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HORRIBLE company!!! I live in an apartment situation, had my old email stolen, an account set up under it and then a shipment sent to the address which I never orderedI was charged to $membership fee and was told sorry , to emails with the same mailing address but would you like to keep the account open?? I dont have the extra money and they dont seem to careDont use them and fall for their scheme!!

I never receieved info to be billed monthly and would have never agreed if I did I am actually in the process of trying to review their EPIC bars and am unable to I talked to one rep and he said I will be issued a refund Now that I read the info on this site I have a feeling I'm going to have to pay close attention to my credit account

I bought from Thrive online and understood that there was a trial membership, but I was not reminded a few days before my card was charged, and when I call within hours to "cancel at any time", I was not offered a refundI contacted my bank to dispute the chargeI don't think this is good customer service and since I see many people have complained of the same issue, Thrive should look for a different way to sell their memberships

Thrive says that you have a trail period where you can cancel your membership The issue is that is advertising They make it very difficult to find it on the web page where you can cancel the membership I ended up going to my account and help I sent in a cancellation notification within the trail period stated I received something back to acknowledge that Then a week later I received an alternate offer where they lowered the price of the year membership by if I would stay on as a member I THOUGHT I WAS DONE!! BUT NO!! I sent back an email immediately to tell them to please cancel - that I did not buy enough to justify the membership Fast forward TWO WEEKS and I was charged on my card for the membership anyway I emailed them back that I wanted my money redeposited in my account right away (and I bet it won't be) and also went yet again to the web page to tell them to do that as well I am furious I was not listened to and they are so sloppy in their "customer service" I want my money back expeditiously,

I placed order and received it fineAfter price checking around, I found that it was not worth the membership fee as the items I was interested in were not any savings I cancelled via email as instructedI received a response asking if I wanted a discounted price to stay which would be automatic unless I repliedI replied nicely say Please CancelSeveral weeks later I'm checking my cc statement and see a charge from Thrive for $I immediately emailed again and ask why that I had cancelledI also received an email thanking me for joining! What? I cancelled! I responded back AGAIN and after a few days received a response to stay at a discounted priceI responded AGAIN that I cancelled and to refund the charge they weren't supposed to charge meNothing yetSo my next steps are to report and call my credit card company to have this charge reversed

I was offered a free bottle of Avocado oil for ordering a book and all I had to pay was the shipping of $Now about days later to the day, my bank account has been charged for only God's know what since I did not order any additional productsI am now assuming that they have automatically, without my knowledge of knowing that that would happen, enrolled me in a Thrive Market membership program that I do not want to be in I have gone to my bank to dispute this surprise charge and am very reluctant to partake in any offers dealing with Thrice Market again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ordered diapers on 6/20/and received a note on 6/24/that "sorry we messed up, here is a coupon for $off next order over $within days"It's NOT ok to wait days to notify a customer that you are not sending a critical item on terms agreed to at time of purchaseI don't need $off a future order (if I make one) - I need my items sent expeditedI am not happy - this is not the first time this happened eitherOrder at your own risk!!


I received a bill on my charge card today for without knowing what this charge was forI did not approve this charge not sure how this happened I very upset caused my account nsf charge I am requesting a refund

Save yourself the hassle and time and don't order from Thrive MarketI made the mistake of signing up to a deal to see if I liked their productsI knew that they would sign me up automatically for their membership but it stated that I could cancel it in the next days and I wouldn't be chargedThat's when the trouble beganI started getting inundated with emailsI started with going to their website to cancel my subscriptionThey didn't cancel itInstead they started sending me emails - with each consecutive email, a little bit more off the membership priceI kept TRYING to send them emails I wasn't interested and to cancel my subscription, only to not be able to respond to the emails they sent me themselvesEach time, I would have to go back to their website and resend a request and each time I would receive another email with more off the membership priceFinally, I THOUGHT I got the membership cancelled, after or attemptsLow and behold, I open up my credit card statement a month later and THEY CHARGED ME FOR THE MEMBERSHIP! They are unethical and have terrible business practicesThe reason I didn't want the membership was because I saw no benefit to itThe prices didn't seem to be that much better from what I could get if I spent a little time looking aroundAt this point, I phoned them, mad as ***I have to wait 5-business days to get my money back and I REALLY don't trust them to not keep charging meWhy should I? They didn't listen the first times I told them! I will be looking for charge reversal and really keeping an eye out that they don't charge me anymoreWhat a pain in the ***! Aggressive selling techniques are an incredible turn offI don't see how this business is going to survive if they keep it upNo one likes itI get the feeling they just expect that you are going to forget and they will just continue to charge you membership feesBig thumbs down for this business

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS MISLEADING COMPANY I saw the offer on [redacted] to get a FREE sample of chocolate/almond bars (only pay shipping $1.95) NEVER at anytime was it made clear to me that I was agreeing to a trial membership for $ after they have your info!! It is a Bait & Switch scam!!!!!!!!!

