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I was given misinformation about the service and was also not provided the service agreed upon which was physical training from a trainer.On August 13, 2014 in the [redacted], a personal trainer convinced me to sign a contract where I could get personal training done(6 sessions every month) for 199.00. I explained that I was a college student and that I couldn't consistently afford monthly payments, and that due to school there would be periods of time where I couldn't go to the gym. The personal trainer assured me that it wouldn't be a problem; if I could not workout for whatever reason I could freeze my account, disperse my sessions or change my plan, and if I ever needed to cancel my membership to please contact him.Everything was done electronically. I signed the contract because I had a great relationship with [redacted] and what I was advertised was flexible given my financial situation.Immediately, I tried scheduling appointments with a trainer, and I was not able to because I had been registered incorrectly. I tried multiple times to schedule sessions, but there was always an issue. I tried getting in contact with the representative that registered me and he was never available. I went to [redacted] to see if I could get a trainer and they too were never available. Getting in contact with staff members from Triumph Group Management in the [redacted] location, in general, was extremely difficult. I was not getting the service I was paying for.After many attempts to solve the situation in person, I called the Triumph Group costumer service line. The customer service representative could not help me cancel my membership over the phone. She stated that everything must be done through mail. I became frustrated that I wasn't being helped, so I called customer service again to freeze my account while I got the paperwork ready to send in my cancellation. The second customer representative stated that they don't freeze accounts if it's not due to medical reasons. I explained to the customer service representative that I had been told by the individual who registered me that I was indeed allowed to freeze my account. She(the customer rep)explained that wasn't their policy that I was given misinformation. I explained that I needed the account frozen while I got the paperwork need to cancel my membership by mail. The customer service rep stated that even if I sent the paperwork it wouldn't matter because the three day cancellation period had passed. I explained that I had made great efforts to cancel over the phone previously and that I was not being provided the services I was promised, and found it unethical I was being given contradicting information. The customer service representative was not helpful. In the fall of 2014, I went through a long dispute process with my credit company ([redacted]) and Triumph Management Group and won my case. I was refunded all charges Triumph Group Management made on my card. Despite winning my case, Triumph Group is still charging me for services I was unable to use. Essentially, my complaint is that a Triumph representative misled me with misinformation into signing a contract, and then I was not provided the services (personal training) that I was promised. I was misinformed about the freezing policy and flexibility of payment plans. I was not given satisfactory customer service when I tried cancelling my membership. When I tried using services, I was not able to. Attempts to resolve the dispute with Triumph Group Managements staff (in person) was unsuccessful. It was often the case that Triumph Group staff members were not at the gym. On the rare occasion they were present they would give me excuses as to why I could not access personal training. The following excuses were:1) There were no trainers2) I'm not properly registered to book training 3) The supervisor no longer works there and Triumph is going through a transitional process; please wait until a new supervisor is provided, maybe he could help me with registration or my cancellation.4) Please call customer service.Desired SettlementI do not want any type of balance on my account (this includes fees and ect). I want the dispute to be resolved. I don't want any ties with Triumph Group Management.Business Response I would like to confirm the account was closed with no balance. It is the buyers responsibility to read over the contract. the customer had a three day buyer right to cancel and receive a refund for whatever reason, this was never done. Again I would like to confirm the account is closed.

