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[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the
response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

Hi, We refunded you on 10/9/The refund amount is $

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's
response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI hope they are able to not allow it to happen again to other customers
*** ***

The Conmed 7-900-is not our part number its a manufacturer part number that stands for the plate only and no one sell this part for the plate and cord includedIt was advertised for the plate with a picture of the platThis is a special order item to us and as advertised online this item
cannot be returnedWe offered the customer the cord at just our cost with no markup in effort to compensateThank you*** ***

Hi,  As I said before. All our items have different return policies. Most items that could be returned have a restocking fee on them. Unless asked, our reps don't mention the return policy over the phone. We are an online company, so people that buy our products (even over the phone) see it first online.  Thank you,

Hi,  Since we are an online company, and we don't have catalogs, all orders that come to us, come from what the customer saw online. It's the customers responsibility to check our return policy online. Not all products are returnable, and most have some sort of restocking fee. Unless...

asked, we do not mention the return policy when placing an order over the phone since the customer had reviewed the item on our website.  I'm sorry that you didn't get the cabinet that you want. I'm offering you a $300 discount on a new cabinet. But I can't return the cabinet you received.

Hi, We already refunded the customer on this. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

I am rejecting this response because: At no time was it ever stated that they were giving it to me at their cost. I was told that the price was firm.  A quick web search and I am able to find a cable for $97.50. Which is below "their cost". This company has had terrible communication with me.  Repeated phone calls and emails for me to get a response. I would settle for the $27.02 I was out for the shipping costs I had to pay due to their employee misinforming me.  I also would like them to change the picture of the product to a picture of the plate not containing the cable. Every other supplier of that item has not picture because posting one with a cord attached would be inaccurate.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because we specifically placed the order by phone ( not online) to make sure that we have the correct item and correct dimensions. We just saw a small ad online ad with a picture and the telephone number. We called your company. If your business is an online business only, why do you accept phone orders. When a specific order is non exchangeable or non-Refundable and the sale is final, the salesperson has to at least make a quick one word mention of that policy to the customer. Your policies are not transparent and deceiving.You are offering me to spend another extra $1200 ( including shipping and handling) to buy another item from you and in return you want to give me $300 off on the second purchase. You are not accepting a return /refund or exchange on the item that is of no use to me and I paid close to $800 for that.That is not acceptable . Why should I even do  more business with you when your policies are so unreasonable and your customer service is extremely poor ?

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I am writing because the I got a message that complaint has been closed today. However we never got a refund, they replied they had shipped the table and have been waiting for the delivery. The table top was the only thing that was sent no legs or base. So the issue has not been resolved. I tried to call them when the delivery  guys were here was placed on hold for 20 mins but was refused to speak to anyone was told the head of returns would be calling me back this was about 3 hours ago. We need this to be open and need your help to get a refund we don't have anymore time waiting for them again this was originally ordered back in March and they've had our money but we still have nothing from them.

Good Morning,  I understand your frustration, this is not something that normally happens. And you are right, this has been going on for a long time.  Unfortunately these tables need to be specially made, so no matter which company you are buying it from, we'll all have the same...

lead time. That said, your order hit another bump when it was delivered damaged to the white glove agent. Instead of delivering it damaged to you, we contacted the manufacturer to build you a new table. The manufacturer is over loaded with work, and they couldn't build it sooner. We tried to pressure them, and it only helped so much. Right now your table is in transit, and is being delivered tomorrow (the 30th) to the white glove agent. We hope to have it delivered to you very soon.

I wanted to inform you that I received a full refund through my [redacted] account for $111.28 this afternoon.

Dear Customer, Thank you for reaching out regarding your order. Unfortunately Tiger Medical had a bad experience with the manufacturer of this product. We had multipile calls and emails go unanswered, therefore when we advised them to ship your order with overnight shipping, no one...

responded. We got out upper management involved and we were trying to sort this out, but unfortunately it wasn't in time for you. We have taken steps to insure this doesn't happen again.  We have already refunded the whole shipping amount to you. Again, I'm sorry about the way this situation was handled.

