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RE: Complaint ID #*** The French Quarry’s position in regards to the A***s complaint is unchanged Further conversations with our insurer, *** *** *** revealed that the A***s have provided no medical documentation to actually substantiate their claims, and that the claim representative’s investigation has found no liability on the part of The French Quarry The letter denying the A***s claim is attached. As mentioned in The French Quarry’s initial response, the Agers’ were very pleased upon completion of the install and they noted as such on their signoff (attached) They were also very well informed of all procedures as noted and initialed by them at our template appointment (attached) Upon our follow up call, we responded immediately when notified that we had an inconsistent splash length, and our offers to address any concern about dust were declined Three months passed before any other contact occurred In this time the A***rs removed their own flooring and were in the midst of having concrete dry ground in their house The attached copy of the A***rs’ complaint letter to *** *** indicates a general sense of dissatisfaction with their entire remodel experience The feedback in that letter regarding The French Quarry greatly contrasts their feedback surrounding the actual installTheir claims are sensational and at several points inaccurate. The French Quarry takes customer satisfaction and service very, very seriously We go to great lengths and expense to assure that our customers feel wonderful about their countertops each and every day they use them We are a company that thrives on positive feedback, referrals, and an overall happy customer Unfortunately, in this case The French Quarry feels that the A***rs are not satisfiable Claims for lifetime healthcare compensation, full refunds, and unheard of dollar amounts in punitive damages are unreasonable, inappropriate, and vastly over-reaching We don’t feel that it’s in the interest of good customer service or good business to appease such demands. Nick G***Customer ServiceThe French Quarry*** *** *** *** ***
*** ** *** *** office*** *** fax***

I fat fingered the amount as I was going to put for the amountSorry about that as I need to double check my writing.I will accept the amount of as of which we paid but I do not accept their explanation of them cutting in my home and not cleaning it upWhen the A*** called The French Quarry about environmental impact in our home and in our lungs the company said that they did not know of anyThey do not require their employees to wear protective safety equipmentThey did not said that the silica dust would go everywhere and it didThe French Quarry cut the counter tops in the my home and *** *** requires them to cut outside the homeSilica dust was everywhere.We did not turn The French Quarry away from cleaning out home as they refused to do so but *** *** paid for the cleaningI have had round of antibiotics as I feel it is because of the silica dust that we had to clean up and we had to endure the dust thru out our home.I inserted a picture of one pre-cut counter top and a picture of one round of antibiotics.The French Quarry did have to come back to my home as they had to cut another back splash because it was 3/inch too short.Bottom line is The French Quarry cut the counter tops in my home and they did not clean up under the countertops nor did they clean my home as dust was everywhere possible.

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait until for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

