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10565 Civic Center Drive #160, Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States, 91730

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• Nov 24, 2021

Difficult to cancel
I have been trying to cancel for a few weeks. I’ve called several times to find out when the cancellation will take effect but I keep getting told that they will contact me.

I’m afraid of what it will cost me to cancel but I have no choice; if further delaying occurs then I will be forced to block the payments to them.

This is the letter I sent to Titanium Security
December 30, 2019

Titanium LLC
Attn: *** CEO

RE: Titanium LLC's Breach of Contract

Dear ***;

I am disgusted with your Customer Services Representatives ? this gal would not give her last name or her employee number to turn her in. *** was her first name. She said that she was the direct supervisor over Customer Service that she didn't have supervisor over her. She was very rude, interrupted us throughout entire conversation, would not listen.

1. We have a contract signed and dated August 03, 2017.
2. Our contract states we will pay $69.99 for 60 months.
3. Our payment is now up to $90.49.
4. Our bank statement shows this payment came out December 16, 2019.
5. We were never notified of an increase, never wanted any increases.
6. We are on a very strict budget and Titanium is blowing it up.
7. We do not want any protection plan, or any increase of any kind.
8. Do you know any family member could have agreed to that plan in this house back in 2018 or for that matter any neighbor kid that was here with our kids could have answered the phone thinking it would be funny. Titanium LLC could have tricked me into this plan if I had been awakened by the phone.
9. There is no signed document for the protection plan. We don't want it.
10. When a company agrees to a signed contracted amount it's a legal binding agreement.
11. We don't want any technician out ? he will be turn away at the door. Our system has been off for a very long time because it would make horrible noises day or night and when we called about Titanium LLC, they could not give us an answer, so it stays off.
12. We needed to get security videos of the Earthquakes we experienced out here in July, Titanium could not direct me to get those, we had to call the company that made the recorder to get them online.
13. We don't trust Titanium LLC anymore; we don't want to ever deal with this Titanium LLC ever again. I don't care what or why your company has to pay taxes ? don't add them to your CUSTOMER'S binding agreement of $69.99 for 60 months.


*** and ***

Desired Outcome

Contact by the Business Return Equipment there is no loyalty with Titanium Security - can't afford them with their breach of contract going up from 69.99 to 90.49

Titanium Response • Mar 05, 2020

We have been in contact with the consumer. We have agreed to lower the consumer monthly rate. Should the consumer have further questions or concerns, she was provide with direct a direct phone number to get in contact with a manager.

Signed a 3 year contract with the company and approximately 2 years in, they decided to raise my rates.
Signed a 3 year contract with the company and approximately 2 years in, they decided to raise my rates. I contacted titanium LLC customer service and was informed that the contract I signed stated that they could raise their price anytime they choose. Seems like a complete consumer malpractice suite too me ... I mean what good is a contract that holds you to 3 years on an agreed upon price yet they can increase it anytime?

Desired Outcome

Early termination of contract due to rise in cost. Furthermore refund of months paid at higher price.

Titanium Response • Mar 17, 2020

We have been in contact with the consumer. We have agreed to decrease the consumer monthly rate and *** has accepted the offer.

I had Titiuiam around june I was told by the sales representative ***. If I switch over they will pay off my guardian bill I owe1.900 now
*** from Titiuiam sales man

Desired Outcome

Stated they will pay off my other alarm system. Bii if i purchased thete which is guardian protection been calling they been telling me they will send a check but dont that is un professional for being a big company they dont care about there business customers when you sign the contract

Titanium Response • Mar 17, 2020

We have attempted to reach out to the consumer. At this time we will wait for the consumer to return our call.


Desired Outcome

I want my services to be cancel and i want an refund for the over charge going back 10 months

Titanium Response • Mar 05, 2020

Our company has met with the consumer and the consumer has agreed to a new agreement. The consumer is no longer interested in cancelling his account.

Customer Response • Mar 05, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
They reduce my bill to 10 a month for the next year

Titanium is fraudulently charging my husband credit card without my or his authorization. I am not set up for autopay
Titanium keeps charging my husband credit card and it's not authorized. When I set up the account with Titanium they agreed that I would not be on autopay. I spoke to a very rude customer service manager last week who assured me that the card will be removed off file and will not be charged again after the 1st unauthorized charge and yet they charge me on the 31st. Its against the law to charge a credit card several times and not be authorized.

Desired Outcome

I want them to put in writing the credit card on file has been removed. If they continue not to honor their contract, I will cancel for breach of contract on Titanium end.

Titanium Response • Jan 23, 2020

We have been in contact with consumer. We have reassured consumer that her husband credit card has been removed from her account. The consumer is set on manual billing and will not have billing issues moving forward. Should the consumer have any questions or issues in the future, she has been emailed direct contact information.

