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August 18, 2014Dear [redacted] :I serve as a Project Manager for Toll Brothers, Inc., and its affiliates (collectively “Toll”)I write in response to the complaint submitted by [redacted] .Earlier this year, [redacted] presented Toll with his desire for, and his belief that he is entitled to, a retaining wall on the propertyAt that time, I discussed the matter with our sales staff and confirmed that no such representations were madeI also reviewed the sales documents in connection with [redacted] ’s purchase and confirmed that no retaining wall was ever promised or provided forAttached is a sales map and plot plan for lot 16, which [redacted] signed clearly showing that no retaining wall was provided for on lot 16, and that the property lines go to the middle of the driveway (attached hereto as Exhibits “A” and “B”)Accordingly, we disputed [redacted] ’s allegation in this regard, and advised him of our position several times.In my subsequent conversations with him, [redacted] offered to drop his demand for a retaining wall if Toll would provide him with a credit toward optionsAs an offer of good will, Toll agreed to [redacted] ’s offer and provided him with a $5,options credit in exchange for a release of his claims concerning the retaining wallA written agreement confirming our deal was prepared and provided to [redacted] He signed this agreement on July 13, (attached hereto as Exhibit “C”)Several weeks later he filed a complaint with your office claiming that he is again entitled to a retaining wall.Regarding [redacted] ’s general claims concerning the size of his lot, as noted above he was provided with a sales diagram and plot plan that depicts his lot (#16) and those of his neighborsThis diagram clearly provided that the square footage listed was for the entirety of his lot, including shared areas [redacted] acknowledged this document with his initials.- As it pertains to the quality of standard features, much like the lot size, he was provided with a detailed list of standard features in advance and specifically signed off on them (attached hereto as Exhibit “D”).I hope this letter adequately addresses the issues identified by [redacted] Please let me know if there is any additional information that you require.Sincerely,Benjamin H [redacted] Project Manager

To whom it may concern, I have discussed the matter with the customer and we have scheduled to have the tree replaced againWe also informed the customer that it would be their responsibility to water the tree once installedWe will follow up with the customer once the tree is replaced.Thank you Mike M [redacted] Project Manager [redacted] ***

To whom it may concern,I am the Project Manager for the community where [redacted] ***'s home is locatedI have personally reached out to our Customer Care team to assess the situation and ensure that everything possible is being done to address this homeowners concernsIn speaking to our Customer Care team I was informed that several attempts have been made to satisfy [redacted] ***s requestsAll of the outstanding or "open" warranty claims have been addressed, approved by the homeowner, (attached) and closed out, with the exception of two itemsThe two outstanding requests are in process and the team is doing all that they can to come to a quick and acceptable resolution Toll Brothers was named "Most Trusted Builder" by Fortune magazine several years in a row, for several reasonsOne of the many reasons that our homeowners trust us so much is that we go to great lengths to provide excellent services throughout the entire build processFollowing the closing of a home our Customer Care and Warranty Services team connect with our homeowners and continue to provide the stellar service in which pride ourselvesI have asked the Customer Care team to schedule a meeting with [redacted] so that I can personally confirm that all of his reasonable claims are handled appropriately and to his satisfaction.Sincerely, Tyler J [redacted] Tell us why here

September 19, 2014Dear [redacted] :This letter will serve as Toll Brothers response to the above referenced complaintIn his complaint, [redacted] has raised concerns with the drainage of his side yardBy letters to [redacted] dated August 12, 2014, August 15, 2014, and September 18, 2014, Toll Brothers offered to inspect [redacted] 's side yard to determine whether any drainage issues existMy letter dated August 15th details the specific inspection that our contractor, [redacted] Surveying Company, a Registered Professional Land Surveyor, would performTo date, however, [redacted] has refused to permit Toll Brothers to proceed with the inspection because he does not want a Toll Brothers' contractor performing the inspection.The terms and conditions set forth in the Home Builder's Limited Warranty provided to [redacted] at closing provide that, upon notification of a warranty claim, Toll Brothers has the right to inspect the complained of conditionsSpecifically, subpart B of Section VI (Procedure to request us to perform under this Limited Warranty) provides that:YOU must give US and any third parties acting on OUR behalf reasonable help in inspecting, investigating, testing (including destructive testing), monitoring, repairing, replacing or otherwise correcting an alleged CONSTRUCTION DEFECTHelp includes, but is not limited to, granting reasonable access to the HOME or COMMON ELEMENTS for the forgoing purposesIf YOU fail to cooperate or provide US reasonable access to the HOME or COMMON ELEMENTS, WE will have no further obligation under this LIMITED WARRANTYUnfortunately, because [redacted] will not permit Toll Brothers to complete an inspection of the side yard with our contractors, we are unable to take further action with regards to his warranty requestWe remain able and willing to complete the inspection, however if [redacted] will not permit Toll Brothers to inspect his side yard with our contractors by Friday, September 26, 2014, we have told [redacted] that we will initiate arbitration proceeding to resolve his warranty request.Thank you for your attention to this matterIf you require any additional information, please let me know, Sincerely,Wendy K

