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The Vie Raleigh Apartments

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My complaint is for Vie at Raleigh, the Wolf Creek Apartments near NC State. I received a call three days ago from a collection agency in Arizona stating that my son (or me since I signed with him) owes $212.50 for an administrative fee with his contract and the collection fee. This is the first either of us has ever heard of any unpaid fee. My son moved out of the apartments last summer (over a year ago) after graduating from NC State. I have called them numerous times in the last three days, all times of the day, and when they try to connect me with someone in the general manager's office all I get is a recording; so I leave my name and number, but nobody calls back. How can a company turn something over to a collection agency that they have never billed you for? Our address has been the same and NO ONE has contacted us in the last year. The very small amount of information I have on this false complaint was provided by the collection agency because Vie will not call me back. By the way, my sons room was left clean and neat, but he did not receive any reimbursement of his deposit either.


I just want our ice maker to work, they have fixing and replacing it and nothing is working. I am not waiting another 6 weeks for some type of action.It is simple I just want a brand new refrigerator with a ice maker. I filed a service request and a week later nothing so the last time they attempted to do anything it took them 6 weeks. I WANT A NEW REFRIGERATOR IN MY UNIT. The current ice maker has completely frozen over and has leaked out into the freezer. We have a box of hot pockets that are stuck in the ice. This is the second time this has happened.Desired SettlementA NEW REFRIGERATOR WITH A WORKING ICE MAKER. I have lost my confidence in the office and maintenance to repair anything in a timely manner, it is frustrating when you have to keep going to the store to buy ice when your ice maker is REFUSING to be fixed when I PAY RENT and get [redacted] service from a INCOMPETENT STAFF.Business Response Ms. [redacted],On January 19,2016 we sent out notices to all of our residents the we would upgrading all of the properties appliances and flooring, perhaps you did not receive this notice and for that I am truly sorry.we have your apartment scheduled to have all the Kitchen appliances replaced we stainless steal appliances. this will be happening for you on Friday March 18, 2016. but until then please come by the office ask for me [redacted] and I will be more than glad to help with the ice problem. Thank you [redacted]

We asked to be relieved of our lease due to unsafe conditions. The front door has been busted in, appliances held together with electrical tape.My future room mate and I were shown the model. We asked if the actual apartment would be representative to the model (clean, and safe) and they said yes. When our third room mate moved in (before us, we are supposed to move in June 1st) she sent us pictures, which we then decided to view the condition our selves. The room had not been cleaned, there were dirty hand prints on the wall dust and dirt on the moldings and furniture. The ceiling lamp is held up by electrical tape, and broken tile. The biggest complaint we have is that the door had obviously been busted in (dented in, and the inside frame coming off the wall), the lock and frame were damaged, and they allowed a person to move in before fixing this safety issue. This complex is known for problems based on the [redacted] reviews and other reviews on social media. I have heard gunshots at night, and no longer feel safe living in a community where the leasing office, obviously doesn't care enough to carefully inspect the most important factor for a safe apartment before new residents move in. They said they would fix the issues, but the main point is that neither I nor my future room mate feel safe in this complex being females, especially when the management office is so careless with their upkeep. After arguing with the office, they finally said that we could sublease the area, but that we would have to pay a subleasing fee of $300.00, when we haven't even moved into the apartment. We are both NC State students on a fixed income, while we know this is a legal binding agreement, we feel that they think they can get away with taking advantage of young college students because they are a big company. From the reviews I have read they have taken advantage of a lot of students, and younger people who are less apt to defend themselves.Desired SettlementWe would like to be relieved of our lease agreement, with no further charges. We have already paid the fee for the application and the background check. In the worst case we will offer to find a sub leaser for each room, but will not be willing to pay the extra $300.00 especially since we have never lived in the room.Business Response Dear Ms.[redacted],Thank you for expressing your concerns. It was a pleasure speaking with you in the office, and we would like to continue to address your trepidations. Being an apartment complex we do not make a representation of safety or security as we would not be able to reasonably guarantee the level of subjectivity these ideas involve. However, your satisfaction is important to us and we welcome you to discuss with us how we can make your residency with us agreeable.We would love to accompany you on a walkthrough of your apartment to identify and address any issues that you feel need to be resolved. Currently the front door of the apartment is fully functioning, but we would be more than happy to make further adjustments to ensure your comfort. We also encourage you to utilize our four on-site courtesy officers any time you feel apprehensive. As per our lease agreement, anytime a resident wants to be relieved of their lease, they are required to find an approved sublease to take over the responsibilities of the contract. We regret we cannot waive the $300 subleasing fee to ensure equal treatment to all of our customers. We look forward to meeting with you and addressing these issues further or to assisting you administratively through your subleasing process.Respectfully, Wolf Creek Apartments

