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I am rejecting this response because:i just called [redacted] I was told that I needed another inspection and I had to meet the same requirements as last time the mattress needed to be sagging 3/4 inch and its only  1/2 inch per the last inspection measurements. I thought [redacted] warrantry department was supposed to be an advocate? They read the same scripting of no stains etc ect. My stance is that this bed is not even a year old and should not even be sagging 1/2 inch let alone 3/4 inch. There is a 10 year warranty so I have to just keep sleeping being sore and uncomfortable until I reach another 1/4 inch???? at this rate of sagging its going to be another 3 months so just fix it now so I can sleep!!!!

Greetings,If you've corrected the support, please contact our customer service at [redacted] for further assistance.Many thanks,Sleep Country Customer Service Team

Ms. [redacted] purchased her mattress on 05/31/13 and financed a
portion of the purchase ($1000.00).  The
bed was delivered on 06/07/13.  However,
we were notified later that the finance company would not fund the financed
portion due to lack of signature. ...

notifying the customer of the issue, she agreed to come in to sign the
financing paperwork by 1 pm on 06/01/13. 
The customer did not sign the paperwork on this date and made
arrangements to bring the signed paperwork on 06/06/13.  She did not bring the signed paperwork on
06/06/13 and informed the sales associate on 06/10/13 that she could not commit
to a specific day and that she would be in within the next few days.  The district leader contacted her on 06/19/14
offering a discount of $100.00 if she would please come into the store to
complete the financing, but she did not follow through.  On or about 12/10/13, Ms. [redacted] contacted the
store with an offer to bring in $1000 to pay the outstanding balance, which we
accepted.  Instead of bringing in the
payment, Ms. [redacted] contacted the store asking for payment arrangements.  The store informed her that this would need
to be handled by the corporate office. 
The manager sent Ms. [redacted]'s contact information to the corporate office
on 02/20/14 and the legal department called Ms. [redacted] and left her a voice mail
on 02/24/14.  Additionally, a letter was
mailed on 03/14/14 to the address given when Ms. [redacted] purchased the bed
regarding the unpaid amount and asking that she either reapply for financing or
use another method to pay the balance no later than 03/24/14.  On 03/25/14, Ms. [redacted] sent a fax to the
legal department asking for payment arrangements.  The legal department again attempted to call
Ms. [redacted] on 03/27/14 regarding the fax and left a message with someone else.  They also followed up with an email to Ms.
[redacted] as she had included the email address on the fax she sent.  The email informed Ms. [redacted] that there were
two attempts to contact her by phone and she would need to contact the legal
department by 04/11/14 to discuss whether a payment plan would be
possible.  Ms. [redacted] then called on
04/14/14 requesting to make payments of $50/month.  Her payment request was referred to the head
of the department and Ms. [redacted] was notified later that same day that such payment
arrangements would not be possible as it would take 20 months to pay the
balance and our systems are not designed to monitor or manage a payment
schedule of that magnitude.  She was
notified that if she required such lengthy payment arrangements, she had the
option to reapply for financing, which was the original payment method she had
chosen when she purchased her bed.   She
was asked complete the financing paperwork no later than 04/18/14.  She was also informed that if she failed to
follow through with any of her options, the $100.00 discount would no longer be
an option as it was originally provided as an incentive for her to complete the
financing back in June of 2013.

Dear Mr. [redacted],We are sorry to hear about your ongoing back pain and lack of quality sleep. Sleep Country is honored to assist you with your Manufacturer's warranty. We are however bound by the manufacturers warranty support guidelines. In order to assure us the ability to re-open your...

claim you will need to fix the frame support under your mattress which was advised to you during your last interaction with our customer service rep. The attached image is of your metal frame support lacking a head and foot center beam which is a requirement for proper support. The diagram below depicts proper support. Please call us once your support is corrected and we will promptly start another warranty claim for you. Sincerely,Sleep Country Customer Service [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is a temporary acceptance of their offer

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:  I was also told that there was a break in period.  The first matress turned out much harder than the in store matress and never did "break in" (it was however "flat").  I was expecting the 2nd matress to be similarily harder than the in store matress.  Instead it was much softer and non supportive.  It turned out to be "dished" as well, I immediately "sank" towards the center of the bed.  The bed has the direct center of the bed at the correct height but the immediate surounding areas are dished.  To me it's like somebody tried to correct the dish by pushing on the center of the bed from underneath it.  Instead of being a new flat supportive mattress it is more like an old worn out mattress (that I payed an awful lot of money for). 
I can't imagine anybody being able to sleep on a bed with a 1 1/2" without severly hurting their backs.  The mattress would have to be replaced much earlier than 1 1/2" making the warranty virtually worthless.
You are welcome to come and view the repair on the mattress that was delivered to me. 

