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The Tarheel Companies of NC, Inc.

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Reviews The Tarheel Companies of NC, Inc.

The Tarheel Companies of NC, Inc. Reviews (9)

This company is terrible!!! They are slumlords!!! If you have an issue with something it falls on deaf ears. They are wolves in sheep clothing. My place was infested with German cockroaches and I had to pay to resolve the problem. I've had so many terrible experiences with them. So glad I left. The worst of the worst. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!","neg-3

They do not care about there renter and I have suffered for five days for something as small as AC. No one cares that I have breathing promblems and I pay 900 a month for comments like you pay for rent not AC. Well I guess I just suffer like a dog.","neg-1

YES, TARHEEL DID REPLACE HVAC, HOWEVER I HAD TO HIRE AN ATTORNEY !!! Trust me DO NOT RENT FROM TARHEEL BIGGEST MISTAKE. I moved out, thank GOD! It's a good thing they did destroy my lease, however I believe that is illegal. Which, words like illegal, unethical, not right, wrong, those are all associated with this company! Thank God the town of [redacted] was made aware of issue in crawl space issue with mold and standing water. Sounds like they have taken action. I believe other tenants are standing their ground as well.","neg-2

Deposit rates and rental rates are not honored by the company.I went to the complex looking an apt rental. I quoted the website (http://www.[redacted]) stating the deposit was $200 starting. Was told this was incorrect, and a few months outdated but the company any no immediate plans to correct this issue. Seems pretty unfair for a consumer (and potential renter) to follow through with the company's website, and they openly say they're not going to change it..but will not honor the price(s) displayed on their site.Desired SettlementForthcoming renters, as well as current renters, should be given what was noted on the site, and not fall for the would-be "bait and switch" game.Business Response Thank you for your complaint. Our website is in the process of being updated.Consumer Response Yes, I'm afraid that "we're updating the site.." isn't good enough. If you're not going to honor the prices, you need to remove them altogether, or wipe your site and lead it to an "under construction" banner.B/c I as a customer will REQUIRE the prices you post on your site.Final Business Response And yet you did apply, paid the non-refundable application fee, and have refused to return any calls from our leaseing offices regarding the status of your application.

