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Six (6) months ago I noticed a leak and a crack in the laundry room ceilingI notified Real Property Management maintenanceThey came out and cut a hole in the ceiling to see where the leak wasSince that time the leak has moved in the Kitchen, Living roomIt is mole and water everywhereThe floor has water coming through the TileThe Health Department has been out and send them a letterI have talked to the Manager of Real Property Management and the father of the landlord, they still have not fixed the problemWe are getting sick because of the mole Rugs and other items that was on the floor are damaged

I am a tenant of RPM Indy Metro and am dissatisfied with their services
They have been dishonest and inflexible
The real estate agent lied about the past owners of the house The house had not been rented out for years, but she decided to make up recent tenants
She said there was no problems with rodents I move in, and there are mice and mouse traps
She said they were reasonable and would work with tenants "If you need extra time to pay rent once, that's fine, we will work with you." They make it sound like they are there for you, but really they want to take anything they can get from you When they said they would give you extra time, that means they wouldn't evict you by the 10th of the month--you are still paying ridiculous fees! 10% of the rent plus $just to send you a letter (that you don't need because they send you an email, and since when does sending a letter cost $50?) plus another $for god only knows what Just for fun I guess
I wanted to pay my rent in advance to avoid paying fees and they wouldn't let me They didn't want to hold a check or allow partial payments ahead of time (I paid half the rent because I had a roommate)
The property manager was rude and rigid
I also had a walk through and they said they would fix the doors that wouldn't close, cabinets that wouldn't close or open, put screens in--NONE of this was done The quick fix on the doors lasted about a week Other issues they flat out said they wouldn't fix, like taking paint off of the windows from someone doing a poor job painting And this I didn't find out until after signing a lease
They charge a ridiculous fee for simply applying
They will not work with you on the lease agreement--the refuse anything but one or two year leases I knew before signing the lease that I needed 15months, but that was completely out of the question Why? Just because--no answer was given
This business has been nothing but obnoxious, dishonest, and frustrating, and I would recommend avoiding them if at all possible
It is my fault for not looking into this more before signing the lease, but I was desperate Hopefully this will deter anyone else from going through what I went through

My husband and I rented a property from Real property Management and we thought everything was great for the first couple months, then things started going wrong with the houseThe first thing that happened was that the
kitchen light went out and wouldn't work at all(even after checking breakers and replacing bulb)this was the only light in my kitchenIt took them weeks to get someone out to fix itThey would send random people to MY home that were very unprofessional, one of the men that came with myself and my little girls there brought people with himNow who in their right mind would let some strange man in my home that had people waiting in the van? I called to let them know and all they could say was "I'm sorry." We then had a clog in the kitchen sink and nothing helped, I even went and bought a snake before we called themThey then turned around and said that it is "our fault" never even sending someone to look at itI then paid Roto Rooter $to come and helpT

They are charging us bogus fee's for post move out in a rental property that they managedWe bent over backwards to clean the home post move outNo one has responded to any phone calls or emails

I visited the UPS Store #4346 on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 to have a document scanned to my email. I visit this particular store frequently for a number of services (e.g. mailing, copies, etc.). Today was absolutely awful. I was engaged by one of the most disrespectful and unprofessional members of this particular team. Actually, it is disappointing for me to submit this complaint because I have NEVER had issues with any employees in particular store. Assistant Managers such as [redacted] and staff like [redacted] are wonderful. Unfortunately, there is a young woman named [redacted] who is consistently rude and nasty to customers and today, for the second or third time, to me. She greets me and says, "How can I help you?". I respond, I would like to have this document scanned to my email". She proceeds to say the costs is.... I respond by saying, "I did not ask for a price my dear, I just need the one page document scanned. It is important to note that during the numerous times I have had documents scanned, no representative EVER goes directly to how much the costs but instead say "Ok, ma'am may will you write your email down so I can get this scanned for you today". I have to request a piece paper twice and she does not provide it. Instead, she goes to the printer and yells to me "What is your email?". I respond I need paper to write it down for you. I am not going to share my email in a store with a line of strangers? She rudely scans the document and as she begins to scan I say to her "I just want you to know that you are the rudiest person that I ever interact with in this store". She starts yelling at me saying "You will respect me! You have problems and you will respect me". She proceeds to waive her finger in my face and state "that this conversation is over". I respond saying, "It's not over until I pay for my service young lady". She throws down the scanner for pricing, rolls her eyes at me and takes another customer. The supervisor on duty heard and say all of this, asked her to calm down.Product_Or_Service: Scanned documentsOrder_Number: NAAccount_Number: NADesired SettlementI would like to speak to the manager or owner of this store. I asked [redacted] to provide with that information and she said she could not. I am concerned because the manager on duty appeared "afraid" to request that she remove herself from the situation. [redacted] the manager on duty, was apologetic and I think embarrassed by her behavior. During my time in the store, she ended up going to the end of the counter, with her arms crossed staring at me.

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Description: Mailing Services, Shipping Room Supply Stores

Address: 8311 Brier Creek Pkwy, Ste. 105, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27617-7328


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