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The Organic Bedroom Inc.

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The vendor refuses to refund for defective and misrepresented mattress.We purchased three organic mattresses on 1/17/16. All three are made and manufactured by The Organic Bedroom. Two appeared to be okay but one is misrepresented and defective. We called to complain and requested a return of the California King [redacted] Set mattress ($2500) on 2/2/16, one day after delivery of mattress. We met with[redacted] and [redacted], owners of The Organic Bedroom. After a long discussion, the owners finally agreed to come see the mattress at our residence, where they told me that the mattress was defective. Further, they said 70% of the people who buy this mattress have to buy a topper for it due to the discomfort. We were not told this at the time sale. Upon viewing the mattress, the owners repeatedly tried to blame our wood floors, our mattress frame and anything else they could - except their mattress. They admitted that it was noisy to the point of being defective and that the comfort issues could only be resolved by spending more money with them, as previously mentioned.We did not feel it was fair to pay more money to fix their defective and misrepresented mattress, so we we requested a refund upon the return of the mattress.We attempted to return the mattress (as instructed in an email from the owner). Upon arriving, she told us she would call the police on us if we left the mattress with them, she said we 'purchased the cheapest mattress they sell' and 'we should take it to the dump'. She then banned us from her store. We were verbally assaulted on multiple occasions and [redacted] (co-owner) was physically pulling[redacted] (co-owner) away from us and back into the store.The cost of the mattress was $2500 plus tax. We would like a full refund. We paid via[redacted].Desired SettlementWe want a full refund of $2500 plus tax.Business Response We are sorry that you aren't happy with the comfort of your mattress. We understand that everyone is different and we strive to have comfort choices to suit as many people as possible. Here is our position in response to your report.Our company, The Organic Bedroom is a retailer and not a manufacturer. As a mattress retailer in the state of North Carolina and one specializing in customizable mattresses made with natural materials we are not able to accept returns. We do not carry inventory and most mattresses are customized and made specifically for a customer upon purchase from us. We offer a showroom full of mattresses and encourage you as a customer to come in as many times as needed to try our mattresses. As a retailer we do offer a line mattresses that we private label. This means that we sell some mattresses under our own branded name but we have vendors who manufacturer and ship the mattresses to us. We do not have any mattresses that "are made and manufactured by The Organic Bedroom." We feel like that was communicated to you during our conversations as we told you that we would need to contact our vendor in regards to manufacturing a California King size mattress and foundation as we have never ordered a California King size from our private label vendor.You purchased two (2) youth mattresses that are not part of this report. The mattress in which you are identifying in this report is the [redacted] Set (mattress and foundation) in California King size. This special order mattress was manufactured for you and delivered to your home. We have all of the documentation that shows the descriptions and part numbers from your Sales Order forms, our Purchase Order to the vendor and the shipping information from the Vendor. All item numbers and descriptions match.Once everything was delivered to your home, our delivery team asks you to sign a form indicating that all of the items you purchased were delivered and in expected and satisfactory condition. You signed the delivery acknowledgement form.You actually paid $1999 for the mattress and foundation plus you received two pillows (retail value of $89 each) that we provided for free WITH a mattress purchase. We also gave you free delivery, which is a cost to us because we contract with a delivery company to provide those services. We agree that the retail price for the mattress and foundation was $2,499 but we gave you an employer discount of $200 and an extra $300 special discount to help you with your budget constraints. The actual price you paid for the California King mattress and foundation was $1,999 with 2 free pillows and free delivery. The [redacted] mattress is a firm mattress. In our showroom we show it with a wool topper. It was designed to be a firm base mattress with a medium/firm comfort layer made with cotton and latex. As with all mattresses, comfort is objective so what is firm for one may not be for another. You visited our showroom on multiple occasions and worked very closely with our employees. We encouraged you to try the mattress as many times and for as long as you wanted. We discussed toppers on several occasions. You asked about the wool topper and we told you it didn't come in California King size so you asked about just putting a twin size on your side of the mattress. These conversations about toppers continued