Unprofessional business, that allows their tenants to pay rent but live in less than standard units.I lived at one of the rental properties owned by The Tarheel Comapnies, and it was unpleasant from the start. The grounds are always covered in trash, and when I called to complain, nothing would get done. When my neighbors moved their unit was never inspected and left vacant for months, the unit was infested with roaches, so my unit ended with roaches, and when I called to report the bugs, it took me calling 6 times and two weeks after the 6th call to get someone out to spray, and they still didn't clean the vacant unit for another month so the bug issue didn't go away. When I moved out of my unit to be with my active duty husband, they did not honor his orders and I was forced to pay 3 months of rent although my lease stated there was no buy out. When I finally got my move out deposit letter listing charges, I was charged for things that were broken when I moved into the unit or that were never there to start with. This company does not care about their tenants, they only care about money. If you visit any apartment review website and look them up, you will see my story is not the only one that reads this way.The women who work at the corporate office are rude, and very unprofessional. The language used by them when talking to tenants is very disrespectful. Desired SettlementI would like the money I had to pay to move out an and my deposit back.Business Response Ms.[redacted]RE: Termination of Lease Agreement on [redacted]Dear Ms. [redacted]:We are in receipt of your two separate notices to vacate dated November 7th, 2014 and November 12th 2014 respectively:The reason noted for termination of your lease agreement is "military orders of my husband", and "husband is active duty military and has orders" respectively. Please note that your signed application and your signed lease agreement that began on March 1, 2014 and is not due to expire until February 28th 2015 only allow for two persons (occupants), you as the lease holder, and your son as the only authorized occupant.Your husband is referenced nowhere. You did not list him on your application. You did not request that he be included in the application process for approval as a possible additional lease holder or as an authorized occupant. His income was not used to qualify you for the rental of the leases premises. Please understand that as active military, based upon the Laws of the State of North Carolina and the Soldier's and Sailor's relief act your husband's orders can only be used to terminate a lease agreement to which he is a party. Your husband is not a party and clearly was never intended to be a party to the lease agreement in question and therefore relief under the Law and the above mentioned act is not available.As mentioned in our telephone conversation, you can move from the apartment at any time and we cannot stop you. But, you will be responsible for any rent and other fees that become due including but not limited to the items listed below, until your lease agreement expires or until another tenant is obtained, qualified just as you were, signs a lease agreement on the premises and begins paying rent. 1. Since your lease agreement does not expire until February 28th, 2015, you will be responsible for rent through that date or until a new tenant can be located, sign a new lease, and begin paying rent. This is described in your lease agreement on page 5, paragraph 15. Until this is accomplished, all rents are due in full on the first day of the month. Your Security Deposit is not rent and cannot be used toward payments of any rent due.2. Obviously, we will immediately begin advertising and showing the apartment to prospects. You will be responsible for all advertising costs. We cannot guarantee anything with regard to when a new tenant may be found.3. You are responsible for electric service for the entire term of your lease. If the electric service is disconnected prematurely, we will have it reconnected and you will be billed for the service. This is described in your lease agreement on page 7, paragraph 26.4. Since you are vacating the premises early and you are turning the apartment over to us to re-rent the unit, you will be charged a pro-rated portion of the cost of painting and cleaning the apartment for a new tenant. This pro-ration is based upon the number of months remaining divided by the entire term of the current lease.5. Any damages above and beyond normal wear and tear as described in your lease agreement most specifically on page two, paragraph 2 and 3; and on page three, paragraph 5 and 6; and in other areas of the agreement.6. All keys issued by this office must be returned otherwise you will be charged for rekeying the locks as described in your lease on page three, paragraph. Finally, all of these circumstances and potential charges are outlined in your lease agreement as noted above and in other areas of the agreement. The Lease Agreement is the only written agreement between the parties as explained on page 8, paragraph 29.

They kept the security deposit inspite of the fire hazards posed by electrical covers missing and the stove top burners missing, never move in ready.I leased an apartment for my Mother [redacted] and was a cosigner on the lease. On the move in date I noticed electrical cover plates missing and no stove top burners, I brought this to the manager [redacted] attention that the apt was not in move in condition. Sadly my mother passed away before ever even moving into the apartment, at which time no one had ever even lived in the apartment and none of the repairs as previously stated were corrected. Upon ending my mothers lease with providing a death certificate, [redacted] advised me that they would probably keep the security deposit as ending the lease early, well no one ever lived there for one, for two it was unsafe as to North Carolina building codes the missing electrical plates posed a fire hazard, and the stove was unusable all of which is irrelevant since no one ever lived there. They got there pro rated first months rent and the application fee- but there is no grounds for keeping the security deposit- in all reality the apartment was unsafe and in non move in condition and should render the contract void and both the pro rated rent along with security deposit should be returned. I would like the security deposit returned of $575 mailed to [redacted] at [redacted], or next I will escalate the matter to Raleigh Housing authority and small claims court and ask for all money and and any additional money for filing the claim.Desired SettlementI would like to be refunded the $575 security deposit.Business Response [redacted] was the guarantor for his Mother [redacted]. They both signed a 13 month lease with the second month free, the lease included an addendum requiring repayment of the free month if the full 13 month term was not fulfilled. Unfortunatly Ms. [redacted] passed away. The start date of the lease agreement was 4-18-2015, the end date of the lease was 4-30-2016. On 5-6-2015 Mr. [redacted] advised that his mother had passed. Ms. [redacted]'s belongings were in the apartment and remained in the apartment till after the end of May when Mr. [redacted] returned the keys. We witheld the security deposit and released Mr. [redacted] from any further obligations. The apartment was rent ready and was not a fire hazard. If Ms. [redacted] did not move in why were her belongings present in the apartment and why did it take so long to return possesion of the premises to the landlord?Thank you for the oportunity to respond. Consumer Response Sorry I was out of state and without my laptop in order to respond. I'd like to dispute her claim that the apartment was move in ready and that the missing electrical plates did pose a hazard and that is according to Fire Marshall [redacted] of the [redacted] Fire Department, with whom I discussed the situation with and being a property and business owner have to comply with those ordinance as well. Also the stove was missing burners and was never able to use, which also shows that the apartment was not move in ready, and lastly when these concerns were made known to the management they were never addressed. So again I respectfully ask for the return of the security deposit.Final Business Response We stand by our original responce.

