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The complainant reduced the scope of work and credits were issued, as credits were issued the complainant disputed the credits and adjustments were madeAfter the disputed items were properly credited the final amount invoiced is $48,What the complainant fails to include in his complaint is that his son-in-law, a current Insurance Adjuster Supervisor, had made an offer to *** *** in the amount of $30,(email dated 5/*/17)The $30,offer was rejected and countered by *** *** for a limited time offer of $45,Since the time limit expired the open balance is again $48,plus lien costs and possible interest*** *** did respond to every call that the homeowner made about the boilerMost of the calls were to explain and show the homeowner how to operate the new boiler system in the houseThere was only one instance where the boiler stopped working and a team was dispatched immediately to the propertyThey found that a sensor had failedThe manufacturer replaced the part under the warranteeAs for the chimney, it was recommended that it be cleaned for safety and routine maintenance. As for the exhaust vent, the homeowner called us and stated that he wanted the boiler room vent to be largerAt that time, in order o keep good relationship with the customer, PDR installed a larger boiler vent at *** ***’ cost*** *** completed all the repairs and all apartments were cleaned and ready for rent in a timely fashionBoiler issue was repaired and completed PDR was not responsible for the AC unitPDR was only responsible for the electrical connections to the unitThe electrician on site informed the homeowner that it would recommended that he have an HVAC tech come out to test and check the unitWhen the homeowner was informed that this was not part of PDR’s contract and he would need to pay for it, he went out and got his own HVAC Company to test the unitUpon their inspection, they found a line was damaged by the firePDR informed the homeowner that he should contact his insurance company as this was not included in the insurance estimate*** *** is not required to show any documentation to it’s costumers regarding asbestos abatement aside from the post removal clearance notificationPDR did advise the independent adjuster and the homeowner on multiple occasions about the permit and fee costsEmails were sent to the adjuster (the homeowner was also copied) on 5/**,6/**/15, 5/**/16, 9/**/All copies of *** ***’s canceled checks of money that PDR laid out of theses costs were sent to the adjuster and homeownerThe homeowner was fighting with the insurance company because the insurance company stated that the homeowner is responsible for the mandatory permits and fees as they are not covered under his policyThe homeowner has been in court battle with his insurance company for these feesThis should have nothing to do with *** *** and his payment to *** ***.*** *** has done work in the complainant’s home in the past and it went seamlesslyThis claim was reported to *** *** by the complainant’s son-in-law, a current Insurance Adjuster SupervisorThe complainant’s son-in-law is very well versed in this field and is well aware that *** *** works for and is contracted by the insured, independent from the insurance company and the insurance company is solely obligated to discuss policy and coverages with the policy holder, *** ***.*** *** looks forward to s speedy and amicable resolution

I have listed below the answer to the four complaints brought against [redacted]: [redacted] acknowledges we were paid for repairs as part of the original payment and have credited the complainant accurately for the work we did not preform.The boiler was installed properly by a NYC licensed...

HVAC company as per the manufacturer’s specifications. The boiler had one factory defect and required a part to be changed. That part was changed immediately the following day. All subsequent service calls made by the complainant ultimately were to explain the operation of the new boiler system without any repairs. Each time the complainant called  [redacted] we responded with another service call to the complainant’s satisfaction.   Any settlement regarding business interruption (lost rent) is to be brought to the attention of the insurance carrier, as this is a coverage matter.The electrical work was completed in the winter and the complainant ultimately turned on the air condition months later only to realize at that time that the air conditioner didn’t function properly. It was determined by the complainant’s HVAC mechanic at that time that a Freon line was damaged and the Freon had escaped. [redacted] was not instructed to inspect the HVAC unit prior to the compressor damage.  The complainant has a copy of the balance breakdown listed below.$173,159.14     Total settlement as per adjuster’s estimate (includes O&P and sales tax)($12,170.02)   RCV credit for work included in the adjuster’s RCV estimate which was not done by [redacted] (does not include sales tax)$160,989.12     Balance (includes O&P and sales tax)($154,814.73)   Less total funds received by [redacted]      $6,174.39     Balance (includes O&P and sales tax)    $28,569.60     Asbestos Abatement (does not include O&P and sales tax)    $11,060.25     Permit fees incurred (does not include O&P and sales tax) Check #3947 $310.25, #3949 $600.00, #4094 $700.00,  #1209 $1,450.00, #1044 $5,000.00, #3820 $3,000.00      $1,920.00     Water meter (does not include O&P and sales tax)       $1,208.51    Intercom (does not include O&P and sales tax)    $48,932.75     Balance due The complainant has informed [redacted] he is actively in litigation against his insurance carrier for three of the four items listed above (items 2, 3, 4). It is not clear why the complainant is  seeking reparations from both the carrier and [redacted]. As a form of courtesy, [redacted] offered to discount the $48,932.75 balance by (-$3,932.75) leaving a $45,000.00 balance. The complainant’s relative replied by email with a counter offer of $30,000.00, which was rejected. [redacted] has patiently awaited the balance due from a fire that occurred in 2015 understanding the complainant was in the process of getting those funds from his insurance carrier. This dispute surfaced now that the complainant has a buyer awaiting this settlement to purchase the home [redacted] repaired.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]
