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Tradition at Stonewater

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• Jun 24, 2021

Pest problem
I have been a resident of this community for over 3 years and I have enjoyed living here. However, the current property management company (Greystar) has some challenges with their level of professionalism and decorum when dealing with residents concerns. I keep a very clean home and on two different occasions I saw what appeared to be a water bug or roach. Neither of these critters can coexist with me. When I brought my concern or shall I say phobia to the attention of management, I was told that "it would be my choice to live in the same space with said pest or wait until 5 days later when their pest company can come out to spray." I have lived in other communities where the level of responsiveness to such concerns were met with compassion and a sincere desire to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, Lexi did not have such compassion or professionalism. When they eventually sent someone to my unit, the technician stated I should just wait the 5 days for pest control and that he was here as a courtesy but was off the clock and couldn't really help me. Overall, I think it is great community with great access to the airport, shopping and entertainment. The rates are competitive and grounds are well kept. There are lots of choices on places to live - with new communities sprouting up daily in the Cary-Morrisville-Apex area. Greystar needs to ensure their staff are trained on how to deal with a diverse population in these areas and provide more professional responses to tenant concerns.
Pest problem

Complaint4 1/2 months after vacating apartment I received a phone call demanding payment for damages. These charges are completely inaccurate. Myself along with 2 roommates vacated the apartment on 7/15/13. On 11/26, 4 1/2 months later I received a call demanding $1,135 for damage fees and interest. We were never contacted prior to the phone call even though Traditions at Stonewater had contact information for all of us. On 9/1/13 they submitted the balance to collections yet they continue to say they have yet to do so. Prior to vacating a walk through with staff was requested. I was told it was not necessary. Now I am being charged for unfounded and unreasonable damages. I have sent registered mail disputing the charges and have received an email in return that does not address the issues, only demanding payment by 1/6/14. The law requires that a landlord provide tenants with an accounting of any charges within 30 days of vacating premises. We never received any documentation even when there were numerous occasions to do so when we stopped in the office and spoke to staff.Desired SettlementVoid charges and remove claim from credit reportBusiness Response All three of residents responsible for this lease, including Mr. [redacted], failed to provide a forwarding address upon move out and in such cases we mail each resident a copy of their move-out statement to the last known address on file, all of them came back from the post office as "Unable to forward". The residents did not submit a written request to be present for a move out inspection. Mr. [redacted] dropped his keys in the drop box the night of July 15th and our maintenance supervisor performed a move out inspection the following day on July 16, 2013. The unit was not left in a clean and undamaged state. We have provided the residents with a copy of the move out inspection report that details the work needed to bring the unit back to the condition in which they received it as well as vendor evaluations and charges for the work. The carpet had to be replaced due to pet and bleach stains. The residents were charged only a portion of the cost reflecting the wear and tear allowance provided for in the standard cleaning and repair charges addendum to their lease. The charges are valid and at one point we had an agreement with one of the residents, [redacted] for a payment plan. We are still willing to work out a payment plan or a lump sum settlement on the charges outstanding, however we maintain the right to credit report as allowed under the lease contract. Final Consumer Response In response, Tradition at Stonewater, when we verbally asked for an inspection, the office stated it was unnecessary. Our attempt to provide a forwarding address to the office was met with, "we don't deal with that." However we submitted a forwarding address with the US Postal Service. After moving out, we were still renting a garage until we had another place for our belongings. The rental was used until September 15th. We went into the office multiple times during that period and were never made aware of any issues with forwarding mail or damages charges. In good faith, we would be willing to negotiate a settlement excluding some of the outrageous damage claims, however not until the claim specifically placed on my credit is removed. A claim that to this day, has been denied by Riverstone to have been submitted. The credit claim was submitted on September 1st 2013, before our contract with Stonewater ended and approximately 3 months before receiving a phone call regarding the charges. The unprofessional, threatening manner in which Riverstone has handled this situation leaves me to believe they cannot be trusted to delete the claim on my report after a settlement is reached. Final Business Response Mr. [redacted]'s claim to being denied the opportunity for a move out inspection is contrary to Riverstone's policy. The information from the site staff, and the information specifically provided to the resident in the notice to vacate form they returned to us, states a move out inspection is strongly recommended. Even if he had been present for the move out inspection, He would still be responsible for the costs incurred to bring the unit back to move in condition, minus wear and tear allowances.The balance has been reduced to reflect a recent correction in the carpet replacement cost originally charged and a new statement has been forwarded to Mr. [redacted]. A settlement of the validated balance is still available if Mr. [redacted] or his roommates if they would like to call and discuss. However, we still retain the right to credit report delinquent balances.

