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700 - 111 Peter St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 2H1

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• Sep 19, 2023

Shill for shady contractors
Do not trust this review website. They state, and I quote, “We will never allow businesses to pay for a review alteration, editing, or removal. Published reviews have undergone strict examination to avoid fraudulent/fake review publishing.” This is 100% false. I posted a review of a window installation on August 8th. I put together 3 zip files containing the full conversations between myself and the contactor, the finisher, and a tiler. As well as photographs with times stamps to back up my claims. I provided pictures of my e-transfers, as well as the contract. But TrustedPros just kept demanding more evidence, which was located in the zip files I provided. And good luck trying to contact a real human to talk to and no one will ever call you back. I would like to point out that I sent the exact same information was sent to HomeStars and Bark and my review was posted after the information I sent was reviewed. In fact the contactor was removed from Bark all together due to his unprofessional behavior and misuse of their platform. I do not trust any reviews posted on this website, and neither should you. I would recommend finding real reviews on Bark or HomeStars. This website is just a shill for shady contactors.
Shill for shady contractors
Shill for shady contractors
Shill for shady contractors

DON'T put your business on "Trusted Pro's"!!!! You will get reviews that are negative from people that you have never done business with or know whatsoever, yet reviews will show up on your profile that you can't do anything about!! And when you contact "Trusted Pro's", they will ignore your questions, your concerns, your issues with these false negative reviews, they will ignore every attempt to resolve false negative so-called reviews, and when you attempt to cancel your membership, and/or delete your profile, YOU CAN'T! Your business will remain on their website against your wishes, all your information, your business name, contact information, and all false negative reviews will remain, everything to do with your business will remain regardless of what you attempt to do to remove it!
There is a very good reason why they have poor reviews themselves as a lead source for your business. They are not a reputable service provider themselves!

***! They are not there to help you in any way, they are only there for themselves and falsely make you believe in anything else to get you to sign up.

I left a review on their site, concerning a matter in which their contractor completely flaked on me. They deleted my review, and thus, skewed the ratings of the contractor to appear positive. Now I can never trust the integrity of this website. Shame on them for concealing the truth.

Trusted pros is not a good plataform nor trustworthy. I was once a contractor and now I am a client . I regret using it . They screen contractors reviews and confirm they are legit but when a "client" makes a review when you haven't even done any work for them and they post fake pictures they are not screened and end up affecting trustworthy contractors. I have provided enough information to have those reviews removed but trusted pros did nothing. They didn't care and that is not fare. Now I am a client who thought that hiring through this page may help me find the contractors I need ... bad decision. Contractors are very fake and without knowledge and since there is so much competition they often underpriced jobs ending running away from the same. My advice , cheaper is not better and in this page expensive doesn't mean anything either. You need to be very careful.

TrustedPros does not properly vet contractors who appear on their site. After a number of *** contractors visited my home I realized there was a disclaimer at the bottom of the TrustedPros site which indicates they are not responsible. One contractor on their site gave me a written contract but brought it to my home and expected me to sign right away without sending to me to read first. There was no address for the company on the contract. When I asked the contractor to state he was covered for WSIB and insurance, etc. his attitude changed. The contractor gave me a WSIB number and Business Number (only after I insisted) but when I looked up the numbers they were in another company name. When I asked to have these particulars in the contract he did not respond further. He said, "What? Are you a lawyer or something?" He then tried to take back my copy of the contract. *** This contractor had awards for "Best Handyman" for 2012 and "Best Decks" for 2013 and had glowing reviews and apparently has been listed for ten years. After too many bad actors and discouragement I realized this company is not a good place to look for honest contractors. The company did not even acknowledge my report.

When someone/anyone types "***" into their google search engine one of the top search results is a listing from trusted pros. If they click on that site it will come up that my business *** is Out Of Business. This is not the case. Trusted Pros has done this deliberately because I broke ties with them. They are knowing trying to discourage people from my business.

Desired Outcome

I want the site that states that my business is "out of business" taken down immediately. I also am seeking a monetary reimbursement of $50000 for any & all potential business that I may have lost and potentially could lose if consumers believe that I am truly out of business. This site also depicts *** in negative manner. Potential clients will shy away because of the uncertainty of whether I'm "In" or "Out" of business.

