. It is comical that the instructors referred to me as being an over achiever and controlling. I guess that would be true, maybe, if I was in the 3rd grade. Once


WITHOUT STRUCTURE AND DISCIPLINE. This school is for the young, immature, unprofessional,

and undisciplined. The people who match that criteria will love and do love the school. It is run like an elementary school/middle school. When I tour a school and ask particular questions, I ask those questions for a reason and I EXPECT to be told the truth. I paid for an education and not a ridiculous, first grade level, "Be Nice or Else" hypocritical and completely unprofessional atmosphere which seems to exist only to bully the young kids into dishing out a lot of cash for their fundraisers. I am livid that I wasted my time and 5 months of my life at this school which was based on the completety false information which I was told, (stated above), just to get me to sign on the dotted line. They didn't have

enough integrity or common sense to THINK that the untrue statements made to me would be an issue

after I started to attend the school. Am I being asked for the $9,000+ because of my dissatisfaction of this school? There are others who also left. Are there cancelled checks for their owed monies? They wasted my time and hours that I was PAYING THEM FOR. I was expecting to pay for quality, discipline, and structure -

none of which I received. I will not pay them further monies because they wasted 5 months of my time at over $1,500 per month which they were receiving because of their misrepresentation of their school. When I toured the school, I sat in on a class of [redacted]'s, (after the Administrator had told her that I wanted to do so.), and she was on her best behavior. She walked around the class, checked their work, and asked them if they had any questions while they were cutting the hair on their mannequin's head. This led me to believe that I was being told the truth - that this school was disciplined and structured. However, the [redacted] that I witnessed

during my tour was not AT ALL the personality that she displayed on a daily basis after I started school. This might not have bothered the younger students who seemed to find her comical and endearing, however, it bothered me. I am way passed that stage. With all that I have listed above, is this discipline and structure?

Even when I was in my teens, 20s and 30s, I was brought up with the strict rule to 'show up, shut up, do what you have to do, and go home'. I am very disappointed and full of regret for attending the Ohio Academy Paul Mitchell. I regret every day that I ever attended, and that I didn't leave this Academy sooner than when I did

I am requesting that this Academy and all associates from this academy not have any further contact with me. I am also requesting that my contract be null and void.

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