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Toho Water Authority

951 Martin Luther King Blvd, Kissimmee, Florida, United States, 34741-4929

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• Jul 08, 2024

Customer disservice
I have spent over 45 minutes waiting to speak to a customer service agent. The answering service tells me what position I'm in before they will answer only to have my position change from lower to suddenly a higher number by as much as 4 positions. I went from 4 to 8 then back down to 4 and back to 5 -9 times before I finally hung up! It's ridiculous that a company as noted as Toho would put customers through this. Even submitting a review seems impossible

my water tested positive for coli bacteria. toho sent
sent a tech. nothing was done
I used a test kit from lowes.(h20 ok plus)
it tested positive for coli bacteria. I called customer service. they sent a tech (Matt) he was playing candy crush at our door while he was talking to us.He had no test kit with him. we told him the problem and he said he would have to call someone. after he got off the phone he said its probably a false reading.
he even went as far as saying it could be the hot water heater even though he didnt ask if we took the sample from the hot or could line. toho is not taking this seriously. coliform bacteria is very serious. it could be raw sewage getting into there water supply. toho gets its water from under ground.

Desired Outcome


Toho Water Authority Response • Mar 05, 2020

On Friday, February 28, 2020 at 9AM a representative for the account holder of *** contacted Toho Water Authority stating they had purchased a test kit, tested their water and received a positive reading for choliform bacteria.
The agent assisting the customer promptly entered a service order to have the location checked out. The original technician requested back up verification as there was no chlorine residual registering at the home (not at the meter). Upon arrival of the second technician he was not able to test the water.
Therefore, on Monday, March 2, 2020 a third technician was sent to the location with the customers present. The technician confirmed there was a 0.6 chlorine residual at the meter, which is where the point of delivery responsibility ceases for Toho Water Authority. The technician requested and received water samples from the homeowner for the bathroom and kitchen area.
It was determined the customer has a double filter system on the kitchen faucet allowing the false reading. The presence of a filter device removes chlorine and if the sample is not correctly taken can produce a false result. The customer was advised the water being delivered by Toho Water Authority is safe with adequate levels of chlorine to ensure there is no bacteria growth.

Outrageous bill following a broken water pipe and refusal to assist in lowering bill to reasonable amount.
Regarding account number ***. On Christmas Day 2019 I noticed water flowing from the area around my water meter in the front yard. It appeared there was a broken pipe. I was unable to verify this previously as it was raining for the previous 3 days at least. Because I could not call on Christmas I called TOHO the very next day 12/16/19 at 11:44am. The representative who came to check the leak stated because it was about 6 inches past the meter it would be my responsibility to make the repair and he shut off service. I hired a plumber to fix the pipe on 12/27/19 which cost me $374.00 and service was restored. It wasn't until 1/3/20, approximately a week later, that I got an email regarding a high consumption notice. A letter followed a few days later. I called TOHO on 1/8/20 around 4:00pm and spoke to a customer service representative who was fantastic she explained to me the adjustment process and I should expect a bill of over $1300 but she stated she calculated an adjustment of about $2000 and that it appeared there had been a leak growing for a couple months. She said not to worry because TOHO would be in contact with me throughout the month with any updates. She asked me to send a receipt of the repair work and I did so immediately. I received no additional followups the rest of the month. It wasn't until 1/29/20 that I happened to log in to my account to find that I still supposedly owed $338.20. I immediately called TOHO at around 11:00am to discuss the situation. I was told TOHO was a "zero profit" organization and I still had to pay for water that went through the meter. I explained that it would have been impossible for me to know about any leak as it was raining the previous 3 days. It was lectured to me that the $1003.61 adjustment was given to me as a courtesy and nothing further would be done. I explained my highest bill, in summer, including irrigation was only around $90 and my water usage the previous year was billed at the minimum $13.72. I offered to pay the average of my past water usage and even match the highest bill I ever paid both of which were declined. I asked to speak to a supervisor (possibly Javier?) who more or less lectured me on the responsibilities of being a home owner and offered to set up a payment plan. I stated multiple times I would not be paying for water I did not use and ended the call. I made a good faith payment on 1/30/30 of $30.00 (at least double the amount of the previous years December bill. confirmation# ***) in an attempt to avoid service interruption while I attempted to resolve the issue. I then received a call from the billing department at 12:00pm on 2/10/20 regarding the past due balance and again insisted on not paying for water I did not use. I was transferred to customer service again and had in general, the same conversation I had before. This time the representative informed me smart meters were going to be installed soon to avoid these issues, which to me, demonstrates TOHOs knowledge that this is an issue. Again I asked for a supervisor and spoke to the same supervisor as before. After a brief conversation with him I asked to speak to the next supervisor. Barbara called me back at 3:20pm later that day and explained much of the same things. However this time she mentioned two disturbing practices. First, the water meter is monitored just once a month and only when the bill is generated. Second, the tier system is designed to be punitive in an attempt to reduce water consumption. This contradicts the previous explanations that TOHO is "not for profit" and why it was so easy to adjust my bill the first time. Despite my attempt to make a good faith payment, TOHO is demanding either full payment, or initialization of a payment plan, for water I did not use and do not feel as though I should be responsible for. Unfortunately, because TOHO holds a monopoly, I feel trapped into whatever they decide I owe.