Since originally signing up for a personal trainer in June of 2014, I have been mislead by the company. I signed up in June 2014 with a friend for a personal trainer, at that time we signed up together. We explained that we were gym buddies and preferred the same contract since we would be coming together. They signed her up for 2 sessions per month and me for 4. I explained that we would like to meet with the trainer on the weekend, once the ink was dry on the contract we were informed they do not have weekend hours. After several sessions we mentioned to the trainer that we may not be able to continue due o health issues, I have tendonitis and his response was"I get paid either way, you signed a contract". Then in November he quit- no notice, nothing. We had inquired with [redacted] about new trainers and were told they were trying to get someone new. Now, here we are. I left 4 messages about the contract and never received a retured call. Finally was given another number and spoke to Mr. [redacted] and was told that there was a 15% cancelation fee of my contract. I paid it so that they would not take another $100 out of my account on the 9th for a service they have been unable to provide to me for over 6 weeks. Prior to paying I asked to speak to a manager and was refused, was told this is what he could do per my contract. I asked for confirmation and was sent a one line email (see attached). I feel like I have been very mislead from the beginning. I did not get anything out of this and have expressed this to both [redacted] and [redacted] that work for that company. I am also confused that 15% of $1200 is only $180, I was charged $187.35. Since I had to pay the last month up front- Why would I not only be charged the $80?Desired SettlementI am looking to receive a refund in the amount of $500, this is for the unused sessions (16) and the last month payment since that was made in advance and the contract was terminated. This refund is being requested for services they did not have a trainer to provide and lack of communication as to when or who would take over. I think they are the ones that breached the contract.Business Response Did not receive request until 02/02/15. Never saw other requests.Contract was NOT breached. The terms agreed to do not specify a specific trainer at a specific time. Cxl cost should have been $450.00 per the contract. Associate only charged $187.50 - which IS 15% of a $1,249.00 contract. Customer is welcome to continue using 16 sessions purchased. Contract could have been cancelled within 3 business days if customer was not comfortable with terms. Manager may not have been available at the time of the call. There was no request for medical freeze or other options. Customer merely wanted to cancel. Consumer Response The customer wanted to merely cancel before my credit card was charged again for a service that was not being provided. I was at the gym daily and there was never a rep from your company and when speaking to a [redacted] rep, was told they did not know what was going on. Both of your trainers quit at the same time and there was no communication from your company to your clients, yet you continued to take money out of our accounts. This was my attempt to come to a solution, prior to contacting my attorney. So since your customer service is as poor as the sevices you provide( claiming to never see anything from the, managers never returning calls, etc) I will continue to spread the word about your company and let other members know the truth before they commit to get ripped off by your company. I think everyone deserves to know the truth

This company did not deliver the services that I was promised upon signing the contract, won't return phone calls.I signed up for monthly personal training in Oct 2015. The first trainer that I was assigned to literally sent me work out plans via text and they were rudimentary at best. That trainer didn't show up to our next appointment and apparently left the company altogether, which I was not informed of. I tried calling the manager about it, who was unreachable and unresponsive all together. When I finally got in touch with her, I was assigned to another trainer. He wasn't prepared at all for the session, didn't seem to have any experience with personal training, and never provided a work-out plan like he was supposed to. Once again, he didn't show up for the next appointment either and also left the company altogether without anyone notifying me. Again, called and text the manager over and over again with no response. Come to find out that SHE also left the company. So here I am paying a monthly fee for services that aren't being provided at all, which is a breach of contract. I called customer service and the guy who answered was rude and completely unwilling to fix the experience I had with his company, and basically said that I'm stuck paying the fee whether or not I'm happy with the services. After that I tried it again just for the sake of not wasting my money. Got assigned to another trainer who was very, very nice, but she gave workouts tailored to someone with no workout experience (I'm pretty fit as it is and wanted more advanced workouts, which I had been promised from the beginning). She wasn't able to meet the promises I was given either, so I just gave up. The general manager of the gym (not of the personal training company) suggested that I write a certified letter to get my money back, but honestly these people running this company are a joke and would probably pretend they never saw it. Being a business owner myself, I cannot believe that this company is still in business. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM!Desired SettlementI'm not receiving the services promised to me and have had multiple instances of trainers not doing their job, not showing up all together, and providing generic workout plans that could be found on [redacted]. I want a refund for what I've been charged and want my contract terminated immediately for breach of contract by Triumph Management, LLC.

