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First replaced was shipped on 11/20/14, customer never receivedCustomer contacted us on 1-5-and we started investigation with UPSCustomer contacted us again on 2/17/15, item temporary out of stock and he agreed to wait until stock was available the week of 3/23/Customer received package
on 3/25/UPS tracking number 1Z39***98425, signed for by ***

Tumi will repair customer's bag free of charge as a good will gesture. This bag was not still under warranty for normal wear and tear.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
I’m hoping someone can help me.I have been retaliated for filing a compliant. I just realized the merchant,TUMI had been charging me the price of the item I purchased every time Icalled and...

complained about my problem.I have over $1200+ of excessive charges that are completely erroneous.Please help.Thank you for your time.

We have tried to reach this customer and her mailbox is full. Will be glad to evaluate bags but customer has not sent the bags to our repair facility. We can not determine what is or is not covered under warranty until bags are evaluated. Will continue to try to reach customer. She can also reach me...

at [redacted]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

I purchased a shoulder/computer brief (style: 96111D4) with a lifetime warranty. The zipper broke so I brought it to the Tumi store in Edina, MN. The store employee was unable to fix the zipper and offered to send it to their main locaiton for repair. She informed me that there was a $15 cost for processing and that it would take 2 - 4 weeks. I agreed. (Repair Claim Number: TUM 974726)

Tumi did not reach out after four weeks so I called them and was informed that the lifetime warranty was changed to five years max and that they would not fix my bag after all. I was offered a credit towards a new bag but no support for my current bag. I was told that if I accepted the credit for a new bag they would keep my old bag (?).

I spent $15 for them to keep my bag for weeks then was told that they would not fix it after all. They then offered to give me a minor credit in exchange for buying their gear again.
What an abusive exchange. I've been treated better by cable TV customer care.

If you are considering a TUMI purchase I would advise discount any promises TUMI makes regarding product quality and/or support. Buyer beware, they don't seem to care.

[email protected]

Review: I had sent to Tumi a new wallet that was given to me as a gift to be fixed as the leather came undone from the money clip part. Supposedly said item was repaired and was sent to me on 11/22/2014, wherein I never received anything. I called the company regarding same and they advised that they would be opening an investigation on this matter. In February when I called to follow up, a customer service agent advised me that they would be replacing the item and sending it out to me as soon as possible. To date I have not received anything!Desired Settlement: For Tumi to finally send me the item. I am very disappointed with this very reputable company and their inadequate customer service.



First replaced was shipped on 11/20/14, customer never received. Customer contacted us on 1-5-15 and we started investigation with UPS. Customer contacted us again on 2/17/15, item temporary out of stock and he agreed to wait until stock was available the week of 3/23/15. Customer received package on 3/25/15 UPS tracking number 1Z39[redacted]98425, signed for by [redacted].



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: I have purchased my luggage from Tumi for years and was always told that if at anytime I had an issue with one of my Tumi bags that I could easily be able to have it either repaired or replaced at no charge. However, now I have been denied service on my defective product from Tumi and would like to make this formal complaint.

There is a button that is defective and won't depress on a bag I purchased from Tumi, preventing me from extending the handle. I called Tumi's customer service department and initiated the warranty repair claim; and, the employee reassured me that Tumi had a remarkable warranty and I just needed to mail the bag into their facility to either have it repaired or replaced at no charge. The agent also advised me to bring my luggage to any retail location to have it sent in.

So I took my bag to the Tumi store located inside [redacted] to have it shipped out, and I signed for it any everything. They also reassured me that I didn't have to pay for anything and that my new bag will be back to pick up in just a few weeks.

Later I received a call from Tumi and was told that my bag couldn't be repaired and they no longer sell that model. Well when I was talking to the other employees at Tumi Inc., I was told that if this situation where to occur that I will recieve the next comparable model to the bag I purchased, but I was only offered a $100 credit on my next purchase from Tumi. This completely contradicts everything I have been told from Tumi's other employees and now I can see the desperate tricks that Tumi uses to sell their luggage. $100 off - I think not!Desired Settlement: I want Tumi to replace my bag with the next comparable model available - Alpha 2 (wheeled duffel). I will pick this up from the same store inside [redacted] that I dropped off my Alpha 1 (wheeled duffel).