This complaint is regarding my overall dissatisfaction of how we have been treated me and my roommates. We received a letter on our door saying we are in violation of our lease saying that we are throwing are trash off our balcony. This is one of many incorrect things the office has informed of us of and we are sick of it now, also other complaints are front door locks were changed without us being notified, our washing machine is still not fixed after 6 months of putting in a service issue. Our ice maker was fixed but I had to contact the for that to happen and didn't even get to enjoy it because all the appliances were changed out. I do not trust the maintenance staff to properly do their jobs anymore, so I just contact the now for any action that I need done. We have been falsely accused of this trash complaint, and now I am out the end of my rope with the office.Desired SettlementUnfortunately, the vie at raleigh has everything I need until I am ready to leave the state, for me and behalf of my roommates we would like a credit for the remainder to our rent in a small amount for the remainder of our lease and for me I would like to renew my lease at a lesser amount than $529 per month starting in august 2016Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@viemgnt.comMr. [redacted],I am very sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with Vie at Raleigh. We certainly would like to address your concerns and ensure that your stay with us is a satisfying one.We will gladly check on the washing machine in your apartment home. The trash letter was sent to a couple of apartments in your building in response to a recent complaint we received. The front lock was replaced back in February due to one of roommates moving out prematurely. We should have contacted you to advise of the lock change. If you have not received such notification, I deeply apologize. The refrigerator has already been replaced. We start asking residents to renew early in the school year. As incentive we offer lower rates at the beginning. As the leasing season goes on and we reach our preleasing goals, the rates go up. Currently we offer renewal leases in a four bedroom apartment at $529 per bed space. We would not be able to adjust this rate as this may upset other residents who have already signed. Again, we appreciate your past patronage and look forward to getting the outstanding washer issue resolved as quickly as possible. Should you have any further concerns, please contact me directly at [redacted] or XXX-XXX-XXXXRespectfully, [redacted]Regional Accounts Manager

I moved into Wolf Creek Apartments on October 16, 2015. My shower works every other week. My skin is breaking out living in this Apartment Complex.I moved into Wolf Creek Apartments on Friday October 16, 2015. The leasing consultant would not let me see the room until I paid her $480.00 upfront. The whole apartment, room and bathroom was filthy with living and dead bugs. They charged me a $300 cleaning fee which was included in the $480.00 fee assessed to me on October 16, 2015. I want that $300 fee refunded. I have made multiple complaints about my shower not working, low water pressure, air filter change and other complaints that I had to badger the manager and leasing personnel about to fix. There are days where there is no water coming out of the shower head due to the very low water pressure Wolf Creek insists upon to conserve water. Sometimes I have to take unwanted baths just to have water to keep up my daily hygiene. My skin has broken out and I have ring worms. On my lease I stated I didn't want to live with any pets albeit canines or felines due to being allergic. One of my roommates had an unregistered canine in the apartment which I told the office staff and [redacted] the property manager that I am allergic to certain animals. Wolf Creek assessed my roommate in possession of the canine a $500 fine which she paid for the pet to become registered. Yet! Wolf Creek Apartments has forgotten that I've stated multiple times that I am allergic. I want out of this 17 page ridiculous lengthy lease without paying a fine. I'm in the military and I have Active Duty orders starting on December 14 that last into 2016. The regional manager [redacted] and accountant [redacted] verbally told me that with military orders I can get out of my lease as early as January 31st, 2016. When I spoke to the property manager [redacted] he told me that I can only get out of the lease with military orders that last 90 days or more and for me that will be in February 2016. I have been uncomfortable, dirty, physically sick and frustrated since I moved into Wolf Creek Apartments on October 16, 2015. There is a fee for everything that this apartment assess to their tenants. Literally, I was given a faulty room and broken shower. I don't want to move into another room or another building. I want to move from this dire and horrendous apartment complex with no fine or fees assessed to me due to their leasing consultant not even attempting to look at the rooms and apartments before charging fees upfront and handing off apartment keys to future tenants.Desired SettlementI just want out of the lease by December 31st, 2015 with no fees assessed to me or damages to my credit. My health is my biggest concern meaning my skin and I have to stay healthy to maintain my career in the military. For my health and safety, I want to just leave this apartment complex.