for several days both in our store and over the telephone. You even called our employee's personal cell phone to discuss toppers that you found online and to compare options and prices on both mattress toppers and protectors. It is true that a higher percentage of people have purchased a topper with their [redacted] mattress but that is customer preference. We are here to educate and understand our customers needs but we are unable to determine what is comfortable for each individual person.It is true that we visited your house to help us understand what you were communicating to us when you called the day after delivery. We did not identify any problems with the mattress. We looked at it and actually tested it and found it to be identical to the [redacted] mattress in our showroom. You mentioned a squeaking noise so we removed the mattress to try and identify a noise coming from the foundation. Once the mattress was removed we could hear a slight squeaking noise when putting direct pressure in certain areas of the foundation. But, the foundation was sitting on a 12+ year old metal bedframe that was directly on wood floors. It was an adjustable frame that had been set up as an eastern king for over 12 years and was adjusted for use with the California king size so the legs would be in different positions. Although any number of things including the age of the metal frame, warped wood floors and no pad between the frame and floors could have caused the squeaking noise we agreed to give you a new high quality all wood slatted foundation and deliver it for free. We also agreed to bring a brand new bedframe that you could try and if you wanted to keep it you would pay only $69 plus tax and you could have up to 6 months to pay. We also offered to purchase a California King latex topper on your behalf to try. If you liked it, we offered to sell it at our cost and again provide you with up to 6 months to pay. Based on your agreement to these offers we special ordered this topper in a size that we rarely sell (California King). We also scheduled delivery with our delivery company for the following day so you would immediately receive the new foundation and bedframe (if needed). You canceled delivery with our delivery company without ever communicating anything to us. We received an email from you after our delivery team tried to delivery, after we ordered a topper and after there was any time to take any other action.You then showed up at our store on a Saturday afternoon with the mattress and foundation pieces loaded in the back of a truck with no covering at all. You intended to just drop the mattress off but we clearly in all of our conversations communicated that we cannot accept used mattresses in our store, especially unwrapped as that is where we store our new mattresses. After we explained our position we did ask you to leave as there was nothing else that could be accomplished late on a Saturday afternoon, especially since you had already disputed the entire charge (including the 2 youth mattress & accessories) on your credit card. We did have a few moments when we were talking over each other and we did have to make it very clear that we could not take the mattress into our small warehouse area at that time. There was not verbal or physical abuse.We have the documentation showing that we delivered the mattress that was purchased, it was not defective and we made a good faith offer to provide a solution to a noise problem in the foundation that may or may not have been due entirely to the foundation itself. In a continued effort to help we will make the following offers. You can choose only 1 of the 2 options below:1. You can have, for no cost to you, the California King all wood slatted foundation that we originally offered during our visit. You will need to arrange to have it picked up at our warehouse (only 1 block from our store). We are not offering any delivery services.2. We will extend our terms for item #3 on our 'Simple Facts About Your New Mattress Purchase' page of our Sales Order paperwork. Generally we offer this item for up to 60 days after purchase date but we will make an exception for the California King mattress set only. All return and delivery expenses will be your responsibility. These offers are good until close of business on April 30, 2016. Consumer Response This is not an uncomfortable mattress; it is a defective one. We contacted The Organic Bedroom (TOB) after one night of sleeping on this mattress to try to get a refund. We immediately knew something was wrong with it - both with the creakiness and discomfort. It is the worst mattress we have ever slept on - it creaks, is oddly lumpy and extraordinarily uncomfortable (unlike the one we tried repeatedly in the showroom). We wake up sore in ways that we've never been sore. (We had never woken up sore with our previous mattress and no other lifestyle changes have occurred.) The mattress in our house does not feel like the mattress we tried in the store and creaks loudly - it is defective. We tried out the sample mattress multiple times before we purchased ours. Ours is the first [redacted] mattress made in the cal king size, ever, and likely was not made properly as it was effectively a test run. We have always contended that the mattress is defective, and TOB has