Desired Outcome

I would like a reduction of the bill, and elimination of all late fees, either by reflecting average usage or matching the prior years usage.

Toho Water Authority Response • Feb 24, 2020

Consumption at this location began to indicate signs of a small leak on or about 11/25/2019. The consumption increased slowly and by 12/15/19 was showing signs of larger daily increases until 12/21/2019 when the daily consumption went to 14,250 gallons for the day. On December 23, 2019 the consumption was at 31,500 for the day which should have resulted in very low water pressure inside the home.
Toho Water Authority performs meter reading and subsequent billing of water consumption on a monthly basis. For this particular location, the meter is read on or about the 2nd of each month.
The meter reading for November 2, 2019 included some higher than normal consumption but was not a part of the December water leak (there was a single day consumption of 1,650 gallons). However, the meter reading and subsequent billing for 12/2/2019 did include the beginning of the water leak by small increases in consumption. On January 2,2020 when the meter was read to prepare for the monthly billing the higher consumption did register.
On January 8, 2020 the secondary account holder *** called in to report the leak repair. Following review of the recorded phone call it was learned the agent advised the account holder the adjustment would be in the $2,000 range. However, the agent stated during the call this amount seemed high and all adjustments are reviewed for accuracy prior to posting to an account. Furthermore, the agent advised the account holder he would hear back if a different amount was posted. The agent inadvertently added a wastewater adjustment (as the majority of TWA customers have wastewater services but this account does not) for this account which was subsequently rejected and the correct adjustment of $1,003.61 was posted and updated on the account. The agent nor the supervisor advised the account holder (s) of the change in adjustment which is admittedly a misgiving on the part of TWA.
On January 9, 2020 it was recognized by the billing department the consumption was significantly higher than normal and reached out to the customer on 1/9/2020 by email and personal letter as there were no phone numbers associated with the account. The billing for this location was created and mailed on 1/10/2020 indicating a balance of $1,341.81 (of which included an average bill of $18.10).
On January 29, 2020 the secondary account holder, *** contacted the TWA offices concerned with the amount of the adjusted bill and subsequent remaining amount to be paid by 1/31/2020. Mr. was advised of the adjustment error and how the adjustment was calculated. Mr. requested and spoke with a supervisor to confirm the calculations were correct. During the call an offer was made to create multiple payment arrangements that would allow up to 6 months to receive the remaining payment. The payment arrangement offer was declined.
On February 10, 2020 Mr. received a phone call from the TWA collections department to advise of the now delinquent amount and the possible interruption of service on 2/13/2020. Mr. spoke with the Customer Service Manager which provided understanding for the error and also reitereated the offer for a longer than average payment arrangement time frame. The manager explained the water was registered on the meter as usage, not for the purpose Mr. intended, but according to board approved policies is required to be paid.

The adjustment policy allows for the water to be paid at cost recovery tier of $1.94 per thousand gallons rather than the water conservation rate structure. Mr. account has received the removal of any late fees and an exemption from any interruption of services during the time the billing of 1/10/2020 is being contested.
Mr. has discussed his particular situation with the Customer Service Director and the Executive Director of TWA. Mr. is set to approach the Board of Supervisors at the next regularly scheduled meeting on March 12, 2020.

I attempted to make online payment due today. The in-line bill pay system was down.
I spoke to Cynthia whom told me I would have to pay an extra fee over the phone. I explained the system was down and she would not listen to me. I attempted to make phone payment which is only available through an automated system. The system said it is down and unavailable. This is unfair business practice to force the consumer into a corner and pay extra fees for their system failing.