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because the facts stated in my original letter are accurateWe officially applied with [redacted] twice through the formal [redacted] Application Questionnaires that outlined our financial position and determined our requirements for a mortgageI have attached the acknowledgement from [redacted] that they received the formal questionnaires and pulled our credit report as part of the decision process to determine if [redacted] could accommodate our requirementsIn both instances [redacted] did not have a product.Since we have always been transparent throughout the "Agreement of Sale" process outlined by Toll Brothers I have also resent the following details to [redacted] S*** - [redacted] Qualification Questionnaires - Our stated borrowing requirements to buy the house.- email confirming that [redacted] did pull a credit report through the formal process and my conversations with [redacted] and full disclosure.- the house was eventually sold at a minimally reduced prices based on the marketThrough our transparency and continued pursuit to secure a mortgage without success, Toll Brothers understood our circumstances and as a well established and seasoned builder should have agreed to stop the "Agreement of Sale" process as we requested Alternatively, Toll Brothers acted in bad faith and knowing we could not secure financing, kept our depositI would like to again request our deposit in excess of $80,back from Toll Brothers We did not breach the agreement of sale or the mortgage clause and we satisfied our obligation to apply with *** We have been cooperative and find this a great injustice for a consumer to have to pursue something that is clearly obvious to a seasoned builder Regards, [redacted]

September 20, 2017Dear [redacted] ***:We received your letter dated 9/14/in concern to a complaint filed by [redacted] .We have reviewed the complaint by [redacted] of no sound insulation being installed in the floor system above her unitThe Florida Building Code requires a ceilings floor assembly with an STC rating of or greaterThe assembly installed in the building met and exceeded the STC rating of All inspections were passed by St John's County building inspectorsThe assembly in [redacted] 's home is sound mat, cementitious flooring (floor underlayment), wood subfloor, wood floor trusses, battinsulation within the floor system, resilient channels and gypsum board.In addition, Toll Brothers did not state the unit would be sound proof [redacted] signed an exhibit as part of the purchase agreement that states “seller does not warrant that Sound attenuation will be sound proof.We will continue to work with [redacted] as best as possibleWe have a meeting set with the owner above [redacted] 's unit and will inspect their unit to see if there is anything causing any unordinary sound to be transferred to [redacted] 's unit.Regarding [redacted] 's request to refund the cost of her home, Toll Brothers will not be able to refund the cost of the home.Very truly yours,TOLL BROTHERS, INC.Jeremy HProject Manager

Toll Brothers acquired [redacted] in November of 2011; however we did not acquire the warranty responsibility for the houses completed by [redacted] Unfortunately the answering service misinformed the homeowner Toll Brothers responded to the customer on Monday morning via email and informed them that we do not have nor would we keep any security alarm codes for homes after completion We unfortunately would never have them on a house over seven years old

I liked the email and concierge service, all the choices but chose a real estate agent better follow up phone calls, better customer service

Attached to this email is documentation from our [redacted] Certified contractor *** First attachment is from our contractor that installed the unit in the homeThe second attachment is from [redacted] for the specific unit that was installedOn page I have highlighted the size vent pipe for the system used and the max length of the run2” pipe fits the criteriaThe third attachment us from the US Department of Energy from on page indicates as well the use of a 2” pipe being allowedOn 2/3/we sent our [redacted] certified contractor to [redacted] ’s home to investigate his claimPer our contractor which is supported by the documentation attached the running of the 2” pipe is the correct specification per [redacted] and the US Department of EnergyWhat was observed is that one of [redacted] ’s non [redacted] Certified contractor put the paint can under the elbow of the vent pipe to change the angle of the pipeIn doing this all the hangers for the vent pipe have been broken and it pushed it through the roof a foot breaking the seal at the roof causing a leak, which could have run down the vent pipe back to the furnace and fried his motherboardIt is our belief and the belief of our certified contractor that this is the cause of the problem and is the responsibility of [redacted] and his contractor not Toll Brothers

