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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
Since my last response to the, my tire light has come back on againI returned my vehicle to the Dodge dealership and they removed the TPMS sensor that was put on by Tire MartIt is the belief of Dodge that the aftermarket part that Tire Mart put on is the source of the problemDodge has replaced it with a factory part and believes this issue will finally be resolved. I have attached copy of invoice from Dodge. Per their previous response, Tire Mart has agreed to refund $plus tax if I return their hardwareDue to this new information, I am willing to take them up on this offerPlease advise if I should go to Tire Mart myself or handle this through Revdex.comThanks, *** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.Please see attched information
*** ***

I am writing in response to the last letter I have received from youThe letter was in regards to Mr*** seeking advice from you the as to what he should do in response to returning the sensor and getting refunded. Mr*** has stated previously that he does not want to be contacted by our company, so we will respect that and not do so. My question is that in the same of Mr***, what will you have us do. As well, attached is an estimate of the refund, as long as we receive our hardware back Thanks, Derek H***,                 I am writing to you today in response to case [redacted]. I appreciate the opportunity to elaborate upon the complaint filed by Mr. [redacted] in regard to the repair upon his 2014 Dodge...

Durango.                 On August 23, 2017, Mr. [redacted] came into our Batesville location with complaint that his 2014 Dodge Durango was indicating a system fault within the tire pressure monitoring system.  I indicated that there may be a low tire pressure situation or the probability of one of the sensors malfunctioning. With this being said, I wrote up the repair order and stated that I would contact him by phone when we confirmed the complaint and recommended repair.                 Upon pulling the vehicle in, we confirmed that a system malfunction was present and that one of the sensors was reading 0 psi.  At this point, the next step was to get out my TPM-RKE Analyzer Tool and confirm the position of the malfunctioning sensor.  Upon scanning each wheel assembly location, I was able to confirm that the passenger rear tire pressure sensor had malfunctioned and was no longer transmitting data properly to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and that this sensor was in need of replacement.  Upon confirmation, I was in contact with Mr. [redacted] and explained our recommended fix of replacing the faulty sensor with a new re-programmed sensor.  I stated that we could get the sensor transmitting properly and installed for $84.15, in which we were given permission to do so.                 Upon installation, according to the Mitchell1 database, which derives all repair data directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, which in this case was Dodge. Stated, that the vehicle must be driven for a minimum of 10-20 minutes while maintaining a speed of 15mph (24km/h). During this time, the system will learn the new sensor ID code and will clear any DTCs automatically.  Upon following the re-learn procedure put in place by the manufacturer, the sensor populated the pressure data within the Data Information Center (DIC) and was reading the correct pressure.  Although all four sensors were properly reading their pressures, a malfunction indicator lamp was still present, which would indicate some sort of communication error within the tire pressure monitoring system internally, which was not part of our repair procedure upon replacing the faulty TPMS sensor.  I did however utilize our TPM-RKE Analyzer Tool in an attempt to clear the DTCs with no result.                 Upon Mr. [redacted] picking his vehicle up, I stated to him that all (4) sensors were now properly transmitting data but there was still a malfunction internally within the system.  I stated that possibly we didn’t drive it long enough, and that according to the re-learn procedures set in place by Dodge, that possibly it would go out after a longer duration of driving.  I also indicated that if the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) was not cleared after Dodge’s drive re-learn procedure then he may have to go to the dealer to have the system scanned to see what internal issue there was.                 On August 31, 2017, Mr. [redacted] came back into our location with the complaint that he had a low tire and that there was still a malfunction within the system.  He also stated that he had visited a Dodge dealership in which they stated that a drive re-learn was not necessary and that it required a special tool, in which they would charge between $40-80 to hook up.  I stated to Mr. [redacted] that the information presented by the Dodge dealership was not accurate, because I have access to the same repair data that they do through my repair database.  I informed Mr. [redacted] that I would put a new sensor in the wheel assembly once again, just in case there were some kind of fault with the sensor.  In addition to replacing the sensor we repaired the tire.  Upon replacing the sensor, we performed the drive re-learn, as well as using our TPM-RKE Analyzer Tool (special tool Dodge stated we did not have) and ended with the same result of all the sensors reading proper pressures with the DIC, but that a MIL was still present. Upon pick up, it was explained to Mr. [redacted] that a scan tool (not the same as TPM-RKE Analyzer Tool) would need to be hooked up and see what the underlying issue within the system were.                 A couple days after I had last seen Mr. [redacted], I received a phone call from him stating that the Dodge dealership had charged him $67.42 to scan and clear any DTCs within the system.  He stated that he wanted a store credit of this amount, in which I declined.  However, I did offer to refund his initial $84.15 for the sensor and installation, but I needed the hardware (sensor) back in order to do so.  Mr.  [redacted] stated that this did not help him a bit, and it didn’t seem like I was willing to make the issue right.  Soon after this statement was made, the phone got silent, in which I stayed on the line for 15-20 sec with no response from the other side, in which I assumed Mr. [redacted] hung up the phone.                 With all due respect to Mr. [redacted] and this unfortunate issue, Tire Mart performed the necessary repairs to insure safe functionality of his vehicle and provided thorough explanation of any and all needed repairs. Mr. [redacted] was then properly directed as to additional steps necessary to resolve the issue with the warning light that continued to present itself after the repairs. Mr. [redacted] compensated Tire Mart properly for the repairs necessary to insure safe functionality, and the Dodge dealership was compensated properly for the necessary clearing of the MIL to insure the warning light was no longer present.                 Again, we appreciate the opportunity to clarify what was accurately done to insure Mr. [redacted] was properly and effectively cared for as a customer of Tire Mart.                 Should you have any further questions or inquiries with regard to this issue feel free to contact me at your convenience. Thank you,   Derek H[redacted] 812-934-2502

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Address: 300 North Lee Street, Kingsland, Georgia, United States, 31548


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