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Top of the Line Buildings

6472 Mount Everett Rd, Hubbard, Ohio, United States, 44425-3165

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• Aug 17, 2020

All the negative reviews listed here tell the real story. I live in upstate NY and have experienced everything from scheduling and delivery delays to out right lies from the crew and office supervisory staff. The customer service is absolutely horrible in that that they will give you lip service (tell you what you want to hear) for any and every issue that comes up. I also have requested green and brown touch up paint for the total lack of care the crew took with the painted metal panels. I am still waiting for the correct, prepaid, optional roll up door to be delivered (since June 2020 install date). Today is August 17th and after speaking with Tanya the scheduler, she can still not give me an expected date of delivery or install. She said there are 50 new orders on her desk that she must go through before she can give a date. She also said there won't be a scheduled date until $25,000 of orders are on the truck before they will send it out. My door was $600 so who know when that will be!!! I have since recommended to a good friend that he NOT place his order with TOL Buildings because of my issues and everyone else's issues listed here.

This is a terrible company. Stay away!!
First, there are two components: my salesperson who I bought the RV cover from and there's TOL, who delivered and installed the cover.
I order, all fine. Confirm order via phone with TOL after several attempts to get ANYONE to answer the phone. But, it's pandemic time - gave them some leeway.
Get a second call to confirm the order. Try to call TOL four or more times, leave voice response. So, I tell my salesperson: Cancel the order. He refunds my deposit and I move on with life.
TOL calls me the following week to say they have an installation date for me next week. Hmmm. So, I contact my salesperson... he's confused, too! I decide to say okay, though I have reservations.
The installer, ya'll. That's where we go all wrong. First off, no communication happened during business hours. His first text to schedule came at 10:45 Sunday night. I chase him around all day Tuesday trying to get a time for them to arrive.
They START the job at 9:45 pm. I let them start that late only because the installer begs me - he has something really important to do the next day. Against my better judgement, I say ok.
Looooong story short, they leave at 3AM. After knocking over my five foot tall wooden wellhouse, destroying a 15 foot section of my neighbor's fence, and verbally telling me that they will not pay for the damage they caused. Not to mention the two dozen screws and metal overcuts left in the driveway - not hard to do working in the dark!
TOL made some noise in the beginning about being reasonable and fair.... well, the only person I talked to was being solicitous. She was taking my claim to her "manager", but there was no response. For a full week. They cashed my check (naturally) and refused to answer further messages or emails.
Thankfully, I had not returned the deposit to the sales company, so the salesperson graciously took the repair bill out of his share to pursue TOL himself.
I wish I had read the reviews from facebook and others more carefully - but even those would not have prepared me for this very, very poor customer service. I was literally only asking for $250 to repair my neighbor's fence. I even backed off trying to get them to reimburse me for the wellhouse issue!!
They can hide easily because you THINK you're buying from the company your rep works for. Be sure to ask WHO they are using for materials, delivery, and installation. If it's TOL, RUN. Don't walk..RUN.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Jul 14, 2020

I'm sorry for all the troubles you went through, I was the one that talked to your dealer about the $250 reimbursement to fix your neighbors fence and we had already sent those $250 to the dealer. About the communication we do take full responsibility and we tried our very best to continue our service with our customers and dealers, our staff was working from home to keep them safe, unfortunately it didn't work as we planned and we are back at the office now. In behalf of all of us at TOL I want to apologize for all the issues and I hope we get to prove you in the future what our company is really about.

Never, Never use this company to order a building, carport etc from.......They will lie to you about delivery, will NOT return your calls, If and when they come they have "forgot" their tools to put up building..Leave and tell you they will be back in a couple of hours....And never show back up or call..... Miscommunication between the seller, main office and employees...They cannot get their act or lies together.... NEVER USED THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!! If you need a building or carport, check into who your dealing with before you put down a down payment... NEVER USE THIS Company..... The customer service is a damn joke the company is a joke......I wouldn't check a "star" for their service, but you have too, in order to post your comments.......

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Jun 24, 2020

I really apologize for all the troubles you've had with the installation. We did had issues partly because your property was 2' off level and it's not safe for any building to be installed like that. You are on schedule for today and you have confirmed the installation. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need anything.