February 24, 2017Dear [redacted] ***:This letter will serve as Toll Brothers’ further response to the complaint filed by [redacted] dated February 21, [redacted] has initiated arbitration proceedings through [redacted] (***)The parties have been advised that the file is being prepared for submission to an independent arbitration service provider.Please let me know if you have any questions.Sincerely,Wendy *K

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] Hope you are well and thanks for the email.Below please find the continuing correspondence with Toll Brothers regarding the settlement of our complaint ( [redacted] ) for the return of our funds on deposit in excess of$80K In the below correspondence you will see that we followed the Toll Brothers "agreement of sale process" and that we filled out two Mortgage Qualification QuestionnairesAlthough these are not designated by Toll Brothers as "formal mortgage applications", the questionnaires formed the basis for [redacted] (Toll Brothers Inc) Mortgage Company to make the decision not move forward with our application at that stage in the process and communicated that they did not have a mortgage product that met our requirementsToll Brothers decision to not proceed with our application based on the questionnaire meant that they also never sent us a "Formal Mortgage Application" as outlined in the Toll Brothers agreement of sale processWe continue to communicate with Toll Brothers in the hope that we can reach an settlement without mediation or arbitration because we have followed the Toll Brothers Agreementof Sale process and have not received a refund of our deposit We would like to keep the compliant open as we have yet to receive feedback from Toll Brothers on our latestcorrespondence or phone messages.Please let me know how we should proceed ?Regards [redacted] [redacted] mobile ###-###-####-----Original Message-----From: [redacted] < [redacted] >To: d*s [redacted] < [redacted]>Sent: Thu, Nov 20, 2:pmSubject: Fwd: The [redacted] at Hillsborough, Lot [redacted] (From [redacted] *S***)*** We appreciate the settlement offer of $35K from Toll Brothers As you know our actual deposit was in excess of $85Kand we sought the return of $80K in our initial correspondence During our conversation last week I said that we wouldbe willing to settle and avoid further action or arbitration for the return of the first deposit check on the property of $63,377.17The settlement of 63K is a 25% reduction from our overall deposit and we think that $60K would be a fair amount to settlethe matter once and for all.Please let me know.Regards*** -----Original Message-----From: [redacted] S [redacted] To: [redacted] < [redacted] >Sent: Fri, Nov 7, 10:amSubject: RE: The [redacted] at Hillsborough, Lot [redacted] (From [redacted] *S***)For settlement purposes only [redacted] –I can offer to return to you $35k, and Toll will cancel the prom note This is very likely the best I can do Please let me know if you would like to resolve Thanks[redacted] S***###-###-####From: [redacted] [mailto: [redacted] ] Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2:PMTo: [redacted] S*Subject: Re: The [redacted] at Hillsborough, Lot [redacted] (From [redacted] *S***)***Based on our conversation last week I just wanted to know how you would like to proceed ?Regards***-----Original Message-----From: [redacted] S [redacted] < [redacted]>To: [redacted] < [redacted] >Sent: Wed, Oct 29, 9:amSubject: RE: The [redacted] at Hillsborough, Lot [redacted] (From [redacted] *S***) [redacted] –The Qualification Questionnaire is not a mortgage application – you would never be able to obtain a mortgage commitment or a credit denial based on that document That document does allow credit to be pulled – but it is not a mortgage application Since you appeared convinced that you had applied even though we knew you did not, I was encouraging you to speak with Amy F [redacted] in our mortgage group to help you work through the confusion and submit an application.You should be aware that Toll lost over $100,in constructing your house and then reselling it Your promissory note is at play here.Not withstanding this, for settlement purposes only, Toll would be willing to return $25,to you and cancel the outstanding note, provided you execute a release Let me know if you want to accept this and we can finalize the paperwork If not, I am sorry that this deal did not work out, but the terms of the deal support Toll retaining all funds and eventually calling the note[redacted] S*Toll Bros., Inc.###-###-####From: [redacted] [mailto: [redacted] ] Sent: Monday, October 27, 10:AMTo: [redacted] S*Subject: Fwd: The [redacted] at Hillsborough, Lot [redacted] (From [redacted] *S***)***I did receive your letter and to avoid any confusion regarding the date of my letter attached please find a copy alongwith the postal stamp certifying the date.I have also attached the following;- application questionnaires submitted to [redacted] and containing ALL our financial information and the information required by [redacted] in April and July 2012- email from Amy F [redacted] confirming my conversation with [redacted] at [redacted] and that based on the questionnaire we provided(twice) that *** did not have a product that fit our requirements All the information contained on the questionnaires werecomprehensive and we did not have any additional assets or money.You will also see from initial correspondence that we were always applying for a mortgage of $640, The letter alsopoints out that I was no longer employed as of June and therefore would not qualify even though we continuedto pursue alternative financing..I will respond to the accordingly with the details .Regards***###-###-#### -----Original Message-----From: [redacted] < [redacted]>To: [redacted] < [redacted] >Sent: Tue, Dec 2, 9:amSubject: Complaint [redacted] Hello [redacted] You can reply directly to this email[redacted] [redacted] ***Boca Raton FL *** Dear [redacted] : This message is in regard to your complaint submitted on 10/10/12:48:PM against Toll Brothers, Incorporated Your complaint was assigned ID [redacted] .The business has sent the a message regarding this complaint, and we are passing it on to you The contents of this message are below or attached Please respond to this message in written form within days.The text of your complaint may be publicly posted on Revdex.coms Web site ( reserves the right to not post in accordance with policy)Please do not include any personally identifiable information when you tell us about your problem or in your desired outcomeBy submitting your complaint, you are representing that it is a truthful account of your experience with the may edit your complaint to protect privacy rights and to remove inappropriate languageRegards, [redacted] The Revdex.comMESSAGE FROM BUSINESS:Good afternoon, Toll Brothers stands behind its prior responses to this Complaint; and it stands behind the terms of the Agreement of Sale which governed our relationship with the Complainant That Agreement of Sale contained an arbitration provision that the Company remains willing to honor Thank you [redacted] S*** Toll Bros., Inc.###-###-####? [redacted] , ?? Senior Trade Practice Consultant? ?? Revdex.comserving Metro Washington DC and Eastern Pennsylvania John FKennedy Blvd., Suite Philadelphia, PA ?p: [redacted] [redacted] f: ###-###-#### Email: [redacted] ?, Start with Trust® Regards, [redacted]

