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Triangle Home Construction, Inc.

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There are many of us who do some renovation work on our houses in Apex, NC, and we would like to advise you against even considering TRIangle Home Construction as a company for doing any home improvement work at your homes!!!There are no words to describe what they have put us through.Starting from accepting a large deposit in the morning and starting on painting our downstairs area...just to drop our contract the same day, claiming that there were three larger projects that had come through for their company to work on!!! Their General Contractor, [redacted], just coldly told me he was "sorry" and we just had to find someone else to work on our house!I am six months pregnant and have two children and being left in the middle of a very large project was beyond stressful.I begged to at least finish the painting job they started and didn't finish correctly, so we can at least have our downstairs back since we have been out of our home for over two weeks by that point.One of the owners of the company, [redacted] felt it was terrible that we got treated that way and promised to bring the painters back free of charge.However, after applying just one coat of paint, the painter left the work unfinished. When he returned and just "touched up" the defects and didn't want to apply the second coat for which we had paid originally, the owner who tried to help said that he didn't have much of a say since he opened only 15% of the company and we should consider hiring another company to finish the job they had started. The painter simply didn't want to work on Saturday for "free" again. He claimed we were disrespectful and that's why the second coat was not applied as it had been promised to us. Needless to say, my husband and I were shocked by their unprofessionalism and rudeness.They promised to give our money back, but returned a very small amount that no new renovation company would accept as a full payment to repaint our downstairs ceiling and living room walls.Product_Or_Service: PaintingDesired SettlementWe absolutely refuse to allow any employees or the owners of TRIangle Home Construction to come to our home or contact us.
They have put us through so much stress and never delivered what they had promised originally.
We have many pictures to support our statement of their low quality painting/patching job.
We only want to be fully refunded for the job they didn't complete, so we can use the money to finish the project and have our living space back.
We are terribly disappointed!Business Response Customer has been refunded the amount they requested (Check delivered Mar 22). We wish the customer all the best with their future project.Consumer Response We have the check for $350 from TRIangle Home Construction.It is not a full refund.The full remaining refund should be in the amount of $1,514.00.We are not accepting the partial refund since the job we were charged for was not completed and the work that was done is very poor quality.No new company would repaint all the contracted areas for the amount TRIangle Home Construction is offering us as a refund.Thank you!Final Business Response The consumer request an amount that exceeded the cost to fix minor repairs. Coupled with the customers denial to allow the company to remedy the fix (which we honor) and the fact that our employees are refusing to work at the home due to the treatment they received, we believe the refund amount of $700 to be fair and proportionate to the work completed and the excess work carried out when the customer changed the scope of work with the drywall company.

We have paint spills and counters coming unattached from the walls. [redacted] and [redacted] of Triangle Home Construction refuse to respond.Our home flooded on January 12, 2016. We had a hazard team come out and our insurance company allowed us to select a general contractor to complete the extensive repairs to our downstairs. We selected [redacted] and [redacted] to do the work based on a recommendation of a realtor friend of ours. [redacted] is the one we met with initially. He is also associated with Fresh Coat Painters. We selected them because they said they would work with us and help us not lose the deductible. [redacted] also agreed to patch another spot on our kitchen ceiling and paint the ceiling even though it wasn't part of the flood as a bonus for us selecting them. We had no extra money, so we chose to go with [redacted] and [redacted] after getting some other quotes. [redacted] ended up being the main contractor we dealt with after the initial meetings, and he was in charge of hiring all the workers and making sure the project was complete. He was super-condescending on multiple occasions. He also decided to make selections for new cabinets, a kitchen sink and bathroom toilet without consulting with us. He knew we wanted to help in the process, and that we had very specific opinions on how the downstairs was going to be redone since we basically had to start from scratch. He was terrible with communication to us and to [redacted]. After the work was completed in mid-to-late February, we started noticing issues right away. The walls had been painted in flat paint, which is not what we had previously, so we were unable to clean them. We have four children, a giant Golden Retriever and three cats. Being