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Two Men & A Truck of Durham NC

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We worked with Two Men moving our residence and had a clothes dryer less than 8 month negligently damaged by the movers and they will not repair. We have worked with them on several moves and had been pleased. Over a year ago one of their movers tried to pull our newer dryer up the ramp, and he was not physically able to control the appliance. It fell from the ramp and was damaged. I immediately called and set up a claim within an hour, and have still not resolved this issue. I was told a few months after the incident that I did not purchase any extra insurance to cover the contents they were moving; I responded that it should not matter if they were acting in a professional manner, which the mover in question obviously did not. There were 3 movers on the job, the smallest in stature of which tried to move the dryer himself, and refused help from the manager to move it up the ramp. After repeated calls and emails, including to the US corporate office, I finally received a note from the manager that he would send me a part to try to fix but would not have it repaired. When I received the part, it was incorrect and now I cannot get a response via telephone or email. It was approx. 3 months ago that I received the wrong part and it is still sitting in my office. Needless to say I am very frustrated that the dryer is still not working correctly and still has damage on the front. If it were an older dryer I probably would not care as much, but it was newer and worked fine before the drop. This company advertises itself as being fair and professional, but my dealings on this are anything but. They do not want to stand behind their work; they were very quick to make the sale but do not take responsibility for their mistakes. Desired SettlementI would like to have an appliance repair person fix the damageBusiness Response Dear,Thank you for forwarding this Customer's concern. The Customer provided our staff with an incorrect part number which ultimately resulted in the wrong replacement part being ordered and delivered. Our company will gladly facilitate the exchange of the incorrect part for the correct part in accordance with the Customer's contract with our company. We will need to verify the make/model of the dryer as well as the part number in order to move forward. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and we look forward to working with the Customer to resolve the issue. Thank You, Two Men And A TruckConsumer Response Two Men contacted me a we went through some things but at the end of the day, they said they couldn't stand behind their product because it is regulated by the state. This just shows that they have no interest in making things right if they can wiggle out of it. I would recommend NEVER using this company to move your belongings if you value them. They were clearly negligent in this matter and are hiding behind a veil instead of doing the right thing. I don't do business that way and don't expect a company I am paying to do so either.Final Business Response We regret that the customer is not happy with our resolution, we have compensated the customer based on the terms of our moving contract and have closed the claim accordingly.

I followed up on the fact that there were many bugs in my things after they were delivered, but never heard back. Also, 2 of my boxes went missing, one of which included a Ninja food processor. They also ignored my calls regarding that. ","neg-1

Damaged flooring on 4/3. Refund not received 7/3.Moved on 4/3 by Two Men and a Truck. Tore hole in kitchen floor which was confirmed by movers on 4/3, pics sent to company claims repr., and he ([redacted]) verified damage and confirmed a refund of $385 was due to me. Promised a check would arrive within 30 days but probably less. I've called repeatedly, starting at about 30 days. To date, I have been promised payment, promised an explanation of delays, and promised (twice) that I would be called with an update. None of the above has happened and we are at the 90 day point. Desired SettlementI want a check for $385 immediately. Business Response Dear,Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. The Complainant's compensation of $385.00 was paid/processed on 6/26/15 via check number[redacted]. Please ask the Complainant to contact me directly if they have not received the compensation via[redacted] at the requested address within the next three business days.Thank you again,Two Men And A TruckConsumer Response Today is July 8th. No check has arrived. Final Business Response Dear,I reached out to the Customer and left a voicemail a few minutes ago. I reconfirmed that the compensation check has been mailed. At this point We need to reconfirm the mailing address with the Customer.We stand committed to seeing this situation through to resolution.Thank You,Two Men And A Truck