Despite providing poor quality service, Triumph Management LLC has refused to release me from the service agreement. When I signed up for personal training on October 5, 2015, I strongly and repeatedly requested to be trained by one person and not be rotated between trainers. I was assured that I would receive high quality, personalized training by one trainer. Since that time I have gone through three trainers and when I called to complain, I was informed that my only recourse is to obtain a fourth trainer. I feel the continuity of service was poor and it did not appear that the trainers were coordinating with each other. I believe the trainers are good and well-intentioned; however, they were unable to provide quality care and adequate follow-up because they were constantly being moved. One trainer was scheduled to meet me but when I arrived for the session a completely different trainer was there and requested that I train with her going forward. After approximately three weeks, she told me she is leaving. I do not feel that Triumph Management LLC has upheld their portion of the service agreement due to providing very poor quality service. Therefore, I respectfully requested to terminate the contract without penalty. I also requested that the portion of sessions that were unused be refunded to my account. These requests were denied and I was encouraged to meet with another trainer.Desired SettlementI would like my contract to be terminated immediately with no penalties. Also since $150 was just deducted from my checking account and I only had one training session, I request that a prorated amount be returned to my account. Business Response TGM does not guarantee a specific trainer or time. We will make every attempt possible to meet your wants and if we cannot it does not void or cancel the contract per your history it shows you have trained all but 3 sessions as late as 11/7/15. We can not guarantee any specific trainer as they are promoted, transfer, quite, and are terminated. I am willing to add 2 sessions to the account to try a couple of trainers of choice to get you on your program again.

Poor customer service and failure to uphold contractI signed up for a 6 month contract for personal training services on 5/27/2014. I have been unable to maintain a constant schedule with a trainer due to poorly maintained staff. I have seen 4 different personal trainers now. The trainers do not listen or respect health issues which were told up front before even signing a contract. I was told that they would be able to accommodate for me. I have back and ankle issues. I was given trainers who ignored these issues and when I would say about the issue, the trainer would say that I need to suck it up and ignore the pain and the trainer would fall to modify or give a different exercise. I would also have issues with trainers not showing up to scheduled appointments and failing to notify me that the appointment needed to be cancelled. My newest trainer cancelled my last 3 sessions but gave himself credit for them so he could still be paid. These sessions were for 11/4, 11/11, and 11/25. The session for 11/25 has been removed and given back to me. I have 9 sessions left but actually have 11 since I have only used 13 of my 24 sessions. I no longer have a trainer since my 4th trainer now has quit. Also in the 6 months of my contract I seen no results. I had to request to even be measured because the trainers do not think it is necessary. I have tried calling the customer service number and constantly get a voice mail. I tried sending an email with my issues and concerns and heard nothing back. I finally got in touch with someone from customer service and was told a district manager would contact me and still have heard nothing. Desired SettlementI want my contract cancelled and to be refunded the money for the 11 sessions I have left. My sessions were $35 each, which would be a total of $385.Business Response Received complaint addressed to former manager. I am seeing it for the first time as of 12/31/14 mailing. Customer only used 2 trainers and has not given us the opportunity to address customer service issue. Terms of agreement have not been breached. This is a customer service issue. Customer can use remaining sessions. Will cancel autorenewal and waive final payments. No refund due.

I am relocating, which is a valid clause to cancel the contract. However, the main office never answered my communications regarding the cancellation.I first contacted Triumph Group Management on 5/16/16 to inquire about the cancellation of the contract. I informed the agent that I am going to lose the gym membership, and asked whether it will cancel my personal training contract. The agent advised me that the customer has the obligation to maintain the gym membership. I acknowledged the term, and disconnected the call.In an effort to attain more information, I consulted with [redacted], one of the personal training managers at the work out site. I explained to him that I was moving to a new place, thus, will not continue my gym membership at the current site. He advised to contact the main office, since I was moving to a new location, which is a valid clause to cancel the contract. I informed [redacted] that I forgot to mention my relocation while talking with the person in the main office, and agreed to contact the main office. I also asked him to contact the main office, since the main office rarely answered the phone.From 5/16/16, I called [redacted], the number that was provided by the payment processing firm, , 10 times, and [redacted], the number provided in the contract, 3 times. The call was never[redacted]answered. An automated system was set up on [redacted] on 5/23/16, and I was able to leave a message, but was not given a call back. I also texted the on site manager, [redacted], to follow up, but never got a response.I want immediate cancellation for the contract, as I am relocating to a new place, and I also should not be responsible for the payment that was scheduled on 5/22/16, as I tried multiple times to contact the main office to inform them about my circumstance in advance.Desired SettlementI want immediate cancellation for the contract, as I am relocating to a new place, and I also should not be responsible for the payment that was scheduled on 5/22/16, as I tried multiple times to contact the main office to inform them about my circumstance in advance.