Desired Outcome

I would like to pay my bill as usual without excessive resistance and fees.

Toho Water Authority Response • Oct 31, 2019

I apologize for the inconvenience you incurred as a result of attempting to pay your bill. I have reviewed the recorded conversations between yourself and several different agents. On October 10, 2019 contact was made by the TWA Collections Team to advise of the unfortunate event that your payment had been returned due to NSF and a payment would be required by 5PM on Friday, October 11, 2019. Calls were placed to our call center on October 11, 2019 in an effort to make payment. I understand you were experiencing difficulties accessing the web site to complete the required payment. In fact agent, Cynthia, attempted to use her personal cell phone to ensure the payment processing web site was working and she could find no fault. She did provide other options; however, additional fees would be required and that was not the payment method of choice.
The date for the required payment was October 11, 2019 (Friday) by 5PM and no payment was posted that date. However, the interruption of service did not occur until Tuesday, October 15, 2019 providing additional days/time for the payment to be received. Subsequently, the service to the location was interrupted on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 and a payment was received. Additionally, on Tuesday, October 15, 2019 the disconnection fee that was charged as part of the normal process was subsequently waived and credited back to the account.
Toho Water Authority provides multiple payment options to customers and allow additional time to receive payments in an effort to avoid an interruption of service which is unpleasant for everyone.

My service has been disconnected on 2/5 & I have been given 3 different amounts in 3 weeks. They are adding fees to a disconnected account.
They are trying to get extra money from a single pregnant unemployed mother. Disgusting!

Desired Outcome

I want a real total so I can restore my much needed service WATER!!!

Toho Water Authority Response • Mar 13, 2019

Toho Water Authority works hard to service our customers and make sure accounts that are left unpaid are terminated to clear any accounts that are no longer actively using water service. The account for *** located at *** had not received a payment since 11/28/2018 and on 2/5/2019 the services were subsequently interrupted. In addition, when no payment was received after the interruption of service the account was terminated. When an account is terminated any deposit that might be on file is used to cover any outstanding balances. If a customer returns, a high risk deposit is required to begin the service again.

The account for *** at *** was mailed a regular cycle bill on 2/21/2019 for usage that occurred from 1/15/2019 - 2/14/2019. In addition, a final bill was mailed on 2/22/2019 due to the change of status for non payment following the interruption of service. During a lobby visit on 2/26/2019 at approximately 12:05PM Ms. was advised of the amount of $172.28 for service restoration on 2/27/2019 with the remaining $100.00 deposit to be paid with first billing. Ms. was advised of this same amount upon calling the call center later in the day. A subsequent payment was received on 2/26/2019 and services were restored on 2/27/2019.

Toho make a repair on 2/2/19 for a water mater that was out of code causing a water leak. On 2/7/19 the same broke
2/7/19 called Toho at 5:21pm to open a ticket, call again at 7pm and at 8:30pm the technician went to the wrong address and closed the ticket never call. Emergency call again is 8:55pm. At 9pm the technician came by and refuse to repair the part that they install on 2/2/19 that broke again and left. I call Toho again to escalate the issue. No action at all

Desired Outcome

No action the technician admit they put the part too tide and that is why it blow and left telling somebody else will come next day that he won't do it because he don't have the part. This a lazy and irresponsible person. Leaving me without water service due to a bad job by Toho water

Toho Water Authority Response • Feb 27, 2019

Significant research was conducted for the location at *** and the findings are listed below:
It was determined this location did experience a water leak that was ultimately repaired by Toho Water Authority. While performing that repair, inadvertently damage was caused on the service line for the customers' home. Subsequently, a repair was made by Toho Water Authority to repair the 2nd water leak.
An adjustment has been placed on the account to compensate for the loss of water due to both water leaks in the amount of $45.12.

Toho Customer Sevice deletes emails asking about bill credits without being read.
This weekend after going through a lot health wise I noticed ToHo owes me $86.92. I proceeded to ask at the end of November for more information via their email system which use to have great customer support. I asked a simple question and constantly see them deleting each email. I researched Toho and found there are several leadership changes and I'm unable to contact them if they delete my emails regarding a credit and won't respond. Due to them deleting emails at 12 AM outside of normal business hours I'm asking for it to be investigated and for my money to be refunded to my new address due to my sudden move because of my health. Since it seems they are not interested in addressing my question in email because their call center hours are inconvient to myself that does not justify the way they are handling this refund or deleting emails regarding financials. I also don't want to be retaliated against for reporting it because of my disabilities.

