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Having lost my "honey do person" in Jan 2011, after over marriage, I had no clue about car maintains! Due to finances a friend recommended TIRE GUYS,in Orange Park, FlAt NO COST they checked my car out and quoted the cost it would be to repair.With NO PRESSURE its need to be done NOW!A week later they changed transmission fluid, changed the oil and filter, new air filter, tune up, new brakes and tires at a price I could affordI was shocked! My car has NEVER sounded nor ran so good!THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH TIRE GUYSIf the rating would be 1-being the best, I would give them *** ** ***, MIDDLEBURG,FL

They ripped me off by not tightening my lugs and my tire almost came off on the freeway! Did not turn my rotors or inform me I needed new ones just told me that the noise I heard was from "the shoes needing to be adjusted" MY TRUCK HAS DISKS! The guy yelled at me and told me he was doing me a favor! Horrible customer service on top of outrageous prices and crappy work! Let me not forget to mention I went there for a total of 4 days totaling 9 hours in wait time and my alignment was off my truck veers right!

Put the wrong size tire on my van after verifing the size of all 4 tiresWhen I return they tried to charge me $5.00 more to put the rigt size onI went to the business on 3/11/16. I told I wanted to purchase a used tire. He looked at all the tires to makes sure they were the same size, and the were. The size was 225/60/16. I asked him how much the tire would be, he said $35.00. I said okay, and they put the tire on. I come home, my husband looked at the and saw it was the wrong size. I went back and told them. They said okay, but then one of the men came over and said I would have to pay $5.00 more. I told him that I paid the price for the tire already and I would not be paying any more. He said okay. Later he came back and they would not put the correct size on unless I paid the $5.00. I told him that that was not fair or right because they had messed up by putting the wrong tire and plus I had to come back up there. I asked for the manager, he said he was the manager. I then asked for the owner. So I began to walk to find the office. I asked another worker who the owner was, he [redacted], so I asked him to get him for me. As I waited another worker had got the tire that was taken off the van and begin to put it back on. I told him to wait until I talked to [redacted]. [redacted] came and said it would be $5.00 more. I told him that was not right. I told I paid the price that was given to me for the 225/60/16 tire. He told me it cost him $5.00 more and I wiuld have to pay too . I told him this was my first time there and I would not be back. Then he told the worker to put my tire back on and for me to take my business some where else. I then told them to give me $5.00 since I had to come back because of their error. I then told him my son wiulfmd driving the van that night so I would pay the $5.00, he said no. He gave me a refund. They put the tire on and I left.Desired SettlementI wiuld like a free tire that is the correct size and an apology. I would also like for them to train their employees to the correct prices for their tires. Business Response On March 11, 2016 Mrs. [redacted] came to our establishment for one used tire. The tire size on her vehicle was 225/60R16, which we sell used for $40.00. The Tire Tech that checked her tires did inform her of the price prior to installing the tire. The Tire Tech began to work on Mrs. [redacted]'s vehicle and after he had dismounted the old tire off the rim he was pulled away and another tech finished the job. The new tech began to work on an empty rim and instead of a 225/60R16 the new tech put on a 205/65R16 which we sell for $35.00. When it came time for Mrs. [redacted] to be checked out, the new tech cashed out Mrs. [redacted] for a 205/65R16 which totaled to $37.36 after tax. At this point in time Mrs. [redacted] was aware she was originally quoted $40.00 and did not correct any one, but paid for the tire and went on her way. Then when she got home her husband noticed that the tire she bought was the wrong size and she returned the same day.When she returned she approached one of our managers and let him know that the wrong size tire was put on her vehicle and she wanted it swapped out for the correct size. He informed her that would not be a problem and went to the vehicle to begin correcting the mistake. After checking the vehicle for the correct tire size he realized that there was a $5.00 difference between the tire size she purchased and the tire size that came on the vehicle. When the manager informed Mrs. [redacted] of the price difference of $5.00 she said that she would not be paying the difference, that she wanted us to put the correct size tire on and let her go. The manager said he would have to go speak to someone above him about that. Our manger approached the owner and informed him of the situation; the owner said that she would have to pay the $5.00 difference if she wanted the correct size put on her vehicle or she could get her old tire put back on and receive a full refund.When the manager returned to Mrs. [redacted] he gave her 2 options that the owner offered. She could pay the additional $5.00 and get the correct size used tire on her vehicle, or we could put on the original tire she came in with and refund her money in full. She was not happy with this outcome and became upset requesting to speak to the owner herself. When the owner came out he tried to reason with her and explain why she had to pay the $5.00 difference, but at this point Mrs. [redacted] was too upset to be reasoned with and became very nasty and vulgar towards the manager and owner. At this point the owner decided that it would be best for all parties involved if we just put on Mrs. Mitchel's original tire that she came in with, refund her money and allow her to take her business elsewhere. Hearing this, Mrs. [redacted] then calmed down and agreed to pay the additional $5.00. Unfortunately, the owner informed her that due to her attitude and language towards our employees paying the additional $5.00 was no longer an option. We put on her original tire, refunded her money and Mrs. [redacted] left.We repeatedly apologized to Mrs. [redacted] about the mix up and refunded her money in full. Consumer Response I have read the response, and it not entirely correct. I was told that the tire size was 225/60/16 and the cost was $35.00. I would not have agreed to put a different size on the van after asking the person to verify the sizes of all 4 tires to make sure they match. Had I been told $40.00, I would have paid $40.00. All I wanted was the correct size put on. My thing was they made a mistake with tire and the price, so correct it and let me go on with my day and don't ask me for any more money. Like I told the manager, it cost me to drive back there for something that I thouhgt was done. The manager was very rude and demanding and he never apologized at all. Of course, I was upset with the treatment I got after having to come back for their error. I feel they should have corrected their error and let me go on my way. Yes, I wanted them take care of the matter immediately, my son had to go to work. Then the manager's look and actions were as to intimidate me in some way. I need them to provide a tire and an apology, because their actions wrong and totally unnecessary.