consistently attempted to deny any responsibility for their product. We purchased three mattresses and are only disputing one of the three. The other two appear to be fine; as small children sleep on them, their slight body weight may hide issues in the mattress.In discussing the issues of this mattress, TOB has not attempted to resolve the issue in a way that fixes the problem. We are not asking for anything beyond a mattress that we can sleep on without pain and noise. We do not seek to take advantage of TOB, but we do ask that TOB recognize we spent a very large sum of money on a mattress that is inordinately uncomfortable, loud and miserable in every way.When we purchased the mattresses, a wonderful sales associate, [redacted], helped us, as the owners were away on a cruise. [redacted] was able to give us multiple discounts on our purchase 'because of the number of mattresses we were purchasing'. We attempted to refuse the pillows, which we did not want or request. They were 'free' with our purchases' and were given to us very nicely by [redacted] as a good faith gesture before we had even paid for our mattresses. The owners were never present during the sale of the mattress and therefore were not part of the transaction. [redacted] told us that the [redacted] Set was created for and manufactured through The Organic Bedroom. She stated that this mattress is sold in no other stores and cancer patients purchase it to avoid chemicals. She said it had never been made before in the cal king size. When we attempted to return the mattress, the owners stated that the mattress was 'the cheapest one they sold' and we should 'take it to the dump'. They further bragged about the fact that 70% of all people who purchase this type of mattress have to come back and purchase an expensive topper to alleviate the mattress' issues.When we accepted the mattress from the delivery company, we obviously did not ask the delivery men to wait while we slept on it for a while before signing the paperwork. The were clear that this was their last delivery of the day and that they did not want to be held up. Before the products were even fully unwrapped, they handed us a slip of paper and told us that it was to acknowledge that we received the product (much like a FedEx or UPS signature).When the owners of TOB visited our house to look at the mattress, they rolled on the mattress and never said it was or was not as it felt in the storeroom. When I pointed out the creaking noise, they first tried to blame our bed frame. I sat on every edge of the mattress (not directly on the frame) to illustrate that it creaked no matter where I sat and therefore could not be the frame. After blaming the frame unsuccessfully, they attempted to blame our hardwood floors. I still do not understand the attempted correlation between a mattress creaking and being uncomfortable and our floors. We also maintain that every other mattress in our house works just fine with our floors. The owners admitted that they had never heard a mattress creak like that before. Further, they told us again that 70% of the people who buy this mattress have to buy a topper to 'fix the mattress'. This appears to be a bait-and-switch style scam in that people purchase an expensive mattress and are then forced to buy a topper to fix the mattress. They also mentioned that, due to the way this mattress was made, the batting or filler will settle to one side of the mattress during shipping and delivery. That was the explanation given for the strange lumpiness and unevenness of this unit. Unfortunately, the owners did not offer any suggestions to evenly redistribute the filler across the top of the unit, and the lumps persist.After they clearly stated we would not receive any of our money back or any type of refund we contacted our credit card company and requested a refund of $2300 (splitting the $2500 and $2000 difference and not including tax). Our credit card company erred by crediting us incorrect amount (they issued the full amount of the purchase including the non-defective units), and they have phone conversations recording our complaint to them about issuing the credit for the wrong amount. They have since apologized to us for this mistake.We have never before been banned from a store and threatened. When we attempted to return the mattress we had planned to go into the store to put the difference of the total charge back on our credit card - but we were verbally assaulted, banned and threatened before we could attempt to do so. We have obviously not felt comfortable with contacting the store directly since then.Here are their proposed resolutions with our responses:TOB 1.You can have, for no cost to you, the California King all wood slatted foundation that we originally offered during our visit. You will need to arrange to have it picked up at our warehouse (only 1 block from our store). We are not offering any delivery services.US: The wood slatted foundation does not fully address the creakiness or the discomfort of the mattress. When at our house, they took the mattress off of the frame to confirm that the mattress itself was creaking. This shows that the frame is irrelevant, and replacing it does nothing.TOB 2.We will extend our terms for item #3 on our 'Simple Facts About Your New Mattress Purchase' page of our Sales