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Treasure Realty, Inc.

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This was the best vacation we have ever taken. Treasure Realty was very informative and organized. Our condo was amazing!","pos-1

Misleading Refund and Insurance PolicyWe paid a $576.50 deposit online for a vacation home rental Reservation ID#XXXXXX from Treasure Realty for the week of 4/9-4/16/2016 on 1/1/2016.We also purchased the advertised Vacation Rental insurance for $64.12 with this rental.I am unemployed and knew that I might have a job interview that week and that there was a possibility that we might not be able to go.We had to cancel the rental two weeks before the arrival date due to an upcomming job interview on 4/12 that I had to attend. I explained this numerous times to Treasure Realty and filed a claim with the Insurance Company[redacted].Neither Treasure Realty or the Travel Insurance Company[redacted] will refund the deposit to us.Being unemployed and loosing $576 for a vacation that we had to cancel hit us very hard.I talked to [redacted] of Treasure Realty on on 4/8 and was told that we would receive a partial refund of $400 within in a week, that we never got. Than after numerous phone calls to Treasure Realty and refund promises made we were told today on 5/10 that we are not eligible for a refund with the reasoning that the house was not re-booked for the week.I feel like I've been robbed by Treasure Realty and the[redacted] Insurance.Desired SettlementFull refund of the Deposit plus refund of the misleading Travel Insurance fee advertised with the booking.Business Response Thanks for the opportunity to respond. The vacation rental agreement is quite specific and clear when addressing cancellations by the tenant(see section 6 of the TRVRA at The reservation in question was first made January X XXXX. It was subsequently cancelled on March 10. The contract states that the rental period would be opened up to be rented. If it is re-rented, then the customer receives rents back (less prepaid expenses and a cancellation fee). In this case the full week was not re-rented. However, we did allow a Sunday to Sunday reservation which overlapped one day of the April 9-16 week they complainant had rented. This was the source of a bit of delay and confusion, since strictly speaking the week period did not re-rent. Even though it did not specifically meet the criteria for a refund, as the complainant noted, S____ from our office had determined that a refund was in order in this case. I have tried to reach out to these guests but have not received response via email or phone. I sent the following to let them know they would in fact be receiving a refund per the terms of the contract:Hey L____ and M_____,I am sorry S_____ and I were not in the office during the time that you were discussing the refund amount on your cancelled reservation (May 10th).Unfortunately, the person you talked with gave you some bad information. We have taken a look at your reservation and understand how the mistake was made, but have been able to revisit the amount of refund due you.You paid $534.12 as a prepayment. Of this amount, $64.12 was sent to the [redacted] Travel Insurance. This part cannot be refunded.The remaining $470 is subject to a 15% cancellation fee per the contract (Section 6 in the Treasure Realty Vacation Rental Agreement). That is $70.50.The remaining $399.50 is due you and will be sent via check within the next 10 ten days.I regret the confusion and look forward to resolving this misunderstanding.Thanks so much.Sincerely,The check has been written and is on its way to Mr. and Mrs _______. Please let us know if there is any response from the complainants. We are happy to make this right and regret any confusion and delay. SincerelyConsumer Response I'm waiting for the refund check and will close this complaint once the check arrivedFinal Business Response I checked our records. Looks like the check was cut for $399.50 on May 17th. You should get it any day now. Thanks

This company stinks!! The absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life!! They hold some kind of archaic phone call lottery for making vacation rentals, with no chance of getting on a waiting list. I have tried to rent the same property for 4 years, they don't answer the phones until 9:00, so I have 4 people in my house calling every minute starting at 8:45. I left a message this year with all my information, aside from my credit card, at 9:01. I didn't stop calling and finally got through at 9:45 and was told that the property was booked at 9:02. What is that? Obviously I beat that person out and they should have given it to me, if they would have a waiting list, they would see that I have called many times before!","neg-1

