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Truckers Toy Store

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Over charged for leather that was improperly installed paint on vehicle scratch and interior things broken and extremely dirty when returnedOn 5/19/2015 we pick up our [redacted] from having leather put in right away we notice scratches in the paint The weather was also very loose seatbelts were not attached in the back seat heater seat on passenger-side did not work there were scratches to the interior side tool marks in the glove box they should have not been in the glove box there is no leather tthat part of the vehicle there were dig marks on the steering wheel side panels of the truck the center console was broken stress marks on the plastic tool marks on door panels was returned extremely dirty she friends on the back of the center console or someone had a plied their shoes to pull the leather over the center consulThe cupholder clamp on the back of the snow pants off from where they alignment is off and under the vehicle was extremely dirty truck was fully detailed before it was delivered to them truck has a cover back of truck full of dirt when we explained our issue to ginger all she could tell us is that we were in educated and said if there is something broke the problem fell under [redacted] responsiblity even if it was broke its under warranty it wasn't her issue she then precedied to tell the rep from from [redacted] he's boss could call her she had nothing more to say or any respoiblity for the dammage and now we hate the leather and have about 2000 in damages and repair on a brand new 50,000 dollar truck that should be flawless being brand new my husband has work 35 years to get his dream truck and in 4 days she turned a dream into a nightmare Desired SettlementI want her to pay for a different dealer to do a full new reinstallation of the proper equipment of leather and her apologize to us for how rude and mean she was and also reimbursed lookout for for the two detailing they had to do on the vehicle to get it right as well as any buffing or paint repairs that were going to have to put into getting the outside of the truck repairedBusiness Response We completed the job we were contracted to do andthis matter has been resolved.

A product purchased has consistantly malfunctioned resulting in repeated trips to the seller. I no longer want the product and requested a refund.Automatic running boards where purchased from Truckers Toy Store. The running boards have consistently failed to function resulting in my having to return to the shop several times every month since the purchase for repeated repairs. The product is well within the warranty period.I requested to have the running boards removed and my payment refunded. The owner of the company has proposed just another repair solution which I was also informed would be entirely at my expense. I explained that I was not interested, that I am dissatisfied with the product that continues to be inoperable,and that I wanted the running boards removed and the money refunded.I was informed by the owner of Truckers Toy Store that she would not be able to refund my money.Desired SettlementI am not pleased with the product purchased that consistantly fails to function properly and has resulted in my having to return to the store at least three times every month, for several months in order for their mechanics to perform repairs that do not resolve the problem.I wish to have Truckers Toy Store remove the faulty running boards and refund my money.Offering to attempt, yet again, to repair the continuing problem at my expense is not an acceptable option; and I further wish to then have the option to seek to replace the running boards with another product.Business Response Mr. [redacted] purchased a set of Bestop wireless running boards from us 12/3/14. The mechanicsof the wireless boards is a magnetic contact box affixed to his door that upon breaking/making contact releasing or drawing the boards under the truck. Mr. [redacted]'s door has such a tight seal that when his door is opened it moves the contact box down the edge of the truck door which eventually stops the contacts from engaging and the power steps are not operable. Mr. [redacted] has been in several times to have the contact box adjusted, he has not been charged for this and he has beentold why it is happening. I told Mr. [redacted] I would get the parts, at no charge to him, to hard wire the boards and do away with the contact box making the boards 100% operable but he would beresponsible for the $125.00 labor involved.Yes this is considered warranty work but warranty covers parts only not labor which thecustomer is responsible for. Had he originally gotten the boards hard wired this labor amount would have been included on his invoice as it is an additional parts and service. I think he feels he would be doubled charged but that is not the case at all. The original charge for labor was the installation of the running boards only.