Customer Response • Feb 03, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I reject because on February 1st Titanium charged another card on my account that was unauthorized after assuring me my account was not set up on auto pay as you see from the customer service manager above. I talked to the customer service manager and told her I would send checks in the future for payments. One check for payment has cleared so not sure why Titanium would charge my card again and again without my permission. They are clearly violating the customers rights and is conducting fraudulent activity.

Titanium Response • Mar 17, 2020

The consumer case has been taken care of. *** has been set up on manual billing and all debit/credit cards have been removed from her account.

Since signing with Titanium for service their monthly fee has increased twice with no notification prior. Currently being billed *** more monthly.
When I signed for service, leaving my prior alarm company ADT, I was guaranteed the rate of *** would never increase during the length of the contract. Since signing up in October there have been two increases to the monthly fee. When I first saw the increase I called customer service and spoke with *** who told me the company was allowed to increase rates based on the market with no notification. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she told me she was the supervisor. I requested a copy of my SIGNED agreement be sent to me and was told someone would get back to me. No one called me back.
I noticed the second increase in October now paying *** I again called customer service who told me the company is allowed to increase rates without notifying customers. I again requested a copy of my signed contract and was forwarded to another department. The woman I spoke with said she noticed the large increase and would speak with her manager. I was put on hold and told the amount would go back to the agreed upon rate on my next statement. I thanked her and requested a copy of my signed contract be sent to me. She said it would be no problem, took my email address and informed me a copy would be sent within minutes. I received no copy. Two days later I was emailed a new contract with the new rate of *** and requested I sign and return the document. I immediately responded sharing I had requested the original contract which shows the agreed monthly fee of ***
Since dealing with this company it has been nothing but back and forth empty promises. All I simply want is for my bill to remain *** If they cannot provide the original signed contract I do not see how it is possible they can continue billing me and wish to be released from their services.

Desired Outcome

I have requested on several different occasions a copy of my signed agreement where according to them it states they can increase monthly charges without notice. I am willing to continue paying my agreed rate of *** monthly. If Titanium LLC cannot provide the signed copy of my agreement I wish to be released from their services.

Titanium Response • Mar 05, 2020

We have attempted to reach out to the consumer. At this time we will wait for the consumer to return our call.

Customer Response • Mar 06, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have received no call or written response from Titanium in response to my concerns/claim. I would appreciate further assistance in taking care of this matter.

Titanium Response • Mar 16, 2020

We have been in contact with the consumer and have came to an agreement. We will honor *** rate at $49.99 for remainder of the agreement and we applied a credit on her account for the months she was charged more than $49.99.

I switched my alarm over to Titanium a year ago on conditions that they would buy me out of my existing contract. They have failed to honor their word
I had to pay off my old alarm company because I couldn't pay 2 companies. Titanium kept telling me they would send a check to me in 2 months, 3 months etc. They kept pushing the date further back. They requested Pay off documents. I sent them the info twice. Five months ago, they told me it would be March 2020. This company took advantage of me. This is wrong!

Desired Outcome

I want Titanium to pay me the *** I had to pay off my old Alarm company that they promised to do when I enter a contract with them. Had I researched the complaints on this company in advance, I would have signed with *** or another company.

Titanium Response • Mar 17, 2020

We have been in contact with the consumer. *** is aware her buyout check is scheduled to be mailed out on 04/03/2020. Should the consumer have further questions or concerns, she has been provided with direct contact information.

Customer Response • Apr 16, 2020

On 3/13/20, I received a call from Titanium informing me that I would receive my full Buy Out payment by April 3, 2020. I did not receive the check, so I called Titanium on April 10th and was informed that they were short staffed due to COVID-19. The staff said she would check with their Accounting Dept, since it was just a matter of them cutting a check. I am a senior citizen and in desperate need of my money. This pandemic is effecting everyone, not just Titanium.

Customer Response • May 18, 2020

Thank you Titanium for my Buy Out payment received on May 8, 2020.