Sales person indicated that the amount of his estimate was higher than we would pay, so the amount shown as a not to exceed price.We paid $600 more.Estimate was $1000 for packing, and 1795 for move. At the end we were charged an additional $800 for second truck. Sales rep indicated he did not think a second truck would be needed. Moving personnel were said they we not told a storage unit was involved and said a second truck was needed. The sales rep Eddie call and discounted $200 to $600.We feel this was poorly handed.Desired SettlementI think the company should refund the additional $600 as this was not handled correctly.Business Response An estimate was provided after completing an onsite observation at the Customer's home. From the beginning of communication and throughout, the customer has expressed specific interest in keeping costs low. Therefore, the company provided him with an estimate for partial packaging (Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room)and movement with 1 truck and crew. It was explained that packaging the whole home would increase time and supplies; therefore increase costs. Professionally packaging only the more fragile areas/items, leaving easier items to be packed by the homeowner, would help save expense. Two weeks prior to the move date, Mr. [redacted] contacted the company attempting to negotiate a lower price. He was advised that we always provide the lowest price possible in an effort to accommodate our customers' unique budgets. He specifically wanted the entire house packed for less money, and informed that he also had a 10 x 10 storage unit, that was not previously disclosed nor included in the original estimate. Upon learning that the scope of service had changed, the company requested a second onsite observation (to include the storage area) in an effort to provide an appropriate quote based upon the true scope of service requested. During the second onsite consultation, the current residence was inventoried again. Mr. [redacted] was informed that packaging the contents of the entire home would add labor hours and supply expense, increasing the cost of services and greatly exceeding his budget. He expressed understanding and instructed that the company should be prepared to only package the kitchen, living and dining areas as originally planned. The company representative then followed Mr. [redacted] to the storage unit located nearby. Upon visually observing the 10 x 10 storage facility, the customer was advised that a 2nd vehicle would be required to relocate the home AND storage. The customer was informed that this second truck and corresponding labor hours would result in an additional fee of $1200. Mr. [redacted] agreed and continued with scheduling. One week prior to the move Mr. [redacted] contacted our Sales Manager to see if any further discount could be provided. He was again advised that we provide all customers the best rate possible, and no discount can be provided. Mr. [redacted] informed the staff member of medical ailments, and communicated that this would be his final relocation. The company representative, of course offered condolement, agreed to dispatch an accommodating crew, and reiterated that fees are structured to provide the best possible price for all customers. Services ordered were confirmed. On the service date, Mr. [redacted] refused to sign documentation indicating completion. He told the crew "good luck with the charge because he already cancelled the credit card..." The company Sales Manager, having detailed knowledge of all correspondence with Mr. [redacted] after completing both onsite estimates and continuing telephone contact, immediately reached out to the customer. Mr. [redacted] again stated that he had no intention of paying anything for the move. The company manager confirmed that he was happy with the crew, and that they worked efficiently. Mr. [redacted] stated "yes, they did...they worked very hard. The guys moved quickly." The manager confirmed that no damage was to be reported. Mr. [redacted] stated that the crew was trying to overcharge him. The management representative reviewed the onsite estimate process, the multiple visits prior to move day, and confirmed that Mr. [redacted] was advised that a charge of $1200 would be incurred when the storage unit was added. The telephone call that occurred one week prior was also reviewed; during which the additional charge was communicated again.In an effort of Customer Service, and in consideration of Mr. [redacted]'s age and medical condition - understanding that both offer potential for confusion - the company offered to amend the additional fee of $1200 to $600 for the second vehicle and labor hours incurred with the addition of the storage unit. It should also be noted that Mr. [redacted] had previously argued that his service order was meant to include full packaging, contrary to his estimate and confirmed order. As a result, the crew members packaged the entire contents of the home, while not charging a dollar more than the estimated cost provided for packaging the kitchen. living, and dining rooms. It is evident that the customer has been cost conscience throughout dealings with the company. Detailed correspondence logs and records document multiple attempts made by Mr. [redacted] to obtain a price reduction. The company has made every effort to accommodate the customer's budget needs prior, has fully informed and educated the customer, and has made special allowance after the fact as accession for the customer's expressed infirmity. At no time has the company aimed to defraud or mislead the customer. Our commitment is to continuously strive to exceed EVERY customer's expectations in value and high standard of satisfaction. It is with regret that the company acknowledges this customer's dissatisfaction; however, due to the nature of the claim, ailments impacted, services contributed, and adjustments provided - the company is unable to offer anything further.