After my truck was picked up noticeable damage was clear. Owner refused to correct matter in every way.I dropped my truck off for a leveling kit to be installed at 9am. I was told it would take 2-3 hours. After returning to pick it up at 5 it still was not finished and I was told by the owners son ([redacted]?) that the person that usually did them was off that day. Even though I made the appointment weeks in advance. So after waiting until 6:30pm for them to finish I finally got it home. The next day I went to detail my truck and noticed a heavy dent in the fender along with chipped paint and hairline cracks in the paint where you can tell my truck was hit sever time hard with a blunt object, (hammer or something similar) I went back up there and talked to the lead salesman ([redacted]) he took pictures and told me he knew my truck did not have that damage prior to the install bc he had looked at his self. And it's pretty obvious that since it is a 2014 with only 1 oil change that it would have no damage done to it. Where the damage is located on the fender you would have to be in the tire weld for it to happen. Exactly where the modification that this business was doing there work is where the damage was done. [redacted] apologized several times and said they have had problems with under qualified personnel and had let someone go. He said that the owner would most likely refund my money or give me a store credit to get other work done. He said the owner would do something to make it right and that he would be in touch with me within 2 business days. He did not call me so I called him back a week later. He said that the owner was refusing to do anything to make it right. The owner does not want to fix it, refund money, or give store credit. He apologized sever times and that was the end of the dispute. I know that this was handled wrong and is a terrible way to run a business. I do not work hard and but nice things for other people to take that away from me. I have a brand new $40,000 truck with not even 2 oil changes on it and now I have to look at this damage that will eventually most likely cause rust damage with the metal exposure there mistake has done. I don't want a big lawsuit, I just want them to make things right.Desired SettlementI'm not expecting anything at all. They had several opportunities to make things right but the didn't. I would like to get my money back but it's clear that they don't want to do anything ethical. At this point I just want the public to be aware of the way they handle business and their customers.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Corp Office MContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]Customer noted damage following day but did not notify us until 11 days later?? We have no tools in our shopthat would replicate the damage that Mr. [redacted] has on his truck. It looks like he ran something over thatspun up and hit the inside of his fender well causing stress fractures in the paint from the underside out.This is evident from the pictures seen along with the white scuff mark on the lower bumper area. We are in no way responsible for the damage on Mr [redacted]'s vehicle. Consumer Response Thanks for getting back so quickly with such a debatable response. First of all, you have no tools that could cause a dent? No screw drivers nor hammers or any tools similar while installing lift kits and modifications? That seems a little far fetched. Secondly, the service was done to my truck on Saturday and I called Monday morning and talked to the salesman and told him it would be a few days before I could make it in due to you closing before I get off work. Since I do work RTP. I came in on Wednesday and pictures were taken. The salesman was in my side 100% and said he knew the damage was not there prior and that he did have under qualified people working the shop that day due to the "lift expert" being off. He additionally told me that's why one person was let go that same week following my service, lack of professionalism and experience. this wouldn't even be such a big deal if your company would have had the professionalism as to return phone calls to customers or even be willing to compromise in the slightest way. It is clear that all you want is the customers money. The business relationship should go much further than that.Final Business Response This will be our final response regarding this matter.We have been in business 30+ years and have strong policies and procedures in place regarding customers vehicles. Which tools we have or who works for us is irrelevant. Mr. [redacted] should not make unsubstantiated claims or exercise in hyperbole. The ownership of this company has done their due diligence by looking at the vehicle and talking to all employees involved. It is unfortunate that Mr. [redacted] has vehicle damage but we still conclude that it was not done in our shop. Furthermore Mr. [redacted] needs to stop asking for discounted merchandise at our store.

Not fixing an issue for a new exhaust, and charging me for extra workTook my truck on to get a new exhaust, day I got it back had a check engine light on. [redacted] told me that it was on before which was a lie as stated by [redacted] Nissan as well as [redacted] Buick GMC. Took it back on July 4th was told I would have it back by July 8th. Than I was told by July 15th neither one have been done. Searching up the articles for the law I found out that they are in violation of Article 15B ss 20-354.2., 20.354.3. they told me the repair or tune that should have been done was going to be from 500 dollars to 700 they were not sure. According to this subsection any esitimate over 350 dollars have to be be written out and a disclosure statement. 20.354.8 is prohibited acts and practices (3) misrepresent that certain parts and repairs are necessary to repair a vehicle. was never told my vehicle needed to be tuned, and why did they not tune the vehicle as well. Was told a check engine light was on ebfore hand but they were unable to give me codes because of the fact that I had no check engine light on and they were trying to skate around having to fix the issue that they had started, as well as look for a way to get more moneyDesired SettlementI would like Truckers Toy Store to repair my vehicle. Refund me the money that I paid them for an exhaust as well as if I have to pay for the tune because was not done the first time Business Response Mr. [redacted] purchased an exhaust kit from us and we installed it. He had purchased his truck from a dealership with a Live EFI program and had an engine light on when brought to us. Evidently the prior error codes had been flashed prior to purchase and the installation of the exhaust re-triggered them.We have not charged Mr. [redacted] for anything other than the exhaust. We have gone out of our way to try and help him straighten out the problems he's been having with his vehicle, problems that arose before bringing the truck to our shop.

I will never do business with them again and advise others to stay clear of this business. They are NEVER wrong and they DO NOT make mistakes. They are right and you are wrong even when you provide the paid in full receipt that shows you provided them with the correct information. They do not know how to speak to customers in a professional manner. I reached out several times in emails to the owners and they wouldn't respond. You are left to deal with an individual who has a horrible attitude and only knows how to belittle others. I advise anyone that is considering doing business with them, to go somewhere else.","neg-1

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Description: Specialty Auto Part Suppliers

Address: 5453 Hwy 70 W, Morehead City, North Carolina, United States, 28557-4511


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