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Town & Country Rentals & Management Agency of Havelock

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While living under their management, T&C took days-weeks to respond to requests, even in emergency situations. T&C were our property managers for 1.5 years. In this time, we had three occurrences where our heater or air conditioner broke during extreme temperatures and still had to wait 5 days, 2 weeks, and 1.5 weeks each time due to their lack of communication and negligence. They never offered us any type of relief - window AC units, space heaters, temporary lodging, etc. On several occasions, they told us they were waiting for owner approval, however these owners were always non responsive regardless of whether the issue at hand was small or large. After living there almost a year, we began receiving monthly notices from the bank asking the owners to call. A man would come out, take photographs of the house, and ask for the owners if my husband or I were home. The home is in the early stages of foreclosure and we immediately let T&C know and asked them to please let us know what is going on, as we did not want to pay rent for a home that we may potentially be evicted from. About 3 weeks before we moved out of the home, our septic tank became full. We noticed the back up on a Saturday morning and called the emergency number. For the first time in 1.5 years, they sent a plumber out the same day to break up the blockage and give us a little relief until Monday when we could get it drained. Saturday evening we noticed the carpet in the corner of the master walk-in closet was wet, upon further review, we realized the water was coming from the toilet on the opposite side of the wall. We called T&C again and let them know. We were then told they would have plumbers out on Monday to resolve issue. I called on Monday and Tuesday asking about plumbers as well as carpet cleaners to clean the corner where the toilet water was leaking. They told us they would either get back to us or were waiting on owner approval (from very unresponsive owners in an emergency situation). Wednesday morning I called again, extremely distraught as the water had been sitting 4-5 days and the smell was growing by the minute. I was told that they are waiting on owner approval still for septic tank drainage and since we are moving out in 3 weeks and will be getting the carpets cleaned then, to just sprinkle some febreeze on it to relieve the smell. Immediately, my husband and I then sent an email explaining how unsanitary it is to leave water sitting in the carpet for weeks and the portion needed a thorough carpet cleaning. I let them know if we didnt have relief immediately we would contact the Department of Health because it is not safe or clean to leave water sitting there. That was when they finally sent carpet cleaners and had a company drain the septic tank - 5 days later. We have since moved out and still continue to have problems with them, including false charges - all of which we have pictures of. We have called and are told we will receive a call back but never do, and have emailed several times in hopes of resolving and reviewing the charges, yet we do not receive a response. We are at a loss at what to do. We have heard from multiple other military families that they were treated very poorly by this company and felt robbed at their move out. We are now in the same boat with no resolution from the company and are in fear they will send us to collections, hurting our credit, without attempting to resolve first. Desired SettlementWe would like the charges that we have previously emailed the company about, attached email documentation for, and have offered photos for to be removed from our invoice.

Lived with no refrigerator for three months with 4 month old newborn at home. Took months to repair anything that was broken and weeks of no reply My wife and I moved in June 2014 with our 4 month old newborn. On the second day we realized all our food in the refrigerator ($200 worth) and a full freezer of my sons precious breast milk was spoiled. T&C was notified and they said they had to talk with the owner. After a week of no reply we called and they offered a "loaner" frige. The loaner arrived and was the oldest refrigerator with mildew and mold stains all over the door gaskets. When opened you got hit with a stench. I would not put my dogs food in that frige let alone my newborns. It was THREE MONTHS before we received a new refrigerator. We lived out of a cooler during this time and they took nothing off of our rent. They promised to power wash the green mildew off of the rental house before we moved in. That was not completed until a month and a half after living there which raised our water bill for that month. We were never compensated. Next was the garbage disposal that had stopped working and it was not allowing water to drain. Again this took a month and a half to have repaired with our kitchen stinking like rotten food. Things were ok for a little while until the ice maker in the "brand new" refrigerator stopped working. My wife used ice every day to transport her pumped breast milk every day. After three weeks of buying ice and ice trays we took $50 out of our rent. They immediately called about the missing $50 but took weeks to get back to us about fixing any of these repairs, we had to constantly and ask for a manager (who happened to never be around). After a total of 6 weeks of no ice for my sons milk it was finally repaired. We were hassled over and over about the $50 we took out of our rent which we thought was nothing since we took nothing out for the hundreds in food we lost and non replaceable breast milk as