Bad Customer serviceOn March 26 of 2014 I was at the pool with my family and all of a sudden some wires that are connected and covered with a box, popped out (inside of the pool), we did not know what kind of wires or connection that was, so we were very hesitant to stay in the pool and we all got out. I noticed that maintenance was nearby so I asked him if he could come and take a look at it, I got a very rude response by him, and he yelled that he was not going to take a look at it and told me not to drink from glass bottles at the pool, something that had NOTHING to do with what was happening at the moment. Apparently, a group of [redacted] people were drinking from glass bottles and since my family also happens to be [redacted] he automatically assumed we were the same group even though we were not even sitting close together or had no interaction with this other group. (none of us were even drinking from any glass bottles at any moment). Maintenance did not even care to come and take a look at the wires inside the pool, after another person finally told him he decided to look at it. I just feel that as a resident that pays so much money, something that involves cords and a pool should be taken more seriously especially when a potential hazard is involved and it is not taken seriously.I am appalled by this behavior and quite disappointed that I was treated this way for pointing out something that needs to be fixed. Desired SettlementBetter customer service, when the complex has an issue it will be addressed right away and without rude comments or [redacted]. We should ALL be treated with respect no matter what the circumstance or [redacted]. Business Response Riverstone has completed the investigation and is unable to corroborate the incidents detailed in your complaint. Based on a witness statement and video footage, the pool light was repaired in a timely manner (within ten minutes of the issue being brought to maintenance's attention) and was handled professionally. It is highlighted in the pool policies and rules that no glass containers can be brought into the pool area and we apologize for the case of any mistaken identity concerning the [redacted] bottle incident. At this time, Riverstone considers these matters resolved. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the Tradition at Stonewater's management office at (XXX)XXX-XXXX.

We are being charged excessive,unfounded move out fees.We occupied two apartments at Tradition at Stonewater. We transferred apartments with all of the same furniture we had in our previous apartment, at the end of that on-site move we incurred not one fee. Not one! We also would like to mention that when we first moved into the second apartment it was filled with fleas. We mention this to show that the carpet cleaning crew must not be competently cleaning the carpets if they did not notice the carpet was infested with fleas. We lived in a temporary dwelling for over a month until the carpet was replaced for this apartment. Our scheduled move out date for our second apartment was set to November 30, 2013. I scheduled a walk through with the property manager [redacted] for Monday December 3rd at 9:00 AM. On Saturday December 1st we realized that we needed to reschedule due to not being able to take time off work. We called the office and spoke with [redacted] one of the leasing agents to see if our walk through could be rescheduled for 4:00 PM. The leasing agent [redacted] agreed to the 4 p.m. walk through. Monday morning December 3rd Mrs. [redacted] called the office and [redacted] property manager told her they had already done the walk through. Mrs. [redacted] informed her that the walk through had been rescheduled for 4 p.m. [redacted] stated that time would not have worked for her as she was having the painters come in. [redacted] stated she would be having the carpet assessed later by a carpet inspector. [redacted] did not attempt to reach out to us via email, text or phone to inform us that the rescheduled appointment would not work. We were denied the right to a walk through which is part of the lease agreement. The walk through took place without us, and a wave of charges followed. Everything from leaving crumbs on the kitchen counter to having the carpet of the entire apartment replaced due to alleged stains that could not be cleaned. We were beside ourselves. After a 14 hour move we stayed in the apartment spraying the bathtubs with cleaners and wiping down counters ensuring the apartment was left clean. The one thing we did forget to clean was the microwave which is why we agreed to pay the $10.00 charge for that. How does a tenant go from leaving one apartment with no charges to having an outrageous amount of charges? It is also important to point out that painters came in to the apartment before the carpet was assessed by the carpet inspector. We brought our concerns to [redacted] and [redacted] the Regional that oversees this particular apartment complex. She invited us to come and see the carpet after it had been ripped out. After it had been ripped out, stepped all over and dirtied by workers and anyone else who came into that apartment after we had vacated it! My wife reviewed some of