Dear Mr. [redacted],We are sorry that you are not comfortable on your Mattress. The purchase we have on file was a king size purchased on 12-31-06. It appears you did have a warranty inspection on 2-26-14. Your mattress did not meet warranty defective criteria. A 3/4" impression was measured. The...

industry standard for a mattress to be defective needs to measure 1 1/2". If you believe your mattress to measure at least 1 1/2" in it's current state, please call our warranty department at 866-683-1923 to start another claim as we will assist you with your manufacturers warranty. Although your mattress is not defective it is important that you are comfortable sleeping. This mattress is almost 9 years old. Our bodies, health, sleeping habits can change over time which can cause a much needed change from our sleep environment. As a valued guest, we'd love to offer you a discount towards a new mattress that can help fit your sleeping needs. Please let us know if you'd like to have a coupon sent to your email.Sincerely,Sleep Country Customer Service?

Dear Mrs. [redacted],We have spoken with the store and they've notified us of their continued contact with [redacted] through this process. [redacted] has told them several times that only the card holder could make such a request to get a statement in writing in regards to...

the account being closed. It appears that you had originally signed up to pay for your purchase through [redacted] and then opted out after the order was submitted which is why you have an open line of credit with them. You can be assured that Sleep Country has taken care of our part in handling of the account as well as offered you a 15% refund in the name of good customer service for the inconvenience this has caused you. As far as we know, this complaint should be closed. If you should need to speak to [redacted], their phone number is [redacted].Warm regards,Sleep Country Customer Service

Sleep Country states very clearly in writing that there is a break in period with all new product.   Just like with shoes, it takes some time for the product to get used to your body.  Being in the warranty department, I can assure you that we see beds with defective compressions regularly. While only less than 1% of the beds we sell are actually defective, it does happen.
The mattress the customer has in his home has never been repaired, its illegal to take a mattress apart and resell it.   We track all of our product, and can see where the bed has been and when.   We originally received the bed from Simmons in January 2013.  A customer purchased and returned it after having it for 9 days, because they needed a different size mattress.
Because the customer went from a very firm mattress to a very soft mattress, there is going to be a significant difference in feel.  However, this is the mattress that the customer chose, and signed for.

Dear Ms. [redacted]
We are very sorry to hear about your concern with your mattress purchase. Our warranty department works as an advocate for you for your manufacturer's warranty. We'd be happy to help you start a warranty claim. Please call us at [redacted]

Dear Mrs. [redacted],We are very sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the mattress you purchased in March of 2014. We understand your concerns that your mattress may have an issue that can't be measured or visible to an inspection company. We did however pay to send a professional...

inspector to your home to see if you have a warranty concern. Unfortunately, after we received the results it does not meet warranty requirements. Please understand Sleep Train/ Sleep Country is bound by the manufacturers warranty. Your mattress is not defective. With that said, in the name of guest service and our appreciation of you as a valued guest, and the age of your mattress, we'd like to offer you a one-time appeasement exchange that will come with a re-stocking fee, and no money back. If you are interested in more details of this offer please call our Customer Care team at [redacted].Sincerely,Sleep Train/Sleep Country Customer Service

We are held to the standards of the manufacturer's guidelines for warranty. Unfortunately, if your bed doesn't meet the requirements there will be no replacement due to their guidelines. We are sorry you aren't happy with that answer but it is the answer we can give at this time.

Dear [redacted],As we stated in our previous correspondence, Sleep Country has gone above and beyond in hearing your concerns and addressing them accordingly even if it's outside of our policies. With that said, we will once again reject your request to be refunded for the mattress. We are more than happy to assist you with a warranty claim to the manufacturer if you feel as the mattress is defective. If requested, we may also attach a copy of the 2nd and last exchange invoice created on 9-12-14 that has your signature stating you understand that was your final exchange, and that no further exchanges or refunds would be permitted.If you'd like assistance in a warranty claim, please call ###-###-####. Sleep Country Customer Service