able to clean our walls is a necessity. Also, the kitchen sink was leaking, a door stop had not been placed back on the bathroom door (causing a hole in the wall). The front door and back door to our home do not work properly anymore. And, the ceiling had not been painted. [redacted] refused to do it, even though [redacted] had offered to do it when we hired them. I started reaching out via email, and [redacted] would not respond. Finally, after issues continued to go on, specifically with our counters, we complained again. My husband told [redacted] that I would start writing negative reviews and such on social media if he wouldn't communicate with us. [redacted] finally agreed to come to our home. He came in April. He admitted the work had not been completed appropriately, and he promised he would make sure all errors were fixed. He said he would have everything repainted, including the ceiling this time around. He also said he would contact [redacted] to get the counter top installer out there right away to see what was wrong. We noticed there was no longer a water proof seal and the back splash part of the counter was splitting apart. This was completely unacceptable considering the length of time that had gone by. Our previous counters were nearly a decade old and had no issues. [redacted] told us at that visit that he couldn't get the guys out to paint until June. I said that was fine as long as I knew it was going to be taken care of. It took a lot longer to get the counter top guy to come. He didn't come until June 1. When he did come, he said he had left the sealing job for [redacted] to finish. He found issues around the sink and along the back of the counters where they meet the back splash piece. He said water had gotten in because it wasn't sealed properly and that the back splash needed to be replaced. At that point, [redacted] and the counter top guy argued over whose responsibility it was. [redacted] sent out a new crew to paint again in June, and they used the wrong color. They left spills everywhere, including on our new counters, cabinets, floors, toilet, baseboards, trim, etc. We contacted [redacted] and he has will not respond. The counters weren't repaired until July 6, after I said I was getting a lawyer. Less than a month later, the back splash is coming apart from the counter and is raised about half an inch. I've sent photos and communicated, but [redacted] and [redacted] refuse to respond. I have email and photo documentation of everything.Desired SettlementWe want our counters resolved once and for all, but we want them to pay for another installer of our choosing. We don't believe their person is capable since this is the second time in six months that they are falling apart. We want our home repainted in the correct color, and we want the spills taken care of, even if that means repainting the trim also. We want paint carefully removed from the areas where it has been spilled (cabinets, counters, flooring, kitchen chairs, etc.). We want them to pay for this also, as we do not wish to have their men doing the job. Business Response Fresh Coat Painters, LLC has been open since September, 2011. We are currently in our 6th year of service to the Triangle Area. We complete approximately 125-150 projects per year. We carry full lines of insurance and only use our employees & trusted local vendors who also carry insurance, to complete our work. The majority of our work comes from trusted professional Real Estate Brokers & Agents, prior clients & other local professional contractors. In October, 2014 we opened Triangle Home Construction.We were hired by [redacted] & [redacted] to complete a restoration project through Triangle Home Construction. We spelled out the details of our contract clearly in which they agreed upon. We offered to lower our prices to pay for any outside expenses they may incur such as deductibles, etc. We also agreed upon choice of materials; countertop & cabinet décor; & paint color & sheen. We have every client sign our contracts and we provide either a hard copy or email copy for their own personal records.Above & beyond the contract, our clients asked if we could cover fixing an exterior repair that caused leaking by their side door. Even though it wasn't part of the contract we agreed to fix. Once we agreed to fix that problem, they requested that we paint their kitchen ceiling where a previous stain and several marks were shown. We agreed to oil-prime the stain & marks and touch-up the areas at no additional cost to them. After we agreed to that extra work, they requested that we pay an additional $700 for their plumbing cost that wasn't covered by their insurance for plumbing back-ups. We finally saw a pattern and declined that work request. The clients still signed the contract along with the extra work promised with a hand shake.After completing the project in a timely manner, we conducted a walk-through with the clients and the clients bank & lien holder. Everyone was satisfied & we collected final payment. Several weeks later, [redacted] called us back to come look at a leak issue in the kitchen near her dishwasher. After receiving the request [redacted] stopped over and witnessed 2 things. (1) A pair of pliers being used as the handle to open and close their kitchen faucet. I asked [redacted] what happened & [redacted] stated that their son was walking on top of the kitchen counters and accidentally stepped on the