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Tramway Auto Body

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My vehicle was not fully repaired when I was notified to come pick it up, causing more delay and repair issues. On 3/19/14, I took my 1998 Avalon vehicle to Tramway Auto Body in Sanford NC for a repair. On this day I paid a down payment for the services they were to provide to [redacted] in the amount of 500.00 credit card method. He stated the work would take a week starting 3/24/14 to repair which I agreed to. On 4/3/14, I received a call that my vehicle was ready and was told the balance due 2546.00. When I came to pick up my vehicle majority of my damages were not repaired. As soon as I walked up to the car all was very noticeable. Starting with the driver side door/fender still having dents & cuts in the metal that they just painted over. The lower panel still detached. The head light on the passenger side was perfectly fine upon bringing it to this business, but for some reason it was hanging out and they couldn't get it to stay in place. The hood wasn't lined up correctly causing 1 1/2-2 inch gap on the driver side. The paint was already chipping under the headlights and numerous glue spots on top of the paint job where they have glued sections. The bumper wasn't painted fully. Detail work wasn't completed and I still had animal hair in my front rim and front hood. The only thing that was repaired correctly was the driver side headlight which is perfectly in place and the grill. When all of this was brought to [redacted]'s attention he stated it must have been over looked. I could "maybe" understand one thing, but not all these issues. Nobody reviewed that the repairs were complete before contacting the customer to pay the balance? They were trying to do cheap fast work for the money in hope it wouldn't be noticed. After conversations with him he stated they could repair it again and take it off the bill or I could take it somewhere else for another business to repair. I told him "no" I brought it to you with intentions you were going to repair it fully and that's what's going to happen. I shouldn't have to bring my car to another business because he failed to do the work correctly the first time. Furthermore, on 4/7/14, [redacted] contacted me leaving a voice mail stating my vehicle was ready. When I arrive the paint on the bumper was still not fully painted, the hood still had the gap, the lower panel was attached, but half of the piece was broke off and not fixed. The headlight was still not in place, glue spots still on top of the paint job. Overall lots of issues. When I came inside to discuss the bill [redacted] immediately got very rude in which caused an altercation between us. He didn't take nothing off the bill as he discussed on 4/3/14. He didn't revisit his labor hours charged to me because of unfinished work the first time, nor would he provide me with the invoice for parts he ordered to repair my car which he was supposed to and is the law. Therefore, in order for me to leave with my vehicle that day I had to pay the balance 2546.00 in cash on 4/7/14 making a total of 3046.00 for this total repair that was still not fully completed, in which I've taken pictures. Desired SettlementThe total bill was 3046.00 and repairs are not fully completed. [redacted] didn't take nothing off the bill as he spoke of on 4/3/14, he clearly knows that the services were not completed when I was first notified to come get my vehicle which caused him to redo my repairs again, which is not my fault nor should I have to pay for the labor hours because the work wasn't completed when it should have been. There were things listed above that was completed right the first time and I agree I should pay for those services, but the entire bill when this company failed to provide excellent service the first time- I disagree. Therefore, even half of the bill (1523.00) is not satisfactory for me for the job that was completed, but I'm willing to settle with the refund of 1523.00 which is half of the bill I paid 3046.00 on 4/7/14.Business Response [redacted] brought her vehicle to be repaired 3/24/2014. The estimate of $3046.03 that was written on 3/19/14 when her $500 parts deposit was paid included 27.3 labor hours. In this industry, we are allowed double that time for parts delivery, paint dry time, etc, so that equals out to 54.6 hours (or 7 days). We repaired everything we put on our estimate in a timely manner. The left front lower door damage was on oversight on our part, which happens to humans from time to time. For that we apologized several times. On Friday 4/3/14 when Ms. [redacted] came to pick up her vehicle, it was brought to our attention. From there, we offered to either fix it as originally intended OR to discount the bill, not BOTH. The door molding was not a part of the estimate, it was reattached with adhesives. She was told she could purchase a new molding & we would be glad to install it. She refused. Ms.