well as ice for the coolers we lived out of for those three months. Now we are moving out and we have to have the carpets($200) and house ($300) professionally cleaned by one of their preferred people. The house WAS NOT professionally clean when we moved in (spider webs and dust buildup). If it was, they deserve a refund. The carpets were cleaned but not the house. They have never once offered us a refund or money off our rent for not having the amenities we were paying for on our contract. All we ever received was an "I'm sorry". While signing our contract I stated that I had a small trailer and asked if it was ok to put on the side of the house. I was told it would not be a problem. After six months of living there I received a call stating I needed to move it as it was in violation of the HOA to be on the side of the house. I did not move the trailer for an additional three months as I kept calling and asking for the lady that told me I could park it there. After three letters and multiple calls I gave up on trying to get in touch with her. The following month I received two threatening letters stating that if I didn't move the trailer I would have to pay $100 a day that it was there. So this company does not even know the HOA rules of the houses they are renting out. She could of said "let me check for you" but instead just said yes so we would sign the contract. The customer service at Town & Country is by far the worst I have ever experienced. They show no sympathy for your losses and definitely do not compensate you for them. Desired SettlementIf they are not willing to refund us any money for the three months with no refrigerator and loss of food,breast milk and ice. The least they can do is stop harassing us about the $50 and maybe pay to clean the place and or the carpets. Business Response The tenants signed the lease on June 19, 2014. The tenants called in the work order for the refrigerator June 28, 2014 and a loaner refrigerator was delivered to the home on June 25, 2014. As a courtesy to our tenants we have as a cost to our company refrigerator's, window air conditioning units and space heaters to keep our tenants comfortable until the repair or replacement of the owners appliance is completed. In this case the tenants did receive a loaner refrigerator until a new refrigerator was purchased and delivered. We sent an appliance technician to the property and it was determined by this technician that the cost to repair the refrigerator would out weigh the cost of a new refrigerator. The owner approved a the purchase of a new refrigerator on July , 2014 and the refrigerator was ordered and purchased that same day. The refrigerator was purchased from [redacted] which [redacted] then scheduled the delivery of the refrigerator to the property. The new refrigerator was delivered to the property on July 7, 2014 and the loaner refrigerator was picked up on that day as well.The home, sidewalk, mailbox and mailbox post were pressure washed on July 22, 2014. This item has to have the owners approval and funds available to pay the vendor prior to the work being completed. The tenants did not bring in a copy of the water bills to include the time period before the pressure washing and the time period after the pressure washing to determine 'how much' their water bill increased. Included in the Residential Rental Contract that each of our tenants sign is the statement that the ice maker, garbage disposal and the built in over the stove microwave (if applicable) are there as a convenience to the tenant and if any one of those items fail it at the owner's discretion to repair/replace or to completely remove any of these items. The garbage disposal work order from the tenant was called into our office on August 18, 2014. A contractor was sent to the property where he determined that the disposal needed replacing. The owner was notified that very day and he asked for estimates for a new disposal. The new disposal was installed on October 10, 2014. A work order was called into our office on November 15, 2014 from the tenant stating that the left side of the kitchen sink is leaking and he believes it is coming out of the pipe where it connects closest to the sink. He used a couple of rags to wipe it up. The repair was completed on November 21, 2014. The tenant then called in a work order on October 29, 2014 stating that the ice maker was not working. Since the refrigerator is new and under warranty the owner opted to have the warranty company repair the ice maker. Our office contacted the warranty company who in turn contacted a service company to complete the repair on the ice maker. This item was handled by the warranty company. I do know it is an inconvenience to not have the ice maker not working but in all fairness a lot of refrigerator do not even come with an ice maker (mine included). The owner did replace the refrigerator with the added cost of having an ice maker to make his tenant happy. In January 2015 the tenants failed to pay their entire month's rent. The Residential Rental Contract does not allow for tenants to deduct monies from their rent for any reason. The $50.00 is still due from the tenant since the month of January 2015. Our Company policy is to notify the tenants each month for monies that are due for whatever reason. Our company does require that Owners and tenants are required to have the property professionally cleaned and the carpets professionally cleaned upon move out. This is included in the Residential Rental Contract that is told to them in the lease signing. The property was professionally cleaned prior to the tenant moving into the property.All tenants are given a copy of the Homeowners Association Guidelines/Restrictive Covenants at the