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] RegionalContact Phone: XXXXXXXXXXContact Email: [redacted]@wlfund.comRe: Case 11107063 [redacted], [redacted]This letter is written in response to complaint received by from Ms. [redacted].Ms. [redacted] moved in to Wolf Creek Apartments on October 16th, 2015 at which time she paid her rent for the month of October in the amount of $480 along with one tine internet and cable connection fee of $25. As per our lease agreement, the rent is accessed for the entire lease term and is payable in equal installments (not prorated). Thus, there was no cleaning fee. Copy of the ledger is available upon request.We received maintenance requests from Ms. [redacted] regarding her shower not getting full pressure. Our maintenance team looked at the problem and we had a vender check the shower equipment. The issue has been resolved since then to the best of our knowledge. If this problem re occurs we will be glad to check on it again. We will gladly set an appointment with the resident to ensure this is addressed to her satisfaction.Our community is pet friendly and we have a record of Mr. [redacted]'s roommate recently registering a pet. Since Ms. [redacted] is allergic to pets, we will gladly provide her with a comparable space in another apartment.Our lease agreement does not offer early termination option with exception of military clause. The clause reads as follows:MILITARY PERSONEL CLAUSE: Resident may terminate the contract if Resident enlists or is drafted or commissioned in the U.S Armed Forces. Resident may also terminate the Contract if: (1) Resident is (i) a member of the U.S Armed Forces or reserves on active duty or (ii) a member of the National Guard called to active duty for more than 30 days in response to a national emergency declared by the President, and (2) Resident (i) receives orders for permanent change-of-station, (ii) receives orders to deploy with a military unit or an individual in support of a military operation for 90 days or more, or (iii) are relieved or released from active duty. After Resident delivers to Owner written termination notice, the contract will be terminated under this military clause 30 days after the date on which Resident's next rental installment is due. Resident must furnish Owner a copy of Resident's military orders, such as permanent change-of-station orders, call-up orders or deployment orders or letter. Military permission for base housing does not constitute a permanent change-of-station order. After Resident moves out, owner will return Resident's Deposit, if applicable, less lawful deductions. For the purposes of this contract, orders described in (2) above will only release the Resident who qualifies under (1) and (2) above and receives the orders during the Contract Term and such Re4sident's spouse or legal dependants living in the Resident's household. A roommate who is not the Resident spouse or dependent cannot terminate under this military clause. Unless Resident states otherwise, Resident represents when signing this contract that: (1) Resident does not already have deployment or change-of-station orders; (2) Resident will not be retiring from the military during the contract term; and (3) the term of Resident's enlistment or obligation will not end before the Contract Term ends. Liquidated damages for making false representation of the above will be the amount of unpaid Rent for the remainder of the Contract Term when and if Resident moves out. Resident must immediately notify Owner is Resident is called to active duty or receives deployment or permanent change-of-station orders. To date we have not received military orders from Ms. [redacted]. Once proper documentation is received, Ms. [redacted] would be released 30 days after her next rent installment is due. In our community rent is always due on the 1st of the month. I am available to meet with Ms. [redacted] personally to attend to her concerns. Respectfully,[redacted]Regional Accounts Manager[redacted]@wlfund.comConsumer Response On Friday December 4 2015, I spoke with the Regional Accounts Manager [redacted] of The Vie at Raleigh, formerly known as Wolf Creek Apartments. I'm highly unsatisfied with the way that I've been given no option out of the my lease with the Vie at Raleigh. I was told by [redacted] the leasing consultant that my $505.00 rent that I paid on October 16, 2015 included a cleaning fee. [redacted] stated in her response 'there was no cleaning fee'. Why is a leasing consultant stating to a tenant that a cleaning fee was included in their rent when the Regional Accounts Manager is stating there was no cleaning fee accessed? There is a clear miscommunication issue with the leasing consultants and the managers of the Vie at Raleigh that can have a very negative impact on the tenant. Also [redacted] stated that the Vie at Raleigh went on the verbal word of the resident who registered her dog, that I'm allergic too, that all roommates were okay with living with a pet in the apartment. I have not signed any pet addendum and I will not sign the pet addendum as long as I remain in this apartment complex. On my lease I stated that I don't want to live with any canines or felines due to my health. The leasing consultants were aware of this issue before they accepted the $500 pet fee from the resident who owns the dog. [redacted] stated to me that they can move me to another unit with no fee accessed. However, I don't have the time to move from one unit to another unit due to my work schedule during the week and duty to the military on the weekends. I, the tenant have been uncomfortable with the Vie at Raleigh apartment complex since October 16. 