faucet handle. (2) The house walls had several stains from food, candy, markers & cleaning solution. We couldn't believe that in less than 2 months their house was in that shape. There was standing water puddled on top of the countertop and exactly in that area the 4 inch backsplash had started to separate.Solutions Provided:Plumbing Issue: We sent out our trusted plumber who informed our client that not only was the faucet handle broke but their dishwasher wasn't working correctly and needed to be replaced. Our Client [redacted] informed our plumber that he was aware of the dishwasher issue & that he tried fixing it a few months earlier. Our plumber offered to replace the dishwasher & [redacted] claimed that he would fix it himself. Our plumber advised not using the right side of the sink until the dishwasher was replaced. NO additional charges were charged to our clients. We covered the charge for the plumber to come out and repair faucet handle & diagnose dishwasher issue.Countertop Issue: Our Countertop vendor came out to the house to visit [redacted]'s claims & he wrote up a report that stated client let standing water sit on their Formica Countertops in excess which eventually caused the countertop to separate. Our Countertop vendor also told us & the client that he could not return to fix their issues until the kitchen counters were cleared off & cleaned. Counter Top Vendor Did Not Charge the client any additional charges after replacing the separated backsplash area.Painting of Walls: We agreed to Re-Paint their walls and cover the cost of paint/materials & labor at no additional cost. While Re-Painting [redacted] asked for a New Color & More Free Work in addition to what amount of work was agreed upon. We declined and [redacted] was not happy. We finished the painting portion. We conducted a thorough walk through and the clients again were happy. We left, no issues & additional charges.After receiving another round of phone calls laced with profanity & threats to make claims against both our business name by writing phony reviews, we declined to work with them again. Every project that we take on we pride ourselves in conducting our business practices with the upmost integrity & compassion for our clients. Our goal is to have customers for life, so if there is ever an issue, we don't make excuses we remedy the problem, even at a financial loss, as described in the response above.The comments & pictures made by the client were not present both times after final walk through once shared with the client's bank & lien holder & after the second round of painting.We feel that we went above & beyond our promised work & prices charged. Our mission is to make our clients happy with successful projects and we will continue to do so for many years to come. We also appreciate all the trusted referrals we receive from over 60 local Realtors & Brokers in this great market. Sincerely,[redacted]Fresh Coat Painters, LLCTriangle Home Construction[redacted]Triangle Home Construction, Inc.Consumer Response This response is as ridiculous as the "work" that was done in our home. It's full of omissions and factual errors on the part of [redacted] and [redacted]. Initial Agreement: We hired [redacted] and [redacted] because they agreed to repair a leaky door and patch and paint the ceiling in our kitchen. We knew both of those issues needed to be done in an effort to protect the new flooring that was to be installed as a result of our flood. [redacted] made all of these agreements with us, and also agreed to make sure he helped us cover our deductible. We hired him because of this. He failed to communicate any of this to [redacted], who refused to do the painting of the ceiling and wanted us to pay above and beyond what we agreed to. We did not continue to ask for more. We simply made sure our initial agreement was honored. In addition, paint color and sheen and all other selections were not made initially. We had conversations throughout the process, and even scheduled a meeting at Lowe's with [redacted] to go over cabinet options and counter top options. [redacted] then ignored our wishes and made the cabinet selection on his own based on what he thought would work best. [redacted] expressed her extreme anger over this immediately, and regrets her decision to have just gone along with his selection. At the time, she just wanted her house back and was tired of dealing with [redacted]'s rude and condescending behavior. Final Walk Through: This was conducted while [redacted] was at work, so she had no say in anything. At this point, the only work that hadn't been completed was the painting of the ceiling in the kitchen, which the bank and insurance company had no knowledge of since it was not part of the flood repairs. Other issues were noticed shortly after once we attempted to put our home back to normal. Errors: [redacted] began the long and monotonous task of repeatedly contacting [redacted] (who presented himself as the business owner) in February shortly after the project was deemed complete. We had discovered issues with the paint and the cabinets and the sink within a week of the work's completion once we started the process of trying to move back in our home. The cabinets weren't level on one side of the kitchen. There are holes drilled through cabinets unnecessarily. And, the sink was leaking underneath the cabinets and the faucet would not stay attached. This had nothing to do