Hello, Thank you for reaching out to us to review your warranty concernsA warranty representative and senior manager in the [redacted] area will be reaching out to you shortly to set up a time to review the items that you have identified Thank you

July 20, 2017Dear **and [redacted] ***,This letter is a follow up to our recent meeting and should serve as our response to the for the message you sent dated, 7-19-We do appreciate your patience in this matterAs you may recall, [redacted] had mentioned at the meeting, their goal was to attempt to find an upgraded hinge style that had the same pattern as your existing hingeUnfortunately, their suppliers do not have other hinges that match the Screw patternAlthough we are making our offer below, I will personally make one more attempt to find an upgraded hinge from a different supplier that match the existing screw hole pattern.Based on our internal discussions, we've decided to move forward with everything you've requested at this meeting regarding the cabinetsPlease know that we would like to move forward with the cabinets first and work on one issue at a timeWhen we have completed the cabinetwork, we will then finalize our discussions and proposal on the countertops.We would however like to point out that [redacted] has agreed to replace of the upper doors on the cabinets adjacent to the hood vent and perform various adjustments and touch-ups/clean-upBased on their inspection and assessment, there was only one door that didn't meet their standards and was deemed to be a "deficiency'All other items are very common and require an appointment with their service techniciansRegardless, our goal is to meet your expectations and satisfy you as our customer which is why we've decided to do moreI have summarized the items you requested and our offer below:We will replace all cabinet door hinges in your home with new hingesWe will reinforce the pull-out drawers underneath and to the left of cooktopWe will rebuild the drawer boxes and provide upgraded drawer guides for the drawers below the cooktopWe will require your approval and acknowledgement of the smaller boxes to accommodate the larger guidesWe will replace all doors and drawer fronts for the cabinetry adjacent to the refrigerator, We will replace the doors and drawer fronts in the hall bathroom [redacted] has agreed to replace the upper doors, touas needed at locations (under kitchen sink, upper cabinet box seem left of refrigerator and left master vanity at the right side of cabinet boxThey also offered, as a courtesy, to install the remaining pulls and knobs that you have purchased.Please know that the process will take approximately 4-weeks once [redacted] has been out to measure for the replacement parts.Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.Sincerely,Richard C

