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TLC Legal Services Inc A Professional Law Corporation

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I went to Tenant Legal Center for help with problems I was having with my management company. After residing at my duplex at [redacted] in [redacted] for 14 1/2 years, [redacted] had started eviction proceedings against me. Prior to any eviction proceeding, months before I had called Tenant Legal Center for advice and the receptionist at the time was extremely understanding and helpful. I decided to sign up with Tenant Legal Center because the person that was taking the calls was so patient, understanding, and caring.

I would first have to pay a consultation fee of $100, then after paying a consultation fee I needed to fill out some paper work and speak with the paralegal. In order for the attorney [redacted] to take my case against the big management company [redacted] Management I would need to pay the first installment of $425.00 I then was able to go into [redacted]'s office and speak with him. At which time [redacted] asked me what outcome did I want, I then proceeded to respond saying I just wanted to keep my house. Mr. [redacted] then said ok and proceeded to give me several pieces of paper,that had several columns where I needed to write down the poor conditions of the duplex. He wanted me to be specific. and give as much detail as possible, list everything that was wrong with my place in each column, then, on what date did I tell the management company, how did I notify the management company-ect. and what was the end result. Basically he said the more information I can provide him. the better it would be for my case. I also had 1 week to pay him the final installment of another $500, in order for him to proceed. I had provided him pictures along with the paper work. I was having trouble with the paper work, so that did take me some time to complete. There was very little room in all the columns and I was supposed to be very detailed, as well as providing pictures.

In all honesty it was difficult for me to come up with that money but I ended up paying the last installment. Mr. [redacted] was very very abrupt and at times even downright disrespectful, I was afraid to ask him any questions. I ended up leaving his office in tears, on one occasion. He said to me when we were a less 2 weeks from going to court to get another lawyer.when I would start to ask him questions. It seemed that all he cared about was getting his money, because at the time he told me to get another lawyer, I still owed him another $400. Mr, [redacted] was usually very abrupt and even condesending at times. People that worked for him were even intimidated by him.

On the day we went to court I got there early, I was joined by 2 friends of mine one who is a lawyer. Mr. [redacted] arrived with just a few minutes to spare where I can give him the paper work and all the pictures showing the shabby conditions of my place. He briefly looked over the paper work then went over to the other side to show them the paper work. When he approached me again he very abruptly said what is your decision. The friend of mine who is a lawyer, said to him boy your a tough one aren't you, once she introduced herself as an attorney he then pulled her aside to talk to her and he showed her respect. His staff was also many times intimidated by him. The receptionist that originally helped me and was the reason I decided to use Tenant Legal Center was fired by [redacted], probably because he spoke up to him about the poor treatment he gives to potential clients,and clients. My problem is I paid over $1000 I was intimidated, I was disrespected, I even had a lot of work to present to Mr. [redacted], which I did. Even after feeling pressured to make the decision to move out of my place, or pay $5000 by the end of the week, I don't feel like all my questions were answered, to know that the management company cannot retaliate even if I decide to sue them. I did continue to get letters from the management company even after I moved out. I did try to call Tenant Legal Center but was never able to talk to anyone. I was told they would gladly take my case to sue [redacted] for another $950.

I feel this has to be brought to the attention of the, so they can address this issue. Clients should not pay money and then feel disrespected and intimidated by their attorney. I am sure I am not the only client that has had this experience. It has been over a year and I hesitated to file this complaint but I feel this needed to be addressed so this does not continue to happen to others.

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Description: Attorneys & Lawyers

Address: 5252 Balboa Ave #408, San Diego, California, United States, 92117


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