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Customer will receive a refund for $Shipping will not be refunded I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below Regards, [redacted] Spoke with Ashley of TV EarsI accepted her offer of a replacement for the damaged Head Set at the price she offered.However, as I stated in my complaint, this was not the first time a Head Set broke at the same placeI had no choice but to pay for a replacement, or I would not have any Head Set.I am not a happy camper, but I need to use this defective productTo state my case again;These Hearing Head Sets TV Ears sells are DEFECTIVE! Very truly, [redacted] ***

The only reason why TV Ears "offered" to refund my money (minus the shipping charge) was because I took the extra step of searching for their corporate office and filing a complaint thereOtherwise, I would be like every other person who has filed a complaint to the Revdex.comI would be curious to see what an audit would uncoverConsidering the amount of complaints on the's site alone all state that their customers received faulty merchandise and then were made (if they didn't want to wait weeks) to pay $for the "convenience" fee, I am sure it would raise eyebrowsSeems to me that they should not be having so many complaints of their product breaking after VERY short amounts of timeIn my case, only monthsThey send out faulty merchandise, tell the person they have to pay $to get a replacement, send out a replacement, and wait for the headset to break again, thus the cycle continuesThe ONLY reason I was even offered the second "option" of sending back the faulty headset and getting a new one sent out in a few weeks, was because I voiced my utter displeasure at the $"convenience" feeIt wasn't like the agent told me I had to two options and I could choose between the twoIt was pay $19.95, and then when I bhed about it, it was oh wait, here's your other option but you're going to be even more inconveniencedWhen I asked for a refund I was told that was NOT an optionI'm pretty sure that TV Ears purposefully sends out faulty merchandise to primarily elderly people, knowing that it will break within a month or two of being shipped, and then only gives other "options" of not paying $to those who complainHad I not complained, I would not have been given the second option of sending it back and having another one reshipped (oh, they only offered to reimburse the shipping BACK to me after I complained about that as well), and I sure as hell wouldn't have been offered a refund Whomever replied (there is no name) first spelled my last name wrong, but more concerning, is trying to hide behind their warranty and make it seem like they made all these exceptions because they're a good companyIn fact, it is in my strongest opinion, that they are targeting elderly people and causing ridiculous fees to cover faulty merchandiseThere are just too many complaints about this to ignoreI am contacting a lawyer and finding out how to proceed with a class-action lawsuitWhat they are doing to people is wrongAgain, I want my FULL refundI have already shipped their worthless product back Regards, [redacted] ***

The customer was refunded the amount paid for the itemShipping is normally non-refundable being that it's a service that is rendered The customer was given the opportunity to exchange the product under warranty but refused to do so Due to the product being defective upon arrival we are making an exception and refunding the customer the amount requestedCustomer should see the refund in their card within the next 5-business days depending on the customer's banking institution Customer can feel free to contact us directly if their are any other questions regarding this transaction I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted] ***

After reviewing all of the recorded calls we have come to the following conclusion: During the initial call our representative did try to communicate viable information to the customer but that was never allowedCustomer cut the representative off and told the representative that he wanted the advertised unit periodWe were not given the opportunity to relay the information to the customer or to find out if the advertised model would be suitableWhen the Customer called our technical support department and gave us the information to confirm which system was needed he was offered an extreme discount for the compatible systemThe customer was not satisfied with the offer We made an exception and agreed to refund him the total purchase price for the unit including the shipping but will not pay for the customer to return it back to us.If he would like to do so here is the return number ( [redacted] ) for the item and the shipping costs ($74.17($PLUS $shipping) the items should be shipped it Via Orange Way Spring Valley CA I have reviewed the response made by your business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will return the defective TV Ears to Radio Shack for a full refund, and I accept your offer of a new model for $plus shipping, Please let me know how to contact you to purchase my new model Regards, [redacted] ***