2015. I was assigned to live in a filthy room and malfunctioning bathroom when there were multiple vacancies in other apartment buildings within this complex. The leasing consultant, [redacted], stated that she didn't even check the room before assigning it to me. [redacted] didn't explain to me a reason that I couldn't see the room without putting down $480.00. In this case, an unregistered dog was living in this apartment and didn't become evident until I complained to management. I should not have to inconvenience myself any further to move into another room within this complex. In October 2015, I have paid $480 to live in this apartment complex for 15 days. I have been financially cheated and neglected as far as not wanting to live here anymore. This place is unethical and forces all persons to remain here until the end of the lease even when mistakes are made upon the leasing consultants and managers. I want the name of the owner of the Vie at Raleigh. The personnel that I have had contact with have all been related to accounts or money matters. Even with military orders or without, I should have the right to terminate this lease due to negligence on the behalf of the Vie at Raleigh, formerly known as Wolf Creek Apartments.Final Business Response We regret that Ms. [redacted] is unhappy with her housing arrangements here at Vie at Raleigh. It is our understanding from speaking to Ms. [redacted] that her personal situation has changed and she no longer needs an apartment at our community. Our lease agreement, however, does not offer a "buy out" option. We do allow subleasing, which was discussed with Ms. [redacted]. A resident can find another person to take over their lease so long this new person is able to meet our community's qualification criteria and is compatible with current roommates in the apartment.We do not charge a cleaning fee to residents moving in, nor ever had such a fee. All of our fees are listed on the lease agreement and available for residents to review prior to executing the agreement. Our lease also stipulates that our rent is calculated for the entire lease term and payable in equal installments. Thus, October payment for Ms. [redacted] was the same as November payment and any subsequent installment.Leasing consultant who Ms. [redacted] was working with has been with our community for over two years, and we have not received any other complaints about her level of service or her knowledge of the community and its rental policies. Since October 2015 Ms. [redacted] has entered a few work orders for her bathroom shower, and we attended to all of them. Subsequent to her recent complaint, we had our maintenance supervisor re walk the apartment and he found shower in good working order and water pressure to be sufficient. Our community has not experienced issues with low water pressure in the past. Furthermore, we have not received any complaints from other three roommates residing in Ms. [redacted]'s apartment nor from any other residents in her building 317. Our community is pet friendly and one of Ms. [redacted]'s roommates registered a dog in the apartment. At the time of registration, this roommate led our staff to believe that all roommates in her apartment were in agreement with regard to such registration. It is only after Ms. [redacted]'s complaint to the office we became aware of her disapproval of such registration. To resolve the situation, we offered to either transfer Ms. [redacted] to another apartment of her choice (including staff members assisting her with moving her personal items) or transfer the roommate with the pet to another apartment. Ms. [redacted] was not interested in either option, instead she wanted to be released from her lease due to having other arrangements and having to travel for military service. Ms. [redacted] has recently advised us that she is expecting a military transfer. Our lease does have a military clause and offers a special process for dissolving the lease obligations for military personal. Once orders are received and reviewed, we will be in touch with Ms. [redacted] regarding her lease agreement status. Respectfully,[redacted]

Deposit paid to Wolf Creek at lease signing has not been returned after more than 15 weeks from moveout date. Statement issued showing refund due.I paid a deposit equal to one month's rent upon signing my lease at Wolf Creek Apartments on August 12, 2013. For my unit, the deposit amount was $615.00. I moved out at the end of my lease on January 31, 2014. My apartment was assessed for damages, and the final statement I received from Wolf Creek by e-mail stated that I was due a full deposit refund of $615.00. After one month of waiting for the refund check, I called Wolf Creek and discussed the refund with Ms. [redacted] on March 3, 2013. She explained to me that the refund has been requested by Wolf Creek from their corporate office [redacted] and that the should be mailing the check to me 'soon'. She explained that only the corporate office could issue the refund check. On March 25, 2014, I called back, spoke to Ms. [redacted] and received the same general answer. This happened again on April 28, 2014 at which point she told me that the property manager was visiting the corporate office at that time. She said she would e-mail the manager to ask for him to resolve the issue while he was visiting [redacted] As of May 20, I have yet to receive my refund check. Currently, I am told by the Wolf Creek office that Ms. [redacted] is on travel. I have been unable to reach her assistant for a follow-up conversation.I understand that Wolf Creek did their part to request the check from [redacted] However, their office has made no progress in aiding me in obtaining my refund. In addition, I have not been given any further contact information for [redacted] or any suggested recourse with [redacted] for obtaining my deposit. Desired SettlementI would like to receive the $615.00 refund deposit that Wolf Creek has informed me by written statement that I am due. In addition, I would appreciate receiving this refund in a timely manner as I have already waited almost four months for this issue to be resolved.Final Consumer Response Today, 6/9/2014 I received the $615.00 refund check from Wolf Creek Apartments. I am happy with this resolution of the issue.

