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Twisted Scissors Salon Spa

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WENT TO SALON WITH HOPES OF GETTING HAIR COLORED WITH HIGH AND LOW LIGHTS (BLONDE & BROWN) MY HAIR WAS A RED COLOR WITH BLONDE HIGHLIGHTS PREVIOUSLY. THE STYLIST INFORMED ME ONCE I GOT THERE THAT IT WOULD BE CONSIDERED A COLOR CORRECTOR AND THE PRICE WOULD BE $100.00 PER HOUR, WHICH WAS FINE WITH ME. I THEN ASKED HOW LONG DID SHE THINK IT WOULD TAKE IN WHICH SHE RESPONDED WITH "WE HAVE YOU BLOCKED FOR 4 HOURS". I WAS A LITTLE CONFUSED AT FIRST, BUT DIDNT SAY ANYTHING AND JUST WENT ALONG WITH IT. SHE THEN PUT A PRODUCT ON MY HAIR AND HAD ME SET UNDER THE DRYER FOR ROUGHLY 30-45 MINUTES. THE STYLIST INFORMED ME THAT THIS WAS TO PULL THE COLOR OUT OF MY HAIR. I WAS HOPING THAT THIS WAS CONSIDER THE "COLOR CORRECTING PART" BUT IF NOT IT WAS FINE. I SHOWED THE STYLIST 3-4 PICTURES OF WHAT COLOR I WANTED MY HAIR AND HOW I WANTED THE HIGH AND LOW LIGHTS TO LOOK. THE PICTURE SHOWS BROWN AND BLONDE HIGH LIGHTS THIN WITH MORE BLONDE AROUND THE FRONT OF FACE. THE STYLIST DID A PINWHEEL COLOR TECHNIQUE ON MY HAIR, WHICH SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN DONE. IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEBODY TOOK 1 INCH PIECES OF MY HAIR AND PAINTED THEM. BY LOOKING AT THE PICTURES I SHOWED HER, SHE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS WOULD NOT WORK. IF I HAD TO GUESS, SHE HAS NEVER DONE THIS TECHNIQUE BEFORE. MY STYLIST WAS ASKING OTHER STYLIST WHAT PRODUCTS TO USE ON MY HAIR, WHICH MADE ME UNCOMFORTABLE. I CAME OUT WITH FRIED HAIR THAT IS YELLOW, RED, AND BROWN. STYLIST KNEW WHEN I GOT THERE, I WANTED ALL THE RED OUT. THAT WAS MY FIRST RESPONSE TO HER ASKING WHAT I WANTED DONE. I WAS NOT GOING TO CALL OR MAKE ANY COMPLAINTS, BUT I PAID 365.00 FOR MY HAIR TO BE DONE AND IT LOOKS LIKE CRAP. WHEN I CALLED THE SALON IN REGARDS TO MY CONCERNS, [redacted] WANTED ME TO COME BACK IN AND SHE WOULD FIX MY HAIR. I EXPLAINED TO HER I WAS NOT COMFORTABLE WITH GOING BACK THERE AND THAT MY HAIR WAS FRIED. EXPLAINED THAT I DID NOT WANT ANYMORE COLOR IN MY HAIR FOR AWHILE. SHE DID NOT OFFER TO REFUND ME THE MONEY OR ANYTHING ELSE.Product_Or_Service: HAIR COLOREDDesired SettlementPAID 365.00 FOR HAIR THAT LOOKS LIKE CRAP. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I HAVE NO PROBLEM PAYING THE MONEY OR MORE IF MY HAIR LOOKED GOOD. Business Response Here at Twisted Scizzors we strive only in giving the highest quality of service by highly trained professionals. On the date of service, we did nothing but that! This client found our stylist thru Instagram. She loved the stylist work. Before the client booked with us there was a conversation thru text. The first statement the client made on text in which we have record of, was I have recently gotten my hair done at another salon and I'm not happy with the results! When the appointment was made the client stated that it usually takes 4 hrs to complete the service. The client also went into detail that we would be changing the hair drastically. In this case the client was booked for a corrective color, @$100 an hour and the 4 hours that the client suggested us to book the appointment for, in which we have record of on the client profile. When the client came in the client had a very lengthy detailed consultation. The client showed a number of photos all in which were chunky hi-lites. During the consultation the client and stylist discussed that the desired result could not be achieved in one appointment, and also what would be taking place during the service. First step was a color remover to remove as much red as possible. As stated we could not guarantee that we could get all the red out. Then we would apply the colors in a pin wheel fashion to create the chunky hi-lites. Then, may use a toner at the end. Also, we would have to put an additive in the color formula to prevent further damage to the clients hair. The client was given a client release form/permission slip. Acknowledging that the results are not guaranteed. In a corrective situation no one can guarantee the results. Things can happen differently then planned from one step to another as there are different hair types that react differently to products. The client also signed off acknowledging that the service would be at a cost of $100 an hour. We have signed acknowledgement of this also. The client stated that the stylist bouncing info on one another made the client feel uncomfortable. We at Twisted Scizzors again strive at being the best and in doing so we always bounce ideas off of each other, as the old adage goes two heads are better than one. Twisted Scizzors encourages stylists to collaborate with each other, It allows us to grow as a team. I as the owner do it as well. When the client was done with the service, they discussed what would be done at the second visit. When the stylist asked what the client thought, the client claimed to like it! The client let the stylist take photos of it. The client booked the next appointment, paid, and even tipped!!! 