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Tidewater Septic & Rain Harvesting Inc

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Hello*** the owner came out said I'd hear back never heard back which he promised I cannot believe such a company.
*** *** this is the cell numberWho else could I seek help from? Besides a lawyer
this time, I have not been contacted by Tidewater Septic & Rain Harvesting Inc regarding complaint ID ***
*** ***

Review: I recently bought my FIRST home in Novemeber of 2013. This home had many upgrades/home improvements, one including a new drainfield. I had all of the information included in my contract regarding it so I was confident that the system was new and not of defect. Well, I was wrong. After only being there for 3 months, my Pump Chamber int he ground literally POPPED out of the ground. With that being said, I can't even use my shower or bathroom because it is broken and backing up into my home. I called the owner of the company, he came out and after that I didnt hear back from him until I called back a week later. He said "Of, it is a defect from the manufacturer, I am still contacting them, I PROMISE to call you back within 24 hours. He never did. I had to move on and contact the local health depart and engineer whom approved this. At this point time, I have to come up with the money out of pocket, which is ashame because this wasnt any defect on equipment, it was a defect on not doing the work correctly. It would have been nice if the company followed up on THEIR work and took care of it and done the right thing. I guess I was wrong.Desired Settlement: I want the job fixed. If you cant, I want to reimbursed the cost of it being fixed. This has been a headache and ashame.



Hello. [redacted] the owner came out said I'd hear back never heard back which he promised. I cannot believe such a company.

[redacted] this is the cell number. Who else could I seek help from? Besides a lawyer.

At this time, I have not been contacted by Tidewater Septic & Rain Harvesting Inc regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: On June 7th our septic pump alarm sounded letting us know that our septic tanks were about to reach the limit of overflowing. We then had to call American Tank Cleaning to come out and have our tanks pumped, and upon inspection the service tech informed us that it looked as if the pump had burnt up or could have been something electrical in the panel box, so then referred us to Tidewater Septic. Luckily upon calling Tidewater Septic I was able to have 2 techs come out that very same day and replace the old pump for a new one, which was a cost of $1495.00. However as the one tech replaced the pump, the other tech was in our basement making sure everything in the septic pump alarm panel box was in working order and that all the panel buttons were as they should be. BUT, not learning this until two weeks later, the tech NEVER turned the alarm button back to the ON position, which allows the alarm to sound if the pump stops working again. Two weeks later I went to weed my garden and the whole garden along with parts of the yard were flooded from the septic tanks. There was an overwhelming odor and I called for my husband. He opened the tanks and they were both overflowing all over the ground. He first went to the panel box in the garage and seen that the breaker had tripped and turned it back on. Immediately, they both started draining. At that point my husband went to the septic pump alarm panel box and discover it had never been turned back to the ON position, which would have sounded and alarmed us the pump was not working. The reason for this complaint is that my tanks sit just slightly higher than my garden and because of the mistake of the tech not turning the alarm back on to warn us that something was wrong my garden flooded and is now ruined. I put over $600 into my garden and was only asking Tidewater to compensate half. I thought that was more than reasonable since it was an error on there part. I spoke to the [redacted] and he basically blew me off.Desired Settlement: I would like to an apology from the [redacted] with a genuine concern that my garden was ruined. His attitude was the breaker blew somethings wrong with that and that's why your in this situation.Yes the breaker blew, but had the alarm been on,we could/would have been notified and we could have fixed the problem before it overflowed. For the record we did call our electrican whom charged us $140.00 to let us know the breaker was fine. I would like a refund of $300.00 to cover half the garden.



After speaking with [redacted] from the company on 7/22/13 he stated he offered the customer a $[redacted] gift card for the damages to her garden as a goodwill gesture and the customer refused.

Review: Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting installed my septic system after my house burned down in July of 2010. The system was installed in March and April of 2011, but the completion statement was not issued and the system was not "powered up" until January of 2012. My occupancy permit was issued on January 17, 2012 and I have been having problems with my septic system and panel every since. Tidewater Septic has come out to my house numerous times because the alarm on my panel has been going off, the light is illuminated, etc. This has been going on since January of 2012. In November of 2013 (after almost two years of problems), Tidewater Septic came out and told me the pump had gone bad in the septic system. The pump was no longer covered under warranty, so I had to pay for the replacement of the pump (approximately $1,100). They also told me that the transducer had gone bad (and that was still under warranty), so they replaced that. Even after replacing both the pump and the transducer, I am still having the same problems I have been having with the system since January of 2012. Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting owner, [redacted] refuses to answer my phone calls and refuses to return text messages. When I call the office, they tell me they will take my information and someone will get back to me, but noone ever gets back to me. Today, January 30, 2014, I called the office and asked if I could come down and get copies of all paperwork associated with my system (to include warranty paperwork for the new pump and transducer and all paperwork regarding service). Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting are refusing to provide that paperwork to me. I am prepared to have another company with experience working on my type of system and panel come in and try to help me, but I want to provide them a history/record of everything that Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting has done up to this point. Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting, though, is refusing to provide me any paperwork regarding service to the system --- nor will they provide me the warranty paperwork.Desired Settlement: I want Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting to come out and fix the problem once and for all. They continue to send "technicians" out to my house who have NO EXPERIENCE working on a system like mine, they plug numbers into the panel, fix the problem for a day or two, only to have the alarm/siren and light go off again. I want Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting to reimburse me for the charge of the pump because I feel the pump went bad because the panel was not programmed properly, causing the pump to come on more often than required or advised, and to run for a longer period than requried or advised. I want Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting to provide me ALL PAPERWORK pertaining to the servicing of the system from January 2012 until the present day so I can turn that over to a new company so they can hopefully fix the system. I want Tidewater Septic and Rainharvesting to provide me ALL WARRANTY PAPERWORK for the new pump and new transducer the put in the system. I just want the problem fixed before sewage backs up in my basement and causes irreparable and costly damage that I will have to pay for.

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Description: Septic Tanks & Systems Contractors & Dealers, Septic Tanks & Systems Cleaning, Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Address: 7971 Kings Hwy, King George, Virginia, United States, 22485-7075


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