Your message

To: TOHO Customer Service
Subject: RE: External Your November 2018 Toho Water Authority Statement is ready
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2018 11:16:16 AM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

was deleted without being read on Sunday, November 25, 2018 11:27:15 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Your message

To: TOHO Customer Service
Subject: Re: Toho Water Refund
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2018 11:30:04 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

was deleted without being read on Monday, November 26, 2018 12:02:25 AM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

Desired Outcome

Written response of why emails are deleted outside of office hours and refund of the money specified by their bill payment and financial statements.

Toho Water Authority Response • Dec 07, 2018

The information that was provided by Mr. was reviewed and the following information was found:
11/24/2018 - email received - reviewed on Monday 11/26/2018
11/25/2018 - 2nd email received - reviewed on Monday 11/26/2018
11/26/2018 - response provided to emails above to ***. ***
Note: the Administrative Offices of Toho Water Authority were closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday from 11/22/2018 - 11/25/2018.
The email that was provided indicated a deposit refund has a 6-8 week turn-around time from the final bill due date. The final bill due date for 6001 Urban Lane # 19303, which is the location where Mr. moved from on 10/10/2018, was November 2, 2018. Therefore, the refund check in the amount of $86.92 should be the first week in January, 2019 to the forwarding address on file.

We apologize for the technical difficulties experienced by Mr. from using our web site.

Customer Response • Dec 07, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I was charged a 50.00 reconnect fee and my services where never disconnected.
My bill was due on a Monday that Monday evening we tried paying online and couldn't get there service online to work so the next morning alittle after 8:00am I finally got them payment to go through and I notice a high bill so after I called the office and told them I had paid my bill and what the problem hey said I had to pay a reconnect fee I told them the service wasn't disconnected and I had already paid before it was and they said it didn't matter that a order for disconnect had been put in and they could cancel that disconnect but I was still going to be charged a reconnect fee ! So how can you legally charge me a fee for something that wasn't done . This is the worst service ever and rude customer service I can't believe business is ran this way I was basically told I could pay it on my next bill or my service would be disconnected ! I have never had anything like this happen with a company this is horrible to charge someone 50.00 and the service was never disconnected or reconnected !

Desired Outcome

This charge needs to be removed if not then your just saying we can charge you for what we want to no matter what and genre isn't anything you can do because where the only available water company ! How can you treat customers like this

Toho Water Authority Response • Nov 07, 2018

Following a review of Mr. account at *** a decision was made to remove the disconnect fee based on his previous history with Toho Water Authority. However, as a reminder to any customer when an account has become delinquent there are specific deadlines that are required to be met to avoid an interruption of service. It is anticipated this situation will not occur again for Mr. and that he will continue to enjoy an amicable relationship with Toho Water Authority.

We requested water service be connected 4/23/2018 and then disconnected 5/2/2018, for insufficient funds.
We requested water service be connected 4/23/2018 $ 175.00 (Deposit $100.00, Initiation Service Fee $25.00) and the service was to be connected the following day, went ahead made e-check payment over the phone and everything was fine. I went online and the day after service was connected and synched both my accounts together to make sure payments were up to date. On April 30th I checked in to make payment, showed 0.00 balance on my new account and $58.61 on my old home address, made that payment and went on with my day.

We cleaned the house and pressure washed the outside. when all of a sudden water service was disconnected May 2nd, I went online and saw a balance of $200.00, Called TOHO (the water service) they said the water was disconnected for insufficient funds, I was completely unaware of the situation, they had claimed that they had spoken to my husband (the account is on his name), I demanded to hear the conversation, they didn't have a conversation, they had left a voicemail msg. and that's in fact what the recording was. I demanded the $50.00 disconnect fee be waived, I wouldn't of incur those charges if they had in fact made contact with either of us, they payment would had been made immediately. The service was connected via online request and documents sent via fax and e-mail, why weren't we contacted by e-mail and why wouldn't that balance appear on our online account? The agent would not answer the question and kept repeating that they had spoken to my husband which never actually happened. I then requested to speak to a supervisor who was more monotone than the customer service rep. I am completely disgusted at the service provided and poor communication skills the agents, supervisors and billing system. How is it that nowadays a company would leave a disconnect msg on vm.... no one answers unknown callers, nor does anyone check theyre voicemail. Their lack up communication lead to my service being disconnected and incurring charges that were outrageously unjust, specially considering we had an existing account.