Poor services and failure to compensate damages caused by Two Men and a Truck movers. Consistently not replying to emails or concerns.Two Men and a Truck damaged many items of my furniture in a move on Saturday 6/7/2014. The damaged items are: bed, media dresser, 6-drawer dresser, 5-drawer dresser, 2 nightstands, media shelf, bookshelf, desk, dining table, 55" Smart TV, coffee table, and sofa. For the less than 2 mile move, I expected better service from a company whom's motto is "Movers Who Care" and advertises "Professional, trained and uniformed movers". I worked with Two Men and a Truck to get one of their employees to come review the damage.[redacted] from Two Men and a Truck came a few weeks later and looked at the furniture for over an hour. Before he left I asked him what was next, and informed him I know longer knew specific brands of my furniture so I did not know how to look up the weights (upon which reimbursement is based on).[redacted] told me at this time that Two Men and a Truck has a list of set weights for certain types of furniture (example, a night stand is x number of pounds). If the listed weight didn't seem correct for a particular item,[redacted] said that they can estimate the weight.[redacted] left it with me that he would look up or estimate the weights for my items, and get back in touch with me via email with these weights so I could review.I didn't hear back from[redacted] so on Saturday 9/6/2014, I emailed[redacted] a list of weight estimates I had compiled myself based on my own research.[redacted] ignored my email and did not respond. I waited another 2 weeks then emailed the corporate customer service saying I hadn't heard back from[redacted] on Saturday 9/20/2014. The corporate office did not respond. I waited 2 days then I emailed again saying this is my 3rd email trying to contact them without a response. The corporate office responded to this email saying they would forward the complaint to the local Two Men and a Truck location to contact me directly.[redacted] called me the following day during work hours. I answered and informed him that during work hours were a bad time to talk.[redacted] didn't seem to understand this, so despite the interruption to my work, I stepped outside and took the time to talk with[redacted]. He told me he would send me the list of weights for my review that afternoon, but never did. He called me 2 days later (9/25, again during my work hours) to inform me that he had filed a report for only 4 of the 12 damaged items which he had inspected at my apartment. I again listed the items to[redacted] which he had inspected at the apartment, and he told me that particle board furniture wasn't eligible for damage reimbursement. This is directly contrary to the information pamphlet handed to me by Two Men and a Truck on the day of the move. Despite the dishonest statement that particle board was not eligible for damage reimbursement,[redacted] promised he would send the weights for the rest of the items by 5PM that day so I could review, confirm, and get reimbursed for the damages.[redacted] did not email me. On 9/26/2014, I sent another email to their customer care. To this day I haven't heard back from[redacted] nor Two Men and a Truck. Based off my multiple conversations with[redacted], I am under the impression that if I ever hear back from Two Men and a Truck, they will insist on a vendor trying to fix some of my furniture. I have no intention of working with their vendor unless I receive additional compensation for my time I would have to take off from work. Based off the inspection,[redacted] noted to me that the majority of the items damaged cannot be fixed such as my 6-drawer dresser.Desired SettlementI would like to get compensated for the damages and a partial refund for the move since they did not provide services that were advertised.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]The [redacted] move took place on the afternoon of June 7, 2014. Customer requested, and paid for a two man crew, but was provided with a three man crew for a quicker move at no charge. The customer was provided a non-binding move estimate over the telephone based on information provided by the customer. When the crew arrived, a walk through was conducted and the scope of work was determined. It is the custom of Two Men And A Truck to pad and shrink wrap each piece of furniture prior to loading. With 8 years of experience with Two Men And A Truck, the lead mover insured that the process was adhered to, by padding and wrapping each piece of furniture that was removed from customer's dwelling prior to loading the furniture onto the truck on June 7th. This process is completed for the proper protection of the customer's household goods during the professional move process. All items were successfully moved to the home in Cary, NC without incident or claim. Customer, [redacted], signed all the paperwork, including the statement that; "all property was received in good condition". Ms.[redacted] move took, 1 hour and 45 minutes and was charged $330.00 (less than originally estimated).Over one month later, Ms.[redacted] called to complain that a "few" of her items were damaged during the move. A member of the Two Men And A Truck Management Team attempted to contact Ms.[redacted] on several occasions, including July 15, 2014. Ms.[redacted] finally responded, by telephone, on July 22, 2014 and agreed to allow a damage assessment for July 25, 2014. During the assessment, Ms.[redacted], began to point out additional items that she alleges were damaged during the course of the move, bringing the list of claims to 12 items. The Manager reported that, Ms.