Hi,  Thank you for reaching out to me with your story. I will investigate this, and I will make sure this doesn't happen again. I will review what went wrong on all three problems you mentioned.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: They were NOT aware of the problem with manufacturer when I called questioning where my item was, therefore that's a lie because if they knew of the problem they should've called me to notify me and I would've cancelled the item since I did need it within the 2 days & that's why I paid extra. The manufacturer sent the item on 7 day shipping because they claimed I had recceived a refund for the 2 day shipping (since it didn't arrive at all, I requested they refund me the extra money I paid) so they weren't going to pay the extra fee. I requested they cancel the order then and they said they couldn't do that because they manufacturer was already going to send the item out and had provided a tracking number. They did NOTHING on their part to make the situation better. I feel I deserve a full or at least partial refund. The money that was credited in shipping was because they didn't comply with what I paid for so I had every right to receive a refund for the express shipping. I paid out money 2 times for someone to come and install the item and wasn't refunded for that and it was their fault because of their lack of professionalism. I am not asking for something I am not entitled to. The website says white glove service and promote the fast shipping, etc. NONE OF THAT WAS DELIVERED IN THIS CASE! I DESERVE THE REFUND!!! PLEASE HAVE THEM PAY ME FOR ALL THEY COST ME TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.  

Review: On July 9th, 2014 I called Tiger Medical and spoke with [redacted] in customer service. I explained to him that I had ordered a Hyfrecator Plate through his company and I didn't realize that it didn't come with the cable. The photo on the site shows a cable attached and it does not specify "cable sold separately" (although this has now been added. the photo still reflects a cable attached). See link: I have not seen this product sold without a cable on other sites. The plate alone cost me $123.44 with shipping. To order the cable separately would be an additional $118.20 for a total of $241.64. The total kit is $160 from other sites.

I was told by [redacted] that I could return the plate and that he would have the person in charge send me a return label. Based on this response, I ordered a full kit with a cord included from another company (Tiger Med didn't carry the full kit). Because we needed this plate for an upcoming surgery, it was drop shipped. I was informed by Tiger Med ([redacted]) that I could not return the item. When I explained that [redacted] had already confirmed I could and that I ordered another one, I was told "sorry, but you can not return it". I tried to stop the shipment from the other company, but it had gone out. I was responsible for the total shipping of $27.02 but able to return it. I emailed [redacted] asking if I could order the cord from Tiger Med and have the $27.02 reduced from the cost since we lost that in stopping the shipment. she checked with her manager ([redacted]) and was told that they could only reduce it by $17.10. After many messages and emails explaining that it was their employees mistake that cost us to lose the $27.02, On July 31st, I was told that the final answer was no.

I ended up ordering the cable from another company because I was not comfortable with doing business with Tiger Med.Desired Settlement: I explained the mistake in which [redacted] confirmed by looking at the site while on the phone. He agreed that it wasn't clear and that I could return the item. Had their site properly reflected that the cable was separate, I would have ordered from another company and this would have cost me $180 with shipping. Instead it cost me $270.46. It took 3 weeks to get a final answer. Because of this, we had to push back the patient surgery that we needed this item for.

I would like to recoup half of our loss ($90.46). That would cover the shipping cost loss and the additional work to reschedule and coordinate the surgery that had to be delayed. I would also like the company to upload a proper picture that reflects the product without a cable attached.



The Conmed 7-900-71 is not our part number its a manufacturer part number that stands for the plate only and no one sell this part for the plate and cord included. It was advertised for the plate with a picture of the plat. This is a special order item to us and as advertised online this item cannot be returned. We offered the customer the cord at just our cost with no markup in effort to compensate. Thank you[redacted]



I am rejecting this response because: At no time was it ever stated that they were giving it to me at their cost. I was told that the price was firm. A quick web search and I am able to find a cable for $97.50. Which is below "their cost". This company has had terrible communication with me. Repeated phone calls and emails for me to get a response. I would settle for the $27.02 I was out for the shipping costs I had to pay due to their employee misinforming me. I also would like them to change the picture of the product to a picture of the plate not containing the cable. Every other supplier of that item has not picture because posting one with a cord attached would be inaccurate.

Review: Product purchased on 5/7/14 - 4 cases of Radiotrace Electrodes credit card charged $648.78. Received 1 case on 5/14/14. The other 3 cases never arrived and notification was sent regarding the status of the remaining order. After placing a call on 5/20/14 spoke with [redacted] he stated and verified they were indeed on back order expected to ship on or around 5/26/14. After waiting an additional week on or around 6/10/14 we contacted Tiger Medical not sure why we have not received them will check on and call us back. Never received a call back. On 6/23/14 we received a email stating items (3 cases) shipped. On 6/25/14 we received a package but was not the correct items purchased something completely different. I contacted the company speaking with [redacted] explained the items received was not the Electrodes which was purchased. He was very rude at that point explained our frustration it has been a 1 1/2 months our card had been charged and just want a refund and to cancel the remaining order of the 3 cases. He stated that until he received his items back we would not give us credit back to our card. He said he would email me today or by tomorrow a RMO to ship the box back and once they receives it back then our card would be credited back. Never received the RMO via email contacted Tiger Medical spoke with [redacted] unfortunately he cant do anything since [redacted] is his boss but will send him a email I called. Never received the RMO so I called the company again on 7/1/14 left a message. Last attempt was on 7/3/14 spoke with [redacted] she stated she will follow up with [redacted] and see as to why I have not received the RMO or credit. As to date it's been 2 months there has not been any cooperation with Tiger Medical ([redacted]).Desired Settlement: Issued resolved immediately since it's going on 2 months and would like my credit card credited back for the amount due me (648.78 divided by 4 = $162.20 per case - $162.20 x 3 = $486.60



