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The UPS Store #1770

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Review: I sold an item on eBay to a buyer in another state. After the sale, I packed the item in the original box that the manufacturer used to send it. I took photos of the packing to show it was properly packaged for delivery. The most convenient way to ship at the time was to drop it off at a UPS Store #1770 in Spokane Valley, WA. While at the counter, I asked Mark for shipping cost and was quoted $152.92, this included an automatic $100.00 damage or loss insurance. I made the decision this would be sufficient, but knew it wasn't if I had to replace it. I took my chances since I have never had anything damaged in UPS shipping before. There was a Red Fragile Tag placed and the clerk suggested I write it on the box as well. He allowed me to use his felt tip marker and so I mark the box FRAGILE in large letters. The item sat on their floor for about 2 hours until a UPS driver picked it up for delivery to Austin, TX.The delivery took about 5 days and on arrival the receiver notified me that the package contents were damaged. The contents were made of carbon fiber, an almost indestructible material that requires a huge amount of force to be applied to damage it and is used in high speed race cars. I immediately contacted the shipping company (UPS) and filed a damage claim that day. I contacted the receiver and new owner of the packaged and informed him of the claim filed. A rep from UPS came to the receivers home and picked up the package for inspection. He told the receiver that it surely was damaged in shipping and they would be contacting the shipper (me) about the damage claim. I was never contacted by UPS or the store concerning the damages ever. I never received any communication or documentation about the claim and the status on UPS web site remained stopped from updating progress of the claim. This concerned me and I emailed a request for more information from UPS 2 times, asking what the status was on the claim. I received a late response. Without the permission of the receiver and me, the package ended up being reshipped back to the UPS Store. When the UPS rep came to inspect the package in Austin, TX., the receiver (new owner) told this person to return it back to him after the inspection so he can repair it. This item was the receivers property at this time, bought and paid for in full which I have receipt. He was also extremely unhappy that the UPS rep took and shipped it back against his decision and either of our permissions. Days passed as I watch the UPS web site for any status updates on the claim and for transport information. The owner wanted information on when it was being returned to him. I called UPS and explained that they were not supposed to take the package from the new owner and that it needed to be returned back to him immediately, so he could repair it. I informed UPS that I have not been contacted about the claim or anything else about the package so that a decision could be made. It was total confusion to me as to why they took it on their own to return it without attempting to contact me about any information concerning this damage claim. They stated the UPS driver said the receiver refused the delivery which was a total lie and I have emails from the receiver stating he never said that to UPS. In reality, he told the rep he wanted it back after inspection as well as never denying delivery of the package. Eventually I received a phone call from the UPS Store stating that I needed to pick up this package delivery from them immediately. I explained that there is some mistake and it should have never been shipped back to me and that I am not the owner of the package. I told them that they needed to contact the owner (receiver) and let him know they have it. The girl on the phone from UPS Store got angry rather quickly because I explained that I am not the owner of this package and they must call the owner in Austin and explain to him what needed to be done. The girl began to argue and yell at me about her decision to remove the package from their store. I advised her that I do not have to listen to her threats about if I don't pick this package up that they would throw it out. This item is a $1200 carbon fiber roof panel for a car, cost $152.92 to ship in the original manufacture box. She threatened that if I didn't pick it up that it would be thrown away since there was no room in their store to hold it. I then explained that I will contact UPS customer service line and will contact her back after I have spoken with them. I contacted UPS and spoke to a supervisor named "[redacted]" at ###-###-####. She seemed nice enough and said, Please inform UPS Store to contact her and she will arrange to have package returned back to the owner in Austin for repair. This was exactly what I wanted and the new owner wanted in the first place. The following day I get another early threatening call from the UPS Store by Lisa working there. She went right into loud threats about the package and told me I have to pick it up or its garbage and will be removed from the store. I stayed calm as I could, which surprised myself and I explained that they need to call [redacted] at UPS so this entire mess can be cleared up, She quoted that she would not even listen to this. I also mentioned that the owner will be calling her soon, per the request of [redacted] as well and requesting his package property back. It was all arranged by [redacted] to have it returned to the owner, plus the owner in Austin called her and also asked her to contact [redacted] for the info to resend it back. UPS recognized the mistake made and opted to resend it back so the claim could be handled by the owner himself. Lisa was very frustrated that she had to call UPS and said, She would not call them And then hung up on me. She hung up on me twice now and on the owner in Austin once. During our conversation, I explained very calmly to her that I am not the owner of the package and she needs to speak with the owner to arrange the rDesired Settlement: If I insured package for full amount I would be out entire amount based on UPS's bias non 3rd party package inspection process denying claims. Not allowing proving proper packaging is null because UPS Store has denied any further submission to support my proof of proper packaging or communications. The package was returned to me, so in reality the package was never sent properly since it was not returned to owners possession for repairs. I deserve all my shipping cost to say the least. $152.92.



I would like to start by saying that the claim involved in this was inspected and then denied by UPS. The shipper, [redacted] had packaged this himself and it was put together with electrical tape. I am inclosing the documentation from UPS to verify that the packaging guidelines were not met.

I'm sorry he is so upset but he has been very rude and hung up on us several times. We called to let him know his package was here to be picked up and he wanted us to reship it. That is not how we do business. Once UPS denies the claim it comes back to the store to have the shipper pick it up.

He wanted me to call a "[redacted]" from UPS and gave me the general 800 number to call and so I did and they have no record of him calling.

Again, I am attaching verification.

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Description: Mailing Services, Mailing Services - International, Boxes - Corrugated & Fiber, Letter Shop Service, Mail Box Rental & Receiving

Address: 1521 N Argonne Rd, Spokane Vly, Washington, United States, 99212-2545


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