This company rents apartments with faulty wiring not make necessary repairs moldy leaky windows weak floors. Overall mildew smellMoved into apartment. Floors are so weak they vibrate when neighbors walk. Faulty wiring not safe power is constantly knocked out when you plug up several things at a time. No response about this from managementDesired SettlementI would like for management to fix the problems in the unitBusiness Response All of Ms. [redacted]'s issues were resolved within 48 hours of her complaint to us.In followup to the complaint, Ms. [redacted] indicated that she was satisfied with the response and the response time.Thank you for your inquiry. Consumer Response The company came out within 48 hours and patched up the issues. Final Consumer Response

Took application fee knowing that application would be denied.This company is a joke. My daughter called about a rental property that was available. She stated that she had a dog and the size of the dog. The girl that answered the phone said the dog would not be a problem and they set up a time to go see the property. The rental agent forgot about the appointment, we had to call her and wait for her to get there. She said that she would submit the application and hold the property. Someone else then called and said that the property would not be held and that an application and fee needed to be submitted. Another application was submitted and the fee paid, knowing about the dog. Of course, once the fee was paid, the company denied the application because of the dog. The whole time knowing about the dog. We do not even know any of the agents names because we were receiving emails from a name that does not even work in the office. It could be [redacted], [redacted] or [redacted]. My daughter asked to speak to the District Manager and of course, they are not able to speak to anyone or give out the District Managers phone numbers. They then lied and said that they did not even receive an application. If they did not receive an application, how did they process the fee and deny her. It has been nothing but a run around. They knew about the dog before submitting application. The fee should never have been collected knowing the application would be denied.Desired SettlementRefund of application fee that should never have been requested in the first place.Business Response [redacted] intially emailed to view 5109 Old Valley Street. There was no mention of a pet in the initial showing request. An appointment was made and the house was shown to by Chelsie Burd to Ms. [redacted] on Nov. 2,2015 at 9:30 am. Ms. [redacted] Did not apply at the time of the showing. On Nov. 5,2015 an application was emailed to The regional manager [redacted] The application noted that Ms. [redacted] has a 40 lb buldog lab mix. When contacting Ms. [redacted] about items missing from the application and the payment of the Non-refundable application fee, Ms. [redacted] adjusted the weight of the dog to 35 lbs. One of the deficiencies in the application was also noted to be a copy of a current vet. statement noting the age, weight and breed of the dog. Ms. [redacted] provided at vet statement from 11-18-2014 at which point the 15 week old dog weighed 22 lbs. She also provided a misleading photo of the dog which did not show his full body. The second picture provided showed the entire dog which shows a dog much larger that had been previously represented. At this point the application had alreadly been processed through our screen company First Advantage. No other information about the dog has been provided regarding the true size of the animal and its true weight.Had Ms. [redacted] been up front about the size of the animal rather than trying to cover up his true size she would have been told immediately the dog could not be approved based upon the company regulations regarding the size of the animals that we currently allow.No refund will be granted to Ms. [redacted].Consumer Response On the day of the showing it was stated that it was going to be myself, my boyfriend and our dog, no questions were asked about the dog. It was not until several days after the application fee was given to the company that they called and started asking questions about the dog, knowing all the information was on the one and only application that was given to the company. No information was missing on the application nor was any information changed. I sent in a copy of IDs, 2 pay stubs and also a vet statement which was the last vet statement I have and also told them that it was 8 months to a year old, since that was the last needed vet visit. I also sent 2 recent photos of the dog one was of her sitting and one was of her full body laying down. When I talked to [redacted] on the phone she said since the dog was only 5 pounds over the weight limit she could figure something out. I have been upfront and honest with every question asked about the dog and everything else from the beginning, since I was disapproved because of the dog I feel as if the application fee should have never been asked for. Therefore I feel as if the application fee should no questions asked be refunded. Final Business Response We always ask for a copy of a CURRENT VET STATEMENT. Given that at 15 weeks of age on 11-18-2014 the dog was 22 pounds in weight - well more than half of the allowable weight at maturity - it is clear that - one year later the animal is well in excess of the allowable weight limit - 35 pounds - far more than the 35-40 lb weight professed by Ms. [redacted] the owner of the animal.There will be no refund of the non-refundable application fee

