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Performed tests on the motor. Told me my motor needed to be replaced, had tests done elsewhere and the motor is healthy.I upgraded my car and asked Turbo Time to do my tune. Car was delivered on March 16. I was told 3 days for the tune. On March 18th I received an email listing many problems with the car. The list had items in red which were a priority to fix. I told them to make me a quote for those items. They quoted me for $1,797.37. I gave them the go ahead to do so. They told me it would take about two weeks. They kept on pushing me back. I finally went to TurboTime on May 2. They told me they would start the car and have it done latest May 5. May 4 I received an email and a phone call. They had performed compression and leakdown tests on the motor. 3 out of 4 cylinders were bad. Cylinder 1 had 92psi, cylinder 2 had 92psi, cylinder 3 had 120 psi and cylinder 4 had 72psi.They immediately wanted to quote me for a motor swap or motor build. I asked if they could try and get the car started with a base map, and they said no because they didn't want to risk further damage. I decided to tow the car back to my residence which cost $129.00. I paid TurboTime for the labor they did and for fuel fittings they bought me, but didn't fit. The total was %343.73. I called [redacted] in [redacted] and had them send me a base map for $50.00 for the car to see if it would start. I asked TurboTime if I could use one of their computers to upload it, they said no, but for %100.00 they would put a base map on my car. After my car was brought to my residence, I loaded the base map onto my car that [redacted] Logics sent me, and the car started right up and I was able to drive it. I later had [redacted] perform compression tests and Cylinder 1 had 150psi, cylinder 2 had 150psi, cylinder 3 had 145psi and cylinder 4 had 150psi. I then had [redacted] Logics tune the car and it has been very reliable since. I called TurboTime on May 23 explaining the entire story. I talked to[redacted]. I told him to have [redacted] the owner call and email. I received an email from [redacted] the same day, saying he would not refund my money of $343.73. I have now decided to take further action. I could be asking for more, included compensation for how long they had my car and the amount it cost to tow my car out of there, but I simply want my money back from the false tests they performed. I have all receipts and emails between myself and TurboTime.Desired SettlementI would like a refund of $343.73 for the false compression and leakdown tests and for the incorrect fittings they provided me.Business Response Mr ** is unhappy with both the time that it took to fit the car into an already full schedule, and that I refused the liability to tune the car in the condition it was in. he claims he has documentation of the compression test done at another dealer, however has failed to provide me this documentation, other than to say that it was "150 psi across the board", having been a professional technician since 2000, a professional certified Subaru technician since 2003, senior master certified with Subaru since 2007 (this is the highest achievable certification), and a dealer technician from XX-XXXX, I can attest that no 2.0L WRX with 100k miles is ever "150 across the board". mr M. is unhappy with my results, and is entitled to disagree, but the work was performed, and whether the results made him happy and someone else got different results (not documented by the way, and no leak down numbers provided) does not change this fact. therefore, I do not feel it is fair to refund the money that was spent on the compression and leak down test as performed. in addition, it has never been the shop's responsibility to transport a vehicle in non running condition. I do not send maps sight unseen, as the liability of failure is higher than I wish to accept, Mr. M was able to find a shop with lower standards, and that is fine, but I also do not owe him my tools or laptop to install this map to his vehicle as he chose to have another shop provide it. the tool to do so is readily available, he just chose not to pay for one. in the end, Mr M. is frustrated because of the fact that we were very backed up, which he was informed of as soon as it became apparent the vehicle needed far more work to be safe to tune, and that in the end, I chose to perform a compression test (which he did approve) prior to spending the $1700+ he approved to repair his issues doing the install himself(to avoid spending that money on an engine that was already damaged), that he had to tow the car (we have tow ins every day), and that he was denied further work because I was uncomfortable with the results of my tests. He is unhappy with my results, but frankly in my opinion, mine are a reflection of reality, whereas the other dealer he took it too essentially told him what he wanted to hear. in the end, Mr. M. was simply unhappy with my results, but this does erase the fact that the test and work was in fact performed. Consumer Response I have further provided [redacted] with results of my compression test and dyno tune. I still feel it is fair and the right thing to do to refund my money even though work was performed because a mistake was made and if I did not take action, I would have had to spend between 5000 and 7000 dollars to replace or rebuild my motor which works fine. Final Business Response The facts still remain, the work was in fact performed, I provided further hand written proof of the work, as well as detailed information on the procedure used. And again, Mr M. is simply unhappy with the results, however, the work was done properly, no mistakes were made. in fact, even the results provided by the Subaru dealership Mr M. provided paperwork for showed that though the engine is within the XXX-XXX psi range, the 150 and 145 numbers are at the bottom of the acceptable range, and can result in misfires and smoking eventually, this is based on our experience with these engines over years of building and tuning them. Dyno sheet does not indicate health of the engine, as timing, boost, and even dyno calibration can make a decent dyno graph, but not necessarily a healthy engine long term. At the time of Mr. M.'s visit, I chose to save him 1700.00 by performing the tests. no one twisted his arm to build an engine, we simply provided our results and refused further work at this time. Mr M. simply wants money back because he disagrees with our opinion, this does not erase the work HE APPROVED and that was performed. I absolutely will not refund any money simply because he found shops willing to take his money to tell him what he wanted to hear. I will not adjust my policies simply because of someone else's.

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Address: 120 Woodwinds Industrial Ct Ste F, Cary, North Carolina, United States, 27511-6218


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