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• Sep 15, 2023

The Worst Experience Ever
September 14, 2023 *** Update ***
Company responded after about (8) emails in the last two weeks and many, many phone “hang-ups” when attempting to call them. They are offering a refund --- less than what I paid them --- and in monthly payments, to begin a month from now. I refused. I want a full refund - I haven't received ANYTHING... It looks like this company is in financial trouble.

August 3, 2021
I Signed a contract on to install (2) Tesla Powerwall units. Paid a total of $9,767.20 prior to receiving product and installation.
I have NEVER received proactive communication from Treeium regarding the status of my project.
The constant response I received when regularly contacting them, was they were waiting for deliveries from Tesla.

June 23, 2023 (22 months after contract signature)
Moty Ginsburg (the owner of Treeium) sent me the following email: “Per our conversation, we will be getting a Tesla shipment the week of the 17th of July. As soon as we have delivery, we will schedule the next day's installation for you.” This did not happen, nor did he contact me at ANY point after the missed date.

August 17, 2023 (8 weeks later)
I gave them 2 weeks to complete, or I would cancel the project (they NEVER responded).

September 1, 2023
I called and cancelled the project, stating that I would like a full refund. Frances Mayorga (from Treeium) contacted me, stating I would receive a full refund.

September 12, 2023
NO REFUND. I may need to hire a lawyer. Buyer BEWARE of this company.
I have been VERY nice and accommodating. Treeium has been TERRIBLE.
This company is the worst experience I have ever had.
The Worst Experience Ever

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 9, 2015/02/04) */ Bathroom #1: Bathroom was completed by [redacted] crewPassed all inspections After discovering drainage issues by the customers we had contacted the city inspector to understand how it passed the inspections Shower pan needs to be redone Bathroom #2: At first, Customer instructed [redacted] crew to install the vanity in the corner next to the wall, than customer asked the contractor to install it on center of wall The C.Ton the vanity is installed like the customers asked at the beginning Treeium told customer that they will correct position of C.Twith no extra cost once the 3rd bathroom will be done We've never got to this stage Electrical issues: Customer had point out that the light in one of the bedroom does not operate right, they called an electrician that advised that the problem connected to the 2nd bathroom Treeium had remodeled Treeium came with an Electrician to discover where the problem is and found out that the problem was caused by an old GFI outlet in the garage Hardwood Floors: After discussing all floors issues with customers, Treeium agreed to have their original installer to fix the floors, he came to give us a bid, and the fix was supposed to be done after 3rd bathroom but Treeium never got to this point Bathroom #3: After discovering all 1st contractor mistakes that BTW were approved by the city inspector, we have replaced the crew and assigned a new project manager instead of the previews that got fired because of this project The new contractor and his crew demoed completely the bathroom walls, floors, plumbing, remove vanity and all fixtures We have changed the layout of the shower area according to customer will, new position to drain and shower fixtures, leveled the main floor and re installed the vanity We had to textured all walls few times until [redacted] got satisfied We bought all the necessary amount of tile to redo the walls and the floors We passed again all the inspection that city of Fremont had failed to handle Treeium were aware that [redacted] is not home during the week days and asked if it's ok to proceed and get approvals from [redacted] for our labor and she said Yes After Treeium installed all the shower area floor tile, [redacted] didn't approve so we re did it again We installed the wall tiles and for almost a week we didn't get any comments from customer, only after [redacted] came back she said that she wants us to re do all the tile work on the walls At this point, after [redacted] demanded that we will repeat the tile installation, we felt that no matter what we will do and the level of finish she will not be satisfied On 11/17/The project manager asked to meet with the customer in order to get to an agreement / settlement understanding the level of their impatience and lack of trust Customers were not open to understand the situation that we are willing to help / to solve the problems and told the project manager to leave and that they will file a complaint From that day Treeium had tried to contact the customer several time in order to solve the issues but customer refused to talk/meet with Treeium Thank You, [redacted] Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 11, 2015/02/18) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Email to be sent to [redacted] Singleton's direct email per her request via voice message on February 18, Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 16, 2015/03/12) */ Hi [redacted] , Thank you so much for providing the response from [redacted] At this point according to her response she believes that the cost to correct the items will be ~$20,000-$25,Although we dispute many of the items listed on her response, we are eager to close this file and get it behind usWith that being said, the open contract they have with us is $24,000, with expenses to date of $20,and $in payments from [redacted] ; We are willing at this time to offer a walk-away, meaning we will not provide any more services to [redacted] and will consider the contract closed with no balance due; in return [redacted] will close all open complaints with, CSLB & Bond company as satisfied and consider the contract closed and accept work performed to date and will file no adverse actions now or in the future against Treeium Warm Regards, [redacted] Director of Risk Management Final Consumer Response / [redacted] (3000, 19, 2015/04/13) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) We are happy that Treeium represents that they are eager to close this file; however, their response and figures are factually/contractually incorrectWe do not agree with their response or requestTreeium's response illustrates their lack of attention to details, unwillingness to honor legal contracts, singular focus on their interest in getting money from us, and their lack of good faith with resolving this contract dispute Here are the factsThis dispute represents two legal written contracts (Contract #1: $23,500, Contract #2: $16,500, Contract Supplement #1: $2,450, and Contract Supplement #2: ($5,000)--Contract Total: $37,450)We have paid $24,total towards these expenses (we have proof of payment)Their suggestion that we have paid $is wrong: the damages exceed what is owed on the contract Outstanding contract balance is $12,for the completion of the full third bathroomTreeium abandoned the contractThe bathroom is not nearly complete and, as stated, the permits have expired and their work was not done correctly (per 3rd party contractors, which deems it valueless)Our damages range from $20,- 25,(see shower/bath fixture detail in pervious filing) Walking away, accepting their work "as is", or dropping our claims and complaints arising from this contractual dispute would put us at a significant financial loss and this proposed solution reflects a lack of good faith on their partOur costs to repair our home that Treeium damaged (eg., hardwood floors, walls, ceilings, etc); replace the materials which they used, broke, or did not return (e.g., tiles, light fixtures, shower and tub fixtures, etc); and, have new contractors redo their substandard contract work (which [redacted] acknowledge in writing was "substandard" in Contract Supplement #on September 17, 2014) would require that we significantly accept a financial loss Bottom line, Treeium owes us money to repair our home, replace materials that they took or damaged, and to restore our bathroom to stand ready for another contractor to completeTheir figures are wrong and not reflective of legal contracts: their approach lacks good faith settlement

Very happy costumer love my kitchen and my solar panels Very good service and love the quality and the time they finish my job [redacted] was my project manger and he help me a lot !!!

Initial meeting was very positive with Treeium Company Rep - ***The experience to get Solar Equipment was at first questionable for me [redacted] was very helpful in helping me understand what I was getting myself into When the work was scheduled, it was done timely and the work was very satisfactory I would recommend this company to others

I just wanted to say, I LOVE the work this company has done!!!! [redacted] was a helpful Production Manager walked me though the complete processThe workers on the house did a AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL job on the work done!!! They were ALWAYS on time & trusted my judgement on the tile, wood floors & marble counter tops! The workers even helped me pack up the house since I had school & work going on & couldn't do it myselfTreeium is even helping me finish the payments so I can finish paying for the job doneYes, you will pay a little more for the work, SO WORTH IT FOR THE WAY YOU ARE TREATED!!!! They treat you like familyI would recommend then to ANYBODY who needs renovations!

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