The customer is right in being frustrated here and I would be too. Unfortunately we do need to get the wrong goods that were shipped, back in order for a refund to be given. Since this order was shipped from one of our third party vendors we need them to provide us with a Return Authorization number and a prepaid shipping label to send to the customer. The third party has delayed the process extraordinary. I have made the case that the company should provide me with a return authorization and shipping label no later then Monday and we'll forward to customer right after. This should be resolved by end of day Monday.

I know this customer is very angry and I apologize greatly. We would definitally compensate this customer afterwords since this is totally not right and we as a business do not want to practice in such a way. We're looking into possible changes so this should not happen again in the future.

Tank You



I am rejecting this response because:

Per the businesses response this issue would be resolved no later then end of day Monday no response has been received. As stated in the original complaint this matter has been going on since May 7, 2014. I do not want or have any need for the incorrect product received I would like this matter resolved ASAP and a refund.



On the 15th when we saw that our vendor was not getting back to us with the return information we refunded the customers credit card 457.50 for the three wrongly shipped packages. On the 16th we also emailed return shipping labels so the customer can have that returned. I believe this case is resolved.

Review: To Whom it May Concern:

We are writing this letter regarding a service we received from Tiger Medical, Inc.

Our order # for this complaint is: [redacted]

On January 23, 2014 our Medical Director looked at a product that was for sale by Tiger Medical, Inc. on The product was an Aaron Ob/Gyn Total System Solution which was priced at $61.76. Our Medical Director waited a month later on February 10, 2014 and purchased the item online at for the advertised price of $61.76. A receipt for the purchase was provided. On February 11, 2014 an employee of Tiger Medical, Inc by the name of [redacted] called and left a message for our Medical Director and stated that our product would not ship out for another two weeks. Our Medical Assistant [redacted] returned Ms. [redacted]’s call the same day and spoke with Ms.[redacted]. Ms. [redacted] stated to [redacted] that our product order had been processed and that the order would ship out in two weeks.

It appears that Tiger Medical, Inc advertised a product for over a month on their website for which now they will not honor the price. We have contacted Tiger Medical, Inc on several occasions to try and resolve this matter.

On today’s date, April 23, 2014 our Medical Director spoke with Managing Director of Tiger Medical, Inc., [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] stated that not only would he not honor his pricing, but that we would not receive our product.

At this time we have no other choice but to contact you regarding this matter. Tiger Medical, Inc. mislead us to believe that this product was for sale for over a month on their website, for the advertised price of $61.76. This is simply a case of “False Advertisement.” Tiger Medical, Inc. has misrepresented their online pricing which is likely to affect the purchasing decisions of its audience.

Please contact us immediately regarding this matter.

[redacted], Office Coordinator

[redacted]Desired Settlement: Delivery of the Product we ordered



Customer ordered a OB/Gyn Total System Solution that Sells everywhere for no less the 5 to 8 thousand dollars. We had this item up in error for $61.76 (our correct price for the item is $5,467.23) and when we realized about a week later our error we called back the order in human error. We try to be utmost careful with our website pricing but human errors is inevitable that's why within out terms and conditions specified we reserve the right to cancel an order after purchase due to an error in price. The customer who is in need of such a piece of equipment is well aware that this is an error and should have called beforehand to verify the situation. I hope this explains it and feel free to contact me with any further questions.





Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Tiger Medical gave us an incorrect understanding of the product we purchased. It is not the consumers responsibility to verify pricing. We did however notice that the product was advertised for well over a month on Tiger Medical's website at $61.76. This is simply a case of Bait & Switch "False Advertisement." Tiger Medical advertised a product that they did not provide and did not intend to sell.




The price was an error and anyone in the market for this item knows that its running anywhere from 5-8 thousand dollars and not for $61. Because we're human we reserve the right to cancel an order after purchase do to an error in price.

Thank you

[redacted] R.