Desired Outcome

I would highly recommend better communication software. Most companies use texts or e-mail reminders and notifications. Lack of adequate communication from TOHO water company is what really lead the service to be disconnected. the $50.00 disconnect fee should refunded. And not take advantage of the situation considering the consumer does not have any option for another service provider for the area.

Toho Water Authority Response • May 15, 2018

In Response to the concern from our customer, Joel*** concerning ***, we submit the information below:

Mr. has maintained an account with Toho Water Authority since September 2014 and most recently opened a new account for the newest location on Winding Ridge Avenue. Unfortunately, on 4/20/2018 a payment was made to satisfy the existing account which was ultimately returned on 4/25/2018. TWA reached out to the customer and left a voice message advising of the date of 4/30/2018 for the correction or incur a disruption of service. This return was corrected by the customer on 4/30/2018 which was the appropriate date. However, the payment made on 4/24/2018 for the newest location was subsequently returned on 4/26/2018 and the customers were contacted in the same manner via voice message with a date of 5/1/2018; however when this was not received a disruption of the service did occur. Subsequently, along with an interruption of service a fee is incurred and is not refundable.
The payment was made on 5/2/2018 allowing for the return of the service. Toho Water Authority did communicate with the customer in the same manner for both occurrences that were days apart. I apologize the expectations of the customer were not met; however the first line of action for the collection department is to contact the customer via phone and leave a message if possible. If a message is not possible then an email is sent. At this time texting is not in use by the utility.

A progressive increase in water charges for the pass four months. Got even more with less people in the residence.
My husband and I are 78 and 84 years old living on a fixed income, for the pass four months the water bill got higher while nothing changed in the house whole. when I spoke to Toho about my concern they send a technician to the house he checked from the road to the house, and told us we have to check from the outside to the inside. we checked but there was no activities to the meter when the water was shut off. November was $259.09 and December is $232.98 almost tripling the monthly amount. we are having a hard to financially with this increase on a fixed income.

Desired Outcome

An investigation

Toho Water Authority Response • Jan 17, 2018

This feedback is designed to document the actions concerning the account located at ***. In reviewing this account it was found the average daily consumption is between 300 - 400 gallons per day. On September 30, 2017 the daily usage began to increase to an average of 500-1,000 per day. On December 5, 2017 the average daily consumption returned to normal or an average between 300-400 gallons per day. This level of consumption was subsequently reflected in the monthly billing to the customers for bills received in November and December 2017.
On December 12, 2017 during a routine reminder call to the customer a request was made to the agent to have a technician visit the home due to the ongoing higher than normal consumption. A service order was generated and the technician visited the site on 12/13/17. The results of the field visit did not provide an indication of a leak as the consumption had returned to normal.
As a follow up, TWA contacted the customer on 1/12/18 to provide answers to some critical questions. After speaking with the customer and learning while there was nothing repaired the higher than normal consumption has now returned to normal. The customer was offered a one time adjustment for the account. The account holder, E accepted the adjustment and ultimately received a credit on the account towards future bills.

Refund on item not used
I have been living at this address since February 2016, we are renting and before that this house was vacant for 5 years cause of foreclosure. Our water bill comes from to ho water company, there have been a couple times when we got our water bill that we see a charge on there for irrigation base charge of 5.38 . My son and my husband both called about this charge before and ask them to take it off, come to find out by the landscaping company, that the irrigation water was locked by toho before we moved in because we no one lived in this house for five years and they never turned it on , mind you we don't even have a sprinkler system to use it . I called today on July 17 , 2017 , they said they do not have it on file that we have Called before about this issue , it's not my problem it wasn't noted. I spoke to customer service representative Kelly and I asked her why we are still being charge for the irrigation base charge of 5.38, she said because our meter is always on, but she notices we have not used it in a long time . I have never use irrigation since we moved in February 2016 irrigation is for a built in sprinklers in the yard we do not have that, we have not turned on No kind of water irrigation since we moved in here. After speaking with Kelly I ask for her supervisor which was Javier, he said the meter will still charge us base charge even though we do not use it and I do not think it's fair and he will not refund us for all the months we've been here and have not used it . My solution is that I would like a refund of 5.38 for 17 ($91.46) months of us not having that irrigation system on this property, it is fraud to be charging someone for something they do not have or use!