[redacted] was still using all of the items that she alleged were damaged in the move. A few of the items had "scratches" or "scuffs," that appeared to be the cause of normal wear and tear, as none of the goods were newly purchased. Though the Company did not believe the items to have been damaged by the movers, the Company agreed to contract a repair vendor in an effort of Customer Service. Ms.[redacted] was informed that the scuffs could be repaired to all items by one of our vendors. Customer refused to allow any vendor to repair her items. She stated that she only wanted the money for them according to our Basic Value Protection which is based on weight.After Ms.[redacted] failed to respond to requests for documentation identifying the make, model, and purchase information, Two Men And A Truck-Durham closed the Damage Claim file on September 23, 2014. The Company made every effort to accommodate the customer's alleged concerns despite lack of liability. This measure was taken in an effort of positive brand image and customer service. It is clear that Ms.[redacted] merely seeks monetary restitution - a course that the company will not pursue. Consumer Response The movers clearly were not trained properly as they failed to pad and wrap most of my furniture including my TV until it was in the truck. In fact, none of the furniture was padded, only the TV. I informed them that they should pad my TV prior to moving it from my room as my TV was less than a year old and they still would not until they placed it in the truck. The move took 1 hour and 35 minutes and the movers were frequently taking long breaks for the larger furniture and struggled to assemble my furniture. I had hired two movers with a different company 8 months prior, and they moved my belongings quicker and without scratching, scuffing, or denting any of my belongings.The only documentation I received are the Addendum To Uniform Household Goods Bill of Lading and Walk Through Checklist. Neither documentation states that I have completed a walkthrough and determined "all property was received in good condition." In your response you state that "Over one month later, Ms. [redacted] called to complain". This is irrelevant to my complaint, since the Moving 101 pamphlet provided by Two Men and a Truck states that claims need to be filed "NO LATER THAN NINE MONTHS AFTER DELIVERY." [redacted], the manager handling my claim, contacted me only during work hours, which I made clear at the beginning of each phone call was an inconvenient time and unprofessional for me to take personal calls then. After the evaluation, [redacted] failed to respond to emails, when I had clearly communicated multiple times that it was my preferred way of communication as I can respond to it after work. [redacted] admitted on the phone that he failed to report all but 4 damaged items. I gave him the count and descriptions of the damaged furniture initially, and also when he asked me to remind him during a follow-up conversation. During the walkthrough, I made it clear that I was unsure what the brands/make were for a few pieces of my furniture. [redacted] made it clear that it was not a problem and that he could look up the standard weights for these items (upon which reimbursement for damages would be based) or make an estimate. During the evaluation, I told him the the brands/makes of 5 of the items that were damaged from the move. I have never been asked for any documentation identifying the make, model, and purchase information. At the end of the evaluation, [redacted] said I may email him my estimates of the weights for the damaged furniture and specific weights if I could find them.While a few of the items have scratches, some of them have significantly worse damages. [redacted] incorrectly reported that I am "using all of the items" that I filed the claim for. As an example, I have a media shelf that is damaged beyond use and had not been used prior to moving.I have already spent hours working with [redacted] and sending multiple emails to Two Men and a Truck (with no response). Because of this, having to be available to meet and work with your repair vendors poses an undue hardship on me since I work over 40 hour weeks. Additionally, I have lost trust in the company's ability to deliver satisfactory results given how Two Men and a Truck has completely mishandled my move and my claim. Because of this, I am unwilling to have my furniture repaired by either Two Men and a Truck or any vendor acting as an agent to Two Men and a Truck. I therefore wish to be reimbursed in accordance with the policy set forth in the Moving 101 pamphlet given to me by your movers. In line with these expectations, [redacted] had offered to me reimburse me with a $200 check during our second post-evaluation phone call. At this time I had asked [redacted] to send me an email detailing how he came up with this number so I could review it and he never did.I find it disappointing that I had to resort to posting on from a lack of response from Two Men and a Truck as your company claims to have "made every effort to accommodate" my concerns and I can honestly say that these damages were caused by Two Men and a Truck movers (along with missing support footings for my bed that the movers were informed about prior to their departure). At this point, I simply want to be reimbursed for the damages caused by Two Men and a Truck movers as the damages have already been evaluated in person and accepted as valid damages by [redacted].Business Response As previously stated, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK provided moving services as contracted by the customer. The company provided a third man at no additional charge, in an effort to expedite the moving service resulting in a reduced moving expense. These efforts were made in an attempt to exceed the customer's expectations. The company has invested in GPS technology to ensure billing accuracy and routing efficiency. GPS records confirm that the movers arrived at the load location at 1:57pm. The