I rented a condo on North Topsail Beach 2 weeks ago from Treasure Realty. I have rented a condo and beach houses from them before but never had any issues that I needed help with. This experience was very disappointing. First of all, we were given keys to our condo at 3pm on Saturday (normal check-in time) and unloaded our things, then just arrived back with groceries to find that the cleaning crew was JUST ARRIVING to clean and prepare the condo for us. It was 4:45 pm. I called the office and was told that they would check back in with me on Monday and that we would be reimbursed the 'time lost'. As we unpacked, we became increasingly dissatisfied with the rental unit. First of all, it was DIRTY. There was thick dust in several places that I was told 'must have been missed during spring cleaning' and the floor was so dirty that we had to wear shoes all week so our feet weren't black with dirt. It had an overall run-down feel, definitely not the vacation condo were hoping for. My in-laws stayed in the master bedroom, and my family of four slept in the second bedroom, with a queen bed and bunks. There was no dresser for our clothes, and the queen bed had three foam pads stacked on each other instead of a mattress! My husband has chronic back problems and had to sleep on the couch all week. The toilet rocked when you leaned over to get toilet paper, the balcony light was burned out, there were only two chairs on the balcony (condo advertised to sleep 8), the curtain rod for the sliding glass door fell down when we tried to close the curtains.... I sent a lengthy email message to Treasure Realty that night (Sat) but still had not heard anything from them Monday afternoon. I finally called them and spoke with the Maintenance Supervisor. I was told that the owner of the unit takes care of their own maintenance issues, and they were waiting to hear from them. I don't think they ever planned on calling me. He said "You have electricity and water, so there's no emergency..."!! Later that day someone came the fix the AC that was not working (we sweated through the first two nights). Two maintenance men brought chairs for the balcony Tuesday morning and fixed a few of the other issues we brought to their attention. They were appalled at the condition of the condo and took pictures to take back to the rental office. We never heard from the office again. The dirtiness of the unit was never addressed (how hard would it be to send a cleaning crew back out?), nor was the mattress issues, toilet, etc. I did not call back because I was not going to spend my vacation trying to get them to respond to me. After our trip, I called the office to talk to someone about our experience. A message was taken for a manager to call me back, and two days later, when no one called, I called again. I spoke to the same maintenance manager who said that he would consider a reimbursement, but it was against their policy, and he would email me his decision. I had an email 30 minutes later stating that I would be reimbursed $25 for our time lost (late check-in due to cleaning crew) and they would waive the $60 reservation fee the next time we rented with them. Believe me, I do not plan on renting from them again!!!","neg-2

Vacation Rental Topsail Beach, NC.
Before you do business with Treasure Realty, read this.
We will never do business with Treasure Realty again. The numerous shark attacks at Topsail Beach have nothing on this crooked outfit. Here's our experience. We took pictures of everything:
- Disgusting hair throughout bathroom floor (including pubic hair)
- Years of grimy sweat on furniture
- Balcony was covered in debris and bird droppings
- A broken wine glass was washed and put away
- All frying pans were rusted and some were put away with baked food still on them
- Shower curtain was covered in years of mold and mildew
- Kitchen chair leg broke off and my wife almost hit her head
- Woke up to NO hot water in our suite so my wife had to shower with the dreaded moldy shower curtain (which touched her and gave her the heebie-jeebies)
- They charged us a $60 registration fee above and beyond the normal room charges. (For what? We don't know.)
- They tried to charge us $65 just for sheets.
We have stayed at many Vacation Homes. They all come with linens included.
For us, never again. I cannot recommend doing business with this shady outfit.","neg-3