I am rejecting this response because:
Sleep Country is incorrect on their response on so many terms. First of all when I called about the price difference they first told me I was correct and tried to blame it on Progressive the finance company. Then they had called me back stating that this was amount after finance charges. When the Assistant Manager Kate told me to come in and bring my original paper work I signed she ended up leaving and had a person that had only been with the store 3 months trying to help me with no knowledge of situation.  At this point we had to call another store and have there store manager figure it out between phone and fax what had happened. They found out that I never did sign an agreement for the amount they claimed I did.  The Tacoma store was so nice of course when I went to purchase, but as soon as I wanted to return they treated me horribly and without concern on wanting to get my money back or help me in any way. The store Manager [redacted] was defending their attitudes and knowledge and customer service techniques. I had to go thru 5 different stores and corporate and write a letter stating they had 48 hrs (after it had been over 2 weeks) to refund me my money or I was going to report them to the Attorney Generals Office and the BBS. It is very disappointing to have such a big company treat people this way. After my husband talking to people at his work he found out similar situations happened to them. I decided to look them up and read others reports on BBS website and of course there were so many complaints its a wonder they are still in business.

Sleep Country is sorry to hear of any discomfort you have. With that said, we believe we've gone above and beyond to accommodate you the best we can. You are correct in saying there is a break in period for a brand new mattress. For most it's a minimum of 4 weeks. For some it can take up to...

90 days. Our bodies are conditioned and use to the old support or lack thereof the warn out mattress you're replacing. The adjustment period allows your body time to adapt to the new and better support and comfort. (think of it as working out/exercising for the first time in a long time. There is some soreness at first but it gradually gets better each time you do more). Original purchase was on 3-22-14 in which you utilized your one time comfort exchange on 4-26-14. Sleep Country offers a 100 day comfort guarantee in which you are allowed a one time exchange or return during this time period. Yours was used on 4-26-14. You contacted our Customer Service department on 9-12-14 with your concerns. We heard those concerns and allowed an additional comfort exchange outside of our normal policies, but we wanted to make a guest happy. We're not sure what you are referring to in regards to a mis matched set as our record shows you have a Simmons recharge 1000 plush pillow top with the matching low profile foundation. We are sorry at this time we will not permit any additional comfort exchanges. We will however, be more than happy to assist you with any potential warranty concerns you may have with the mattress set. Please feel free to call our Customer Service again if you believe the mattress is defective.Best Regards,Sleep Country Customer Service

We just purchased a mattress today. The sales person Keenan was extremely helpful. He wanted to make sure my husband and I were satisfied with our purchase. He gave us an exceptional deal and with a money back guarantee. Can't wait to sleep on it!!!!!

We've checked in with the credit reporting agency and they advised us to ask you to contact them directly to help resolve the credit issue.
I have reviewed the response made by the business...

in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. 
I have been contacted by Sleep Country customer service (Glen) and provided an invoice number for the mattress to be replaced.  The amount of the credit is $849.95 and I have 30 days to visit a store to choose a replacement.  And I have to purchase 5-7 wooden slats to put under the box spring to further support the frame.  I still think this is not completely warranted but I will try it to ensure that the new mattress does not develop a dip in the center or squeaky springs.  The new mattress will only be covered for the remainder of the current warranty period which is seven years.  
I am grateful to the for its assistance with this process.  I am grateful for a resolution.  Thank you, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I purchased a bed from Sleep Country based on their in store beds.  I expect the beds delivered to be the same as the in store beds, otherwise what would be the sense of trying out the different in store beds.  The first bed was much firmer than the in store bed and never did break in as I was told it would.  It was just as hard as the first day it was delivered.  Needless to say this really hurt my back.  I went back to the store and tried the same bed I "purchased" and yes it wasn't nearly as firm as the bed that I was delivered.   At this point I had paid nearly $2,000 on a bed that I couldn't sleep on.  I was desperate and Sleep Country did exchange it.  I chose another bed, spending more money than I wanted to, based again on the in store bed.  However the bed that Sleep Country delivered sagged from the first night and again hurt my back.  When I went back to the store and tried the bed again and it did not sag.  The manager said it was a warranty issue just to get me out of the store as I'm sure he was aware of the warranty replacement criteria.  I think it would be impossible to meet the replacement criteria of 1 1/2".  If the in store bed sagged like the one that was delivered I would have never bought it.  I think Sleep Country was just getting rid of their defective saggy bed trapping me in the "one and only exchange/return clause.  I know this bed is not new because it has been repaired.  I contend that Sleep Country uses demonstrator mattress that are different than the delivered mattress which is deceptive/false advertising.  If the in store beds were the same as the delivered mattresses than this problems never would have occurred.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Thank you very much! [redacted]

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