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This is a fraud company and appears to keep on changing the name every few months.If you search with the address and USDOT number on the fake invoice, you will see Excel carriers, Premier relocations etc names appear on Google.

I also fell prey to these guys last year. They have a well planned strategy and I think they follow the same tactics with everyone. For me they send 3 goons to my place who were disrespectful to us all the time. The original estimate of $480 turned into $810 once the stuff was loaded into the truck. And they started threatening that we will have to pay $810 or they will unload all the stuff on road and take $250 as cancellation charge.
This went on for 30 mins and then I had to agree to pay whatever they were asking as I didn't have a choice. Then they started arguing that they need 100% in advance before they will move. They moved only after wasting an hour on road and taking 50% of the amount. This all was done to waste time and make more money. After reaching destination they started asking for 20% tip on top of $810 before even unloading the stuff. They charged me $156 for packing glass top of a small table which I had bought in $70 and didn't pack mattress or any other stuff that the guy over phone had promised for free.They charged $50 for toll and took 2 hours to reach destination only 80 miles away which I traveled in 70 mins.They delayed the move by 2.5 hours by doing all this.
Overall it is a well planned scam to cheat people in need. They never gave any toll receipt and after multiple followups I got the final invoice in a Word document. They made this move a nightmare and the worst experience that anyone could ever imagine.
Just so that anybody doesn't have to go through this torture, I am sharing the details that I have. The guys who called me for estimate was Michael and he claimed to have military background and said we are honest people. The leader of the goons who came to my place was David a bald short guy. The invoice that they shared had USDOT# 1761445 and MC-643900. Address in the invoice was 57 Midland Avenue, Elmwood Park NJ 07407 and website - no more exists. I am not sure if these details are fake or if these guys are using someone else's details. But if you come across anyone with similar details, BEWARE.

Review: I made contact with top rank on 2/5/16 to do a move on 2/6/16 I was quoted a price of $250 dollars to move from a storage unit with all my items pre wrapped I made it a point to ask about any hidden charges and they reassured me that the price won't change. We set the moving time for 10am They called me in the morning moved the time to 11am. But then I get a call from the driver and he moved the time to 1130am they showed up at my unit at around 1215.

They moved all my items into the truck and told me they were changing my price because of the toll they had to pay to get to my unit and because they came with three men instead of the two man quote they gave me. Therefore my bill would now be $390 I told the guys I got a quote from there company already and there is no way I'm paying that I explained to them that what ever tolls they incurred to get to my unit is not my concerned and that I asked for 2 men Not 3. One of the gentlemen called there company and got [redacted] on the phone the agent who gave me my quote I explained to him the situation and I would rather have them put my stuff back in the unit and I will make other arrangements. He puts His father on the phone who started yelling and cursing at me calling me racial slurs being very unprofessional. After I indured about 10 mins of this back and forth. They said to pay 300 and they will finish the job. I was gonna give the guys a 50 dollar tip anyway. So I had 300 on my person and just paid them. The crew would not unload the truck unless I paid them first, being reasonable and in hopes to resolve the situation I gave them the money. The agreement was they would assemble my furniture in my new place but instead they chipped my bed frame and just dropped all the pieces in the apartment and told me there boss said not to assemble anything.

I think this company preys on people who need to move. They quote a low price on the phone and when they have all your belongings in there truck they change the price.Desired Settlement: I was quoted 250 I had all my items wrapped as specified I did not ask for 3 guys. I am not responsible for how top rank gets to my unit (I understand the miles in between my unit and the apartment but not the tolls the company incurred getting to the unit).I was told that the crew would assemble my furniture and hang up my tv but instead I got a chipped bed frame, and my things just thrown into the apartment unassembled. I want my money back or at least half of the 300 I paid which is $150

Review: I hired this company with a signed agreement that my move would cost $285.00 and sales tax waived if I paid in cash. They were only moving a few large items that I could not handle myself and the move was only 4.4 miles between destinations. They arrived an hour late and I had to leave them at the residence I was moving from to meet a delivery at my new home. They arrived about an hour later and would not take my furniture off the truck until I paid them which was fine until I realized that the bill had doubled from the signed agreement. I refused to pay and the driver was told to take my furniture at which point I called the police. I finally had to agree to pay $400 in cash in order to retrieve my furniture. The workers tore my couch and punched a hole in my wall and once I took pictures and sent them to their boss they began screaming and cursing at me in my home and told the boss that I made the hole in my own wall. The entire ordeal was a nightmare and I wish to have them refund $115.00 of the money I was forced to pay in order to retrieve my belongings as well as the damages that were caused by careless workers to be repaired. The entire company is extremely unprofessional, dishonest and just plain nasty.Desired Settlement: I would like the overpayment back that I was forced to give them.

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Description: Moving & Storage Company

Address: 57 Midland Ave, Elmwood Park, New Jersey, United States, 07407-2414


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