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Bought new tractor with 5 yr warranty on drive train The drive train failed before the warranty expired and TYM has refused to repair.[redacted] SW Tractor picked up TYM tractor model 603 for repair to drive train on June 2,2016. He stated this should be a warranty repair. He has been in contact with TYM numerous times and as of July 6 no repairs have even been started. I have also been in contact with TYM several times with no resolution. The tractor is in excellent shape other than the problem. It only has 900 hours and shouldn't have had this major problem unless it's a poor product. I have other brand tractors with more than 4000 hours that have never been to the shop. This insane time waiting for repairs on my tractor has cost me hay loss,spraying hilly pasture fields at the correct time and extra expense hauling hay into the sheds. If you're out here farming and paid 30,000 for a tractor you need the company to honor their warranty instead of misrepresenting their product.Desired SettlementI expect it repaired under the warranty in a timely manner. It's already been 5 weeks with no repairs.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] / Warranty Contact Phone: XXX XXX XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@tym-usa.comTractor / 60STEXXXXXXX is in the 5th Year Drive Train Warranty which is Parts Only and 200.00 Deductible for Tractors Retailed before April 1st 2014. This type repair is only covered under the 3 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty per review with TYM Senior Warranty Advisor. Warranty was approved for this Repair by Senior Management (M.E.) for 5th Year Drive Train Warranty which is Parts Only and $200.00 Deductible. Perkins Engine Timing Cover and Front Axle Support Parts per the South West Tractor Dealer Parts Order are available for shipping today. Inventory shows all parts are in stock. Parts are available to ship 7/16/2016. Notification has been sent to the Dealer with Warranty Information. Consumer Response The response doesn't even come close to satisfying the issue. TYM is jerking around like they do everyone else. I am sorry to say my tractor has not been moved or no repairs even started since the dealer picked it up. The tractor is sitting outside in the rain, [redacted] storms and all by it's lonesome self. I called the dealer Friday the 22nd and he doesn't have all the parts. I have talked to one TYM dealer and one ex-TYM dealer and both said it was drive train related. I also talked to the dealer and an ex-dealer and neither was aware of a $200 deductible and no labor on this warranty. I would rate TYM personnel with the exception of the parts department an F-. TYM misrepresents its product and falsely advertises it's warranty. I have several brochures that state 5 year warranty supported through our dealer network and backed by the Industries leading 5 year power train warranty make this the tractor for you. to resolve this issue TYM needs to get my tractor repaired and in my driveway by August 2, 2016 at no cost. This shouldn't be hard to do since they have had it since June 2, 2016. I am well aware you rate the TYM company but TYM is rating themselves. It would be hard to guess how many people passes [redacted] dealership a day and see that un-repaired tractor still there

One of the hydraulic hoses connecting the front end loader to my [redacted] tractor is leaking hydraulic fluid. This part is covered by warranty.I own a [redacted] Tractor with front loader. I purchased the tractor new on February 20, 2014. The tractor is covered with a 5-year warranty and the loader is covered with a one year warranty. On August 18, 2014, I noticed one of the hydraulic hoses connecting the tractor to the loader was leaking oils. Further examination I found the hose had small bulges where the leak occurred. On 8/19/14 I notified TYM-USA ([redacted]) of the problem. We communicated by email to determine the part number. [redacted] also included the dealer I purchased the tractor from on the emails [redacted] Tractor). [redacted] agreed the part was covered by warranty and he assured me the part would be shipped directly to me. I then spoke with [redacted] Tractor by phone who then ordered the part for me through TYM's online ordering system on 8/19 0r 20/2014. After approximately 7 days I called [redacted] Tractor to inform them that I hadn't received the part. [redacted] Tractor ([redacted]) informed me he would contact TYM regarding status of shipment, then get back to me the next day. Two days later [redacted] Tractor still had not called me, so I called them. [redacted] informed me he sent TYM three emails but didn't get a response. On 9/8/2014 I emailed [redacted] at TYM to inquire about the status of the part shipment, but did not get a response. On 9/9/2014 I emailed [redacted] again to inquire about the part, but to date have not received a response.Desired SettlementI would like the defective hydraulic hose replaced, as the warranty stipulates, with a new hose. I would like this new part to be shipped to me, as the TYM representative ([redacted]) agreed he would do, within a week from now. I am unable to use this tractor until the hose is replaced.Business Response Warranty coverage for on hydraulic hose mentioned P/N [redacted] was never questioned, the reason for this part shipment delay was because the part was on back order; however, the hose was shipped via [redacted] as requested on dealer's order number [redacted] leaving our warehouse on 9/11/14 and arriving to dealer on 9/18/14 at 10:32AM. Customer and dealer were provided with tracking information ([redacted] tracking[redacted]).Consumer Response The first hose sent to me was the incorrect part. This was due to the dealerships mistake when he ordered the part. I contacted TYM when I received the wrong part and the service manager quickly shipped me the correct hose. I'm now satisfied with how the service manager at TYM handled the situation.