the pictures taken at the walk through with property manager [redacted] and Regional property manager [redacted].The pictures show a green washable marker stain in my daughter's bedroom and pale yellow marks from the legs of our couches in the living room. It is important to note these are the same couches that were in our previous apartment and there were these same pale yellow marks in the living room at that apartment as well, and we were never charged for any carpet damages in that first apartment. My wife discussed this fact with [redacted] when she reviewed the pictures at the office. [redacted] stated this must have been an oversite. My wife also discussed this fact with [redacted] Recievables manager and she stated that move out charges are not charged to tenants transferring apartments as a courtesy. Which statement is true is not known.Any professional carpet cleaning company can remove light furniture marks and washable marker stains as we called two professional cleaning companies and they stated they can remove those stains. Desired SettlementOur move out walk through was cancelled and the carpet cleaner came to clean and assess the carpet after painters had already been in the apartment. The stains on the report by the carpet cleaner do not coincide with the condition of the carpet when we moved out. The pictures I reviewed at the office also do not show the amount of damage that was reported by the carpet cleaners. If the report by the carpet cleaners is accurate then the carpet must have incurred damage when the painters and other workers came into the apartment prior to the carpet inspector coming in. We paid for broken blinds, dirty microwave and utility charges. Since we were told our walk through appointment was cancelled, we went later on in the day and picked up the planters and pots we had forgotten on the outside of our patio. The maintenance workers did not move these pots or planters as they were in the same place I left them the night of our move. We should not be charged any removal fees for the planters. My wife spoke with [redacted] receivables manager on 1/24/13 and asked if the account had been updated to reflect the payments we have made and if the pot removal fee had been removed. She stated the account has not had been updated by Traditon at Stonewater as of yet even though it's been several weeks since we sent in payment. We also have repeatedly requested for copies of the pictures that were taken at the move out inspection. [redacted] stated on December 3rd that the files were not available for us to view as she had already sent them to the receivables department in [redacted] This was obviously a false statement since my wife was able to review the pictures when the Regional Manager was contacted and the receivables department in [redacted] has stated they do not have the pictures as of yet. We were also told that the files were too large to send via e-mail. If that is the case then they should be forwarded via mail so I can review the pictures of the alleged irreparable damages. We have not received them to this date and have not received a response for weeks. We were prepared to pay a carpet cleaning fee at most. It is unthinkable that Tradition at Stonewater would expect tenants to pay for replacing the carpet for the entire apartment for minor cleanable marks. If this is the properties intention they should clearly outline their intentions regarding carpet fees in their lease agreement and I am sure not one potential tenant would sign their lease if this was written into their agreement. My wife spoke to [redacted] Recievables manager this Friday 1/ 24/14 and asked [redacted] if she thought it was fair to have the carpet assessed after workers painted in the apartment as well as charging tenants to replace the carpet for the entire apartment even though there were only marks in two rooms. [redacted]'s response was "This is not about what is moral or fair." We are asking for the carpet charges to be removed due to the reasons stated above. We also request for the account to be updated to reflect the payments that were sent in,and for the pot removal fee to be removed. Business Response [redacted] Residential Group is contracted to manage Tradition At Stonewater for a separate ownership entity. Thus, [redacted] Residential has no ownership stake in Tradition At Stonewater. As a management company, we have a fiduciary responsibility to the owners to recover all monies that are due from current and previous tenants.We inspect all apartments with the same objectivity. We charge according to our Standard Cleaning and Repair Charges sheet that the [redacted] signed as an addendum to their lease contract. We perform inspections upon apartment homes when keys are received and we have resumed possession of said home. We are always willing to perform an inspection with the resident present if they schedule it as outlined in the move out procedures section of the lease, Sections 36-41. The residents cancelled their initial inspection appointment due to a scheduling conflict. The [redacted] moved out November 30, 2013 and we conducted a final inspection of the apartment on December 2, 2013. In the course of that inspection