Wolf Creek Apartments made a false clam for charging me a late move out fee. On July XX XXXX I moved out of Wolf Creek apartment. On July XX XXXX I turned in all of my keys and access card, this was also the same day my lease was up. At the time I was informed that everything was settled. 10 MONTHS later I receive a call from a collection agency, not Wolf Creek Apartments, informing me that I have a bill from Wolf Creek for $145.10. I have not changed any of my contact info since moving out and immediately contacted Wolf Creek Apartments on 4/12/14. I talked to [redacted] She clams I was late turning in my keys and access card. She then sent me a copy of my notice to vacate form which I signed when I turned in my keys and access card. It was dated 7/31/13 the final day of my lease. I sent a letter to the collection agency on 4/30/14 to dispute the charge. I did not get a reply from the collection agency. Early June I got a notification from the credit bureau that I have a derogatory/ open collection on my credit report for the $145.10. This is not a valid fee. I turned in everything on the last day of my lease. No one from Wolf Creek apartments ever attempted to contact me in regards to fees owed. This should not have been sent to a collection agency.Desired SettlementI want this collection to be taken off of my credit report and for Wolf Creek to stop trying to collect this fee. Business Response This is in response to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint to, Case #XXXXXXXX. Mr. [redacted] is a former resident of Wolf Creek Apartments who moved out on July 31, 2014. Currently Mr. [redacted] has an outstanding balance of $145.10 that has recently gone to collections agency. This balance is comprised of two electrical overage bills totaling $9.10, late move out fee of $100 and bad debt recovery fee of $36. According to the lease that Mr. [redacted] signed with Wolf Creek Apartments his lease ended at 12:00 noon on July 31st, 2013. Furthermore, that lease lists a fee of $100 for late move out (holdover). Mr. [redacted] turned in his keys after his lease expiration 12:00 noon on July 31st, 2013 and thus was charged late move out fee. Consumer Response I have no problem with paying $9.10 for the two electrical overage fees. This is the first time anyone from Wolf Creek has detailed out that particular fee. It was never brought up when I moved out on July 26, 2013. When I dropped my keys off (on time) on July 31, 2013, I was told everything was settled, no mention of this $9.10. When I talked to [redacted] on 4/12/14 she never said anything about a $9.10 electric overage charge. She just said the bill is because (she claimed) I was late turning in my keys and access card, which I dispute. She then sent me a copy of my notice to vacate form, which I signed when I turned in my keys and access card. It was dated 7/31/13, the final day of my lease, with no time stamp or anything to document the time I signed it shown on the form. She verbally claimed I was about an hour late turning in my key, which I disagree with. They told me at the time on 7/31/13 that everything was good. Even if I had been late about an hour turning in my key, as she alleges, I had clearly vacated the apartment 5 days early. For them to charge $100 + all the other fees for an alleged 1 hour late turn in on a key is onerous and a predatory business practice. It appears to me that they prey on student tenants with these trumped up fees in order to generate unreasonable and fraudulent income.I will gladly pay the $9.10 but I continue to press my complaint of all the other charges and I continue to insist that they make their collection agency remove the derogatory entry on my credit report (from all credit reporting agencies). Final Business Response Our software has a record of final account statement being e-mailed to the customer on 9/27/13 and 11/22/13. Final account statement spelled out all outstanding charges to include electric. We regret we are not able to waive the late move out charge as it was in the housing contract customer signed and we have a record of late move out. Return of keys indicates that customer surrendered possession of the apartment and means that we can take over at that time. Keys were returned on 7/31/13 but after 12 noon move out time stated in the housing contract. At move out we used two different types of move out forms which allowed us to differentiate between residents moved out on time and residents moved out late.Consumer Response For the record: I am NOT Satisfied!This is a predatory business and I'm very disappointed with the for having closed the account when the business provided NO DOCUMENTATION to support their position. I trust that at least this unresolved complaint will stay on this business's public record with the

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