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TNT Auto Salon L.L.C

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On August 3rd, 2012 I had my car windows tinted at TNT. Following the tinting appointment, there is a 3 day period where the windows cannot be rolled down since the tint needs adequate time to dry. It wasn't until I was able to roll my windows down on the following Monday that I realized that the tint job was not up to par with what you would expect from a professional window tinting company. There were large gaps between the edge of the window and the tint, and the tint was not lined up with the edge of the window, and the corners were jagged instead of rounded.

I contacted TNT on Monday, August 6th to inform them of the sub-par tinting job. [redacted] (the bookkeeper) answered and stated that they would be willing to re-tint the windows in question but they would not be able to get me in for two weeks. I stated that would be fine, and so on August 17th, 2012 I brought my vehicle back into TNT to have the windows re-tinted.

The following Monday, when the tint was dry, I rolled the windows down to further inspect the re-tinted windows, and to my dismay I realized that the windows were still not of the quality you would expect from a professional window tinting service. The corners were still jagged, and when the windows were rolled down there was a portion of the window that was not tinted at all.

I contacted TNT on August 20th and asked to speak with the [redacted] told me that they do not have a [redacted], but that I could speak with the [redacted]. I agreed, and a few hours later I received a phone call from [redacted], the [redacted]. I explained my issue from the beginning and he stated that he had not been familiar with the matter, but if I would like, he would attempt to re-tint the windows but could not guarantee that they could do any better without removing the windows completely from the vehicle. And removing the window is not a common practice for them. At this point, I had already missed over 6 hours of work over the issue, between the 3 hours spent waiting for the tint to be applied, and re-applied, and the time spend driving. Since they had messed up the tint job two times, I really did not want them working on my vehicle anymore. I told [redacted] that I would be more comfortable going somewhere else to have the windows re-tinted, and I told him I wanted a refund.

[redacted]'s tone changed and he said that he wasn't even sure exactly what was wrong with the tint job since he wasn't involved either time the vehicle was in there. He said that he would need to see the vehicle in person before he could even discuss the issue further. I explained that his shop is a 45 minute drive from my home and place of employment, and that I would prefer to send him the photos by email and go from there. I told him I would send them right away and asked if he could look at the photos and give me a call right back. He said that he was leaving for the day and I would have to wait until the next day to hear back from him. I told him that it shouldn't take more than a couple minutes and asked him if he could look at the photos quick and call back, to which he agreed.

I did not hear back from [redacted] that day and it wasn't until Tuesday afternoon that I decided to call [redacted] back. When I called, [redacted] answered and when he realized it was me he became rude and defensive. He said that he had looked at the photos and agreed that the windows were not up to par. He then asked me if I tint windows for a living. I stated I did not, and he said that I did not understand the logistics of tinting a car window. I told him that I know how car windows are tinted and asked what I did not understand. I have had several vehicles tinted in the past and never had these issues. He basically stated that it was a difficult window to tint. After some back and forth, and a very unprofessional tone I would never expect from a business [redacted] who is speaking to a customer making a complaint, he finally agreed that he would remove the tint from my vehicle and refund my money.

He then told me that he would not be able to remove the tint from my vehicle for at least 2 weeks. I told him that I had already waited two weeks for an appointment the last time they messed up, and was not willing to wait another two weeks. He said they were booked up, to which I replied that sometimes as a business [redacted] you have to move things around, and stay a little late to make sure that you can rectify a customer’s bad service experience with good customer service. I truly believe that waiting the two weeks the first time they messed up was acceptable, but when the tint is not put on correctly a second time, they should be willing to remove the tint in a more timely manner. He refused to work with me, so realizing I could not get any further at the time, I hung up with him.

After getting off the phone I immediately took my car to another window tinting place here in [redacted] and had them look at the work. They agreed that the job was not up to par, and even pointed out some bubbles in the tint that I didn’t even notice. They stated that TNT was most likely rushing through the job. So instead of fixing their mistakes, they likely just leave them in hopes that the customer won’t know better, or won’t take the time to complain. After getting confirmation from other professionals that the job was not up to par I decided to set up an appointment with the new tint shop for the following Friday to have the windows re-tinted.

I then tried contacting [redacted] again to see if he had calmed down at all, in hopes that he would move my tint removal up in the schedule. The job would take an hour at the most. Unfortunately, I was unable to contact [redacted] the rest of the week. I called the shop every day that week, leaving messages with [redacted], and even sending an email trying to reach out to him. It was obvious he was ignoring me, and I had a feeling that I was not going to hear from them again. It was clear they were hoping I would just go away.

When Friday came around, and I had not heard from [redacted], I made the decision to have the other shop remove the tint from my vehicle and re-tint the windows. As mentioned above, I felt (and still feel) strongly that I shouldn’t have to wait to have my tint removed after them getting it wrong two times in a row. Especially since I had already waited two weeks after the first time they messed the tint up. The second time they make a mistake it should be at their time and expense to remove the tint in a timely manner. I also ultimately decided I did not want them working on my car anymore at all anyways, so this was the best option for me.

So the new tint shop removed the old tint from TNT and applied the new tint to the vehicle. It turned out exactly as I would expect from a professional and it confirmed to me that the job TNT did was just not adequate.

On Monday the 27th, after a lengthy email to [redacted] and [redacted], I finally received a response from them through email. They were asking me to schedule a day to remove the tint. I replied and told them that I had had my tint removed elsewhere and that I just needed my refund from them. [redacted] replied stating that since I did not have my tint removed by them they would not refund my money.

The tint, once it has been used and is removed from a vehicle, cannot be reused. It is immediately thrown in the trash. But according to them, since I did not have my tint removed by them, they will not refund my money.

My entire experience with the company, the staff, and [redacted] has been a horrible one. I work in a business / professional environment and was astonished at the lack of professionalism presented when they were confronted with a customer complaint. I feel I have no other option but to reach out to you at the to help me get the refund I deserve. I have photos of the windows throughout the process and the email conversation back and forth from TNT and myself.

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Description: Auto Service - Window Tinting

Address: 7927 Airport Rd, Middleton, Wisconsin, United States, 53562


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