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TouchTunes Music Corporation


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User h_janus time 13.02.2018

I used touch tunes for the first time last week. At first I thought "wow what a great app and opportunity for these developers. They really stumbled upon something." Then I realized not all my songs had played even though they showed as played. Stupidly I thought eventually they will play. I purchased more credits and loaded songs. After a few played no more played and once again they showed that they played. I did notice the bartenders had a remote to the jukebox. I assumed it was a volume control thing. Now I am convinced that they were overriding my selecting and playing their music. I reached out to Touch Tunes and was told since it shows my songs played there was nothing they could do. I explained I was there for 4 hours and there were only a handful of people in this place. There was no way all my songs played. I went through the list and specifically pointed out the songs that never played. I am now going to let Citi Bank handle this. It is not about the money. It was a total of $15 and change for the credits. It is about deceptive practices. Whether this is the apps fault or the bars fault is not my concern. Someone is not playing by the rules. Now I long for the old days of putting quarters in, picking your song and hearing your song when it is your turn.

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User keithkotecki time 03.02.2018

I just bought credit's for 20.00 at Buffalo Wild Wings and didn't use then all and thought they would be good at any Touch Tunes Juke box I happen to come across" but there not", AND that's wrong..
Credits shroud be good on any touch tunes juke where you go.
It's touch tones for god sake!
So now you have to buy them at every bar you go to, what's up with that.
Very disappointed!
And the killer is I won't be back again food wasn't that good, so I'm screwed.

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User Reviewer1483404

Review: 3 years ago, I was a regular customer of a TouchTunes jukebox in *** *** *** *** in downtown Houston, TX. I regularly put 5 dollars into the jukebox on a daily basis. On one particular day, I put my usual 5 dollars. But due to their unethical and idiotic business practice of allowing people with more money to cut ahead of the line, I waited for about 5 hours to hear the music that I had requested and never heard it. The pub closed and the songs I requested were never played. I called them to request a refund of my 5 dollars. They never returned my call. Since then, I have reminded them of the fact that they have stolen 5 dollars from me. And rather than refund my 5 dollars, they have chosen to force me to withdraw my business. I averaged 5 dollars a day and 5 days a week. That's 25 dollars a week times 4 weeks a month. That's 100 dollars a month times 12 months a year. That's 1200 dollars a month times 3 years. TouchTunes has quite literally lost 3,600 dollars of my business and all because they have refused to refund the 5 dollars that they stole from me. And the worst part of it all is that they do not care in the least. They are a completely unethical and sociopathic business entity. I imagine that their loss of my $3600 dollars of potential business is nothing compared to the amount of money that they probably steal on a regular basis from people who put money into their jukebox, only to be denied what they have paid for due their unethical practice of allowing people with more money to cut ahead of the line. They deserve to go out of business. Spread the word about their unethical business practices.Desired Settlement: At the very least, I desire the 5 dollars that TouchTunes has stolen from me. And if it is possible that I have a legal right to extra monetary compensation as a form of disciplinary legal action against TouchTunes, then I would gladly claim that compensation from them as a warning to them that they are not above the law as they clearly believe that they are.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.In actuality, I am tired of pursuing this. It's a complete waste of my time. Just forget it. It's obvious that they aren't even listening. They have thanked me for being interested in their mobile app. I am not interested in the touch tunes mobile app. They can keep my five dollars. Just know that I will never support their business ever again.


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User Reviewer1483417

Review: This vendor makes "jukebox" credits available to a customer for purchase; the customer may then use these credits in exchange for music plays at a jukebox. On November ***, 2015, I purchased $5 worth of (13) credits for such use. I then used 2 of said credits. To date, the remainder of the credits are unavailable for use. It is my contention that they engage in this type of activity regularly. Customer service has ignored repeated requests to resolve the issue.Desired Settlement: I'd be happy with any number of settlements - I'm not hard to please - just annoyed that they think this is okay. Complementary credits would do the trick. Or just refund my card and I'll be sure to share with everyone I know that the company is fraudulent. Their choice.



At this time, my complaint, ID *** regarding TouchTunes Music Corporation has been resolved.

(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.)

Sincerely,*** ***

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