Saturday January 17th 2015. I signed my lease a few days prior to this date and was told I could pick up my keys on Saturday morning and my house would be ready to move into. I picked up my keys from the office around 2 pm on Saturday. When I arrived at my house, I walked in to a complete disaster. There were left over materials from maintenance, the carpets hadn't been cleaned, paint was dripped on the counter, etc. I immediately called [redacted]. [redacted] had the cleaning crew come over as soon as I called her. She asked me to leave the property for a couple of hours while they cleaned my house, so I did. This was a great inconvenience considering I rented a vehicle to move my things and I was moving from Four Oaks (about 40 minutes away). When [redacted] called to tell me they had cleaned my house, I went back. When I walked in, the carpets were soaked from being cleaned. I then realized I would not be able to move my things that day and had to haul them back to Four Oaks. Since then, a number of things has happened, pipes froze, hot water heater leaking, water pressure down. Instead of properly insulating the pipes, they put a heating lamp outside to be ran 24/7 until it was warm enough for the pipes not to freeze. This made our electric bill. I asked to be reimbursed the for the amount it rose and was told that was my responsibly. Also, the maintenance they sent to my house consisted of a older gentleman, younger gentleman, and young girl. The girl asked my boyfriend if she could smoke in my house. She then put her cigarette out and came in with the cigarette in her hand. This made my house smell like a cigarette. When leaving my house they drove through my front yard at a ridiculous speed and were picking up my items asking "do you want this?" I called and complained and received a call back from [redacted] saying they would not be back to my house but there was nothing they could do about my electric bill. I felt our conversation was going no where, so I ended itDesired SettlementI would like to be refunded they amount my electric bill rose. I also would like to be freed from my lease agreement since I do not feel safe with the maintenance people they choose to send out.Business Response Yes, the cleaning grew was sent back into this unit on the day of your move in to touch clean some items left untidy. Yes your carpet was cleaned again on the movin day. However the biggest obstacle to your immediate occupany on your move day was that you had not iniated electrical service via [redacted] and there was no power in your new home. As you stated in your complaint you signed your lease agreement a few days earlies so there seems to be no obstacles to having this service initated prior to your move in. All of our residents were given notice prior to the record cold weather in February to leave the water in your faucet dripping to keep water moving in the pipes so that they would not freeze. Once the pipes are froxen a heat lamp is the most efficient means to melt the freeze and get your water running again. Insulating the pipes when they are frozen will only hold in the cold and keep them frozen. As you are aware your water comes from a well and you do not have a water bill for the water usage on your property. However the water usage is for ordinary household use only. Since your occupany has been approximately three months, I do not know how you can determine that your normal electric bill is an if it is higher than normal or what the dollar amount of the increase if any was. Yes, you did have a bad experience with a maintenance contractor of ours yesterday and we do apologize for that. As [redacted] has assured you they will not be back on your property. A letter will be delivered to you tomorrow outlining the proceedure to vacate you premises early and what the potential charges may be involved in your choice to do so.Thank you.

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