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[redacted] tried to place an order through our online store using a coupon code but states that the coupon would not workWe believe that the customer is referencing a code [redacted] which would have been provided to him in his package from an order placed on Tauntonstore.comWe have verified that the coupon code is working on videos and eBook downloadsWe do not have a record of [redacted] contacting us to report the problemWe would need more information to try and troubleshoot any problem that he is having redeeming the couponThe coupon code should work properly and we would be happy to help to ensure that he receives the proper discountHe can contact our Customer Service department directly at ###-###-####Thank you, The Taunton Press

Signed up for the year membership at the websiteThere's a guarantee that states, "100% Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your subscription at any time, and we'll immediately refund your payment in fullNo questions asked." Their website doesn't have a way for me to manage my own membership (no way for me to cancel)I sent them an email that they ignoredI used their website to chat with support and was told that the refund was not 100%I was given a phone number to call and told to talk to a supervisor there if I wanted a refund in full Granted, they're not asking any questions, but this is a needlessly difficult process - not exactly what I would call "immediately refunded."

I started to sign up for a "Free trial subscription" to [redacted] " on their website I was willing to endure the ads for a chance to look at the articles But when I got to the sign up page most of it was grayed out It wasn't until AFTER I had given them my email address I discovered that I had to give them my credit card SCAM!! I tried, but could not read the details through the grayed out screen I would have been ok with it if the web site had been straight forward about it but it was not It was deceiving

On 1/4/I placed an order at the Taunton Store I found that I mistakenly ordered three of one item and two of anotherI tried to contact customer service to correct the error but it asked for my account numberI have never seen what my account number isI think this is a poor way to do businessI,m now going to have to send the additional products backI don't appreciate the way I'v been treated

We subscribe to ***  [redacted] ..both excellent magazinesCustomer service is bordering on abysmal: pleasant people on the phone who, in my case, have been unable to address the simplest of issues for several days: finding and verifying my accountIt’s infuriatingThey need administrative/digital help

I signed up for a free day trial with [redacted] magazine to gain access to their online content [redacted] is owned by Tauton Press Despite giving all of my information, including my credit card, to complete the sign up process, I could not access anything on the site Everything remained behind a pay wall So I e-mailed customer service that same day and told them to cancel my membership immediately They replied to my e-mail to say my membership was cancelled effectively immediately and even showed my balance due as $ Fast forward to days later when my free trial would have ended had I stayed a member, and I was charged the full monthly price of $on the credit card I provided with my initial sign up I am in the process of getting this reversed, but this sort of practice is horrendous Tauton Press no doubt relies on a percentage of people not catching this charge and letting it pass This is borderline fraudulent

Take one: I ordered a book in September or October. Book on pruning, good time of the year. In Canada you must prune before the winter sets in. I paid for it online, Nowhere had I seen that this was a digital book, but I admit this may have been my oversight.. Take two: After waiting for about a month , I called and was told that what I had paid for was a digital book, not a print book, but that my link to the digital book was no longer active!,,, . I had to pay an additional amount if I wanted the print book to be sent. I accepted and paid again. Take three: The printed book never arrived and the email sent with the order info said there was no tracking number available. I called and said I had not received the book paid for (twice) and that I had no tracking number to verify the shipment. The agent lady was very confused and confusing, She said the book was sent by ***, which is not normal for a shipment to Canada - that probably indicated it had been wrongly addressed!... Take four: the lady offers to renew the shipment but then says that since we are on Monday November 21, which happens to be the week preceding Thanksgiving holiday, then I could not be given a tracking number before the following Monday, November 28 !... I spoke to the supervisor who promised that the shipment would be made that day but that the tracking number for this second mail shipment would be sent for sure on Monday November 28, after Thanksgiving - before was not possible (they must have been too busy waiting for the holiday coming up only on the following Thursday!... Take five: At 10:01PM on Monday November 28, I write an email to customer service to say I never received the promised tracking number, nor any book, neither from the first, nor the second, nor the third order or shipment. I write that I am ready to report them and notify my credit card company about the fraud and I give them 24 hours to confirm shipment and send a tracking number as promised. Take six: On Tuesday November 29 at 21:46 PM and no earlier, I receive an email from customer services confirming the shipment and providing a tracking number in the form of a hyperlink. Clicking on the number, I end up on a [redacted] web page with my tracking number indicated, followed by the note "The Postal Service could not locate the tracking information for your request. Please verify your tracking number and try again later." Take seven: Let's see what The Tauton Press creates for our entertainment, on Take 7. I have not verified how often I was invoiced by this company, for a one book never received, nor how much. I will provide that information in case I have to file a complaint.

I was sorry that [redacted] had a frustrating experience while attempting to cancel his Fine Homebuilding online membership I hear his message concerning the difficulty of the process and appreciate the feedback on how to provide a better customer experience I will look into how this can be improved by more clearly communicating where to cancel an online membership and how to obtain a 100% refund In the meantime, Customer Service has let me know that a full refund was processed for MrSaunders on 3/14/

Violation of the SPAM ACT All possible links on the emails don't work There is no way to "Unsubscribe" This is the address given on the emailsReport them if you are seeing the same emails

We have confirmed that the [redacted] Membership for [redacted] was cancelled per his request Customer Service had placed a "Stop Charge" transaction on his account on 5/ We do show that at the end of his trial period a credit card authorization happened on 5/but this was voided due to his request for cancellation This authorization should have fallen off of his statement Following the notification from the, Customer Service reached out to [redacted] to confirm that the authorization had fallen off and that he wasn't indeed charged the $and that he was satisfied Unfortunately, we have not yet heard back from [redacted] Thank you,Donna C [redacted] Circulation and Fulfillment ManagerThe Taunton Press

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