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Review: Home projects that we hired this company to do have not been completed, need repair, or have not yet begun. The begin and end dates for these projects were 5/27/15 and 6/26/15, respectively. We were assured, as per signed contract, that all projects would be completed on time. They were not. Since the scheduled completion date we have been told REPEATEDLY that the projects would be finished ASAP. They are not. Since our last meeting with the owners on 6/24/15 NO WORK has been done to complete the contract. It has now been OVER 2 WEEKS since the scheduled end date. We have requested a revised schedule and have never been given one. On 7/1/15 we were told that the work would be completed over the 4th of July weekend. No work was done. We were told again on 7/10/15 that the work would be completed by the 7/12/15 weekend. Again, no one has shown up to do any work. We have paid a substantial deposit plus additional money even though the work has not been done to satisfaction or even per the specifications of the agreement.Desired Settlement: Complete all work ASAP, by specialists in the field of work, as per agreement.

Specifically: Repair back patio grouting. Complete chimney seal repair. Replace front walkway broken stone. Install door under deck through lattice. Begin and complete deck rail/stair extension.



The incident regarding the work not being fully completed or finalized on [redacted] is for a variety of reasons. My clients [redacted], and [redacted] are being taken care of and not forgotten. The main reason why the work wasn't completed on time was because of my employees not working accordingly with the schedule given. With that I had to find other employees to come work to fix and finalize the work that my other employees started but didn't finalize. With that I had to work the budget accordingly, unfortunately the budget was off and my clients are being unreasonable at this point; the price that was for the "original" as for the "final price" are completely off there was a mistake in our system and we don't know what caused this typo. Being that it was our mistake and not the clients we honored the price that was written on the "final price" this caused the budget to be off by -$1,643.32 the "original" price should have been "$14,308.38" (when you add the jobs in Pa1) and not "$16,460.39" the discount should have been "$2,861.67" (20% Off all new clients) and not "$6,657" (we don't understand how this happened) The "Final price" should have been "$11,446.71" and not "$9,803.39" with that being said we understand that the client is always right so that's why I took the initiative of accepting a company loss and continuing with our promise given to the client. After this my clients wanted additional space in the walk way (width) so we had to write a separate contract for the additional work requested. The Pa2 contract was for "$864.82" and this was specifically only to add an addition of 5-6 inches in each side. For both contracts Pa1 & Pa2 the total original investment required was "12,311.53" They are still getting all that they were promised, unfortunately with my guys not doing what they needed to do, the budget being off, there being 5 raining days (unable to work). I recently just got out of heart surgery, I went on 7/2/15 for surgery and have been in recovery ever since. I have been and am going through a lot right now and my clients don't need excuses, and that's why I just want it done just as much as they do. Its very upsetting for me to hear this especially coming from them since they are very nice people and are getting an amazing deal overall. Please let me know how I can better be of service, Thank You!Sincerely, Daniel S[redacted] - Founder (Ext:[redacted])James C[redacted] - VPOJon M[redacted] - President Today Tomorrow Done, LLC[redacted]www.[redacted].comToday Tomorrow Done, LLC Fairfield County's personal asset care specialists Individualized Specialists for all Interior or Exterior, Repair or Maintenance



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

We expected the job to be done, professionally, at the price

agreed upon. We were told repeatedly that the work would be completed by the

scheduled date because enough time had been padded into the schedule to allow

for possible rain days. When that date passed we requested a revised schedule and,

to date, have not received one. Beginning

June 15th, we have been told that the work that needed repair (front

walkway broken stone replacement, back stone patio grouting repair) and work

that needed completion (chimney capstone repair) would be done ASAP. On June 24th,

in a meeting with Daniel S[redacted] and his partner, Jon M[redacted], we were told that

these projects would be completed the next day. In addition, we were told that

outstanding projects not yet started would commence on June 26th or

June 29th at the very latest, specifically the deck rail/stair

extension. Again, NO ONE has shown up to do ANY work since this meeting with

Daniel and Jon. We expressed concern during this meeting because we were made

aware that Daniel was having surgery on July 2nd. We were told that this would not affect

the schedule. It is now July 15th and we are still waiting.

The price of these projects is outside the realm of this

complaint. However, since the company has made a point of including this

information, we will address it from our viewpoint. With regard to the price of

these projects, we hired this company to do several projects with the agreement

that we would receive a 20% discount as first-time clients and if the projects

were bundled.

On May 21st

we paid a deposit of $4046.00, a 55% deposit based on the discounted price

of $7356.39. After reviewing the

specifications for each project we noticed that the deck rail/stair extension

did not mention [redacted]. Daniel said that the price reflected [redacted] material and

would revise the evaluation to reflect this, but the price was accurate.

On May 27th Daniel and Jon told us that they had

made a mistake in the price because the quote for the deck rail/stair extension

was for wood, not [redacted]. We had already signed the contract and made a deposit

and would not agree to an increase in the original quote of $2096.01 to $7265

for the deck rail/stair extension. Daniel agreed that it was their mistake,

asked if we would agree to a $2000 additional amount, and we did. In fact, the total

price increased from $7356.39 to $9803.39, a $2447 increase in price, not the

$2000 we had agreed to. We decided to accept the new price of $9803.39.

On June 4th we paid an additional deposit of

$1345.86 due to the increase in price for the deck rail/stair extension.

On June 5th we paid $864.82 to widen the

front walkway because it was too narrow. When the walkway was completed we

noticed this and Daniel told us that it was 3 ½ feet wide. He then changed his story overnight and

said that it was 3 feet wide. In fact, it was less than 3 feet wide. We showed

Daniel and Jon a picture of our walker on the walkway to impress upon them the

inadequacy of the work that had been done. We paid the additional amount even though the original work

was not to specifications because it was imperative that the work be corrected.

On June 16th we paid $2156.46 as partial

balance payment for work that had been completed. The power washing (reduced price $288) and the fireplace

mortar repair (reduced priced $272.91) were completed on June 16th. In several

emails from Daniel on June 15th he indicated that the chimney

capstone would be completed when weather permitted. He also indicated that the

grouting for the front walkway and back patio would be completed on June 16th.

When Daniel and his crew came on June 16th we also mentioned (as

indicated in emails sent to the company) that the broken stone in the front

walkway still needed to be replaced. We were reluctant to pay him such a large

amount again, now totaling $8413.14, given that there was so much work that

needed to be completed, repaired, or not even begun. We did make the payment with

the understanding that the company would honor the contract.

We have been consistently misled with respect to the

timeline of work completion and want this resolved as soon as possible.

We are open to reducing the company’s commitment by removing

the deck rail/stair extension project, provided they reimburse us for the

monies we have paid in excess of the remaining projects.

According to the final evaluation in contract Pa1, excluding

the Pa2 contract as that contract was paid in full, the prices with the 20%

discount are as follows:

Mortar Repair (bricks in fireplace): $272.91 (original price $341.14)

Chimney Seal Repair:

$197.79 (original price $247.24)

Flat – Blue Stone Walkway: $3560.80 (original price $4451.00)

Flat – Blue Stone Patio: $1320.00 (original price $1650.00)

Power Wash Deck:

$288 .00(original price $360.00)

Total price with 20%

discount: $5629.50

We have paid the company $7548.32 for projects in contract Pa1, again excluding

Pa2 because it was a separate contract and paid in full.

If the deck rail/stair extension project is removed from

contract Pa1, the company must reimburse us $1918.82.

This would not, however, relieve the company of their

remaining contract obligations that have already been paid for.



Complete Chimney Seal Repair


Replace Front Walkway Broken Stone


Repair Back Patio Grouting

We, also, would like a resolution.


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