[redacted] complained about the pinstripe. We only pinstripe what we paint. But to try & make her happy, we pinstriped the entire car. Hood gaps are adjustable, we adjusted those to the best of the car's capacity. This vehicle was originally a Salvage/Total Loss rebuild before this particular accident and the structure of the car was not repaired to factory specs to begin with. The radiator support was welded in too far back, therefore making repairing it correctly nearly impossible. Vehicle was declared a total loss again through her insurance company from this accident. Impact was the left corner and left front door...the right side headlamp & side marker lamp were never touched in this wreck. There was previous front bumper damage before this animal wreck. We have pictures of the vehicle before beginning repairs & the headlamp/turn lamp that she complained about not fitting right didn't fit right before per the pictures. When Ms. [redacted] decided to fix the car after insurance had totaled it, she was fully aware that the used front end that was originally figured for the insurance company the previous month was no longer available, therefore the car would have to be fixed by individual parts. Furthermore, if there were any extra parts needed or any further unforeseen expenses, she would be responsible as insurance was no longer involved. More money was in fact spent on parts than we originally estimated, although Ms. [redacted] was NOT charged any extra as she should have been. The grille was replaced, but we didn't charge her for it. We also put 2 quarts of motor oil in the car because the oil light was on when it was brought to us...that we didn't charge her for. It took 2 quarts to even make it register on the dipstick. On Monday 4/7, when she returned to pick up her vehicle after we'd repaired the door, she immediately became loud, vulgar & belligerent...stated that she WAS NOT paying the total bill. She yelled & cussed constantly for about 10 minutes straight, calling [redacted], threatened a lawsuit... as we all remained calm & firmly told her she will pay the bill if she takes the car. All of us in the office & one shop tech can attest to her unruly behavior on both days (Friday & Monday). Law enforcement was called & came out because of her behavior. 911 was called when she tried to come behind our counter. She is no longer allowed on the premises for any reason. She was impossible to please. We repair NICE vehicles every day and have for almost 25 years without any problems like this. For what this vehicle was, being a salvage car twice, the repairs turned out great. I don't think it would have mattered at all what we'd done, all she wanted was a free bill. We don't perform charity work, we're here to operate a business. Per state law as far as the invoice goes, this is taken directly from NC Motor Vehicle Act: § 20-354.6. Invoice required of motor vehicle repair shop.The motor vehicle repair shop shall provide each customer, upon completion of any repair, with a legible copy of an invoice for such repair. The invoice shall include the following information:(1) A statement indicating what was done to correct the problem or a description of the service provided.(2) An itemized description of all labor, parts, and merchandise supplied and the costs of all labor, parts, and merchandise supplied. No itemized description is required to be provided to the customer for labor, parts, and merchandise supplied when a third party has indicated to the motor vehicle repair shop that the repairs will be paid for under a service contract, under a mechanical breakdown contract, or under a manufacturer's warranty, without charge to the customer.Ms. [redacted] received an itemized invoice of her parts & repairs. We can submit pictures and/or our documents if needed. We are done with this individual & her car completely. If she returns to our premises for any reason whatsoever, law enforcement will be called immediately.Consumer Response In the reply from this business I wasn't the only one using profane language nor was I ever yelling. I also have witnesses. I by far am not wanting a free bill, but we all know my car wasn't repaired correctly human or not- from the pictures provided even the paint job doesn't match. Very noticeable! ! They provided cheap quality of work and the look of my front end shows that. Furthermore on Friday when I first came to pick up my vehicle nothing rude was spoken because I was emotional so that's another lie. But human right??? So yes a settlement will need to take place. I paid this company out of my pocket, not paid directly from the insurance company which I'm sure if that was the case my car would look great instead of what it does, but that would've interfered with their insurance scams. So since I paid them directly they were to provide information on repairs, supplies, cost, actual invoices not something they typed up themselves. I'm glad this will be posted online and on their business so others can see how they really run a business and quality of work! Final Business Response This matter is closed. Our 23 year reputation stands for itself. No further replies will be posted from us. Thank you.

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