TV Ears has a year limited warranty that replaces the defective product with a no cost option for the first days and replaces the product with a 50% discount there after up to yearsOur customers are made aware of this warranty with the warranty card that are included inside the packaging of every system purchasedThis customer did purchase a replacement headset in early November of with a 50% discount to replace their original headset purchased in November of Here at TV Ear we are always working on improving our products by incorporating new material and technology as it become available The breakage of the headset is an issue that can be avoided by handling the headset by the ear tips and with both hands A video instruction is available on our website Although this will not completely avoid the breakage of the plastic in the headset over time, it can definitely prolong the life span of headset At this time this customer has been given a return number to return the defective product for a replacement headset TV Ears has taken into consideration the customer loyalty and is ready to replace the headset at no cost as a one time exceptionThere will be no need to return the defective headset in returnThe customer's account has been notated and can call customer support to take advantage of this offerCustomer service can be reached Mon.-Fri from 6a-6p PST at DO keep in mind that the TV Ears offices will be closed 11/26/12-11/29/in celebration of Thanksgiving Day

We have made improvements on the plastics that these headsets are made out of through out the yearsWe do see a history of breaking arms with this customer but this is not a common issuesIn order to keep our product at a very light weight we do have to improvise with the materials it is designed withBecause the material of the headset is plastic there is no way for us to guarantee that you cannot break it Just like other plastics, they can breakBut, we do offer a warranty to replace that within a curtain time period if that were to happen but, if it is past the time, the customer is responsible for replacing the headset they have broken for 50% offWe have extended the warranty for this customer due to their issues But, there is warranty procedure that is followed, we made the one exception for this customer and we cannot continue to make the exceptions due to the fact that the customer is breaking the headsets As for their request to return the product for a refund I will make that exception for themPlease send the entire system back to us under [redacted] and we will refund themThis customers has been a long time customer of ours, and if he no longer wants to be our customer we will honor the return and cancel his account with us for future purchasesPlease ship the system to Via Orange Way Suite Spring Valley, CA They will be refunded $ I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my dispute Regards, [redacted]

The issue the customer is experiencing is not very common compared to the amount of headsets that go out to our customers on the daily basis Our TV Ears product does have Year Limited Warranty that will facilitate a replacement of the product in question If the product seizes to work within months of the day it was purchased, we can replace it at no cost to the customerThere after we extend a 50% discount off MSRP to replace the damaged product In this customers case, the headset has an MSRP of $They are outside of the month warranty so they qualify for the 50% discount off MSRP When purchasing the new headset at replacement cost, the warranty on the headset starts all over again from from the day of purchase Here at TV EARS we do our best to incorporate new technology and materials as it becomes available to us Since the last time the headset was purchased by this customer, there has been a newer material added to our headsets that give them a more flexible and custom fitThese improvements are demonstrated on our video posted in our website This customer can replace their headset with a 50% discount(Per their year limited warranty) and continue to enjoy their TV Ears productThey can do so by calling our customer support line at Mon.-Frifrom 6AM to 6PM PST

Currently TV Ears has a policy to product buyers from buying our product at discount and re-selling them, we do not allow that to take placeTo protect TV Ears from this, TV Ears monitors all orders being placed and does not allow any one person to purchase more than of the same productThis customer informed us that his purchasing was not for himself when we contacted him on top of that, he has tried to order 15+ systems from us at our discounted rateHis ordering pattern, him trying to purchase under someone else, and his comment to us that they are not for him, indicates that he is reselling our productDue to that being against our policy, it is not tolerated and we will not sell to him in the future

The TV Ears system that is carried at Radio shack is a product that we have discontinuedBut, they are still brand new products, they are not used or old stockThat system has just been discontinuedWe do still warranty it and replace it if need beIn this case because the customer just purchased the system and the complaint they have is due to the design and is not an actual problem with the productWhat was suggested to her is her only optionIf she wants a system that has more of a tonal range, she would need to go with our other modelsThe sold in radio shack has a very slight change in tone but not muchMost customers of ours that have a more moderate hearing loss cannot tell the change in the tone which is why we have different models for different types of hearing lossesBy no means are we scamming anyone here, we have different models that serve different purposesWe will not pull the stock that radio shack carries because that product is brand new, yes the circuitry of the product is not as advanced as our newer models but that goes for all electronic itemsElectronics and technology changes daily Our offer is below: Customer can return the to radio shack Contact us back at 888-883-Mon - Friday 6am-6pm PST We notated her account that we set up Cwe will sell her the updated model with the tonal range she needs for $+ shipping Please have customer contact us if she would like to take that extended offer

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