I put my deposit down March 9 2020 then on the 17th I was told that it would be 2 to 4 weeks then it was we tried contacting you which I don't believe then on June 8th I called and told them I wanted my money back two hours later they called and asked if Thursday was good to install it and I said yes so I took time off work that day which was the 11th I called that morning to make sure they said yes I was on the schedule they would let me know what time they call back 3 hours later to tell me it wouldn't be till the following Monday the customer service is a damn joke the company is a joke 2 months I waited just to go buy my carport from someone else and they didn't even try to apologise the only recommendation I would give is for them to close down

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Jun 24, 2020

I really apologize for all the trouble you've been through, this is not the way our company does business. Unfortunately we were affected by the Covid-19 and we were closed for over 3 weeks trying to work from home to keep our staff safe. I understand you cancelled your order but if you are willing to give us an opportunity we will not disappoint you.

Just had a 20 x36 rv carport installed inspection was done today and it passed with flying colors. Valente and Johnny C did an awesome job installing very professional and polite would definitely recommend them for anyone in the South Carolina area.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • May 06, 2020

thank you very much for your review, we are glad you love your building.

I purchased a 24x26 building through a local dealer in Anderson sc. Very friendly, helpful lady. Designed my garage exactly how I wanted and asked for. A week and a half later, building and workers arrive. First problem... workers were 4 days late. Upon getting out of their truck their first question at 1220pm on a Saturday was.... how late can we work? Took the workers 2 hours to install bottom track for the legs of the building. At 11 pm that same night, they were working with lights on their forehead sawing out door openings and windows. Workers left, came back sunday at 630 am to finish job. Second problem..... went to install my walk thru door....wrong swing from what I ordered. Tried to convince me to install the door upside down ( which had a window, that I didn't request), called the lady whom I purchased building through, says she will handle it Monday. Workers complete rest of the building at 12 noon and leave. Paid in full in cash, explained someone will deliver/install correct door. 3 weeks later..... no door! Called the lady back, 3-way a call with TOL, explained problem to them once again. Claims new door will be installed Thursday the 19th of march. Get a phone call earlier today (the 18th) saying appointment was moved to Monday the 23rd. An ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE dealing with this company! ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!! Very,very bad business practice and not 1 ounce of customer support. Very dissatisfied customer!

Top of the Line Buildings Response • May 06, 2020

I'm really sorry about this situation, this is not the way we treat our customers. I understand that your building was installed correctly and the only issue was the door which has been taken care of. Again we are really sorry for all the inconvenience and I hope we get a chance in the future to earn your business again and show what our company is really about.

Your crew showed up one day early, and put up our carport. They did a hell of a good job, even worked in the rain to complete it!

Top of the Line Buildings Response • May 06, 2020

Thank you very much for your review and your business.

I was told, when I first inquired about a shed in Oct, that it would be 4-6 weeks till the shed would be built. I was told the same time period when I ordered and placed a down payment on Nov 4. This was important and was one of the deciding factors for my selection of TOL. I thought my shed would be assembled early in winter; I have equipment, recently purchased, that would be exposed to the winter weather.
I was also told that I would be called a week in advance of the install date & I would receive a call the day before install to ensure all was prepared & inform me what time they would arrive. This was important, as the site is 25 minutes from my home.
I heard nothing in Nov. I heard nothing in Dec.
I called the week before Christmas & was told I'm not on the schedule. Call next week to check on status, someone will be here to speak w/ you. I called multiple times the following week & no reply. I assumed Christmas holiday & break.
I called early Jan. & was told, again, I am not on the schedule.
I called the following week & was told I am not on the schedule yet. I was told they would make a note this is the second time I called. I replied it was the third.
I received a call late in January and was told install will be the week of Feb 3. I also confirmed, again, that I would be called a day in advance of assembly.
Mon Feb 3: no call, but not surprised.
Tues: no call
Wed: no call; beginning to wonder if it will be this week.
Thurs: I receive a call at approx 3:45 pm. We're here looking for your property and where to install. Where are you & where can we begin to unload? I said, are you there now to begin work or are you assembling tomorrow? No, we are here to build today, now!
I told them that I was told I would receive a 24 hour notice. I said I won't be there for at least 25 minutes, you will have to wait. I left my home in a rush.
Till I got there it was approaching 4:30 & it gets dark shortly after 5.
They finished in the dark; long after dark.
(The installers were courteous and did a good job, even in the dark. Easy to speak with and very friendly.)
After cleaning up & loading everything, the Foreman hands me a bill & says I must pay now. I replied I don't have a check can I mail it tomorrow? NO. Then I guess I will have to pay by Credit card. He said, We don't take CC's.
I said then I guess you can't be paid because I surely can't put my hands on this much cash this time of day. He said he could make a call to see if someone else could take a CC. The person said I can pay by CC, but I will be charged an additional 3% to do so. I said then I want to pay by check, in the mail, tomorrow. You can't do that. I said then I guess I really have no choice, do I?
I paid with the CC.
I must add this note: I did receive the 3% fee refunded to my CC, but only after I argued w/ two different persons and the second person had to get approval from a third person. No other offer to address my concerns were given. Just, "we are sorry".
4-6 weeks in late October turned into over 3 full months
Even if you go from the order date, it was still over 3 months.
No notice before the crew arrived.
Beginning assembly near dark & finishing well after dark,
No choice on mailing a check to make my payment.
Insisting that 3% add'l fee was justified when I had no choice, could not pay in mail but had to pay by CC.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Mar 03, 2020

