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Review: I was not sure what "type" of complaint this would be. I went to True Reflections for about 6 months..maybe longer. First [redacted] cut my hair and then she started coloring my request of course. For not fault of her own, I am blessed with "hot roots". Well, I paid to have my hair colored and I walked out with hot roots really, really bad. I went back. When I walked in, I did not know ANYONE was there. I was on the phone with [redacted] regarding a automobile accident and I just did't notice a client sitting to the right and behind. [redacted] (spelling..and not sure of last name) is the owner. She walked out from behind the wall where people get their head washed. Again, I had no clue anyone was there. Regardless, I sat down in the hair chair and after finishing up my nightmare with [redacted] (at least for that day), I sat the phone down and said "[redacted]" quietly! [redacted] came from the behind the wall and told me to get out of her salon..she was not going to have anyone talk like that in her salon. I just starred...huh??? So, I showed her my roots....I said, "this will be fixed". And, she allowed [redacted] to TRY to fix my hair. But it was stressful. She was rushed. I was concerned I couldn't come back and, sure enough, because I said "[redacted]" I was banned. Okay. That's fine BUT the service provided was inadequate. I am still not satisfied. I have "hot roots"...this means the color takes more at the roots. I have red roots and the rest is a brown red. I cannot go back to True Reflections to have it fixed because [redacted] will not answer my calls nor will the salon. I feel it is their obligation to provide me with good service. This is what happens when you don't. I do not trust either of them with my hair. Getting the money back would be fine. I have an apt with a color salon mid-November but THEY have to fix THEIR mess and it is going to cost ME...and I do not think that is fair or good business. Thank you, [redacted] phone is [redacted]'s is [redacted]Desired Settlement: I want my money back so I can use it to get my hair fixed. I am on disability retirement and cannot afford this behavior from a business. [redacted] embarrassed me in front of the people there,yelling for me to leave. I believe THAT was more disruptive or bad for business than my sitting my cell down and saying, "[redacted]". I'm sure they will have their own side to the story but it does not fix the fact that I left AGAIN with my hair messed up, hot roots and this time..I cannot reach either of them..ty



To whom it may concern,

I [redacted] owner of True Reflections Hair Salon LLC where [redacted] rents a station from. I work for myself as do [redacted]. On October 1st I received a text from [redacted] saying that [redacted] was coming in to get her hair colored and she wanted to add more red than she had in the past. I told [redacted] that if I were her I would be cautious about how much red she was adding in [redacted] hair because of a previous service that she had did. Later [redacted] texted me saying [redacted] was happy when she left and liked her color. She told me she let her see the color in her station mirror, the hall mirror, and the bathroom mirror due to different lighting you get different results of the actual color. [redacted]

then texts me and says [redacted] was saying she had hot roots when she got home. She told me she was going to stay late that evening if [redacted] could come back in to fix it for her. On Thursday October 3rd is when [redacted] came in to get her hair fixed by [redacted] that evening. I had just finished up my customers relaxer and we had went back to the shampoo bowl to wax her chin. As we were back at the bowl the door chimed and [redacted] walked in the salon. I popped my head around the corner and said Hey how are you, [redacted] is on the way. I received no respond from her so I went back waxing my customer. I then noticed through the mirrors that [redacted] was on the phone so taking it that was why she didn’t respond. The door chimed again and this time it was my next customer and I said Hey [redacted], how are you. I’m finishing up a wax and will

be right with you. She told me to take my time and took a seat on the couch in the waiting area. [redacted] was sitting in [redacted] station chair waiting for her. I go back to my customer to finish up and as we were talking I realized [redacted] conversation on the phone was getting louder. The salon was quiet so I and my customers could hear her conversation when she cursed and said [redacted] loudly to whomever was on the phone. I speak up from the back and say Can you please watch your language. [redacted] stops her conversation and say Why do I have to watch my language when I’m the only one in here. I stop my customer and go around the corner and say As a matter of fact you are Not the only one in here