with any of the children. It is pure insanity to assume otherwise and to make those accusations. The walls were completely unable to be cleaned. And, yes, by the time [redacted] finally came to look at things in April after months of contact attempts, they didn't look good in certain high-traffic areas. We couldn't believe that a professional painting company would not have selected the appropriate sheen of paint for a home with four children and a Golden Retriever. They selected flat paint, even though that was not the kind of paint our walls had prior to the flood. Normally when a child gets a mark on a wall, we immediately clean it off. This wasn't possible with the paint selected by [redacted] and [redacted], so to then belittle our family in their response and make us look like slobs publicly, is completely unacceptable. It was their error that caused us to be unable to clean our walls when necessary. Counters: When [redacted] came to our home in April, our counters were completely clean and had nothing on them in the area where the issues were arising because of water damage. [redacted] couldn't believe the issues the counters were having, and promised to get his counter top installer back out there. The counter guy didn't make it to our home until June. Again, there was no standing water. The counter top guy told us that he had left the sealing part of the process for [redacted] to complete because he wasn't done with other work that he was doing that needed to be completed first. It was his assessment to us that [redacted] was to blame for our counter top problems. He said it was nothing we had done. There was no standing water, and our counters were clear. There was no discussion of him not being able to return. The only issue he had was that he felt it was [redacted]'s fault, and I emailed that information to [redacted] the day he visited. He and [redacted] argued back and forth for a few weeks before finally agreeing that the counter back splash would be replaced at their cost. The counters weren't repaired until mid-July, after we continued to contact [redacted] to make sure it was done. We waited three full days before placing anything on the counters or using that sink. We were asked to wait 24 hours. Less than a month later, the same back splash piece was literally pulling away from our wall and lifting up from the counter bottom. There's no way this is because of anything we have done. We were as careful as you can be washing dishes after this was finally replaced. The previous counters were 10 years old, and in great condition. The new counters were supposedly an upgrade from [redacted]'s perspective, so we just can't understand what is going on other than improper installation and shoddy workmanship as what is evident throughout our home. Plumber: [redacted] contacted [redacted] back in February because the sink handle was broken and there was a leak underneath the cabinet which she thought was because of an improper seal around the sink. This was not addressed until around the 4th of July when [redacted] finally sent a plumber out after [redacted] became very angry on the phone. There was absolutely no discussion about replacing the dishwasher or not using the right side of the sink until the dishwasher was replaced. That is a complete fabrication on [redacted]'s end. When he did come out, he told us that we needed a new garbage disposal and that it was causing the leak. We expressed anger only in that it was something that should have been noted when the new sink and the kitchen plumbing was hooked up and installed back in February. We noted the leaking then, and [redacted] and [redacted] ignored us until April. Walls: When the walls were finally repainted with the correct sheen in June, the wrong paint color was used despite written agreement to move to a slightly darker color. In all honesty, [redacted] wanted the darker color so she could know that all areas were actually repainted. In addition, the paint was spilled in every place imaginable. At that point, we sent pictures and expected some sort of a response, and received none. [redacted] did at one point lose his cool and have an unprofessional phone conversation with [redacted]. We had been six month into the process at that point, and were still unable to have a finished home. We also still had not had our counters completed. [redacted] has written negative reviews in whatever places she has been able to find for both business names. In addition, she has posted pictures of the shoddy workmanship in public areas on social media, but she did not list the contractor names or company names there. If people wanted the information, she sent them private messages so as not to publicly call out [redacted] and [redacted] by name. The reviews are fact. We have all of the correspondence and documentation from the past 7 months. We have had other contractors come look at the work, and other errors with the non-level flooring installation, etc. were pointed out. Other contractors could not believe the work that these people did and how badly it was done. We are in the process of getting quotes for how to best repair all of the errors committed by [redacted] and [redacted]. This matter is far from closed as far as we are concerned. And, we do not appreciate the public slandering of our family done by the two of them based on their response to our complaint.

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