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Tri-State Auto Brokers of North Carolina

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Reviews Tri-State Auto Brokers of North Carolina

Tri-State Auto Brokers of North Carolina Reviews (7)

0 Stars!!!! My husband and I recently took in my mother and were looking to purchase a vehicle for her. I really should have read the reviews for Tri State Auto Broker before trusting them. Our options for a vehicle were open as long as it was reliable, had a working air conditioner/ heat and decent tires. I understand that an older vehicle with miles would need some work done but never would I have imagined what was to come. My husband visited the dealership to look at the vehicle of interest. The dealer advised us that we wouldn't want to purchase a Saturn as the repair parts are hard to find. She then showed him another vehicle which performed well during the test drive. He eventually purchased the 2005 Chevrolet Malibu (with only one previous owner and clean carfax report) and decided to leave the vehicle there until I got off of work to return with him and drive the vehicle back home. My husband was advised by the dealer that if any issues were to occur to contact her immediately and she would ensure that all would be rectified. Once we returned to the dealership (after hours), we decided to stop by the local [redacted] and purchase a few item for the car like floor mats etc. On the way to the store, the engine completely shut off. We pulled to the side of the road and checked the car over. A couple of the spark plugs were slack so we pushed them in which helped a bit. On the way home, the vehicle continuously maintained a low idle and would shut off. We took the vehicle to our local mechanic who looked the vehicle over and repaired the vehicle. The map sensor, spark plugs & wires, O2 sensor, and several other things either did not work or were in need of replacing. The repairs and oil change cost us a little over $600.00. We called the dealership and actually spoke with the owner. His lack luster response to the issues that occurred were down right disrespectful! He then advised us that he could replace the battery for us. We advised him numerous times that the battery was not the issue, however, he insisted that he could only assist with providing a new battery. Clearly this dealership is only concerned with getting their vehicles off the lot and have a true disregard for their customers safety!! We are very honest people and have children that will eventually need a vehicle. We would have loved to establish a relationship with a local dealer and would have relied on them for future business. Yet they have tarnished their reputation with us and we will make sure to warn any individual looking to purchase a vehicle. I would have understood and rationalized the vehicle issues if the owner of the dealership had taken the moral route and assisted us with the repairs required to render the vehicle safe. Never again will I or should anyone purchase a vehicle from Tri State Auto Borker!!!!","neg-1

It was the worst experience I've ever had in my life!!!! IT WAS A NIGHTMARE! Owner cussed me out over the phone and told me to get the #[redacted]^ out of my business after I told him that I didn't want the car. I don't recommend anybody to go to this place. Never never never never!!!!!!!!!!","neg-2

I bought a 2000 Ford Taurus and the engine light was on. [redacted] told me and my mom if we made an appoitment the following week he will have it fixed.Date- November 17, 2015[redacted] Number- [redacted]XXXXXXPurchase Price-2300Payment Method- Credit cardSales represetative- [redacted]Owner- [redacted]Tri State Auto Brokers Fuquay Varina We bought a car from the above dealership and [redacted] the owner entered into a verbal contract with me and my mom. My mom paid for the car with her credit card. Before purchasing the car we test drove the car and the engine light was on and we told [redacted] about the light and he said if we would call him the following week he would have it fixed. We called him several times left several messages and he still has not returned any messages. The car today is still not fixed.Desired SettlementI would like to get the 02 sensors replaced and the spark plugs replaced. I have computer print outs of the problems and I feel if [redacted] was a man of his word he would have the problems corrected.Business Response The vehicle was sold as is and has passed the north carolina state inspection. I told the customer that I would have the problem looked at. Never promising to fix it. I have returned calls o n three separate occasions. I finally spoke to Ms [redacted] (complainants mom) prior to receiving this complaint and she still hadn't told me when the complainants will be in.