4 days later I received a call. The client went over her concerns with me. I made the client aware that I was one of the people that the stylist was talking with about the hair and that I had come over and looked at and felt of her hair at the time of the service. It was damaged before we got started, which is the biggest reason for it to take more than one visit to achieve her end goal without further damaging the hair. Which is also why we put an additive in the hair to prevent further damage. I offered for the client to come back into the salon so I could evaluate and fix it if it needed to be fixed. I also offered the client hair care products to help out with the damaged hair that we didn't even do! I did offer the client her money back, but asked for her to come to the salon so that I could at least see and evaluate the hair first. The client refused to come in. I offered for the client to come in when the stylist wasn't there. The client refused. I cant give someone there money back unless I see it and evaluate it myself. That's Twisted Scizzors policy. You just never know what a person may do to there hair from the time they leave the salon to when they make a complaint! Consumer Response Completely False. The stylist nor anyone else informed me the color could not be corrected in one visit! Yes she offered for me to come back to the salon to "fix" my hair. Why would I go back to a salon and let them put more color on my hair after they could not get the color nor the highlights right the first time. My hair was by no means damaged when I walked into that place. My hair color previously was a red color with blonde high lights that I wanted out. I wanted to try a new color so went with red, which I did not like. Was completely satisfied with the the stylist, my high lights, and the color at the time. Over a period of time, the color got old and wanted to go back to blonde. The previous stylist had moved to GA where her husband was stationed the beginning of November. The owner kept telling me in a phone call after the color, my hair was damaged, "the blonde was damaged" I asked her to explain how my blonde was damaged several times. She kept avoiding the subject. Because my hair was NOT damaged. It was damaged after they let color set on there for 45 minutes to an hour, and it wasn't even blonde when I left. Like I said, the stylist and I both knew this was not suppose to be the outcome of my hair. Exactly why I asked her about the red still being in there. That's when she decided to tell me "oh well it will take a few visits to get that out".... That would have been great to know before she charged me $100 per hour for a hot freaking mess. The pics were definitely not chunky high lights.... Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.... My hair was already damaged and the fact they say I showed pics of chunky high lights. I still have the pics and they are by far not of chunky high lights. But yes, I guess if I wanted damaged hair, yellow, red, and brown chunky highlights, I got what I paid for. Anddddd paid out the [redacted] for it..... Its shame... Horrible customer service.. Put it on the client and cant own up to what they did. That's why I have went to this and left bad reviews. Any company should strive for great customer service, that is what keeps a business going. There is no customer service here. I do not understand why an agreement could not be made between me and the salon. They could have at least acknowledged what was done. I would have been more than happy with at least some of the money back. I do not believe I should have to pay $365 for what I got. Yes, I said I liked it and yes I scheduled another appointment, but Im not going to tell somebody who worked on my hair for 5 hours that they done a horrible job and I was not satisfied.... I did feel like the stylist worked her [redacted] off and of course I was going to tip her. But I was not satisfied with my hair at all. I had no plans on going back to the salon for the second appointment. I was going to call and cancel it. Like I told the manager on the phone when asked about the appointment, I was not planning on going back and that was schedule when I was checking out. I was a little in shock over the color and the price I had just been charged. If my hair would have came out with an ash blonde, which was shown in the pictures, brown, and natural looking high lights (as shown to stylist in pics) I would have been more than happy to pay whatever... But instead, the high lights look as though I have done them myself and the color is horrible. Just wished something could have been worked out. When you pay that kind of money, put that much time into getting hair colored, it should come out looking great. In my opinion, If not, then by no means should you charge somebody that kind of price.

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Address: 232 Cunningham Rd, Franklin, North Carolina, United States, 28734-7557


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