I have a customer back here that I am waxing also. I understand that she may have not known about the customer that I was waxing around the corner at the shampoo bowl but she seen my other customer sitting on the couch right behind her waiting. At this point I wax back to my customer that I am waxing and I’m getting upset due to the fact that instead of saying I’m sorry she response the way she does. I go back to finishing my wax when she tells whomever she’s speaking with on the phone that she has to call them back cause obviously she can’t talk in here. I speak up from the back and say I Never told you, you couldn’t talk I just asked if you could watch your language. My thing is if you find yourself having or about to have a heated conversation over the phone with someone and there are other people around go outside, or in the bathroom, or talk discreetly. During the conversation between me and [redacted] walks in. She comes to the back and puts her stuff down and could tell I was upset. She walks to her station where [redacted] was and [redacted] is still running her mouth and being loud. She tells [redacted], She doesn’t know me, She doesn’t know me. I have anger problems. I been in anger management. As me and my customer is walking to the the front so she can pay, I stop and walk over to [redacted] and [redacted] and say in front of [redacted] Im sorry but after today she is no longer welcome in here. And apologize again to [redacted] because that her customer and her money that I am taking away from her not allowing [redacted] to return to the shop unless she does it outside the salon. [redacted] speaks up and says she needs to Fix my hair, look at my hair! I say That’s not my fault about what happened to her hair but after she’s fixes it today you are No longer allowed to come back! I can’t have people acting like that in here. I’m sorry. [redacted] breaks down crying. I walk to the back with my customer so I could mix up color and we could hear [redacted] telling [redacted] what is she going to do if she can’t come back to the salon and get her hair done. She likes the way [redacted] cuts and colors her hair. She is going through a lot of stuff etc. I go back up front to apply my color. While applying my color my next customer comes in. Mind you she didn’t know anything about what had went on earlier and I wanted to keep it that way. But No. As I was finishing up my color [redacted] who is sitting behind me in [redacted] chair ask me if she can please be allowed back to continue getting her hair done by [redacted] at the salon. I told her I was busy right then but we could talk about it in a little bit. She begins crying again and says I need to know before I leave if I can come back because [redacted] isn’t going to be here long shes leaving after me. I say again I’ll talk to you when I get free. My color starts processing so I start my next customer that had walked in. We go back to the shampoo bowl and I start washing and doing her hair. I place her under the dryer and while she was processing I walk to [redacted] station where she had finish applying color to [redacted] head and tell [redacted] we can walk out back and talk. As we are walking out back [redacted] was in the back room and I told her she could come too. While outside [redacted] is begging, pleading and crying if she can come and she’s going through a lot, her boyfriend broke up with her, etc. and to please give her a second chance. But like I told [redacted] everyone goes through stuff but they don’t act like she just did! And I told her the reason why she wasn’t allowed back was not because of the cuss word was because she kept saying over and over She don’t know me and that she has anger problems and being/or been in anger management. And that I can’t have the way she acted around my customers or [redacted]. That the way she acted was rude and disrespectful and I wasn’t having it in my salon! When I told her that she acting as if she never said it. So I looked at her and [redacted] and said you did say it. You told [redacted] and [redacted] told her yes she did say it. She kept begging and pleading and I finally had to tell her I’m sorry but I have to go finish my customers and walked back in the salon. I take my customer from under the dryer and start shampooing her hair when [redacted] comes back in the salon and sits in the 3rd shampoo bowl still begging, crying, and pleading is she can come back. I tell her while I’m shampooing my customer that she was being rude to my customer and to please stop. She continued to beg. I told her again [redacted] can you please stop your being rude to my customer. She finally stopped when [redacted] told her to come back to her station. [redacted] finished her hair up and the color looked nice and

even throughout. From roots to ends. [redacted] texted me later saying [redacted] had been texting her all that evening after she left the salon. She forwarded a picture that [redacted] had taken showing [redacted] her hair and saying that it was PERFECT! On October 24th I received a forwarded text from [redacted] of [redacted] page of a status she had posted about that salon. But she got the name wrong on the post saying she would never recommend anyone to the salon. I then received some forwarded texts where I seen she called me out of my name “[redacted]” and also my customer informed me that she told whomever on the phone “this [redacted] doesn’t know who shes talking to” after the fact. If I had of heard her say that I would have asked her to leave then cause I Never Once called her out of her name. I wish I had of called the cops when

my customer suggested it when everything first happened. But being nice I allowed her to stay that day and have [redacted] fix her hair. [redacted] problems regarding her hair is between her and her stylist [redacted] not me nor my salon. I do not appreciate being involved in the situation with her wanting her hair fixed being as that shes not my customers she [redacted] and I cant make [redacted] do something that she doesn’t want to do. All of her contact regarding fixing her hair has been between her and [redacted] she has not once call the salon phone about the situation. So im not sure why she put in her complaint that no one was answering the salon phone either. Theres no record on my caller id from