Review: I purchased a TUMI roller bag with a "lifetime" guarantee with repairs at no charge. I sent the bag back only to be told that Tumi no longer repairs bags after 5 years. They used to have service centers that would repair these bags, they no longer do this.

They wanted to charge me $247 to fix the bag or $125 off a new bag-this amounts to 25% off full retail.Desired Settlement: I want Tumi to honor their "lifetime" guarantee and fix my bag! Order/repair # [redacted]



Customers product is out of the warranty period



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

The Tumi bag was sold to me with a "Lifetime Guarantee" which they now claim is only 5 years. Not a very long life for a $500 bag. A business should not be able to change the terms after the sale. It is sad to see a once proud American company lose all sense of pride and integrity.


Review: I ordered a continental carry-on from [redacted] on 11/28/13 (order #[redacted]). On 12/21/2013, after utilizing the piece twice, the luggage developed a crack on the exterior wall. I call Tumi customer service and was advised by a representative that I could return the piece utilizing a shipping label that would be emailed to me. On 12/23/2013, I received an email from customer service stating that my luggage could not be returned. Here is the statement from your website:

"We want you to be fully satisfied with every product that you purchase from [redacted]. If you are not satisfied with a product that you have purchased, you may return the product within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price...We ask that the product be unused."

The website "asks" that the product be unused, but it does not specify this item and a requirement. The site also does not state that you will not take back defective product back within the first 30 days. This is deceptive to the customer, especially when purchasing a $500 piece of luggage. I think the website misrepresents your commitment to customer service and should be revised to accurately reflect your return policy.Desired Settlement: Tumi should accept the defective piece since I reported the issue within the first 30 days of receipt.

Review: Called Tumi Customer Service regarding a bag needing repair. Tumi instructed me to drop off bag at closest local Tumi retailer for complete warranty repair at no charge. Dropped bag off at Tumi-[redacted]. After completing all paperwork, was told to pay $25 upfront to complete warranty work by Tumi-Oakbrook. I was never informed by Tumi Customer Service regarding $25 fee to complete warranty repair. Associates at the Oakbrook location informed me this was to cover the shipping cost back to me after warranty repair work was completed. Approximately 2 weeks later received an email, instructing me to call Tumi directly. Tumi Service stated either a. To pay $275 to make bag completely whole, b. A $100 credit can be issued to purchase a new bag (approx. $800) or c. The bag can be shipped back to me "as-is".Desired Settlement: 1. Repair bag as agreed by initial call to Tumi Customer Service OR

2. Replace bag with similar size, features and quality

3. Refund $25



Tumi will repair customer's bag free of charge as a good will gesture. This bag was not still under warranty for normal wear and tear.

Review: I received email notification from my banking institution that a debit in the amount of $296 was charged on May 11, 2014 at 7:30 PM. I have never heard of this company, visited their website or store.

I contacted my bank on May 12, 2014 and was told by [redacted] and [redacted] that the payment was pending and until TUMI processed the payment or cancelled the transaction, this was out of their hands. I was given the phone number to contact TUMI to confirm if the order could be cancelled.

On May 12, 2014, I spoke with [redacted] and she was able to trace an order with my debit card but stated the shipping information and billing information did not match my address. She assured me that the transaction would be cancelled and she would send me an email as confirmation that the email had been cancelled. I did not receive an email.

On May 13, 2014, I again spoke w/[redacted] and she confirmed that the transaction had been cancelled and again informed me that she would send an email as confirmation. I have checked my inbox as well as spam emails and have not received an email stating the order was cancelled.Desired Settlement: I would like to report this incident to TUMI so they are aware of possible fraudulent activities within their company along with their customer service department not following through with actions.



This email has been sent to the customer.

Dear Ms.[redacted]:

Thank you for contacting Customer Service at [redacted].

This email is with regards to the Tumi order that was placed using your debit card. We are contacting you to confirm that this order has been cancelled. Please rest assured that you were not charged for the order and we are currently working with the bank to have the authorization hold on your account removed.

If you have additional questions, please visit our online Customer Service section or call us at [redacted] We appreciate your business and thank you for contacting us.


The Customer Service Team

Customer Service at [redacted]

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