Desired Outcome

Refund of 17 months

Toho Water Authority Response

In response to the request from *** concerning ***, ***, a base charge represents fixed charges for providing a service despite usage by a customer or the status of the meter.
In 2008 when the home was constructed an irrigation water meter was requested by the builder and installed by TWA. In addition, a backflow preventer was installed on the meter when the irrigation system was installed (required by state law). The addition of the backflow preventer is required and is mandated to be tested annually. Between 2008 and 2010 the irrigation meter at this location does indicate usage which would indicate there was an irrigation system for the lawns and landscape at this location.
Unfortunately, in 2010 the homeowner failed to have the backflow preventer inspected/tested resulting in the irrigation meter being locked by TWA. Subsequent owners of the home have not followed through with the annual testing which has caused the irrigation meter to remain in the off/locked position. A meter that has been locked for non-compliance with the backflow preventer does not remove a meter base charge from the utility.
TWA's base fees apply to any service that is active in the system regardless of the status of the meter. Therefore, the request to refund the base fees for the irrigation meter has been denied.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Since TOHO water has a "NATURAL MONOPOLY" in the area that I live in they feel that they can steal from the customers. That is basically what they are saying because in the above email from them the homeowner failed to have a backflow preventer inspected/tested resulting in the irrigation meter to be locked. The house was vacate for many years before we moved in as a RENTER. Therefore how is it the responsibility of the renter to make sure the land lord is doing the proper thing? We were originally with KUA until Toho decided to come to an agreement with KUA and we were forced to be moved to them. I have taken two steps so far and will proceed further with this issue as it is not right that there is a MONOPOLY on the water. I feel a full refund would not be to much to ask for us paying on something that TOHO has in a off/locked position which is basically stealing from a customer. My next step is if a resolution can not be made thru will be to contact the local news station I am sure 8 on your side will be more than happy to run this on there news station. If I do not get a decent response from them, then I will be forced to proceed with a email and/or a phone call to the NAWC with a carbon copy going to the EPA of water quality in Tallahassee, Fl.

Toho Water Authority Response

As stated in the first response as a utility provider when we have provided a service to the location a base charge (or the fixed rate to deliver the service) is placed on each account that is active. Therefore, from the time this account became active the base charge (fixed costs) prevail. TWA does not come between a tenant and landlord agreements and respectfully request the tenant contact their landlord or their representative concerning the concerns with the backflow testing and the inability to utilize the irrigation system.

I am a single person Retired,I live alone in my house and I am getting Bill like if there were over
3 or 4 people living in my House, the bill is too big, I have been overcharge the last 2 months may and june 2017, first bill was $45.66 and now my bill is $54.56
ANSWER THE PHONE. What is purpose of calling Customer Services, answer: TO SERVE THE NEEDS OF THE CUSTOMER.

Desired Outcome


Toho Water Authority Response

The location at *** has an overall average monthly consumption of 3,000 gallons. The month of April and May consumption did see a spike as noted by the attached consumption graph. The current billing period of 6/8/17 - 7/8/17 indicates the consumption has returned to normal and would suggest that something was repaired. It would be our pleasure to further discuss the particulars of the situation with Mr. in reference to a possible adjustment to the account. We do from time to time experience a high call volume and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused Mr.. The organization will reach out to Mr. to further discuss his situation. This was originally responded to on 7/10/17 to the location where it was originally submitted (Clearwater). As a follow up a representative from this organization reached out to Mr.; however, the phone number on file is not a working number. We will attempt the phone number attached to this request.

Over charges plus copy and paste bills for months, they dint check what you really consume.. They make up bills.
they charged me $50 to reconnect my service and there it's no place in the bills or website that it's marked the charges. And after 2pm it's $75. Plus I had been watching this for months. They copy and paste bills with out checking what I really consume. I had 2 months in a row $80 then 3 months in a row $83.18. This it's wrong they're taking advantage off the ppl.

Desired Outcome

I need this to check.. I believe I had been over paying for a while. I'm alone at home 5 days every week and I work all day. I don't think my bills area right

Toho Water Authority Response

Toho Water Authority measure its customer's water consumption through an individual water meter. Water meters are read monthly and each customer is billed for the consumption on the appropriate water meter. Typically a customer will use the same consumption each month as similar water is used each day in a household. It is absolutely possible for a customer to receive a similar billing as most billings are within 28-30 days of each other.
Toho Water Authority's charges are $50.00 for a customer who has been disconnected and if the past due balance is paid after 2PM there is an additional charge of $25.00.

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