We responded to one of their ads where they offer you a free opportunity to try some of their productsA product my wife knew about and wanted to trySo, she jumped at the opportunityAh, but the catch She didn't read the fine print - the product sample was free with a day trial membership, which if you didn't read the fine print, automatically billed their annual fee in days, unless you cancelledAt days, the annual fee was charged to our account! So, those free bars ended up costing us $bucks a piece - definitely not worth itWhen we called to question the bill, they basically said 'It sucks to be you - should've read the fine print, is!' From our point of view, if you have to trick people into signing up to your membership, there's something wrong with your business modelAny reputable firm marketing on the internet these days, offers money back guarantees - no questions askedNone of them want to 'force' their potential clients into a membership - but not Thrive! They were not about to surrender any bit of that fee! So, we chalked it up to our stupidity; they kept the full fee to pad their bottomline, and we will never, ever do business with them - ever! As for potential customers - I'd be leery of themBecause if you do not read their fine print, they will not budge, periodThat tells me, they're greedy, and money is much more important to them than providing quality products

Prices here are more competitive than anywhere else. We checked every item before placing an order. I cant give higher accolades to their customer service team. And their social media Twitter folks reply super quick too! I don't review anyone I do business with. But this company is simply superior. Well done on all fronts.

Terrible experience! Spent way too much time trying to get my money back and cancel my account and unsubscribe from their emailsWish I had read the reviews before orderingMy package was damaged during shipping and the shipper made the determination to Return To Sender before it ever reached my addressThis should have triggered a replacement order being sent out immediately plus an email apologizing for the delay Instead, Thrive never contacted me and was going to treat it like a customer return, making me wait for them to get the package back and confirm the problem!! There are also problems with their customer service email addresses not accepting emailsApparently, many others have had the same problem with damaged packagesSo they must have a problem with their packaging as well You'd think that they'd have a proper procedure in place for expediting a replacement for a damaged package, but no, it is treated like a customer returned item Then there's the problem of "membership fees" -- I asked to cancel the account well before the membership fee was to kick in, but like so many others, I was offered a lower fee and they sent me pre-written emails that did not address my specific complaints I clearly declined this offer, and again requested a cancellation AND un-subscription from all emails, but instead, three days later the fee was charged to my (still existing) accountNow, I just spent minutes on the phone with customer service and have finally been assured that my account has been cancelled and my money refundedwe shall see! I wish I had never placed an order with this company!

Bait & Switch at its best!! watch out for their "FREE"" offers + shipping as they trick people into a $"membership" charge days after they have your CC info!! BAD and DECEPTIVE practices!! Stay AWAY!!

During my trial membership, my first and second orders had errorsOn my first order, my online confirmation receipt clearly stated that the order was arriving via FedExBecause I live in a secured building, I had to make special arrangements to be home when the FedEx delivery was expectedThe order was delivered by UPS, with whom I would not have had to make arrangements to be home for the deliveryOn my second order, my online confirmation receipt clearly stated that I had ordered and paid for four itemsUpon receipt of my order, I found only three itemsThe package slip also only indicated three itemsI called customer service and spoke with a manager who told me, "Due to Thrive being a company with a small carbon footprint, we cannot ship you only one item." I found this statement to be absurdI choose not to do business with this company, and I look forward to the refund for my missing itemI also informed the manager that I am neither interested in continuing my trial membership, nor becoming a Thrive member for I believe there is enough competition for this online industry for me to find a company that will not require my phone call upon receipt of every inaccurate orderI have lost my faith in Thrive's customer service

Complete scamThey will charge you for a $membership, even though you never signed up for one, and even if you tried to cancel multiple timesThey will not respond to any emails you send themDO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY FREE SAMPLES, THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY

Avoid Thrive marketI signed up for the free one-month trail periodI realized that $a year won't be worth the savings for our familyI submitted a cancelation request and received an offer saying they'd reduce the fee to $for 6-months for me to stay and try it out for a longer period I immediately emailed to cancel this promotional offer, only to find out a couple weeks later than my credit card was charged It should not be this difficult to cancel membership somewhereI want a refund but Thrive is making it difficult for that to happenI may just have to cancel my credit or report them as an unauthorized expense to my bankWHICH THEY ARE because I told them I do not want to be charged I can't believe a business would conduct themselves and be this sneakydidn't realize this would still be happeningI will tell all my friends and family about this experience, and warn people to avoid Thrive and their dishonest business practices

I did sign up for a trial membership after seeing a few ads for the companyI was very happy with the products and prices, but decided the membership would not make sense for the amount of items I anticipated ordering throughout the yearAlso, some items can be found cheaper elsewhere, but most of the things I ordered were the best prices I had foundI called the day before my trial expired to cancel and although I had to call twice (call was disconnected while on hold the first time), the rep was polite and did offer a discounted membership fee to stay on, but when I declined the first time, they did not push any further and cancelled my membership thereI'll have to check tomorrow to make sure there is no charge on my card, but it seems like a legit company and as long as you read the fine print, just like anything else, you shouldn't have a bad experienceSide Note: If they offered free shipping on all orders with their membership, I most likely would have kept it

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