truck departed this load location at 2:16pm. A second stop was made at an alternate location to load additional items at the customer's request. This stop was made from 2:22pm to 2:59pm. The moving crew arrived at the delivery address at 3:07pm, and service was completed at 3:45pm. In accordance with regulation, billable hours are rounded to the quarter hour. Ms. [redacted] was billed accurately for moving labor from 2:00pm to 3:45pm resulting in 1.75 hours. Expeditious loading times evidence that few items were moved, and the additional manpower provided efficiency. While two movers from an alternate service provider may have moved Ms. [redacted] 8 months prior incurring fewer hours of labor, it is plausible that loading from 2 separate locations was not a factor in the previous event. Company correspondence logs document multiple attempts to follow up with Ms. [redacted] via telephone after the service delivery. Company office hours are 7:30am until 5:30pm. In an effort to respect employee time and build a positive employment culture, we do not expect employed individuals to make business related phone calls on the behalf of the company outside of normal working hours. Unfortunately, this requires that customers are contacted during a work day. We make every effort to accommodate customer's schedules by making appointments for communication, requesting call-backs during lunch or breaks, and attempting contact before 9:00am or between 5:00pm and 5:30pm. Ms. [redacted]'s account indicates multiple company contacts at these times and via email, which further evidences effort to meet expectations. The company's notation that claims were made a month following delivery was intended as a statement of fact and timeline of events, not justification. Upon connecting with the customer, a damage observation appointment was scheduled. During this appointment, the company representative offered explanation of the valuation option elected at the onset of services. Valuation defines the carrier's level of liability in the event of claim for loss or damage. Ms. [redacted] elected basic coverage limiting the carrier's liability to a maximum of .60 per pound per item. A weight factor is important in calculating claims resolution options, and thus was discussed with the customer. As the customer confirms, the representative explained that in the event weights cannot be determined, an acceptable industry standard in determining weights and depreciation schedule is referenced: Joint Military/Industry Table of Weights and Depreciation Guide. Make, model and manufacturer details can be helpful in determining weights. In an effort to pursue cash compensation, Ms. [redacted] provided an estimation of weights for the items allegedly damaged, but remained unable to provide supporting documents to justify the estimations. Following physical observation of the reportedly damaged items (which includes a near complete inventory of all items moved - note damage to all items handled is unlikely, and in my personal 10 years with the organization has never occurred), the company representative offered to contract a third party professional repair vendor, as the items were deemed repairable. The business does not attempt repairs, rather opts to employ professionals as another measure of exceptional service. Many vendors offer weekend and evening appointments to accommodate schedules. The offer to repair was extended despite the representative's position that the observed damage was not transit related and appeared to be caused by normal wear and tear usage. Agreement to resolve the claims was made in an effort of customer service and brand protection, not an admission of fault or liability. As stated within the brochure entitled "Moving 101" referenced frequently by Ms. [redacted],the carrier will have the option to deny a claim, repair the item(s), replace item(s) with like kind or quality, or compensate for claims based upon the level of liability selected. Statements relating to alleged conversations between the company representative and the customer are hear-say in nature and unsubstantiated. The company maintains correspondence logs, dated and time stamped by user, including detailed communications with all customers. There is no record of any agreement to compensate any sum of monies in this case. In addition, compensation as alleged in the amount of $200 would exceed the representative's authorization; thereby violating company policies, and would equate to 60% of the move value. As of July 2014, the observing representative had been employed by TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for near 6 years, and had not previously demonstrated behavior of this nature - willfully violating established procedure. There is no reason to believe that the pattern of behavior would have varied in this circumstance. In consideration of the facts presented, review of contractual documents and detailed correspondence reports, it is evident that the company has acted in accordance with the goal of excellence in customer service. Their is no evidence identifying the claims as transit related caused by services provided the company. The damages observed appeared to be older in nature, caused by general use in a living environment, and have admittedly been moved frequently (3 times within the last 12 months). Ms. [redacted] continues to demand cash compensation in increasing amounts. The company has been clear in its position that the circumstance appears to merely be an attempt to gain unjustified reward. The company has no intention of cashing out the claim or compensating for time and inconvenience. Multiple offers to repair have been declined by Ms. [redacted]. As a result, the company has closed the account. It should be noted that libelous statements are defamatory, and taken very seriously by the business.