Review: I purchased a Desk Mount Kit for Connex® ProBP™ 3400 on 4/11/2013 and received it on 5/1/2013. I returned the item within a week of receipt. I sent several emails and left phone messages for the reimbursement. I never heard back nor received reimbursement. (Order Number: [redacted]06)Desired Settlement: SubTotal: $74.39

Tax: $0.00

Shipping: $11.78

Handling: $0.00

Grand Total: $86.17




On 5/23/2013 I responded to Ms. [redacted]'s dilemma; I have also attached my response. As I explained, and as the website states (Also attached), this is a specially ordered item and cannot be returned unless the item arrives defected. Unfortunately, this return was an unauthorized return leaving me with no notification of the return until Ms. Hornbeek sent me the attached email. If the item had arrived defective I would have happily refunded her the amount but unfortunately, this was not the case.

Please see attached files. Please note the highlighted areas in which the website states the Warranty/Return Policy on this particular item.

Best Ragards

Review: I purchase 2 UMF 5080 exam tables which weigh 396 lbs each. I requested white glove service to deliver them because of their weight. I paid $7436.38 total, but the tables were never brought into the building. My receptionist was told by a delivery driver that the tables couldn't be brought inside in the crates and that white glove service was needed to uncrate them and bring them inside. He left without any further delay. I called them on 1/13/14 to see what the problem was

and ended up emailing and calling several times with them initially trying to claim that I had not requested white glove service, but when I sent a copy of a 12/5/13 email that confirmed that I had requested it, I then started getting emails

saying that they were working on my problem after not getting any results and emailing and calling several more times and finally being told by [redacted] (project manager) that " We don't have to give you white glove service." I informed him that he did not have to, but since I had already paid for the order on 12/5/13 and never received the order , I was entitled to my entire amount back since I could prove that I never took delivery and the improper arrangements were Tiger Medical's fault. I sent emails on 1/21/14, 01/23/14 and 02/05/14 and I called on 01/13/14, 01/27/13, 02/03/14 & 02/17/14Desired Settlement: I would like the entire $7436.38 refunded immediately. I have lost additional income because I was not able to book more patients because those tables were not delivered at all.



Check is in the mail going back to the customer as of Friday, February 28th 2014 in the amount of $5342.50 (this is with the restocking fee). Customer was advised of this on 2/13/2014.



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: I never took delivery of the tables(2) and No restocking fee was mentioned or documented at the time of sale. I sent their check back to them with a letter(copy attached) again mentioning these two valid reasons for not accepting a check for less than what I paid them.($7436.28) I also enclosed a copy of the consumer protection laws noting what an illegal restocking fee consists of. I purchased the tables on 11/25/13 and paid for them 12/5/13 and no restocking fee was EVER mentioned until AFTER I sent Tiger Medical my notice of cancelation of the order(2/28/14). Their response to the NJ also confirms this fact. They are also withholding a shipping fee of $313.88 for items that were NEVER received. I mentioned this in my letter as well. Clearly, Tiger Medical is not engaging in good business tactics & wants to simply hold on to & illegally benefit from a significant amount of money that does not legally or morally belong to them. My response letter explains it all. Tiger Medical has not responded to my letter at all. I sent my reply via FedEx so I know that they received it by 3/11/14.


Dr. [redacted]



Customer ordered regular order of two exam tables with standard

delivery method. Trucking company came to deliver tables before anything they

told the trucking company that this table needs to be disassembled and this is

the only way the table would fit through based on their experience from last

time and since delivery company were not going to do that they refused the

shipment. We explained the customer that the order only had a standard shipping

option selected but regardless of that we will look into our options left now

and get back to them. We got the measurements of the doorway and turns out that

the table would fit in no problems without having to disassemble them and we

arrange with the trucking company they should do the inside delivery at our

cost but we were not going to charge the customer a dime. When we went to

notify the customer about the solution the lady was not going to let us talk

and just knocked down the phone on us. We emailed customer offering to do the

inside delivery at no additional charge and explained that otherwise they will

be responsible for the shipping costs and restocking fees as detailed on our

website but they ignored.

Since we tried in good faith to have the order delivered at no

additional cost even, and customer refused, our return policy applies. Our

return policy for this item stated online is 30 days with a 25% restocking fee.

Our return policy also states clearly “Once an order has shipped, it cannot be

cancelled. You may refuse the order upon delivery, in which case the standard

return policy for the item will apply, plus we will deduct the return shipping

costs from your refund credit”. Our return policy says that we will deduct

return shipping costs but we did not in this case (which was over $700 this

time). We charge the restocking fee because the manufacturer charges us that

for any return and shipping costs that we paid for the carriers. The customer

was fully aware of what they were going into by refusing. They might have just

changed their mind about the table or who knows what. Bottom line; since we

tried to deliver the tables to the customer in good faith and they refused,

they’re responsible for the return policy which is in place to cover our loss.

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