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Please see attached letter to the former resident and supporting documents.

I am rejecting this response because: this is not a response it’s just the same packet of letters and bill I was emailed last week. I am trying to work this out with the business but it doesn’t seem like they even read...

what I wrote if they reply with something so generic. I was emailed a more personal reaponse so submitting my reply to it here also. 
The keys were turned in the same day I broke the lease. I went to the office or called on a daily basis trying to get my apartment fixed. I had an open work order when I broke the lease that had yet to be fixed. (Same issues from August that were still not fixed) when I moved out the hallway was still wet. The maintenance had put a coat of paint over the mold under the sink but it still leaked to below and the dishwasher was cleaned out but still stank and made the dishes smell when you used it. The spark as you call it was an electrical fire. Fire came out of my 7 year old disabled son’s plug. It caught his pillow (on his bed) on fire. I am so lucky I was in the room when it happened. All of these issues were well known by the manager and I was to the point of begging for them to be fixed but they never were. I was not allowed to put moving out for unsanitary living conditions that is why I put moving states. I was never notified of any charges until this hit my credit and no one ever called me or mailed me anything even though I put a forwarding address on the move out notice. The standing water that you found should show that the problem is not coming from that unit but the unit above like the maintance manager told me when he came by. The damages were not caused by my moving out. The damages were caused by repeated maintaince requests being closed out when the problem was never fixed. When I moved out I still had the industrial fan that the maintaince guys put in. They instructed me to keep it running and when the problem was fixed it would be removed and the carpet stapled or replaced as needed. (They had to pull up the carpet to put in the fan) This shows that the problem was still an ongoing problem that was still being worked on when I left. I am not responsible for this damage as a renter I did everything in my power to notify the manager of problems they were just never fixed. Thanks[redacted] Get Outlook for iOS

Ms [redacted] moved out on June 11th however the lease that she signed did not end until June 20th.  Utilities and pest services are charged 1 month in arrears so her balance also includes those in the amount $65.35.  She was credited back late fees of $60 and also the 10 days of the...

month for rent , garage, and pet rent. The balance owed is strictly the remainder of her rent from the 11th to the 20th, prorated garage, pet rent, Utilities and pest control, and then any cleaning charges that were owed.  For cleaning charges we do take pictures upon move-out to show the residents if there is any question so if needed we are willing to share those as well.  Ms. [redacted] did state that she had a recording of us telling her that she did not owe anything else. That is not something we would tell someone but we did agree if she had that we would listen to it and honor it.  However, Ms. [redacted] never shared it with us.Below is a table of Ms. [redacted] ledgers and her final charges upon move-out.We feel the charges are just and the pictures we have on the condition of the apartment at time of move out verify what was charged.Thank you for considering these items.

I am rejecting this response because:
ettle my dispute?... The entire collection is 100% invalid.I did not move out 7 months before the end of the lease.The lease was set to end in March 2016.There was no notice in writing given, we both did not mutually agree.Feel free to turn it over to your attorneys. They won't waste the cost of a filing fee, this entire balance is null and void.You hold people to leases and use the verbiage outlined within to do so. It is the lease that holds the power and there was no "skip" according to the signed contract. The landlord and Tenant did NOT MUTUALLY AGREE IN WRITING. I am sorry but I was lied to by Joe, lied to by Ahna, Joe gave out my contact information to an unauthorized 3rd party. Joe played favorites in regards to my departure, telling me in verbal meetings that the fate of my departure rests on other residents paying rent late."[redacted], there's a certain threshold I need to stay under to avoid my bosses coming down on my head. This other tenant is trying to get assistance from a public entity to pay her rent, if she's able to pay it by Monday, then we can work with you."Thats a violation of Fair & Equal housing laws. Telling me the rules are being bent over another tenant paying rent late."Well she has kids, so I need to work with her.." -- something along those lines.I haven't even begun to talk to attorney's about his dispersal of my contact info, not to mention an AG complaint in regards to the unequal treatment and favoritism being played.I want this debt erased as it should be. I am willing to part ways completely and let everything go. Per the contract I do not owe any rent.Thank you for your time [redacted]

To whom it may concern;In response to Mr. [redacted] complaint I would like to note that his car was illegally parked. I have attached a copy of a photo taken of his vehicle at the time it was towed. The Community Manager and the District Manager have both discussed this with Mr. [redacted]...

informing him that he is illegally parked when he parks his vehicle crosses two spaces as you will see in the photo I have attached.Because it is important that we maintain a positive relationship with Mr. [redacted] and we value him as a customer, we will go ahead and credit his account with 30 West Apartments $200 which is slightly more than the cost he incurred for the towing of his vehicle. I hope that our recent actions in regards to this matter will satisfy Mr. [redacted] request. Regards, Mary [redacted]

I sent the email below to [redacted].  4/6/16To: [redacted]Re: Apartment #[redacted] at Parkers Lake ApartmentsDear [redacted], We received your communication indicating that you reject our response.   This is a difficult situation for both parties.   We’d like to avoid any...

further legal or collection action if possible.  In good faith that you’d also like to settle this dispute quickly, we’ve reduced the amount owed on your account by $1096.  We are hoping this will show that we are willing to compromise and you’ll do the same by paying the remaining balance owed.   I’ve updated the collection agency with the revised balance owed.  You signed a lease agreement and were unable to fulfil that agreement, moving out seven months before the agreement ended.   Your lease indicates the fees associated with moving out prior to the end of your lease.  You did not remit these fees and you owe rent for days that you occupied the apartment because of a returned check.   This compromise is fair.  Thank you for your consideration.   I’ll be emailing you this now and a copy will be shared with the and placed in your resident file. Sincerely, [redacted]District ManagerTimberland Partners

I am rejecting this response because:I do not understand why I was told that if I left on June 11th, that I would be prorated for the 11th-not the 20th.  I know it is my word against the manager who told me that, but is there any accountability for telling me one thing and doing another?  It wasn't right how this got handled.  I didn't misunderstand what she told me.  I was very clear, and the manager even checked into my questions and called me back to give me the correct information.  I feel like she told me the wrong thing because she didn't really understand the company's policies and the standard procedures.  If the lease was to be followed by the letter, then she shouldn't have told me they would make an exception and prorate for the 11th.  I don't know what the motivation was in telling me that, other than to get the apartment leased before there was a gap in rent payments.  I would like to know if the manager is going to stand by her word.

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 13, 2015/10/04) */
The $175.00 paid at the time of move in was not a refundable security deposit; it was a non-refundable bond to cover up to $1000 of any money owed by the resident at the time of move out. Once the bond makes payment to The Lakes Apartments for...

money owed, the past resident is then given an option to pay back the bond company with a payment arrangement or all at one time. Every resident has the option to pay either the $175 non-refundable bond or a $1000 security deposit at the time of move in. This amount can be higher depending on the applicant's credit and rental history as outlined in our rental criteria. During the move in Ms. [redacted] signed our security deposit/bond agreement explaining the bond as well as the bond its self. We are truly sorry to have lost Ms. [redacted] as a resident and we look forward to being able to assist her in any way possible with this matter. A copy of the bond form along with the security deposit/bond agreement that was signed by her as well as a member of management will be mailed to her on 10/05/15 to allow for further clarification on this issue. She may also contact me directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX with any questions she has in reference to this issue.
Jodi Emberson
Community Manager
Timberland Partners
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 15, 2015/10/13) */
[redacted] Please see the attached document

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