Company did not fulfill that service as originally promised.On Saturday, August 2, 2014 I contracted with the company for moving services for my mother. We needed to move her from Burlington, NC to Durham, NC and I was referred to this company by a friend who used this company in the past and had nothing but good things to say about their services. I was notified by[redacted] on Friday, August 1, 2014 that the movers would be in Burlington, NC at my mom's apartment between 11am and 12:15pm to conduct the move. On Saturday, August 2, 2014 I was contacted at 11:45am by [redacted], one of the movers, that they were running a "little bit late", because another employee with **&* had called off due to a family emergency and they had to an earlier move to do that was taking longer than they had anticipated. I asked [redacted] what " a little bit late" meant and he said that they wouldn't be able to be in Burlington, NC until about 3pm. I immediately expressed my dissatisfaction to [redacted] about the change in time and he assured me that they would be there as close to 3pm as possible and for me to not worry. My mother and I continued to wait at her apartment and at 2:45pm, [redacted] called me again saying he was very sorry, but again this current job they were on was taking more time then what they had thought and they weren't going to be able to make the 3pm time frame. When I asked him what time they would be here, because we've been waiting, he said probably closer to 6pm and then he asked me if we had to make the move that day. I immediately told him "yes, we have to move her on this day" and I asked him to assure me that they would be there today to make this move. He told me that they would be there, but that they wouldn't be there until around 8pm. So, my mother and I continued to wait. I then called the **&* office ([redacted]) [redacted] and[redacted] put me in touch with [redacted]. At that point I didn't have any confidence that the movers were going to show up, especially after [redacted] asked me if we needed to make the move on that day and with the time being pushed back so many times. I explained all of this to [redacted] and I told him that I didn't have any confidence in the fact that his company would in fact make my mother's move, especially after I had been asked if the move really needed to happen on this day. [redacted] told me that he "promised" that the move would happen and he was going to call [redacted] to find out what was going on. I also shared with him [redacted]'s statement about the employee calling in sick and putting everyone behind. [redacted] told me that he would have [redacted] call me back and assure me that they would be there no matter what time it was. Within an hour, after not hearing back from [redacted] I called him again and he told me that I should be getting a call from [redacted] at any time and yes they would make the move today. Within 30 minutes [redacted] called me and assured me that they would be there to make my mom's move and he said that they would be there around 8pm. At 8pm they showed up to make my mom's move.I had called you on Monday, August 4, 2014 to sort this out with the operations manager, who offered to take $60 off our total bill. I don't feel like I was treated seriously with my complaint. Since then I have left two messages to discuss this and I have not received any calls back. This is incredibly unprofessional. Additionally, the issues related to the earlier move and the employee calling off sick had nothing to do with mine or my mother, but yet we were left waiting for over 8 hours without having a sense that we were going to be moved at all. After 2 calls postponing the time of the move I felt like I was trapped by this company without any recourse, because I needed this company to move my mother. This was an incredibly long and emotional day for my mom and I and their lack of seriousness is unacceptable.Desired SettlementI would like $120 credited back to the credit card that they have on file from the move.Business Response Ms. [redacted] was given an estimate over the phone based upon the information that was provided to her sales associate for moving services provided on 8/2/14. Our afternoon moves have a arrival window, not guaranteed start times. This information is provided in our pre-move letter emailed on 7/23/14 and then again confirmed by our customer service representative on 7/31/14. The reason for these steps taken by our company is to insure proper time for the customer to review and confirm the accuracy of our phone estimate and if any changes could impact the estimate that was provided. Our goal is to keep our customer informed through the day as to when they can expect us to arrive and we feel like we did that. Although TWO MEN AND A TRUCK staff made every effort to communicate the actual arrival time on the service date, a credit of $60 was offered by the company in an effort of customer service. Ms. [redacted] agreed that a $60 reduction in our travel fee was a fair resolution on 8/5/14. Because the company appropriately informed the inability to guarantee afternoon appointment times, and offered an estimated arrival time confirmed both verbally and in writing, it is evident that the customer was properly informed and the company acted in a customer centric manner by offering monetary compensation in the absence of liability. The company does not feel that additional compensation is warranted. Much consideration has been given to the circumstance presented. Our commitment is to continuously strive to exceed customer expectations in value and high standard of satisfaction. It is with regret that we acknowledge this customer's dissatisfaction; however, I believe that our company provided a reasonable settlement.

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