I'm really sorry for all the trouble and the delay on your installation, we do work very hard to get as many installations done before winter, our 2-4 guaranteed delivery time was until the last week of September, as you know winter gets really bad sometimes in your area and we try to get as many installations done as we can without putting our installers at risk. I'm sorry for the poor communication we are working every day to improve that. Please accept our apologies and I hope we get to make it up to you if you decide to get another building.

Found a representative on Facebook stating they serviced the Scranton / Wilkes Berra area and dealt with that a dealer named Kate. I believe they may have been from Berwick.
Anyhow, Their price blew all the other quotes out of the water. The process was easy using their on line design web page and a quote was quick. After making changes ( added extras and size ) the re quote was as quick. I told them that I wanted the order as soon as possible and they were honest enough to tell me it would be 8 weeks from date of order.However, they would try to do better.
Truth being told, I was apprehensive using my credit card for a down payment. And the order confirmation was generic. But all worked out. Although there was a lack of communication after the order, all went as planed. lt was near the 8 week date and 1 day early. they showed up at 4 pm, delivered, unloaded, and had all the frame work up in a few hours. They showed up the next day at 7:30 am and finished the rest of the building by noon. It also snowed that morning but they were dedicated to finish the job. I recommend. Good quality. great price. fantastic building.
I would suggest to all my friends. 5 star rating.
Fred Bi Bear Creek township Pa.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Feb 25, 2020

Thank you very much for your review, we do our best to make sure you get the building you wanted the way you wanted it. Again thank you for taking the time to leave a review it means a lot to all of us.

Absolutely disgusting company! Do not use!!!!! Dealer from Berwick promised 6 to 8 weeks we waited five months for install only to have them lie to us after my husband took an entire day off from work and lost pay for an install date that never happened because apparently they’re brand new shiny truck broke down. We couldn’t reach them or the installer but received a text message stating they would not be making it out to install because their truck broke down and would be in the garage but he had another truck to borrow from somebody. Miraculously they showed up the very next morning at 7 AM with a brand new shiny truck that he supposedly borrowed and yet again my husband took another day off from work. I called and spoke to a woman named Sarah which took me more than a dozen attempts to get through to her who insured me there would be a courtesy discount given for our troubles. When the installer arrived and put everything up they refuse to leave until we paid the full amount due. I called to speak to Sarah and conveniently their office was closed for technical difficulties so I was not able to speak to her I am currently fighting the charge on my credit card for the discount that should have been given. I would never recommend this company to anyone ever. I hope you will read this review and listen to me since I didn’t listen to the past reviews that I read and only have regrets.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Feb 07, 2020

I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience and all the trouble that you went through, unfortunately we cannot control what happens on the road with the installers, when the truck broke down we contacted the customer immediately to inform the situation, we helped the installers rent a truck from enterprise truck rentals so they could continue with their installations that's why the truck was new. As far as a discount, we gave the customer an $180 discount on sides and ends and 4 mobile home anchors which have a value of $120 making a total of $300, on an $1,800 building we feel it's quite a bit of discount already. Again we are really sorry for all the inconvenience but we really tried to stay on schedule, unfortunately like we mentioned before we cannot control.