My review was flagged as the company *** stated they have no record of me as a customer. I sent in my invoice and driver's licence, but since my name is not on the invoice (but same address) they refuse to post my review. In turn they are protecting a garbage company who got my review removed under false pretences. They do no stand behind their own words which ensures the reviews are "are authentic, genuine and un-biased".

I had customers submitting reviews on their site but they never appeared on their web site. When I contacted Trusted Pros they simply wanted money to have these reviews appear on their site.

Desired Outcome

We simple want to be removed from this *** web site and request no further contact and lead generations from this company and their web site.

Trusted PRo is witholding actual reviews made by my true customers and is allowing only one false review to be published. *** The one review they did publish is false and I have urged them to remove it *** I have legit good customers who are being flagged so that thier true reviews are not publishes. NOw I have tried to log back into my business profile and I was blocked. I also requested they change the business name becuase this one review is actually a review of my old company and yet they still will not remove it or let me change the name of company this reviewer is referring to back to the correct business name and address at the time this actually was a customer over 2 years ago.

Desired Outcome

Trusted Pro to either remove the review I have requested to be removed or allow my customer's good reviews to be published. *** trusted pro to investigate into what I have told them to be true. *** trusted pro to change the name and address on their site back to it's original and allow me to submit my new company name as a separate entity so that the bad review does not reflect my current business. *** I have signed in and the minute I try to reply or make changes I am locked back out. *** they have so much control over website reviews that end up flagging people. It keeps asking me for a membership.

TrustedPros Response • Apr 22, 2018


We have received a complaint from *** of *** and *** Inc. Please see our response below:

Our initial examination of the 3 positive reviews of *** flagged by Mr. indicated that such reviews originated from ***'s IP address. Since IP addresses are unique to each user's location/network the reviews were flagged, and proof of hire was requested from the posters of the reviews to confirm they were indeed customers of ***. We were able to confirm that one poster was a customer and have posted that person's review on TrustedPros. No response or further information has been provided in respect of the other two positive reviews and so we are unable to confirm their validity.

We have remedied Mr. technical account issues and the name of his business listing has been updated.

Finally, our review verification process and guidelines were met for the rating that Mr. claims to be false. We encourage him to resolve the issue with the author to have the review amended.

They have refused to publish reviews that were submitted in good faith after many of us became aware of a false and slanderous review posted by another individual. One of us contacted the contractor when we saw the negative review out of concern he did not know it was there. Her said he had done all ye could to have it removed but trusted pro was not helping. We felt we should write our own honest reviews and reflections of our personal experiences and trusted pro has retracted these good reviews . Seems the trusted pro admina feels they are the "God " to selecting which reviews they will or will not publish .The procedure they use to seek out fake vs real obviously does not work or they are trying to extort small businesses by trying to force them into becoming paid members . They should be investigated . After researching I have discovered others are saying the same . small business owners are at their mercy and unable to do a thing about it People use review sites to help determine the reputation and integrity of a business

My experience with Trusted Pros has been excellent. We have been members of Trusted Pros since 2010. Clients tell us that they have confidence in using Trusted Pros to find honest and qualified contractors. Over the years we have completed many projects secured through this site and have provided complete satisfaction for our clients. We are pleased that we can work with a company that sets such high standards for the contractors who advertise on their site. Our experience has been that Trusted Pros strives to maintain a high standard of transparency and quality workmanship among their contractors (ethics that promotes trust across a wide online community). I am pleased that my customers have the opportunity to review and rate my work publicly. This rating system is one reason my company has continued to grow. I look forward to continue to work with Trusted Pros.

Cedarland Inc. Construction

TrustedPros Response

Thank you, Brian, for writing about your TrustedPros experience on! We are so happy to hear that TrustedPros has helped you grow your business. Thank you so very much for your loyalty throughout the years. We rely on people like you to lead by example in the home renovation industry and keep Canadian homeowners safe during the renovation process. We do our very best to hold the highest review validation standards in the online review niche in Canada. It's wonderful to know that you see value in our stringent review guidelines and company transparency. We hope that these principles help honest and transparent businesses like yours shine across the country. We wish you a fruitful final quarter of 2017!