This business sold and installed a thread bare tire on my vehicle on 9/1/15. On 8/29/15 I went to this business and bought my first tire for the same price and it was a good used tire. The second one they installed just 3 days later is not of the same quality and should never been installed on anyone's vehicle. This is a safety issue and they know it could not pass State inspection standards. When I complained about the tire they told me there was nothing they could or would do to assist me.Desired SettlementI want another good used tire or my $25 back and their bad tire removed at their expense.Business Response To whom it may concern; On 8/29 Mrs. [redacted] came in and specifically requesting a $25 tire. We explain to all of our customers, Mrs. [redacted] included, that $25 tires are only something we offer if the customer is truly in a bad financial place in order to get them by. These tires are of low tread depth and usually do not have much useful life left. She said that all she had was $25 and she needed the tire. On 9/1 Mrs. [redacted] returned requesting a $25 tire again. We did as she requested and mounted and balanced a $25 tire onto her vehicle. After she paid, she went to look at the tire and was unhappy with the quality. She wanted to keep comparing the quality of the tire she purchased on 8/29 for $25 with the quality of the tire she purchased 9/1. At this point the manager went to look at the tire sold on 8/29 and realized that Mrs. [redacted] was sold a high grade $35 tire for $25 in error. We explained to her that the tire she purchased on 8/29 was actually a high tread tire that she should have paid $35 for, but somehow there was an oversight and she was given a $35 tire for $25. We informed her that she received a $35 tire for $25 the previous day and she could keep it and we would honor the employee's error, but could not give her another tire of that grade at that price. She requested and insisted on a $25 which is what we provided. She wanted us to give her another $35 tire for $25 and it is not something we would be able to do again. We offered to take off the tire and replace it with her old one and fully refund her money, but she declined and told us she would not be returning. At this point the only thing we can offer Mrs. [redacted] is for her to purchase the tire from another establishment and give us back the tire she purchased on 9/1 and we can fully refund her money.

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