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Triangle Eye Institute, O.D., P.A.

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Triangle Eye Institute, O.D., P.A. Reviews (2)

Wrong numbers on the prescription and dis-honest service.I visited this clinic for an eye check up and got the prescription for new reading glasses on 9/12/2013. Since the price for reading glasses was too high at the Doctor's office, I went to a warehouse club shop to make the glasses. With the glasses my vision was not clear and I got headaches. I Contacted the warehouse optician and they double checked and said glasses are made as per prescription. They also said sometimes it takes time to adjust with new glasses. After 1 week I went back to Doctor's office. The optician over there went twice inside to talk to doctor and finally they said glasses were not made as per prescription... whoever made glasses they used -1 instead on +1 on one eye... they also gave me a paper saying what the prescription is and what the glasses made for. I looked at the prescription card and it says +1 on both eyes. Went to warehouse and they pulled my file and copy of the prescription... to my surprise it says +1 on one eye and -1 on one eye. The prescription card is a laminated one and we could clearly see that "-" was corrected to "+" on top of lamination. I got a copy of the original prescription from warehouse and went back to Doctor's office. They accepted that they made a mistake on writing original prescription but they did not tell why they corrected the prescription with out telling me and blamed the warehouse. Desired SettlementThey offered me that they can make new glasses free of charge but I already ordered 2nd pair of glasses with warehouse and got them now. This Doctor's office should not lied to me first time and really should pay for my 2nd pair of glasses $187 as that is their mistake.My full name: [redacted]Date of Service: 9/12/2013Business Response Mr. [redacted] is correct in that the prescription was transcribed incorrectly on the original prescription. We continue to sincerely apologize for the mistake. Most eyeglass providers do offer to remake the glasses for these instances at no charge to the customer. Such should have been the case for the "warehouse" that Mr. [redacted] went to. In fact, I was able to verify that they offer a 90 day "no charge remake policy." They should not have charged him according to this policy. We offered to make him new glasses at no charge through our offices. However, he chose to go back to them and pay for the services and request reimbursement from us. We do not reimburse for eyeglasses that were purchased elsewhere. If Mr. [redacted] would like to take advantage of the lenses made at no charge through us then that is still available to him at this time.Final Consumer Response Reply from business said: "Mr. [redacted] is correct in that the prescription was transcribed incorrectly on the original prescription."That is not my complaint about... everybody knows mistakes happens while writing prescription numbers. If this business would have accepted the mistake and given me a new prescription the ware house was more than happy to do 2nd pair as per their policy. But that is not what business did. Doctor/optician changed the prescription number "-1" to "+1" inside (while I was waiting outside) and wrote on a paper that, the prescription they gave is for "+1" and warehouse made glasses for "-1". I have the paper written by doctor/optician given to me if business wants to see. Based on that I went back to warehouse and argued with them that they made not only the prescription wrong but also did not check it properly on my request. After a long argument they got doubt and they pulled the copy of original prescription they kept on file. They noticed and shown me that their copy says "-1". Upon looking at the prescription card carefully, we can clearly see that "-1" was made "+1" on top of laminated card with a pen. Warehouse person is not happy and I had to say my apologies.This business thinks this is a "mistake"? Writing wrong prescription number is a mistake and that can happen with anybody and everybody understands that... but what this business did is "irresponsible business practice".. trying to cover up their mistake...nothing less than fraud. One more thing, when I visited this business 2nd time (when they changed the "-" to "+" inside secretly), optician told me that I should not have gone to outside to make the glasses.When I ordered my 2nd pair, I was not sure if my case is eligible for 90-day prescription correction policy (because this is not a correction... your business is saying that it is warehouse mistake while it is not) and I told them I'll pay from my pocket if insurance declines to pay. When I went to take the delivery of my 2nd pair, they did not ask me any question what so ever and I got my glasses free of charge. If this business offers me 2nd pair now (knowing that I did not pay for my 2nd pair glasses), I'll take it... I can always use a 2nd pair. Please send my response to this business. Thanks for for help.Final Business Response Mr. [redacted], I assure you that no dishonesty was at play here. We had no reason to deceive to you. I believe our problem was a staff member not correctly and sufficiently explaining the problem. I have discussed this with each member that was present. Again, I sincerely apologize for the error. I am glad that you were able to get clarification on the no-charge policy from the warehouse provider.

They took a deposit from me for a product that they could not obtain, and they are refusing to give me a refund. They won't even return my calls.Product_Or_Service: eye glasses framesDesired SettlementI want my money back!Business Response Glasses ordered 1/24/2014 - patient notified that glasses are ready via 3 phone correspondences in February 2014 , then sent 2 mail correspondences to pick up his glasses. Usual and customary practice is to retain the glasses for 90 days. We held Mr. [redacted] glasses for over 1 year waiting for him to pick them up before discarding them. It has been 1 year and 7 months since transaction took place. We can not be liable for unclaimed eyewear.Consumer Response I was reimbursed on 8-25-2015.Final Consumer Response

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Description: Opticians, Retail Optical Goods Stores

Address: 3214 Charles B Root Wynd, Suite 120, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27612-5440


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