Company did not sign for certified letter requesting termination of contract, failed to respond to phone calls and email, and continued to charge fee.On December 8, 2014, I contracted with this firm for 6 months of training at $120 per month beginning on that date and to take place at [redacted] in [redacted]. The monthly payment was processed by automatic charge to my credit card. After the initial 6 months (through May 31, 2015), for which I was obligated, I continued to book and receive the training sessions for another 2 months, for which I was duly charged and which I paid. I was satisfied with the services of the trainer assigned to me. However, in July 2015, my personal obligations suddenly changed, and I could no longer attend training sessions. In accordance with the contract, I wrote the company's management on August 28, 2015, to terminate the contract as of August 31. The letter was mailed on August 28 to the firm's address as specified in the contract and on its website. As required by the contract, I sent the letter by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. However, on September 9, my credit card was charged the monthly fee of $120 for September training and again on October 9 for October training, neither of which I received. I never received the Return Receipt. I called the company's customer service number twice in September, but never received a call back. I also emailed the company through the email facility on its website, but have never received a reply. Using the tracking number on the certified mail, I discovered that the USPS had declared the letter undeliverable, and, after several weeks, it was returned to me, still sealed with the return receipt still attached. The [redacted] has since confirmed that the address was "live" and could not explain why the letter had not been accepted or signed for by the company. The local management of the training facility and the management of [redacted] in [redacted], which hosts the facility, have been unable to provide any assistance or explanation.Desired SettlementI would like my contract to be canceled as of August 31, 2015, and my payments for September and October, $240.00, to be fully refunded to me and that no further charges be made to my account.Business Response I would like to confirm I did close the account as of today so no more billing will process. According to her statement she mailed in her letter on 8/28/15 as we require a thirty day notice September would have been due payable. If the customer can send me the tracking number or support she mailed the letter out I will refund the October payment. As of now the account is closed so she will not receive any further billing. Any sessions purchased can be used. Please forward me support or tracking number to [email protected] Response This is a satisfactory response. Thank you for handling it expeditiously.Final Consumer Response

My personal training account should've been frozen as of 08/10/2015 due to an auto accident but my card was charged on 09/11/2015.I called into the gym on 08/11/2015 and informed the front desk attendant that I was in an accident and was unable to continue training at that time. I was assured that everything would be taken care of and that my account would be frozen for 3 months however my card was still charged for another month on 09/11/2015. I tried to contact customer service at[redacted] for over a week and left several messages, none of which were returned. I even called the VP of the company at [redacted] and got no answer. When I finally reached someone they tell me that I would be refunded but they are unable to access my account & need a supervisor to do so and the supervisor wasn't in at that time. They took down my number for a supervisor to call me and when I didn't receive a call in 3 days I called back only to wait on the phone for hours and get a run-around. Desired SettlementI would like to receive a full refund in the amount of $480 which shouldn't have been charged and a formal apology for the lack of customer service from this company. I would also like to document the poor customer service provided by this company and have it reflect on this business's file.Business Response I would like to apologize for any misunderstanding the customer never notified the company of a freeze request, he notified the gym its self which we do not operate. The customer was obligated to mail in a letter requesting a freeze which was never received. After the account was charged the customer called demanding a refund and was very rude and uncooperative. the company explained we would look into the matter for him and return his call, before we could do anything the customer reached out to everyone possible including the I would like to confirm the client was refunded and his next draft will come out on December 9th.

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