We purchased a building 9/16/2019 from a local dealer in Pittsburgh, PA. We went to 5 different places trying to buy this building and hopefully get it installed before the winter, every single place we went to kept saying it wasn't guaranteed until spring, SPRING!!! it's FALL. We just couldn't believe it, we searched for local manufacturers and TOL Buildings showed up on Google and we called them to ask if they would install our garage before the winter and they said, "No problem sir, our lead time is 1-3 weeks guaranteed" we asked if they had a dealer in our area because we didn't want to place the order or do business over the phone because of all the scams that I'm sure everyone has heard of, but they said that they do not sell direct to customers and even if we wanted to place the order directly we couldn't because they are loyal to their dealers. We went to a dealer called ***, we talked to Jerry and he was very nice and knowledgeable about the products, as we were there with him he received 3 phone calls from happy customers that had just been installed a couple of days before. We asked if he was sure that we were going to get our building before snow time and he said that if we didn't have the building installed in less than 4 weeks that he was going to wave his commission of $2,800 for the inconvenience. We placed the order and the very next day the office called to confirm the order with us and asked if we were ready for installation the following week, we were very surprised and I said of course I am ready, I've been ready for 2 months lol. The installers showed up yesterday for installation and I cannot express how beautiful our building is. We highly recommend this company and trust me, you will not regret giving this guys your business.

Amazing service, installation and quality!!! We are very happy with our metal garage, the price was competitive, we actually got lower quotes on a couple other places but this guys are definitely worth it. We decided to go with this guys because of our neighbor, he bought one from them and he is very happy as well. If I have to say something bad is that we were reschedule because the installer's truck broke down and my husband ended up losing a day of work which he wasn't very happy about, but other than that everything went great.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • May 22, 2019

Thank you for taking time to give us a feedback, we are glad you are happy with you building, and thank you for giving us the chance to earn your business.

Awesome experience with this guys, way different than what you get with other companies. I ordered a building from eagle carports and I waited over 3 months and nobody ever contacted me, I called and they told me that because of winter the moved all their orders until spring so I canceled the order and they told me it was up to my dealer to give me the deposit back because it was me that was canceling. I called my dealer which is a friend of mine and gave it back to me without a problem, I wonder if he wasn't my friend if I would ever get it back? anyway, one of my friends at work told me about this guys and I went there, first of all their office is amazing, the guys working at the office really know what they are talking about and really guided me to make a wise purchase. I tried to explain what had happened with the other company and believe it or not they told me that they knew eagle carports and other big companies and they were really good quality buildings and they weren't there to talk bad about anybody even if they knew they were bad at anything, so this told me how professional they are and their work does all the talking. I placed my order 1/12/2019 and it got installed 1/17/2019 so 5 days later!!!!!! the crew was really nice and professional at all times, my place was 8" off level and they gave me different options to level my building and got it done in about 8 hours which I was really impressed with. Bottom line is that this guys have a 5 star rating for a reason, you will not regret buying from them at all.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Jan 22, 2019

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us such an awesome review!! We are glad you had a good experience with us and thank you very much for your business.

Great experience with this guys, they really know what a customer needs without spending more than you have to. Highly recommend it.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Jan 22, 2019

thank you very much for the awesome review, we are glad you had a pleasant experience with us and thank you for your business.

Great and easy company to work with, we were very well educated before making any decisions. They carry pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to buildings, we ended up going with a high end Vinyl Barn, we are just loving it and we have very affordable payments, all I can say is that my brothers and my dad are getting some buildings from this guys and I really recommend it to anyone.

Top of the Line Buildings Response • Jan 22, 2019

Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us such an awesome review!! We are glad that you had a great experience, that's why we work so hard everyday to make sure all our customers have the best experience possible.

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Address: 6472 Mount Everett Rd, Hubbard, Ohio, United States, 44425-3165


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