Unauthorized charge of rental deposit and refusal to refund. I originally contacted Treasure Realty on 12 Mar 15 about a long-term rental advertised on their website. On Treasure Realty's website, it clearly states the requirements for submitting an application. The websites directs the prospective renter to submit the application and then follow-up with a phone call to pay the $20 application fee. My 12 Mar email included the rental application and verbiage stating that I would call the following business day to pay the $20 application fee. The partial verbiage from my email:An application for the property listed on at [redacted] is attached. I am currently stationed at [redacted] but will be coming to [redacted] at the beginning of May. I will call your office Friday morning to pay the application fee. If this property is no longer available, I am interested in something in this price range with an available move-in date of approx. 1 May. Minimum of two bedrooms and prefer furnished. My preference is a 6 month lease. I was able to get in touch with the long-term rental manager the following week and was immediately asked for my credit card number which I supplied for the sole purpose of paying the $20 rental application fee. On 17 Mar, I received an email from the long-term rental agent stating that she would be sending my lease via email in the next few days as I am serving my country in the military and was stationed overseas at the time of this incident. I received a lease on 19 Mar for 12 months. Also on 19 Mar, my credit card was charged $1100 although no lease had been signed and the long-term rental manager had not received permission to charge any more than $20 to my card. When I notified the manager of the discrepancy in lease duration, she replied that she did not have permission to modify the lease to reflect the originally requested six months. After several days, I was notified the lease would not be modified unless I agreed to pay an extra $200 per month. I replied to the long-term rental manager that I would not sign the lease. Her reply was that I would not be getting back the $1100 deposit although I had never signed a single document with Treasure Realty and had not agreed to them charging me $1100 in the first place. The long-term rental manager's demeanor from the beginning was very short and the primary interest was obtaining my credit card number. She never once explained she would be charging my the security deposit before the lease was to be signed (to which I WOULD NOT have agreed). Further, she was made aware of my preference for a six month lease from my initial correspondence to her and she did not once mention the lease she prepared was for one year. Desired SettlementThe only acceptable settlement to this issue is a 100% refund of my $1100.Business Response The charge for the deposit was an authorized charge given over the telephone. Mr.[redacted] gave Ms. [redacted] his card number and once the application was approved asked her to move forward and secure the property. Securing the property for us means send the lease and charge the security deposit. Ms. [redacted] charged his card for the security deposit on March 17, 2015 and stopped the advertising of the property in reference. Ms [redacted] sent Mr.[redacted] the lease on March 19, 2015. Upon receiving the lease Mr.[redacted] stated to Ms. [redacted] he only wanted a six month lease. This property that Mr. [redacted] was pursuing to rent was found by Mr. [redacted] on our Long term rental site that is labeled "Yearly Rentals in [redacted]" . Ms. [redacted] told Mr.[redacted] she would have to contact the owner of the property to see if they would allow a six month rental. Ms. [redacted] contacted the owner and the owner agreed, but with a $200 increase monthly because he was taking the entire summer months (this property is an oceanfront condo in a resort area). When Ms. [redacted] told Mr.[redacted] what the owner had said and wanted, Mr.[redacted] said, " Thanks for looking into this with the owner for me, however I have found a place in [redacted] more suiting to my needs, thanks again. " Ms. [redacted] then replied that since the property had been taken off the market, the deposit was non refundable because the owner could have potentially lost a renter while the property was taken off the market. [redacted]'s reply was "wrong answer you can keep the 20 for the application fee and that's it". Treasure Realty takes pride in working and helping all of our clients, especially our military. We want to make transitions such as this less stressful and fulfill our clients needs. We have large feedback on how easy, efficient and simple the process was for their family to be uprooted and moved to another location with Treasure Realty's help. We regret this obvious miscommunication between Ms. [redacted] and [redacted]. As [redacted] mentioned, he was in another time zone and different country during this process, we understand he must of been under a lot of stress trying to coordinate and communication at all hours considering their was such a land gap. With this being said, we do not feel like we have "ran his card without his authorization" but feel we did exactly what the correct procedures are for securing a long term property. However, we will be refunding his deposit, and start up advertising this property asap to help the owner recoup for loss of rental income. We appreciate [redacted]'s service to his country and hope that he makes it safely home. Consumer Response Deposit returned. I don't like how Treasure Realty handled my rental application but they made it right in the end.Final Consumer Response

Treasure Realty is awesome!","pos-2

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