The install of two shower surrounds and two tile shower floors at the *** Residence was contracted through *** ***, the general contractor for Mr***, on 11/19/ Throughout the process The French Quarry has encountered many challenges, both internal and external
While all of our slab and cladding surface work is executed with in house employees, we do subcontract tile work Unfortunately for all involved, a previously reliable and quality tile contractor failed to perform in an adequate of timely manner This contractor is no longer used by The French Quarry as a result After this delay, we brought out another contractor to expedite the tile areas which proved to be substandard Some areas of tile were removed due to inconsistent pitch, and some areas had to be removed so the general contractor’s plumber could reset his drains, as one was deemed to be clocked poorly and another was not level Following our initial delay, The French Quarry has responded to each of the general contractor’s tile concerns in a very timely manner It’s my understanding that an issue exists in the master bathroom shower We have been trying, with all flexibility, to arrange a meeting with the general contractor since 3/31/to attain an understanding of the issue, how it relates to the floor tile, and what we need to do to remedy it The general contractor has not been able to provide us a meeting time or any other information The material the homeowner chose for the shower wall cladding was *** This is a thin natural stone product which is adhered to a metal type of backer board It is a product with some limitations, one of which is size It comes in 60”X96” sheets The ***’s house has approximately 97” tall ceilings The design on the shower called for a curbless shower floor with no buildup of the floor pan The detail on the shower also called for three vertical deco bands of tile, rather than horizontal This requires that the wall cladding material spans the entire distance from the floor to the ceiling The material chosen was simply not long enough to do this This fact was made abundantly clear to the general contractor at all points The French Quarry was told that the homeowner wanted the gap left by the too short material to be at the bottom of the wall, as they wanted clean lines at the ceiling with no trim of any kind We very strongly objected to that plan as it would greatly complicate the sealing and trim out of that gap We wanted leave the gap at the ceiling and fabricate and install a sort of crown molding to hide it The contractor insisted on their position and we installed the material as requested When it came time install some type of trim to cover the gap, we provided samples of color and material for the homeowner to approve Upon installation they decided that it was too thick and that they didn’t want it We then had a meeting with the general contractor to discuss options The French Quarry proposed beveling the existing material to lessen the thick appearance of the chosen quartz, or perhaps running the floor tile up to the bottom of the wall cladding The general contractor stated that those ideas were not feasible to the homeowner, and that the preferred option was to remove the existing material, cut the existing cladding, remove the backing material, and further cut the height of the wall cladding so the existing material could be recessed into the wall providing the appearance of a thinner material The French Quarry very strongly objected to this course of action We protested that it would compromise the watertight nature of the wall and that we would only be able to cut the wall cladding by hand, resulting in a less than perfect cut surface The general contractor insisted that it was the only course that would be aesthetically acceptable to the homeowner, and that they would take responsibility for the water issues should they arise We agreed that if we did cut the wall cladding to recess the trim material then there would be a +/- 1/8” variance in the cut Once again, the contractor insisted on their position and we did the work as requested. As previously stated this has been a very challenging project The French Quarry is not without fault regarding some of the issues We indeed fell short with our first tile contractor We regret how that hindered the schedule for both our company and other areas on the project, and hope that bringing in a new contractor has helped to mitigate any issues Unfortunately the sales representative noted in the complaint did not provide stellar customer service at all points There appears dissatisfaction regarding nature of the *** material and the selection process It is incumbent upon the sales representative to provide the customer the opportunity or information required to select their material if it comes from an outside sourceIf no selection is made we use the material that the supplier provides, assuming that the client is familiar with what they are getting While it should be noted in this case that the mentioned “cracked” slabs are typical of that color *** (they have fissuring running perpendicular to the colored veining), it is always prudent to know that the client has seen the material before it is fabricated and installed Our representative was taken off this job by the first of the year, and is no longer employed by The French Quarry In the larger picture, despite these shortcomings, we feel we have endeavored to provide exactly what the general contractor has asked for Against our better judgment we have deferred to their design and execution ideas, and now find it very disappointing to see the resulting issues framed as poorly performed work It appears that not everyone is on the same page in terms of what the facts are “on the ground.” We have been waiting for four weeks to meet with the general contractor to gain a better understanding of what issues remain We would very much like to resolve anything that we have a part in, have our balance settled, and attain a sense of closure on this job. Nick G***Customer Service ManagerThe French Quarry*** *** *** *** ***
*** ** *** *** ***
*** *** fax***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID *** and
have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]I spoke with Maria from the company after receiving the company's responseShe acknowledged that they made a mistake and confused our reservation with someone else'sI asked for a full refundShe said she could look into it and would get back to meShe still has not returned my call.
*** ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I have not received any verification of what the business states. If he has consented to the return of the funds to my credit card company, then he should show proof. At this point, my credit card company has no record of said return of funds. 

Client initiated a charge back, notified the State Attorney General and placed a claim to prior to notifying us of an issue. Client has been refunded and we have nothing further to do with this issue.Best regards,Bob J[redacted]

The client called Maria in our office to reschedule. We are completely confused by this complaint and ask the client to please contact our office manager Maria.Thank you.[redacted]

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Address: 3380 Sheridan Dr # 325, Amherst, New York, United States, 14226-1439


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