we determined that the carpet was not redeemable by any type of professional cleaning. To confirm this finding, the carpet was further evaluated on December 2, 2013 by [redacted] Carpet II & [redacted] Inc., a licensed and bonded professional carpet cleaning company, In their affidavit they cite "Unit carpet has heavy yellow, red and bleach stains. Cannot be cleaned, needs new carpet." The carpet, which had been installed in May 2012, was less than 2 years old. The carpet replacement was installed by a separate and independent Carpet company, [redacted] The resident did receive a wear and tear allowance of 30%. The residents have been given credit for a payment they made to the property. The original carpet estimate has been revised to reflect the actual cost for the replacement. The outstanding charges in this case are valid and truly due.Received Consumer Rebuttal 2014-02-24We never canceled our inspection with Tradidtion at Stonewater, rather called the office and spoke with [redacted] the rental agent on property after we realized that our initial time frame would not work. She agreed to the new time. The Property manager for Tradition at Stonewater decided on Monday that the rescheduled time would not work for her and the painters, so the staff at Tradidtion at Stonewater went ahead without informing us that the walk through was going to happen without usWe called several carpet companies and asked about removing water marker stains, they said that they could have removed them t they would not have a running business, these are reasons that we are paid to do what we do.The red stains were from the washable markers in my daughters room, while the yellow "heavy" stains more like light yellow were from the same furniture that I had in my previous apartment while on property, of which I incurred no charge! We do not use bleach as it would hurt our son's medical condition. At most replacing the carpet in my daughter's room would seem fair, but the entire apartment that is ludicrous! If the rental agent were to explain at the beginning, "Hey if you have a stain in any part of the apartment we will need to replace all of the carpet throughout" I'm certain that no one would ever rent out an apartment. There were painters, cleaners and different trades that came into the apartment, anyone of these would have added marks on the carpet!The carpet was less than 2 years old, because it needed to be replaced upon moving in, except that it was not! It was deemed as "clean". Indeed it was not, it was infested with fleas from the previous tenant. Why was this not caught? Perhaps that same "professionals" that did the walk through did not find any issues with it? After this, the carpet was replaced. I have to vacuum every day due to my sons conditions, we do not walk in with our shoes ever. Can the same be said about the different trades that came in to work on the apartment after we were officially out?We are looking for a fair resolution, what is the cost to replace the carpet in my daughter's room, since the stain could not be removed? It is absurd that we would be charged to replace the carpet throughout the entire apartment.We look forward to putting this matter behind us and moving forward if Tradition at Stonewater and the management team would have a fair business approach to a good standing tenant!Received Final Response from Business 2014-02-26We have the documentation including carpet invoices for the new carpet installed in their unit at the beginning of their residency as well as the carpet evaluation and invoice for the replacement after they moved out, supporting the charges. We have sent copies of this documentation to the resident as proof. We have tried to accommodate the resident in good faith including the Regional Manager setting up second move out inspection with [redacted] and [redacted]. The Regional Manager does not normally get this involved, however in the interest of customer service she drove 20 miles to meet with [redacted] to show her the damaged carpet. [redacted] refused to go to the apartment and stormed out of the office without looking at the damage with the Regional Manager. Mr. [redacted] originally was supposed to meet here also with the Regional manager, however never showed up.The decision to replace the entire carpet is predicated on the condition of the carpet as a whole. It appears that the damage to the carpet, as cited by the carpet cleaning vendor mentioned in my original response, was not confined to a single area. We conclude the charges are correct and in compliance with the lease agreementMore info received from the consumer 2014-02-27This case is not closed. We are not satisfied with the offices resolution. My wife waited with a three year old over 10 minutes for the regional manager. Upon her arrival she spent another 10 minutes with the property manger, in that whole time my wife was dealing with my son and was also about to be late to pick up my daughter from school. We will follow up with alternative means of justice with Tradition at Stonewater. Please keep this case open and not satisfied until we have exhausted all possible methods of justice.

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