lease signing and we do have it in their lease that they were given a copy of these guidelines/covenants. The trailer being on the property whether in the driveway or in this case he parked it in the yard is at the discretion of the HOA. I am not sure what happened to cause the President of the HOA to find the trailer a problem after 6 months. Our company was notified by the President of the HOA that the trailer was in violation of the guidelines. We notified the tenant immediately of the violation at which time he became hostile. We tried to work out a solution with the President of the HOA. Even though it was against the guidelines for the trailer to be in the back yard the President of the HOA was going to allow it to be there. We offered to have a contractor go to the property and remove the fence gate and one panel so the tenant could put the trailer in the back yard and upon move out help get the trailer from the back yard. The tenant opted to move things around in the 2 car garage where he then kept the trailer. This property is located in a very nice subdivision of [redacted] and is a desirable property of which we would not say something to a tenant to 'just get them to sign a contract'. Our goal is to rent owners' properties to good qualified tenants that will be content in the home during their tenancy and to take care of the home as if it were there own. Consumer Response First of all thank you for the response, this is by far the fastest communication we have ever received from Town & Country during our 13 month lease...most of our attempts for communication were just ignored. We do realize, however, they are trying to run a business and maybe even fabricating some of the facts to make themselves look better just might be the case in this situation. Like for instance, it was impossible for the new refrigerator to be delivered on July 7 when that's when we were notified the frig that had been ordered and was on backordered and would take about 4 weeks to come in. Of course, we only found this out after repeat phone calls inquiring where it was. The power washing of the house was negioated prior to signing the lease and was a stipulation of us accepting the contract. We were also told it would be completed prior to moving in since we put our deposit down 3 weeks before move in date. There should have been no approval from the owner needed as they mention above. Regardless, if they read the HOA gguidelines--this is a requirement, which they clearly don't, they would have had to do it anyway considering the amount of dirt and green mold growing on the vinyl siding. Another situation, they failed to address above was the fact the contract manager at signing, stated we could place our trailor on the side of the property when my husband asked prior to us signing the contract. At no point did she tell us it was an HOA violation, which she should of known or at least researched before giving us a definite answer. Of course, she was most likely just eager to get that contract signed. Whether or not a disposal, ice maker, or microwave is a convenience or not they were advertised with the house. We would have not been so eager to rent this property if they were not. Like Town & Country mentioned the neighborhood is in a nice subdivision of [redacted]. Desirable? If it were so desirable they probably wouldn't be dropping the rent by $100/month like they currently have advertised on [redacted] or be able to find 7 other properties on the same street for sale or rent. We still think their move out requirements are outrageous and unreasonable. They cheapest cleaning service vendor was $300 for a 1,700 sq foot empty house. After calling around to inquire other professional cleaners in the area that are not on their vendor list I realized this is 3 times the amount other companies charge. This just leads one to believe by pure speculation that they are running some kind of markup fee to benefit them and their vendors. Our rental was recently cleaned by one of their providers because we are moving out. After inspecting their work, I noticed dirt left on counters and window seals and dust on ceiling fans. Not to mention our thermostat was set to 62 degrees! Now we indicated to them since it is hot outside they may lower while they are cleaning to a reasonable level if they put it back when they were done. It was set like that for 6 hours until I made it to the house that day. I'm sure that will add a nice $15 or so to our electric bill this month that Town & Country will not reimburse us for, but we had to use their vendor in order to avoid being charged twice from not passing inspection (due to not being properly cleaned) upon move out. All in all, this is a decent property and I do feel the property owner is probably a reasonable man, but if I had the opportunity to speak with him I would let him know he should find a new rental management to take care of his property. As a consumer, the service we were provided during our contract was less that satisfactory and it was one problem after another that no one wanted to address. We have nothing to gain from this complaint but to tell our story to warn others. I can count on one finger how many times I have written a complaint about a company, but this company deserves to be spotlighted. My next door neighbor was interested in renting the property and I had to be honest that while the house was decent she would not want to encounter the headache of dealing with the management company. I will continue to let others know about this management company because I know the power of word of mouth. If they would have addressed our issues in a more reasonable and professional manner we would be singing a different tune right now.