TYM-USA, Inc. is not providing parts to local dealers for the repair and maintenance of tractors that they sell. I purchased a NEW tractor on 11/08/2011. I experienced problems with the tractor right away. from exploding tires, to leaking seals and broken brackets. I use the tractor primarily for plowing snow and putting cut and split wood in the bucket and bringing it to my wood shed.TYM's 5 year warranty states:Years 1-3 bumper to bumper Parts & Labor4th year parts and labor drive train only5th year drive train parts onlyLimited to 3000 hoursBatteries and tires warranted by the manufacturerThe company I purchased the tractor through was terrible with service after the sale and actually told me "[redacted]" on the problems I was having. I contacted the New England Representative and he got me in contact with a different dealer who have been very nice. However, they cannot get TYM-USA, Inc. to provide the necessary parts to fix the tractor. Those parts are Front Wheel Seal and Loader to Frame Brackets. Obviously the wheel seal is important and the loader to frame brackets attaches the loader to the frame of the tractor. Without them the loader will not stay attached to the tractor and I cannot use the tractor for it's intended purpose. I have been trying to get both of these parts from TYM since 2013. Well within the warranty period. The new dealer I am working with has temporarily welded the brackets but the steel is poor and the brackets continue to crack in in other locations. It is only a matter of time before I can no longer use the tractor at all. TYM continues to sell tractors for which they do not provide warranty parts as agreed in the sale. My dealer says he would be happy to make the repairs should TYM ever send the parts. I continue to make loan payments on a tractor for which I will not be able to use much longer as it is just a matter of time before the cracked brackets break off completely or the wheel seal is finished.Product_Or_Service: Tractor with loader and log splitterOrder_Number: [redacted]Account_Number: Tractor Vin# [redacted]Desired SettlementI would like TYM-USA, Inc. to provide my dealer with the parts requested by the dealer for my repairs. I would like TYM-USA, Inc. to cover the costs, parts and labor, as should have been done back in 2013. I have documentation of emails with local dealers and the TYM New England Representative on this issue. My local dealer also has documentation of his attempts to get the parts. I want the NEW parts provided so I can get the problem resolved and be done with it.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Parts DepContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email: [redacted]I contacted the tractor owner to see what the exact problem was. He told me about a conversation that he had with the previous service manager. The actual parts that broke are only covered by a one year warranty on implements. According the tractor owner, the service manager told him that if any problems arose, we would cover under warranty. The tractor owner told me that he really liked the tractor and was frustrated with the inability to get this matter resolved. After meeting with superiors, it was decided to cover this under warranty. The dealership was contacted and arrangements made to complete the repairs. The tractor owner was contacted again and informed of this decision. He is happy with this resolution and has my personal cell number if he ever has any concerns or questions.

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