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Dear manage/To whom it may concern,Thank you for communicating our compliant (# [redacted] ) and concerns to the builder (Toll Brothers) and forwarding Toll Brothers’ response to us.Around the closing date mentioned in their letter, actually it was another case that the builder tried to violate the agreement of sales From the very beginning of the sale, the delivery time for the construction is Oct, and we never changed it from our end But the Toll Brothers project manager unreasonably pushed it forward to the beginning of Sept Later, as per the agreement of sale, we corrected it back to the initially agreed upon date (Oct 2015).YesWe do need a final inspection of the house on the day of closing, and it is customer’s right to have such an opportunity as per the agreement of sale Although in their letter the builder’s senior management has agreed on it, the responsible sales or project manger has not contacted us to confirm this yet so far.I would really appreciate it if you can relay this message to the builder that we are waiting for their confirmation from the sales office.Sincerely, [redacted] ( [redacted] ) [redacted] Regards, [redacted] ( [redacted] ) ***

Below is the text from our response to ID [redacted] This letter will be mailed out to our buyer on July 25, Thank you Kindly allow this letter to follow up on your letter dated July 7, regarding your request for warranty work to be performed related to brick masonry, yard drainage and garage framing deflection As indicated in your letter, Toll Brothers consulted with a structural engineer and performed an inspection of your home on November 11, During this inspection the brick veneer, the yard drainage and the garage door beam were inspected The brick veneer was observed to have some shrinkage cracks and/or mortar separationsIt was noted in the report and confirmed by Toll Brothers that these separations were not structural in natureAccording to the Standards of Performance the warranty coverage for masonry veneer walls is for a period of year after settlementTherefore, the brick veneer cracks and/or mortar separations are not covered under warranty The perimeter drainage of your home was observed and was not believed to be contributing to the brick settlement cracksA recommendation was made to make adjustments to the downspout drainage extensions and to the grade along the home to provide additional drainageThe Standards of Performance state that the warrantable period for grading and drainage is for year after settlementTherefore, the drainage on your home is not covered under warranty As identified at the inspection on November 11, 2013, the garage header over the 16ft garage door is the plan specified 5-1/4”x14” PSL headerThe Standards of Performance cover deflection in structural wood beams greater than inch in 10ftTherefore, since the beam is installed per plan and does not exceed this tolerance, there is no warrantable action If you have any questions regarding the issues described above please call me at ###-###-####

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Toll Bros does not care about their home owners [redacted] Hvac is a certified [redacted] repair facility and the only Furnace they sell and service is [redacted] Their certified technician had years experienceKenR***, Toll Bros warranty person [redacted] advised me to get a second opinion about the installation and recommended [redacted] They inspected the work but did no servicing of the unit [redacted] , [redacted] foreman was sent by Ken on Febcame to look at the temporary fix by *** [redacted] advised me the incorrect pipes were installed; 3, inch pipes were required when three or more elbow joints are usedHe was ticrreioet this to TomToll is making excuses for not wanting to repair their faulty installationI know if two other homeowners with the same issue, one Toll has correctedMy furnace failed in Dec 6, and a temporary repair made by [redacted] to put the exhaust pipe at an angle so the pipe would not build up with water and shut the furnace down again [redacted] from [redacted] looked at the issue in 2/6/2917! [redacted] concurred that the wrong size piping was used and my furnace installation instructions state that inch piping should be usedIf I have or more elbows used for exhaust ventingI have since validated this with a call to [redacted] Regards, [redacted]

Thank you for your notice Our on site Project Manager met with the homeowner on 4/15/and has agreed to investigate the homeowner's concerns further and take corrective action as needed We have another meeting scheduled for 4/20/to identify the source of the leak and schedule any necessary repairs