Thank You,



I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

This is a follow-up on my complaint to the concerning True Reflections Hair Salon located in Fredericksburg, VA. The owner of this establishment is [redacted] and the stylist to whom she rents a station and who was my stylist is [redacted]. My complaint number is [redacted],

First, and foremost, I am requesting/suggesting that [redacted] retract her incorrect statement alleging that I participate anger management classes. It has never even been suggested to me. From which professional source did she and/or [redacted] obtain that false and slandering information. I would like to know. Both should be very careful making statements of that sort with out hardcore proof. Hearsay isn't a source. Feel free to forward the professional documentation from which her allegation originated. Otherwise and, case in fact, there no professional documentation exists! This is called "libel". Supply professional, factual documentation or please retract your false allegation I participate in anger management. Bedsides that, I did not display anger while in True Reflections. I believe [redacted] is the person with the anger problem. She made a huge scene in her own salon and a mountain out of a mole hill [redacted] outburst was humiliating and embarrassing to me, herself and a probably her own staff. [redacted] behavior was unprofessional, anxiety producing and disrespectful to me, other clients in her salon at the time and possibly [redacted].

For no fault of my own, naturally (meaning born with), I speak loudly and my voice carries. [redacted] was absolutely out-of-her-mind charging me from around the corner and very loudly demanding that I leave her salon because she was NOT "going to have that type of behavior in her salon". What type of behavior of which she complained still eludes me. I did not behave inappropriately. However, she certainly did! The manner in which [redacted] approached displayed very poor management and customer service. Did [redacted] ask mebefore flying of the handle or her broom? No.

[redacted] informed me that [redacted] had been working with a "religious" client prior to all of this. I am a firm Believer. Great...but really? Apparently, that was one of [redacted] motivation to demand I leave her salon and never. However, as I do, having those beliefs I would presume the owner of this "religious" establishment would be understanding, nonjudgmental and, most of all, forgiving. Not. Additionally, you would think [redacted] would allow people a second chance for an incident she perceived as poor behavior.

Backtrack - When I walked into the salon that day, I was on an important phone call with an insurance agent. I could not merely end the call as I stepped into the salon. However, when I entered, I saw no one there and my cell phone was on my left ear. I was speaking to a representative at my car insurance company regarding an important claim. I did not see [redacted] client sitting on the couch to my left. I saw no one in the salon. However, admittedly, I was focused on the call because the agent was about to provide me with a necessary phone number. I was trying to get to the "make-shift" front desk and grab a pen so I could write down the phone number. Next, I sat down at [redacted] station. My conversation was ending but not yet over. I did not see a problem with that since I did not see anyone in the salon. However, when the call finally ended, I sat my phone down and said, "damn", as if to insinuate ... sigh ... SO glad that long and quite stressful conversation had come to an end. If [redacted] thought I was loud or or angry, well, she doesn't know me. As I stated above, I speak loudly anyway and my voice carries. The agent to whom I was speaking could attest that I was not angry or purposefully loud. I don't yell or get angry with people who are paying to have my car fixed. I can assure you of that! If [redacted] is concerned with me being in her salon around her clients and/or [redacted], or [redacted] clients then I am forced to share my experience at True Reflections the time before this final appointment.