From October 30, 2019 until today December 11, 2019 The contract that was agreed on have not be provided. The contract should voided.
On 10/30/19 *** passed two no soliciting signs and rang my doorbell. He sold me ring doorbell, alarm system and two cameras. On 10/30/19 the ring door bell and the alarm system was installed and cameras will be installed later. After locking up that night we noticed the bathroom window had an issue. I didn't trip. A Rep. gave me a courtesy call on November 4th. to see how everything was going. I told her I didn't receive the sign for my yard and I was having issues with the alarm on the back window. She said "she will have a tech call me, to come out and fix it". No tech called. I didn't trip again. I'm a busy mom . November 13, another person called and I told them the exact same thing "no sign and back window issues" she said "she will send someone out, no one came. Now I'm mad. November 21, I call to see what the problem is , What i'm paying for, when are my cameras coming, when will my alarm get looked at and a discount on the month with out all my equipment. The young lady told me she will send someone out for the alarm and the camera tech will be at my home on Saturday, December 7, 2019 between 8 am and 12 pm. Alarm still not working. The tech comes out, blocks my driveway and was on the side of my house on the phone. I could not understand any thing he was saying, so he showed me his shirt. No badge, no label on his truck. He installed the cameras , drilled a hole in my house, set the box up and said where is your modem? He said "he didn't have a working modem extender and to go buy a from Walmart. Then call Titanium to send him back out. I said no. I called Titanium and told them about what happen an that I wanted to cancel. The young lady said "No. I had a contract" I have done my part. I agreed to have techs come out and no one called or showed up. I'm done. I want my money back and the items taken back . Also my contract amount is for 64.99 but 68.24 is being charged on my credit card. I mentioned that to the young lady on 12/7/19 and she said that wasn't happening. The tech also never gave us the app info for our phones.

Desired Outcome

I want to cancel my contract and have them come pick up their stuff. They can keep the money I already paid.

Titanium Response • Dec 27, 2019

We have been in contact with the consumer. We have offered to schedule a service to fix any issues she may have and discount her bill, but the consumer has declined both offers. If the consumer wishes to proceed with cancelling her account there is a cancellation fee per the terms of the agreement.

Customer Response • Jan 04, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I accepted there response twice with no avail. There was no reason not to accept it. No one showed up. Titanium wants three thousand and some change to cancel. No I do not accept there response. I want away from them. There response is always the same verbatim .

Titanium Response • Mar 17, 2020

We have attempted to reach out to the consumer to further discuss *** cancellation. At this time we will wait for the consumer to return our call.

Alarm system installed 1.15.19 it's not working
They installed the alarm system without honoring all 4 doors that should have app locks and use of system including 2 fobs which were not received. Garage door app functions to open and close has never worked and I've begged to let's part ways nicely as they have yet to fulfill the contract which should have never been charged to me unless it was fully operational. I want a refund of past 2 monthsand they can come pick up the syste . I want a company that does right by the clients.

Desired Outcome

They are have offered to help numerous times and no one after that visits have yet to get this right and I am done with the .

Titanium Response • Oct 02, 2019

Multiple attempts have been made to contact *** to schedule service for his system. We have been unable to make contact and have yet to received a call back. At this time we are unable to close the account without penalty however, we will continue to try to reach the customer for an amicable solution.

Customer Response • Oct 03, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I have over 60 emails asking to have my service simply correctly but 9 months later still not and I sent by email a cancellation notice and *** called and somehow convinced me to stay and they'd make it right. 1st appt they made was a no show. Told him cancel no more chance .

Titanium Response • Oct 11, 2019

At this time there are 27 months remaining in the agreement term. Several attempts were made to make contact to reschedule the previously set service appointment. At this time we can schedule a service appointment or collect the cancellation fee to terminate the account.

Customer Response • Oct 16, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The company from jan to august thats 8 months to make this right. They never got my ss # or DL from me and I did not sign a contract. any doc signed would be by their employees. I did fill out the emergency numbers and my information but no signatures and I never got a copy of the contract. I got a call asking if the install was complete and to my liking. I said no and that I will not sign until its right with the alarm fully operational. They said they would give me a month free and by the time the month came for another deduction of service that it would be working. Me being a sucker , feel for it and allowed them to leave and for months asked for help. They had a few techs try to no avail. Its October and I refuse to talk to them any further if they have a signed contract they need to contact the alarm tech who first came to install ( as you know stood me up one 1st attempted day of install and 4 hrs late on the 2nd) and didn't get it right. Again I've allowed techs in to get it right but their staff is incapable of doing it at my home. I believe per my conversation with *** that they fired him for his inability to keep appointments. *** tech failed to show on the day of appointment. I am truly sick of their excuses and demand that they cease and desist before I take legal action against them for charging without a contract, failure to perform service the install and get things right from the beginning and, and fraud if the think they have a signed contract.

Titanium Response • Dec 20, 2019

A copy of the signed monitoring agreement has been sent to the consumer via email. The cancellation terms must be met before the customer's account can be cancelled.