All the best,

TrustedPros Team

This website has left false reviews on my profile even after I provided proof of the defamation of character and lies that were posted... they replied saying
*It's certainly worth discussing your concerns with a lawyer who specializes in internet law, but any good lawyer will likely tell you that:

Consumer speech is protected, even when it's negativeTrustedPros isn't responsible for the opinions of your customersSuing TrustedPros will only draw more attention to the negative review than if you simply ignored itLawsuits are extraordinarily expensive, and you may be responsible for TrustedPros' legal bills at the end of the case*

Right now I'm a victim and now when you search my company on *** trustedpro is now #1 over . I feel that I'm a victim of a *** by trusted pros ... They said I can't sue them for the reviews because of the terms and conditions I agreed to. However when a breach of contract has happened the contract is suspended.

This review and validation process is of my personal opinion a *** to get personal documents and information of contractor slander... I have requested that trustedpro shut my account with them down and they refused .
The policy that is listed on trusted pros site has not been honored by them

Desired Outcome

I'd like them to honor their agreement of the policy they have 4. If you feel the comments posted by a reviewer are defamatory, you can seek the advice of legal counsel to explore additional options. If legal proceedings regarding defamatory content included in the review are initiated by you and/or your company against your client or property owner, you may request that the review be suspended pending resolution of such legal proceedings. To do so, you would need to provide us with a copy of the document instituting such legal proceedings or a letter from your lawyer confirming that such proceedings have been commenced. The review will then be suspended pending a decision by the courts or withdrawal or discontinuance of the proceedings. We reserve the right, however, not to suspend a review if we believe, in our reasonable discretion, that the action is frivolous, vexatious or is not brought in good faith. Please note that the following notice will be posted within the body of any suspended review: "Review removed following commencement of legal proceedings by the contractor/service provider and formal request for removal of this review being made by the contractor/service provider or its legal counsel.

TrustedPros Response

Our policy regarding reviews are as follows:A consumer that has hired a company or individual, had an company or individual to perform work on their property or where a financial transaction occurred is entitled to post a review regarding their experience. In order to have a review about you removed, you must do one of the following:1. Resolve any outstanding issues with your client and have such client request removal.2. Provide valid proof about specific statements that are factually false. This may prove difficult as most reviews discuss the quality of work or the professionalism of the contractor which may in whole or in part be based on the opinion and subjective views of your client and can be hard to prove as being factually false. Signed contracts are typically accepted but we will review any documents or photographs you provide but, again, we will not remove, redact or editorialize reviews except where facts have been misstated. Please note that any materials that you may provide us in regard to you challenging the truth or accuracy of a review may be made available to the reviewer. By providing us with such materials, you represent and warrant that you have the authority and right to do so and that there are no restrictions in terms of our disclosure of these to third parties.For one of the four recent complaints submitted against his company, *** provided some material for one. However, the material provided did not prove that the statements made by his client were FACTUALLY FALSE. Two other complaints received were posted by anonymous users which is against our review guidelines and were never approved.4. If you feel the comments posted by a reviewer are defamatory, you can seek the advice of legal counsel to explore additional options. If legal proceedings regarding defamatory content included in the review are initiated by you and/or your company against your client or property owner, you may request that the review be suspended pending resolution of such legal proceedings. To do so, you would need to provide us with a copy of the document instituting such legal proceedings or a letter from your lawyer confirming that such proceedings have been commenced. The review will then be suspended pending a decision by the courts or withdrawal or discontinuance of the proceedings. We reserve the right, however, not to suspend a review if we believe, in our reasonable discretion, that the action is ***, vexatious or is not brought in good faith.***For one of the two recent complaints submitted against his company that are currently active, *** provided a single page copy of a Small Claims court document listing his client as the defendant however, the document made no reference to the statements made on by his client and his assertions that such statements are indeed defamatory. If Mr. is able to provide us with documents showing legal proceedings regarding defamatory content included in the review are part of this claim, we may choose to suspend the review as per the details outlined above. Finally, please note that in accordance with the terms and conditions *** accepted and agreed to when he accessed TrustedPros as well as those he agreed to when he created his account (and which terms and conditions continue to apply and bind him), he has agreed not to involve TrustedPros with respect to any user complaints, reviews or other comments or content about him (or any decision made by TrustedPros with respect to a request to remove, redact or otherwise intervene in terms of any of the foregoing). He has waived all remedies in this respect.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This issue in my opinion is not going to be resolved due to a one sided fightI've proven that this review from *** was not my customer (Name) is false The other review states misleading and defamation comments (don't hire this company they will steal your money) is not truth nor fact . You can't tell the world that something will happen based on assumptions . He feels that he was ripped off but his personal feeling can't prove this statement is true . I have hundreds of customers and they haven't been stolen from. Including to new customers since his review which the job was completed and no one ripped anyone off