Rental Co charged me $170 out of deposit for damage caused by improper floor install (installed by owner) during move out. Have email traffic/picturesDamage created by poor quality linoleum floor install, floor was not glued to surface or tacked down, basically was just laid on the ground and flattened to fill in area. Desired Settlement Please note: Complaint is for work done at address [redacted]. Damage was caused due to improper linoleum floor installation. The linoleum flooring was not secured properly to the floor, no glue or tacks, basically it was just cut, fitted, and left laying there. During my move out, while I was moving my washer and dryer, I had to push my washer back in to be able to get my dryer out. During this process the flooring came up and ripped. I do not feel responsible for this due to the fact that there was nothing securing the flooring to the ground in which my appliances where on. After finally talking to them (3 phone calls later, roughly 2 weeks waiting for a response and all of which I was told management would call me back, minus the last call) Town and country rentals management stated this is the proper way to install flooring. They also stated the homeowner was the person who did the install. On another note another charge was for a re-attachment to a door hinge in which the screw was not long enough to anchor into wood it was supposed to. To further my complaint on poor workmanship, Town and Country should have on hand a completed work order on file, in which a maintenance man came in and switched the water line going to the dishwasher, originally the dishwasher line was connected to the cold side. I am not one to make complaints easily, if I am in the wrong I will always take ownership, but after being charged for something I dont feel responsible for and after talking to other tenants, this seems to be the norm with this rental agency. I feel this goes much deeper than my small circle. The refund I believe I am owed is $170 Please consider looking into this. Thank you Business Response The file states "Rental Co. charged me $170 out of deposit for damage caused by improper floor installation (installed by owner) during the move out. This vinyl was installed by the owner's contractor when this unit was last renovated, not by the owner. The owner provided a matching piece left over from the renovations to use to repair the floor.I also contacted a flooring company and asked them to evaluate the situation. His letter states:"The vinyl was installed correctly according to manufacturer's specifications. The vinyl damage was caused by the tenants' removal of appliance"It should also be noted that we have two other tenant move in and move out of this property with no issues with the vinyl in the kitchen and laundry closet.If you need the supporting documents, photos, letter from flooring company, or any other information please feel free to advise and we will forward said information.I regret that I am unable to support this tenants' complaint based on the foregoing information.

Company has poor customer service,delays repairs overcharges for cleaning and rent, and accuses you of not paying before rents are even due. Rented house on 3/1/2014 for $975 and deposit $975. At the initial walkthrough; carpets, hardwoods, ceiling fans, windows and garage were dirty and the requested repairs listed below (1-6) took weeks or months to complete. 1. Requested repair of window that wouldn't open fixed in July due to the repair man having to come back several times since he kept getting the wrong part, and would show up unscheduled. 2. Kitchen sink faucet loose and leaking-fixed in April. 3. No water to the house due to main valve leak -fixed within 2 days 4. Electrical GFI outlet in the garage was defective- fixed within 10 days 5. Requested pressure washing due to the back and sides of the house was covered with mold- done in July, we reported the damage that was done by the pressure washing company of a. the flood lights in the back broken off, b. the keypad to the overhead garage door had been shorted out and quit working and c. a static mounted thermometer on the front porch was shattered laying in the front yard. The back flood lights were fixed in August. 6. Mailbox had been hit by a car (Filed police report since we weren't responsible) -fixed within a week 7. In Sept, another issue with the GFI -this time the one on the outside patio needed to be replaced. [redacted], owner of Town and Country claims we have 9 maintenance repairs, however we aren't sure what the other 2 she is referring to unless it is for the garage keypad and the thermometer that they say they don't know about, yet these things were reported at the same time as the flood light damage which they fixed. We gave notice 11/01/14 that we would be out by 12/31/14. We understood we had to pay rent until it was rented or until the lease was up. The landlord did not attempt to rent the property. There was not a rental sign in the yard and it was not advertised on their website until mid November. The rent increased $75 making the total rent $1,050. The sign didn't go in the yard until December 31 on our final walkthrough, after we asked if they were going to put one out. After we gave our notice, we received a phone call from the Town & Country office saying they weren't aware of the damage from the garage keypad and the thermometer, and that we would have to pay for it. On 12/10/15 we then wrote a letter to Town and Country expressing our disgust with them for not completing maintenance requests timely, or completely, and we shouldn't be held responsible for damages we didn't do and DID report as soon as they happened. Again, these damages were done along with the floodlight damage which was fixed; so how could they not know of the other 2 items reported at the same time? We asked for a reply and an apology for the treatment we have received. a letter from them came accusing us of writing our complaint letter as a means to not pay the rents owed. "Your letter appears to more to be for ammunition as to not be responsible for the next