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I made a purchase and returned for a refund within 24 hours. Waited over 30 minutes and was denied a refund. They did not honor the store policy. I purchased a tape recorder on October 31st, at Trade It, in Greenville, NC. [redacted] was the cashier that handled the transaction on Friday. She put batteries in the recorder and said, "They do that because it could have some defects." I returned for a refund on Saturday, November 1st. [redacted] assisted me again. I explained to [redacted] that after recording for 30 minutes, I began to playback the recording and after listening for 13 minutes, there were several skips(unheard seconds) in the recording and I would like a refund. She said, "She had to take it to her manager." I gave her the recorder and browsed in the store for 8 to 10 minutes. I asked, "Was there a problem with returning the item? She said, "He had to listen to it for 13 minutes to see if he could hear a defect with the recorder." I asked her, "Are you telling me I have to wait another 13 minutes until he decides if there is a defect in recorder, after you told me it could possibly have a defect?" [redacted] said, "We have to tell all our customers that." I said okay, and continued to browse in the store. I began to read their store policy and related it to my present experience. The in store policy states I have a 30-day defective warranty, with a receipt. I can return the item within 24 hours and get a full refund. Depending on the item, there could be a restocking fee. After waiting 23 minutes more, I asked [redacted], "Do you think I have been waiting for 13 minutes? She said, I have nothing to do with that, he is listening for defects." I calmly asked the same question again, and she said, "Yes, you have been waiting more than 13 minutes." The store was busy when I arrived and 45 minutes later, I was the only customer in the store at this point. [redacted] goes back and return only to tell me that [redacted], the manager, said that I could NOT get a refund because he did not hear any defect in the tape recorder. I was totally shocked and in disbelief that I could not get a refund when the store policy states otherwise. I have no complaints against [redacted]. Friday and Saturday, she provided good customer service and was only the messenger from [redacted], the manager, who made the decision based on what he says he did not hear. He provided extremely poor customer service and violated the store policy. If he did not violate store policy, it appears as though the policy could be false advertisement. I was denied a refund and still have the tape recorder and receipt and refuse to do business at Trade Itagain. I purchase the tape recorder for $21.39, with my debit card on October 31st and returned for a refund on November 1st. It was a small amount of money for the recorder, but it is my right to return the purchased item and receive a refund. It is the principle of the matter.Desired SettlementIf Trade It is not accredited, who can I forward this complaint to that can investigate their trade policies? refundBusiness Response Thank you for contacting us regarding your experience with our Greenville store. Please be aware, Trade it does not have a policy of a 24-hour return. We do have a next day exchange on games or dvds. We have a 30-defective warranty on most items or a buyback option if items are not wanted. Our policy board states, we must be able to duplicate the defect to honor the return. All policy boards are present in every store typically behind the cash registers. Pictures of the policy boards are available if needed. I hope this clears up any misunderstanding about the defective warranty. We have contacted the customer directly to advise she can come in for a full refund due to her extensive wait while the item was being testing. We apologize you had to wait while the item was being tested. Customer service is a priority for us. If a copy of this is being sent to the customer we ask she visit before the week is out for her refund.

dvd was wraped up with a 9 doller price only to find the dvds were horribly scratchedgot a [redacted] dvd box set it was wraped up and had a price tag, got home and when I opened it up the dvds were scratched up and had finger prints all over,it is against the law to have something wrapped up and have it not be brand newDesired Settlementwould like a oligopoly and for you to STOP wrapping things up that ARE NOT BRAND NEW, it is against the law , and is under false advertising Business Response The customer is misinformed about the law. Shrink wrapping used items is standard for display purposes and is not against any state, local or federal statutes. If the dvds did not play properly the customer can return to whichever Trade It store he purchased the item at fort an exchange. Consumer:shrink wrap is only legal if the item is new, I went home and it was completely scratched up and fingerprints all over , when you shrink wrap something it MUST be new, you cant shrink wrapa uses product, and you cant give a trade only refund, last time I was there I got a 7$ card when I wanted cash, tehy refused me my cash refunda nd that is agaisnt the law

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Description: Second Hand Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, Gold, Silver and Platinum Dealers

Address: 4230 Old Raleigh Rd, Wilson, North Carolina, United States, 27893-8313


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