No one was in the salon on that day either...except me and [redacted]. However, about 30 minutes into having my hair cut and colored, [redacted] mother and daughter stopped by the salon asking when [redacted] would be done with my hair/for the day and brought [redacted] some food. During their wait, her daughter got angry with [redacted] (I don't remember the reason), grabbed her things that were setting to the left and directly behind me, blurted out in anger, "you're welcome for the food", and stormed out of the salon. [redacted] stopped doing my hair and ran outside after her daughter to confront her and take away her cell phone as punishment for making a scene in front of me. I could hear [redacted] and her daughter arguing outside the salon. They were loud. I wondered if the businesses to the right and left of True Reflections could hear as well. Actually, I was a little embarrassed for them, the salon and the whole incident made me anxious. I sat waiting for approximately 8-10 minutes for [redacted] to return. The scene made me anxious. I wondered if [redacted] would or could return in a proper frame of mind to complete coloring and cutting my hair. She already seemed rushed that day, informing me that she still needed to go to the grocery store and cook dinner for her daughter. By this time, I DEFINITELY felt like a burden!! that I was not dealing with a high-falootin, classy salon where one needed to speak extraordinarily softly and/or watch their every word when speaking with their stylist, the owner, other clients or even while accepting an important phone call. I suspected this as True Reflections is a new salon. Looking around, it appeared to be a very laid back, almost home-based salon. For example, the shelves weren't stocked with any one, two or three product lines (e.g., [redacted], etc.). Instead, there's a little of this and a little of that disarranged in a narrow, wooden stand next to [redacted] station and a larger one next to [redacted]. If the argument mentioned above contributed to my leaving the salon with undetected "hot roots" on that day, I don't know. The first time, that time, the hot roots extended about 3.5 inches to the right and left of my part. When I got home, that's when I could REALLY see the hot roots. I contacted [redacted] and she got me in a day or two later. That is the day when I walked in while on an important phone call. I said, "damn, in my normal voice and tone. I was not ANGRY. I was merely, in a way, sighing a sense a relief that the call had ended since I had been speaking to the agent the entire trip from my home to the salon. Not that it mattered because I was not loud or belligerent, I did not see a single person in the salon until [redacted] swung around the corner and, in a loud and unprofessional tone told me to leave the salon. I pulled both sides of my hair down so she could see the part and hot roots. I can't recall what she said after that but basically after [redacted] corrected my hair, I was not allowed back into the salon. When [redacted] came from the back, I said, "she doesn't know me". I had and still do not have any idea why that statement was so bad that it would be the main reason I was not allowed back. First, my statement is fact, truth. [redacted] doesn't know me; and, what I meant was that she does not know me well enough to decide if I was speaking angry or loud. I had only been around one time. I talk loudly anyway and my voice carries. The salon is small, so it is difficult not to hear others speaking.

When [redacted] made her scene, her client on the couch whom I did not see when I walked in stood up and, in a very frustrated and quite angry tone of voice said something like "why don't you both apologize and move on". I thought that was a great idea. [redacted] didn't. That person, [redacted] client, was definitely loud, irritated and angry. Why wasn't she asked to leave the salon? She was TELLING [redacted] what she should do, how to handle an incident taking place in her salon. I suppose since she is [redacted] client, [redacted] source of income, etc., it was ok for her to make a scene. I don't think that is fair.

After all that mess, [redacted], once again, tried to fix my hair. We were both anxious, and [redacted] appeared scared as well. I think she was reluctant to speak up for me for fear [redacted] would ban her next. I wasn't comfortable with her doing my hair after all that happened since I thought the previous attempt was affected by similar emotions (daughter at the salon). But, what was I to do? I had to have my hair fixed, but I did not want to leave again with hot roots or worse.

Once, while [redacted] was coloring my hair, I asked [redacted] if I could come back. She said she would talk to me when she was done with her client. I asked again while my color was processing. She said she would speak to both me and [redacted] in the back, outside. Unfortunately, I did beg to come back! I did not want to go through the pains of locating another hair stylist. Despite the coloring issues, I liked the way [redacted] cut my hair. I really didn't trust her coloring my hair. However, as long as it could be fixed, I was ok with it except that I was scared that applying too much of the same and/or different products to my hair would eventually damage it. The first time I had my hair colored by [redacted] at True Reflections, I wound up with hot roots. That time, it was very, very noticeable and corrected before I left. Despite the coloring issues, [redacted] is very friendly, kind, takes her time with her clients and very meticulous. I have nothing negative to say about her as a person; and, as mentioned, I did like the way she cut my hair. So, I did beg. However, [redacted] would not budge. I believe that was unfair to both me and [redacted]. I wasn't her client; therefore, I wasn't not a source of her income for her. So, she ([redacted]) chose to be unforgiving and very unreasonable.

I suppose all the ruckus and emotions, both [redacted] and I did not notice I was about to leave once again with hot roots. I was still shaken by [redacted] attack against me. I was anxious to speak to her outside as mentioned above. So, yes, I left again with hot roots. Before I left, [redacted] said she would ask [redacted] if she would be willing to reconsider and would let me know. [redacted] also told me she could possibly do my hair at my house and would let me know that as well.