Order paperwork. Generally we offer this item for up to 60 days after purchase date but we will make an exception for the California King mattress set only. All return and delivery expenses will be your responsibility.US: #3 on the 'Simple Facts about your new Mattress' does not apply to us, as it only references the 'comfort' of our mattress. It does not address the mattress being defective. Additionally, with only 70% of $2000 or $2500, there is no other california king mattress in their store that we can afford.In an email dated Feb.2, the owners offered this:We will provide you with a refund for the California King mattress and foundation. You paid $1,999.00 for the set after $500.00 worth of discounts. You will be responsible for paying for the 2 pillows that you received ($178.00), the delivery ($79.00) and a disposal/administrative fee of $150.00. You will also be responsible for getting the mattress and foundation back to us in the same condition as we saw it on Thursday. This return must be scheduled in advance and we will require you to sign a return voucher as well as the credit card return receipt.We felt this was not a good faith attempt to help us with our situation, given that instead of getting a refund of $2,000-$2,500 with which to replace our mattress with another one, we were getting nickeled and dimed by arbitrary fees and would have walked away with less than $1,500. We would like to revisit this option (the expiration dates given were entirely arbitrary). If we can agree to disagree that the amount we paid was $2,150 (they say $2,000, we say $2,300), we would like a refund in that amount. Please remember we did not ask for or shop for or request the free pillows and we do not want to keep them at that price. We never would have purchased pillows at that price and were handed them prior to even paying. We also do not believe it is reasonable for us to pay the full price of the delivery and disposal/administrative fee. There was no disposal as they refused our attempted return of the mattress (and instructed us to take it to the dump). We believe our own costs associated in dealing with this matter certainly balance out any arbitrary administrative fees.We have discussed potential resolutions with our current mattress through this store (replacing pieces), but given how this situation has devolved, we do not want to prolong any interaction with TOB. We are wakened by the mattress nightly because of the noise. We are waking up sore daily. We are anxious to resolve this ASAP.Final Business Response The Organic Bedroom made five (5) separate offers to the customer in response to her initial contact. The mattress the customer received is exactly the same mattress that we had in our showroom. We visited the customer's house and found no defects with the mattress and a slight noise that may have been coming from the foundation, although that was not confirmed due to the age of the bed frame and wood floors. We attempted to respond to the customer's initial complaints by offering the multiple different concessions as a good faith effort and in hope of a quick resolution. Since the customer refused all of our offers and is only willing to accept a refund that is greater than what she actually paid for her mattress set, we are not willing to respond any further to these false complaints. Bait-and-switch (according to Google) is "the action of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods". We have never advertised the [redacted] mattress as a way of getting people into our store. It is a mattress that we had manufactured for people who are looking for a healthier option (i.e.: no polyurethane foam) at a lower price point. We had the mattress on our showroom floor for customers to feel, touch, lay on and we prominently display the pricing on the wall for ALL of our mattresses. We agree that this is our least expensive mattress by several hundred dollars. That is the reason for the popularity of the [redacted] mattress. This is also the reason the customer chose this mattress. The customer was aware of the firmness of the mattress as she had inquired multiple times via visits to the store, calls to the store and calls directly to our employee's personal cell phone in regards to mattress topper options to soften the mattress on her side. We caught the customer and her family attempting to unload and leave the mattress and two foundation pieces at our back door on a Saturday afternoon with no advance notice. Upon realizing what was going on, we immediately asked the customer to leave the pieces in the truck as we do not accept returned mattresses. We referred back to our Sales Invoice. At this time the customer had already received a full refund for the entire purchase (3 mattresses, foundation & accessories) from their credit card company. There was no verbal assault and no threats during our conversation. There may have been raised voices by both parties in an attempt to ensure that a new mattress that was just transported across town with no plastic covering in the back of a pick up truck was not left at our back door late on a Saturday afternoon. If the customer would like to discuss further they are welcome to contact us. This is our final response to the customer's complaint.

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