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Review: I have to report due to their poor practice in state inspection, and unfair attempts to fail customers when there are no problems by other repair shops. I took car to this shop for state inspection on 10/31/2013 and was told I need to change tires and light bulb. I got "reject" sticker for inspection I had doubts about it and I took car to dealer next day to perform state inspection. Dealer did not find any problems and I passed inspection.Desired Settlement: This business should lose license to perform state inspection.



I investigated this claim and was assured at the time of inspection this vehicle needed front tires due to a bad front alignment, the tires were badly worn on the edge and had one bulb not working. We recommend any complaint for a vehicle rejection be taken directly to the Va, State Police, as they are the ones that make the regulation we only follow. We are much more concerned with the safety of the vehicle , the driver, the people in the vehicle and the rest of the motoring public than we are of the $[redacted] fee which we did refund to the customer as a satisfaction jesture, which apparently wasn't enough.

Review: We took our car in for an inspection. Got the emergency brake cable fixed and then it passed inspection. Recently went on vacation and used the ER brake for the first time since we had it fixed and our tire locked up. So we had to make some adjustments just to make it home. We then took it back to them to fix the car. After a $385.00 car bill we thought everything would be great. We get in the car to take it home and not only is the emergency brake light and the ABS brake light STILL on, there is a grinding noise. We call them to make an appointment to take the car BACK into the shop for the third time and they told us it would be a $130 more to fix it!! What??? Fix it right the first time. They told us the noise was coming from something we had messed up when we fooled around with the car. So my husband checked it out and saw that is was a spring rubbing and NOT what they told us it was. So then he called back up there and was told since we were being "difficult" they would fix it for $75.00 but of course at that point WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD WE WANT THEM TO TOUCH OUR CAR? They were very rude, and I feel as though we paid them for a service that was NOT delivered.Desired Settlement: I just wanted to make the aware of these horrible practices. Of course we would love to get our money back but I know that would NEVER happen. I just do not want this to happen to anyone else in the future. I have a child and I want to make sure that I have something reliable to put her in. We now have to take it somewhere else to get it fixed as we do not feel safe putting our child into a car that has brake issues. Thank you for reading my complaint and I appreciate the fact that you give people the opportunity to voice situations as the one I mentioned above.



June 29, 201

720 Moorefield Park Suite 300 Richmond, VA 23236

RE: [redacted] - [redacted]


In reference to the above claim it is my understanding you have copies of the three tickets detailing the work we did. Please note the time frame, LEFT and RIGHT, and the fact we are working with a nineteen year old vehicle. Most of the moving parts are still original.

On March 13, 2014, we replaced a LEFT REAR EMERGENCY BRAKE CABLE along with other repairs listed on the ticket in order for the car to pass inspection. These

repairs would not have effected the later malfunction of the brakes on RIGHT SIDE.

In mid May 2014 while the [redacted] were on vacation, the RIGHT rear wheel cylinder blew a seal and coated the brake shoes with fluid causing a momentary loss of brakes. Applying the emergency brake would not have caused this problem. Quoting the [redacted] note, "Our tire locked up so we had to make some adjustments to make it home".

It was obvious the wheel was removed, the brake drum removed, the shoes were pried off, the wheel cylinder removed and the brake line was pinched to avoid more fluid leakage. This is a complicated adjustment. It would be difficult for an inexperienced person of have done this. The damage to the brake backing plate had to be obvious immediately.

After TTC made necessary repairs including straightening the backing plate, we test drove the vehicle and everything was working properly. We would never allow a custmer to leave our property with an ABS light on or the brakes in an unsafe condition without discussing it with the customer.

On June 5, 2014, the vehicle came back. We found a spring rubbing the backing plate, a bad brake light switch, third brake light bulb out and the ABS light was back on. The cost of parts is $130 no cost for labor. This caused an immediate argument so we reduced the price to $70. This was still unacceptable to [redacted] so he left with no further repairs and an unsafe vehicle.

Our manager at TTC is a very strong Christian and is known for his high principles and going the extra mile for our customers. However, when [redacted] started pounding on the counter our manager thought it best to walk away. If this is construed as being rude we apoligize.

We have been in business for forty-eight years and our mission has always been to please our customers in every way. It is always a disapointment when someone

walks away dissatisfied. Our objective always is to meet in the middle when there is a disagreement. In order for this to work the customer must do their part also.

Please check tickets included with the claim form. If you find anything we did wrong, we will gladly refund that amount. If parts are involved, we require the old parts.

Thank you for your help in this matter.




I have reviewed the offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

I received the response the business wrote and now I am more upset to begin with. Either way in my age I have come to realize that you cannot find many honest people in this world. God knows who was write and wrong in this situation and will deal with it better than anyone else could. I pray that this incident does not happen to another family, and I hope somewhere down the road they will change the way the conduct business to help others instead of trying to get over on them.

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Address: 11222 Patterson Ave., Richmond, Virginia, United States, 23238


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