I purchased a car from TriState Auto Brokers and within two weeks of purchase; my 2001 Toyota Carola started having major issue leading to the engine.My Mother and I purchased the car on 2/10/14 My mother, a senior citizen, paid my down payment of $1387. On 2/20/14 the engine and oil light came on. I put in oil, 4quarts, the following day to get to work then have it looked at. On the 22nd [redacted] and both [redacted] engine system checkers revealed codes of the car having an engine problem. On this day I added more oil about 4quarts of oil, now realizing there indead was a leak. On the 24th I went to get one more look at the car from [redacted] auto repair, spoke with a guy named [redacted], known for working for Toyota and his great engine repair work. [redacted] reaction to the car was not good, he said the engine was in very bad shape, listening to the ticking noise as it ran. He recommended that I not drive the car, because it was unsafe. He also noticed that the oil was leaking, more like burning, coming out of the tail pipe. The following day I called Tri state to explain to them the problems I was having and that I was not happy with my purchase and wanted a refund. [redacted] the owner said I would not get my money back and to bring the car in to be looked at. On the 26th, my day off, I brought the car back to the dealership the owner unfortunately was not in. Therefore we were was unable to discuss any solutions to our problems. I still have yet to speak with the owner or any other of there representatives. I put 1387.84 down and signed a lease agreement of 30 payements of $142 bi weekly. The price of the 2001 Toyota Corolla was 3995.00 not including taxes and fees. The car was bought AS-IS NOT Guaranteed, but the car turned out to be unsafe, according to [redacted] at the repair shop and my observation. Being that these problems began to occur within only two weeks of purchase I feel as though something has to be done. I am a ** older woman and my mother is even older so I do believe we were taken advantage of. I would like a refund. [redacted] claims that a new engine was put in along with other under the hood work that was done. The other work like head gaskets were confirmed to be new by my inspectors, but the engine had a list of problems that would cost me more to fix than the price I am paying for the car. Desired SettlementThe settlement I am seeking would be a full refund. The business has not yet gotten back to me so I do not know what they are planning to do about this situation. The owner said that the car would be looked at I am not sure if this means it will be fixed or not. Business Response All of our cars are sold as is with no warranties or gaurantees. This was explained to Ms. [redacted]. The car passed state inspection without a problem. Ms. [redacted] was asked to come in when the owner was in the office and an appointment was set for her to come in so they could go to the repair shop have the car looked at. Ms [redacted] came in the next day late in the after noon, she was told she would have to come back in when the owner was in and her reply was that we could keep the keys she wasnt coming back.. At this point she left the car. We had not heard from her. I have tried to get in touch with the customer with no results.

[redacted] and has no compassion for the families he sells his broken cars too many people informed me I made a mistake buying from him after I had done so,my vehicle didn't even make it two months before it was broke down on side of road with myself and my two young children stranded when I confronted him he offered no help in fact said that's what happens when you buy a used car and hung up on me.DO NOT TRUST THIS SO CALLED DEALERSHIP","neg-3

Was late on my July 8 payment. Made payment on July 20 owner mark is refusing to turn GPS off. He has taken my payment in full.[redacted] payment method credit card.. Payment of 253.00 brought the car march 6 2014.. [redacted] is owner of tri state auto brokers. Have been on time with payments up until the month of July. Ask him to change payment dates so he could receive payment on time he refused to accept and is refusing to shut car back onDesired SettlementWhole refund I have put into the car all payments made and the 1500.00 down payment I put downBusiness Response Good Afternoon Yes she had a payment due August 8th she didnt call or make her payment so we did turn the car off she called august 20 and made the payment but she still owes a payment for august 22 she has done this before with not making her payment.

I purchased the car as is. And two days later the dashboard goes dark the ac don't work.I called them to tell them the repair cost is $800.00.AsIs! Basically I'm stuck with this car after only 3 daysDesired SettlementAt least a deferred payment while I make the car payment.Business Response We have made contact with this customer. Actions have been made since complaint was filed. Customer is due in today- to pay her deferred down payment (8-31-2015).

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Address: 814 W Academy St, Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, United States, 27526-8295


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