August 20, of Metro Washington DC & Eastern Pennsylvania John FKennedy Blvd., Suite Philadelphia, PA RE: [redacted] Security Complaint ID# [redacted] To Whom It May Concern, In response to the above referenced complaint, please see below for [redacted] Security’s position regarding this dispute: We were first contacted by [redacted] regarding his concerns that the security system was not working properly on November 11, At this time we explained to him the issue was not with the security systemThe problems [redacted] was experiencing were due to his telephone provider not being compatible with security systems [redacted] expressly states their service does not work with alarmsThe larger cable companies make concessions for data and operate what's called a Managed Voice Facility Network that allows for adjustments in bandwidth for example, if high traffic volume occurs so that data signals are not distorted through transmission - Companies like [redacted] do notThey are purely a voice provider but there are too many variables when they do not make those types of concessions for data required from security systemsSignals may be received one day but not another for a variety of reasons so it creates a sense of security When our only job is to respond to an alarm event that occurs, it's just too great a liability to know that most days we will not receive a signal from an alarm using [redacted] as a phone provider The monitoring agreement that the customer signed has a specific notation discussing [redacted] as an unsupported serviceI have highlighted the portion of the contract below that specifically explains the risks of using a VOIP phone line The contract the customer signed is also attached in its entirety Services e“Subscriber understands that a digital communicator, using standard telephone lines for sending signals eliminates the need for a dedicated telephone lines and the costs associated with such dedicated linesSubscriber understands that alarm systems require a traditional POTS telephone line for monitoring services to be CONSISTENT AND RELIABLESUBSCRIBER UNDERSTANDS THAT THE COMPANY MAY NOT RECEIVE ALARM SIGNALS WHEN THE TELEPHONE LINE OR OTHER TRANSMISSION MODE IS NOT OPERATING OR HAS BEEN CUT, INTERFERED WITH OR IS OTHERWIDE DAMANAGED OR WHEN ANY NON-STANDARD TELEPHONE LINE OR SERVICE(INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DSL, ADSL, VOIP, ECT) IS BEING USEDSubscriber understands that if alarm system is connected to the Company’s central monitoring station by radio frequency or internet connection method such as Voice Over IP, there may be times when the system is unable to acquire, transmit or maintain an alarm signalSuch radio frequency and internet methods include cellular or private radio or through an internet communication facility or internet servicprovider(s)If a radio frequency or internet connection such as Voice Over IP is utilized, we recommend Subscriber also uses an additional method of communication to the Company’s central monitoring services” Our records indicate there was not an issue with the alarm system itself, but rather with the phone providerIf the servicing company had come out, they would not have been able to achieve any results with an incompatible phone linePlease refer to the [redacted] website, under their FAQThere is a reference to whether [redacted] works with home alarm systemsThe answer that is provided directly from their website states “At this time, [redacted] DOES NOT work with home alarm systems” Therefore, it is not specifically our system but all systems and monitoring companiesThere are some monitoring companies that allow the services with a signed waiver showing that they are not responsible for not responding to the alarmThis is not something that our company offers because we pride ourselves on the security and safety of all of our subscribersWe want to make sure that we are responding to any and all alarms that are received by our central monitoring station [redacted] Security never put the Manduva family at riskOur security system was functioning properly but unfortunately the telephone provider [redacted] changed to is not compatible with home security systems The security system installed in [redacted] ’s home came with a one (1) year warrantyWhen [redacted] contacted our office regarding the issues he was experiencing, the equipment was no longer covered under the home warranty as the one (1) year warranty period had expiredWe offered to send a technician out to the home to service the security system however [redacted] declined as he did not want to pay for the service call [redacted] Security never declined to assist [redacted] at any time during any conversations We hope this information has provided enough to properly respond to [redacted] ’s complaint [redacted] Security has made every attempt to assist [redacted] when he has contacted our officeAdditionally, we do not feel as though there has been a lack of performance on [redacted] Security’s part or that our position in enforcing the terms which [redacted] agreed to has been unfair The amount due on this account remains at $ Should you have any questions or require any additional information regarding this account, please do not hesitate to contact me Best Regards, Laurie H [redacted] Operations Manager Toll Brothers, Inc Phone – ###-###-#### Fax – ###-###-#### CC: Account File # [redacted] , [redacted] , Toll Brothers, Inc / [redacted] Style Definitions */ / [redacted] Style Definitions */

November 7, Dear [redacted] :After having reviewed your matter with Toll's onsite Sales Manager, Kate Todaro, and Project Manager, Gene G [redacted] , it’s my understanding our lack of communication was an honest, albeit unfortunate, oversightAn oversight that we sincerely apologize forRecognizing this does little to remedy your situation, I did want you to know the sales staff did not intentionally circumvent any interest list.While Toll does not have the ability to sell you the exact model home you were interested in purchasing, we do have similar floor plans available within the community and would be happy to discuss their availabilityPlease accept this letter as an apology, and feel free to contact me should you have any additional concernsVery truly yours, TOLL BROS., INC.James F Division President

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because.It has disrupted my plans severely.The other models we're not to my liking that's why I requested the model unit regarding the floor level,view and the of it's availability.The other units that I liked weren't even in the process of being built.I wasted years waiting for the unit that best suited me only to be disappointed by Toll Brothers.Secondly if the list wasn't circumvented what would they call it? I was #on the list.Regards, [redacted]

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Address: 250 Gibraltar Rd, Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States, 19044-2323


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