Customer Response • Dec 21, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As stated many times. I never signed the contract. I was not even present at the time of install but spoke via phone and told the tech that until all work is done to the extent of the contract (which is still not) I refuse to sign. Them when the 3rd tech came out and sad it didn't work, but would get someone who could was also advised I wont sign anything until its compliance with the contract. He said requires signature and I said then you sign as I cant. Neither tech was happy. The only tech who did their job was the camera people
But they said I could have had audio which I would have wanted. I am so displeased by no sales person talking to me about services at POS. To tech no showing on 1st scheduled visit and then 4 hours late on the 2nd. Over 50 emails to ***, ***, *** and day of last attempt was a no show. I was here at the time of visit. They said they called. They should have shown up. jeez. This company has bad reviews and Yelp. I wish I never called you before researching. You stole money from my account as it's not set up per the contract which is void as your staff signed them. I agree I wanted service but it's a year later and they obviously cant make my security cameras and 3 door locks ( only one works) and garage door( should be able to open and close from app but can't
)and my remote (never recieved)work. I'm disheartened by their lack of professionalism and owning up to knowing their system here is operational the way that I requested and yet can't seem to do. I told the company to come and get the equipment over 6 times. I'm done. I have nothing to say to them except stop harassing me for services not rendered.

Titanium Response • Mar 17, 2020

W have made several attempts to get in contact with ***. At this time we will wait for the consumer to return our call.

Customer Response • Mar 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I'm done talking to Titanium as they have no action to take against me. Ive offered to give everything back and they refused. They have no signed contract. They never fulfilled the agreement terms. This is all ridiculous and I'm done.

Purchased Sept 2018. Was told they would buy out old contract. Old contract has now gone to collections and still no payment. Also promised ring door
Went to LA county fare Sept 2018 approached by Rep who sold us on a promise to buy out Vivint contract and a lower price. Product was installed and closeout bill sent. Called over 20 times and always given the run-around. Vivint bill has since when to collections and on my wife's credit report. Also during moving the doorbell could not be installed, was then promised a ring door camera would be mailed it two weeks or less, almost 2 months and still nothing. Each time we call, we are given excuse after excuse.

Desired Outcome

We would like the business to pay the buyout as they promised, provide the door bell camera as promised and stop treating their customers with disrepect.

Titanium Response • Mar 21, 2019

Titanium has issued a issued a credit towards the account for the amount of time the consumer has not had the ring doorbell since their reinstallation. A ring doorbell appointment has been scheduled for 3/22 arrival time of 8am-12pm and the buyout check for the consumer's previous alarm provider was mailed out on 3/19/19. If there is anything further the consumer requires, we encourage them to contact our Customer Service Department at their earliest convenience. Thank you.

I ordered a product and then changed mind and requested to not have it installed. I emailed and left phone messages for the sales & customer service. I requested to video cameras added onto our original alarm service .I agreed to the service however called back a week later and asked to not have them installed .the installer never showed up on the 10/19/2018 to install the video cameras but then I was charged a monthly service fee and was told by Wells Fargo that I could not dispute the charge with them . I have placed over 5 calls to the sales department sent requests for customer service to return my phone calls and no response .

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) A refund of the charge of 24.99 and a cancellation of all future charges

Titanium Response • Nov 07, 2018

Titanium will be cancelling this account out without any financial obligations, effective immediately and will provide the consumer with the refund they are requesting. Thank you.

Lack of any type of service that was promised in Apr 2018. Organization does not care about their ratings or customer satisfaction.In late Apr 2018 we were promised by the orgs rep, of services that would be performed an payment to stop previous security system. Several attempts were made to get key FOBs which took over 4 months to receive, equipment that does not operate or function as advertised. Organization is rude, disrespectful, and does not care if any service is rendered. The rep that contacted my wife stated that "you signed a contract and your not getting out of it". This organization expects to be paid for services not performed and faulty equipment.

Desired Outcome

Other (requires explanation) The contract to be ended immediately, refund of money paid for services not rendered, restoration of home prior to their employees put in any equipment.

Titanium Response • Nov 06, 2018

The consumer's spouse submitted a complaint on 10/01/16 and the following response was submitted by Titanium: Titanium scheduling representatives spoke with the consumer on 10/05/18 and offered to waive the past due balance along with service fee with an immediate service appointment; the consumer declined this offer. The consumer mentioned a monthly rate drop and free months offered by her Sales Representative which we are willing to honor however we cannot send a technician to the consumer's home and credit the account if the consumer is not willing to accept our resolution. Titanium's last attempt to contact the consumer was today; we are more than willing to assist the consumer with all issues but we need their cooperation. *** The complaint was closed as the consumer did not respond and Titanium reached out once again on 11/1/18 and spoke with both the consumer and their spouse regarding a resolution. The consumer was unwilling to accept an appointment nor a credit as a resolution. Titanium is happy to send a technician out to rectify all issues however the consumer made it clear they were not interested in any offer and were made aware of the cancellation fees they would be facing should they should to cancel and close the account. Thank you.

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Address: 10565 Civic Center Drive #160, Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States, 91730


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