Trustedpros claims to help consumers avoid shady contractors, but I found some of their practices to be on the shady side. They are more interested in generating traffic to their site than posting accurate reviews. They do not remove fake reviews even when presented with proof that the claims are false. Trustedpros is not interested in posting positive reviews but rather they are seeking personal information from reviewers to add to their database of potential clients for their premium members. We had two clients try to post reviews on the same day and both received emails stating that their reviews could not be validated and asking for copies of quotes, invoices and the reviewers' personal information. The email also gave the impression that our business condoned this request for documentation. When we questioned them about this attempted breach of privacy, Trustedpros replied that they needed the documentation to prove the reviews were true. They said the reviews were suspicious because they both were sent from the same IP address which is not possible since our clients were miles apart when the reviews were posted. In my opinion Trustedpros' reviews are just a ploy to get contractors to sign up for their premium subscription package.

TrustedPros Response

A review was posted by an Alice Benner of Owen Sound for a business listed on TrustedPros, claiming she was a client of the business. Alice's review was screened using the same methods used for all reviews posted through our platform and was flagged for failing several of our checks.

Due to the proprietary nature of our business, we do not provide all detailed information on how we screen reviews however, we can tell you that Alice's review was posted from the same IP address used by several other users that submitted a review for the same business within a 24-hour period.

Since IP's are unique to each user's location/network, it is highly unlikely for multiple users with different home addresses to share the same IP address. Because of this and in addition to the other issues found, we're concerned that this review was not posted directly by a client, or was posted by a client that has a personal and/or business relationship with the company - both violations of our review guidelines, which is clearly outlined during the review submission process.

Additionally, in her complaint Alice states the following: "They said the reviews were suspicious because they both were sent from the same IP address which is not possible since our clients were miles apart when the reviews were posted". However, in earlier communication we received from Alice, she stated "Well most were sent from our bible study group."

In her statement, Alice refers to the other users that submitted a review as "our clients". This, along with the other statement "We had two clients try to post reviews" would indicate Alice is associated with the very same business she attempted to post a client review for. The following is the review Alice posted for the business listed on TrustedPros: "This company was recommended by a friend. They provided me with a written contract. They started and finished on time. My chimney looks like new. Very pleased with the results." This further supports our suspicion that the other reviews posted within 24 hours of her review, ALL from the same IP address, are indeed suspicious.

Our review submission process is the most stringent validation process in this industry. We do not allow 'just anybody' to write a review on the platform.

Our strong team of analysts work alongside algorithms to help validate written reviews. We disallow thousands of reviews from being published because they fail our validation tests.

We understand concerns regarding invoice information requests in order to help us validate reviews. However, we do this to make our review validate process as stringent as possible, and in some cases, report those to the Competition Bureau who are clearly attempting to post fake testimonials to help falsely bolster the reputation of a business. These steps allows us to effectively catch suspicious reviews posted by anyone who has a conflict of interest with the company under review (see Review Guidelines at for more details). Invoice requests are one of many ways that provide information that validates a project. The process of screening reviews is the utmost top priority for us.

As mentioned in our proof of hire request, homeowners should feel free to remove or blank out any information that they feel uncomfortable providing. However, the following information must be present (this information is always requested in a written review, regardless):

â?¢ Your complete name
â?¢ Postal code
â?¢ Scope of work completed by the contractor for the project

Privacy is very important to us. Any documents or information that is provided by our users will be used only for the purpose of validating their review. This information will NEVER be posted live, distributed, or shared with any third party.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these procedures may cause our users. However, the foregoing is necessary to ensure that reviews displayed on TrustedPros are authentic, genuine and un-biased. We are committed to the aforementioned; therefore, we must use strict validation methods.

If you have further questions please connect with our Support Team: *** or (XXX)XXX-XXXX


TrustedPros Team

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Address: 700 - 111 Peter St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 2H1


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This website was reported to be associated with TrustedPros.

This website was reported to be associated with TrustedPros.


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