 1. Please ask [redacted] to explain why their invoice dated 9/*/2016 is requesting $60,892.65 from me, then their invoice dated 4/5/2017 is requesting $51,921.45 from me, then their invoice dated 4/**/2017 is requesting $49,344.78 from me and now they are seeking $48,932.75. Every time I speak to them it's a different story. I hired them to complete the EMS and repairs. [redacted] deals with insurance companies all the time and should know what's needed. The issue they had with the insurance company was the same issue with me. They kept asking for different amounts. The bottom line is that they were paid for repairs by the insurance company that they did not complete. 2. [redacted]'s response pertaining to the boiler issue is an outright lie. They did not fix the boiler properly nor was it installed properly. After several calls, they tried fixing the boiler three times with no success. I had to hire an outside HVAC expert at my own expense. The HVAC expert that I hired advised me what part was defective, not [redacted]. I again called [redacted] back to make the proper repair. The heat was running constantly until I obtained my own HVAC expert. I had to call them several times pertaining to the boiler issue. I like the fact that they left out that the boiler was not installed properly and that they advised me that the chimney needed to be cleaned and that's why it wasn't working properly. I then hired a chimney company (at my own expense) to clean the chimney and they did and that did not resolve the issue. I again, called [redacted] to advise that the boiler is not working properly. After several calls it was finally determined that the exhaust vent was not installed properly as it was too small. For them to say that [redacted] responded with service calls to my satisfaction is not true. I had to hire an outside HVAC person to figure out what was wrong. This issue went on for months and then [redacted] finally had someone install a larger vent.  3. As per the loss rent, I was paid my limits by the carrier and due to all the issues with the boiler, I was unable to rent the apartments. If [redacted] completed the repairs properly, I would have been able to rent the apartments much sooner. I am seeking loss rents from [redacted] due to the fact that they extended the period of time that I was unable to rent the apartments.4. [redacted]'s response pertaining to the A/C unit is also an outright lie. Their A/C person connected the A/C unit and advised me that it was fine. He did not inspect it prior to turning it on. The following day I put it on and it was not working. I called [redacted] over a dozen times pertaining to this issue and their response was that their A/C person is very busy. After several calls, Tom advised me to hire my own HVAC person as their person is too busy. I again, hired an HVAC person (at my expense) to inspect the A/C unit. He determined that one of the A/C lines sustained damage due to the fire. I called Tom several times to advise and he was unresponsive. I then had to have the HVAC person that I hired to inspect, make the repairs at my own expense. If [redacted] would have had their A/C person check out the system prior to connecting it and if [redacted] would have sent their HVAC person when I advised that their was an issue, we would not be discussing this. 
5. [redacted] is seeking payment in the amount of $48,932.75. Out of the $48,932.75, [redacted] has advised that they paid an asbestos company $28,569.60 to remove the asbestos. I have asked several times for a copy of the canceled check to JBH Environmental Inc to support this amount. Please ask [redacted] to supply a copy of the canceled check. 6. [redacted] is seeking $11,060.25 for permits and fees. This is customary for this type of loss and is covered under my insurance policy. [redacted] was dealing with the Independent Adjuster and should have advised the Independent Adjuster, the carrier, and myself about this outstanding amount. [redacted] was aware that I was presenting a suit against my carrier to protect the two year statue of limitations and they never advised me that the permits and fees were never paid until after the two year statue of limitations expired. They deal with insurance companies all the time and they should have gone after the insurance company properly for the permits and fees and not be requesting payment from me. I am not seeking any payment from my carrier pertaining to items #2 and #3 as [redacted] has stated in their response. I am seeking reimbursement from the carrier pertaining to what I paid to have the A/C unit (item #4) repaired and to date, they have not relayed any offers. 
All the items that [redacted] is seeking payment should have been presented to the carrier. If [redacted] was not satisfied with the amount paid by the carrier, since they work with insurance carriers all the time, they are well aware of the fact that they could have placed any outstanding items into appraisal. [redacted] should not be seeking payment from me as these items are covered items under my policy. The only item is the asbestos abatement that I have asked them on several occasions to present documentation that they paid $28,569.60 to JBH Environmental Inc. [redacted] is a very bad company. They have lied throughout this process to my carrier and to myself. I am 86 years old and cannot believe what they are doing.
Thank You[redacted]
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