two months' rent until your lease ends or at which time the property is re-rented. The owner will not release you of your responsibilities under the lease which you signed." The letter goes on to threaten us with collections for rents that aren't even due yet, and they are keeping our deposit since we haven't paid Jan rent yet. This is due to Town & Country forcing us to spend $250.00 for "Professional" housecleaning-yet we HAD to use their selected service providers. This was the least expensive one. Plus we had to pay a Professional Carpet cleaner which was an added $100. There isn't enough money to pay everyone at once we are late- we are going to pay. As for Feb, it isn't fair to say we aren't going to pay the rent when that is in the future. we don't appreciate being threatened with collections when we still are under our lease, and being accused of trying to get out of our obligation.Desired SettlementThis letter has us as delinquent when February isn't even here yet. We have every intention of paying our rents. Yes, the January rent has not been paid yet. it's explained in the complaint box why we are late. This house, garage, and carpets are cleaner than when we first rented it. We weren't asking to not pay what we owe, We are not disputing we owe rents. We are merely disputing being charged with damage we didn't do and disgust with the way they ignored our requests for repairs, didn't advertise the property when we gave notice and raised the rent making it even harder for someone to rent it, and now this accusatory letter saying we are trying to get out of paying our obligations along with threatening us with collections is unfair, unprofessional and rude. I am filing this formal complaint because this company doesn't have a sense of urgency towards tenant requests. They charge too much rent for the properties, the maintenance people are incompetent and create more damage. And Town & Country does not fulfill their part of the rental agreement by finding a new tenant if you leave your lease early. Bottom line-do NOT rent from this company. We are requesting an apology and our deposit back. Business Response This complaint to the is the tenants attempt to get out of their responsibility to pay rent until the property is re-rented or the end of the lease Feb 28,2015.The tenants purchased a home which did not coincide with their lease expiration and they are being held responsible for two month's rent unless we re-rent the property. I understand they are not happy and regret they have put themselves in this position. The owner of the property was contacted and will not release them of their financial responsibility.As for the accusations: *The property was not clean. *Town and Country Charged him for damages. *Town and Country made him professionally clean the property. *He is being threatened with collections. *We charge too much rent-owner determines rent. *No attempt to rent the property. *Ect.None of the foregoing accusations are true. Bottom line - this complaint is not justified. Documentation can be provided to the on the foregoing.Respectfully SubmittedConsumer Response It appears to us that the property owner and owner of Town and Country Rentals do not intend on addressing the specific items and nature of the complaint filed against them in this claim. Rather the owner of TCR displays a desire to spew a false narrative that our sole purpose of filing a complaint is to neglect our obligation to fulfill the rental agreement to the property owners which has never been stated in any correspondence to Town and Country Rentals or the property owners.In response to Town and Country Rentals statement that all claims are untrue soley based on their proclamation that our claims are untrue; I have factual documentation to back up my claims through photographs and letters and receipts. At this point I can assure the property owner and Town and Country Rentals management that payment for the period of February 1 through 28 will be received no later that February 1, 2015 in the amount of $975.00 which will fulfill our contractual obligation to the property owner.In light of the fact that Town and Country Rentals chose to disburse of the security deposit held on account to cover the January 1 through 31 rent it is our position that our only obligation is to pay for the February rent period already address earlier in this response. We had fully intended to pay the January rent however the additional expense for professional cleaning services required by the property manager prevented us from meeting the payment due date and subsequent grace period before funds were disbursed. Our request of the parties named in this dispute is that we will not be held responsible for any reported or existing damages perpetrated by vendors hired by the property owners or Town and Country Rentals prior to or during our residency of the property located at [redacted]. Our position on this claim is that it can be categorize as resolved with receipt of written acknowledgement from the property owner and property management owner that liability for the damages to the exterior flood lighting, keyless garage door opener and the thermometer, lie fully and completely their responsibility.We encourage the property owner and property management to refer to our letter dated December 10, 2014 to be clear as to the basis of our complaint to the thus bringing resolution to this matter.Final Business Response My January 7, 2015 Tenant Security Deposit Disbursement Letter and response to the tenants December 22 postmarked letter reflecting no monies due is attached. The Tenant Ledger was included in this letter which reflects a 0 balance. Both of which are attached as evidence. Again on February 2, 2015 my staff provided him a copy of his Tenant Ledger again reflecting no monies due. This previous tenant does not owe Town & Country Rental or the owner any monies and he has been provided documentation of such since January 7, 2015.He has never been charged for any damages and will not be as his file is closed.

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