When I returned home, the first thing I did was call [redacted]. I left her a voice message saying we could do my hair in my dining room and that the only problem I could possibly foresee was rinsing my hair but that we could use my kitchen sink and that it wouldn't be a problem. I even offered to pay for the products in advance so they would be at my house so [redacted] wouldn't need to drag everything with her. I asked her to let me know about doing my hair at my as, again, she suggested. I also asked her to please let me know if she had spoken to [redacted] and, if so, had [redacted] changed her mind. [redacted] did not return my call. Then, I checked my hair in the bathroom mirror. At first glance, due to the lighting or angel etc, it looked ok. So, I sent [redacted] a couple photos and did say, "it's perfect". However, after a closer look, I saw that, once again, I did have hot roots. I texted [redacted] (that is her primary method used to make appointments). I asked again if she had spoken again to [redacted] and told her I did still have hot roots. [redacted] did not respond. I texted [redacted] several times but she never returned my call or my text messages.

I called around to locate another stylist to fix the problem. Frustrated by this time, I asked my female friends on my [redacted] who they would recommend to cut and color hair. In the [redacted] post, I did voice my opinion of True Reflections. I didn't say much. I just typed that I did not recommend True Reflections (my opinion). At that time, in addition to hot roots, I was losing more hair than normal so I mentioned that as well. I do not believe this was caused by anything done at True Reflections. A mutual friend (the person who recommended me to [redacted]) saw the post and was bothered by it. Understandable. Initially, when we first discussed my issue with True Reflections, I asked my friend if she knew the owner, [redacted]. Regrettably, I did refer her as the "fat one". I shouldn't have referred to her in that manned even if I was upset by the whole mess. I apologize for that. I really didn't mean it derogatorily. I was just describing her. Again, it was a truth, whether hurtful or not. I did not receive the mutual friend's text until 5 hours after she sent it. By that time, she had stirred the pot and had already told [redacted] about the [redacted] post. However, once the [redacted] friend voiced her concern regarding my post about True Reflections, I deleted it. The mutual friend and I texted back and forth a few times. I sent her a couple pictures of the hot roots. She apparently forwarded my texts to [redacted]. I guess she failed to forward the photos showing the hot roots. Whether or not I should have voiced my opinion of True Reflections on [redacted] or referred to [redacted] as the "fat one", which actually does not help or hinder this situation or complaint is irrelevant, the fact remains that I left True Reflections twice with hot roots. Because my calls and texts to [redacted] were not returned and because I was not allowed back into True Reflections, my hair was messed up into I could find a salon and get an appointment with someone to fix their errors.

Initially, my intent was not to make this about [redacted]; however, [redacted] response forced me to share the happenings at the appointment during which she and her daughter argued both inside and outside the salon leading one to conclude True Reflections was not some high class salon. If the stylist and her daughter could behave in that manner, one certainly wouldn't think settling a phone down and saying "damn" would be such a big deal!

Although I loved the way [redacted] cut my hair, based on the fact I ended up with hot roots all 3 times [redacted] colored my hair (twice missed, one missed and not corrected), in my opinion, I believe [redacted] could benefit from more training and/or classes on coloring hair. This may prevent someone else from going through this same nightmare.

I have a new hair stylist. She colored my hair once, I ended up with the color I requested and no hot roots! She has her opinion as to why I developed hot roots when having hair colored at True Reflections. However, I'm not sure of the correct terminology and it's doubtful [redacted] of [redacted] would admit to any of it. I will provide my stylists opinion upon request if it will help prevent someone else going through this nightmare.

That I recall, I did not direct my first correspondence directly to [redacted], whether they work independently or not. The notified the [redacted] because she is the owner of the business for whom [redacted] works and the location at which services were provided, at which my hair was messed up and whose stylist left me twice with hot roots and the owner of the business to which I was banned, preventing [redacted] from fixing the hot roots with which I left at my last appointment. So, sorry she was unconvinced, but she is the appropriate contact.

Request: a refund for the coring my hair. I left with hot roots twice. Once, [redacted] attempted to fix that. However, I left once again with hot roots, calls and texts were not returned and I had to pay to have another salon fix True Reflections error.

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Description: Beauty Salons, Beauty Salons (NAICS: 812112)

Address: 809 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States, 22407


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